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He was a product of a troubled history of dysfunctional male role models. I am his seed, the recipient of a history of struggle to balance power and self-esteem.

Since my father was a product of an angry, absent father, my father had trust issues and abandonment issues as well. My father for so many years, was not able to be in alignment of knowing and accepting love. He lived alone in the darkness of a house with many empty rooms. His large sense of unworthiness was silently passed to me. I was always hungry for his love.

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Years later, after his personal growth, we became close and started a new trusting relationship. It took years of acceptance on both of our parts. We both had to come to a place of practicing unconditional love. It is hard to be a man of wisdom and compassion when you do not have compassion for yourself. The absence of love steals the compassion from the heart. There are so many angry men committing crimes of the spirit and are engaged in a civil war of the heart and mind. Gun violence, sexual violence, and family violence are the products of wounded hearts staying historically unresolved.

Bottled up emotions can only burst in an explosion leaving casualties. One must get their needs met in a positive means or it will erupt in a response that clears the playing field and leaves dead bodies, victims of trauma. I would have thought I would be reacting in a violent manner when communicating with a partner. But when under stress financially and emotionally, I cracked and raised my hand to my partner in the midst of rage. I almost went into an emotional withdrawal, because of my personal shock and disgust. It had become a living entity, awaken from a silent sleep.

Standing In The Shadows Of Love, a song by Four Tops on Spotify

I felt powerless and so I lashed out in fear and anger. I had become what I hated seeing in other men. This event changed my life. I realize I was operating from a state of powerlessness. I realize I was repeating patterns that had historically traumatized me. I had become the aggressor, trying to not become a victim. I realize I was standing in the shadows of love.

Standing In The Shadows Of Love Lyrics

I had not learned to fully support myself, honoring my place in life. I had not claimed by my character in the book of life,. When I had to bury my father, it was then and only then, I could completely forgive him for what I thought I had not been given. In the midst of the journey, I got a chance to forgive myself from absorbing the rituals of living occurring around me.

We are products of our environment unless we take the pledge to change our old habit and make a commitment to creating new habits of productive, compassionate and empowerment. My father ended up terrorizing himself, his family and all others who came in contact with him. I began to repeat the cycle until I intentionally stopped the process, in order to create new habits of living in harmony with all others in the society.

It also reached 6 in the UK. Though the song was well-received, it has received some criticism. Hamilton remarks on the song's power to conjure up "mournful" emotions, and particularly highlights the coldness of lyrics such as "standing in the shadows of love getting ready for the heartache come.

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Music critic Maury Dean describes the singer as waiting for his girlfriend to dump him and psyching himself for the blow and for getting ready for a new girlfriend. He uses the metaphor of Wile E. Coyote to describe the singer's emotions as he waits for the "anvil to drop on his fervent love. Facebook 0 LetsSingIt 0.

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Four Tops "Standing In The Shadows Of Love" My Extended Version!

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