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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Items up for bid included weeklong getaways to a private island in Belize, a private meal at Franklin Barbeque for 20 guests hosted by pitmaster Aaron Franklin himself as well as luxury getaways to Sri Lanka. She and Bob both have served Austin with years of philanthropic work separately and together. The event finished with the opportunity to take a whirl on the dance floor before the storybook evening came to an end.

Custom built, double lot located in the heart of Lakeway, TX. This 4, sqft. Enjoy luxury everywhere in this spacious sqft 5 bedroom, 4. Located in Falconhead West. Held the Saturday of Veterans Day weekend, Fashion X Furry Friends brought out fashionistas and their four-legged companions to help men and women who served in the U.

Proceeds from the fashion show, held at 7Co, benefitted Hounds for Heroes, which. Lakeway Vet Clinic Dr. Rand Doyle Dr. Heidi Moore Dr. Jonathon Miller Dr.

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Celeste Nimmo Dr. Michael Walker RR S. The 13th Annual Andy Roddick Foundation Gala featured that mix of elements that makes Austin the city it is: a dash of country, a touch of celebrity glamour and a lot of generosity. Also attending were country music radio personality Bobby Bones and his Dancing with the Stars partner, Sharna Burgess. The radio host was. Some 2, people gathered to support the Andy Roddick Foundation ARF , which provides afterschool and summer programs that enrich the lives of students and parents.

The programs keep participants engaged in learning and offer them opportunities to explore their interests and to strengthen family bonds. The programs keep participants engaged in learning and offer them opportunities to explore their. Guests enjoyed a cocktail reception and a spectacular supper in the theater. Shortly thereafter Roddick came onstage to thank everyone and share a few words before presenting Bones with an honorary ARF board member jacket in gratitude for all his work for the organization. He settled in San Francisco, attended school at night and worked long hours to pay his expenses.

When he became very ill and had no one to call for help, Tagle related, he was the recipient of tremendous kindness from his downstairs neighbor, a stranger to him but who knew his routine so well she noticed his absence and felt compelled to check in on the young man.


So inspired was he by. Items up for bidding included a private dinner for 14 planned by Uchi head chef Tyson Cole as well as a glamorous trip to Los Angeles for four as guests of Brooklyn Decker to attend the filming of the forthcoming sixth season of her Netflix show, Grace and Frankie. When all the bid-wrangling wrapped, ARF had raised more than half a million dollars.

The gala ended with a stellar performance by the award-winning Bentley followed by a VIP after-party. The 12th Annual Dancing with the Star Austin competition took place on the first day of the 12th month of The prize? Coming in second were fitness instructor and advocate Caprice Richards and her professional partner, Albert Tailleur. Being placed in the difficult position of choosing a winner for the competition were local celebrity judges Brad Booker, Sara Osburn and Alex Franco, the hosts of Mix No charity gala would be complete without a live auction facilitated by the cowboys of Heath Hale Auctioneers.

In honor of the glitzy night, Heath Hale donned a black sequin jacket that sparkled under the lights as he and his bid wranglers put on a show. Two round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines were awarded as the third prize. The evening ended with a dance party so that all attendees could take a spin on the dance floor—and perhaps fantasize about winning the coveted mirror ball trophy one day.

Lake Travis shimmered under the evening sun as supporters of the Lakeway Police Department gathered in late Dr. The event included anunez steinersteakhouse.

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David Law. Contact us today to book your special event! Avery Nunez Avery Nunez anunez steinersteakhouse. Experience Experience the the best best in in southern southern hospitality hospitality with with. Santa and Mrs. Claus were on hand for little ones to chat up, and horse-drawn carriages provided a unique way to view the festive decorations.

Attendees enjoyed hot cocoa and adult beverages as well as food samples from businesses located in the Oaks. Brad Brickens, Sophie Boyle. Glad tidings abounded as attendees enjoyed delicious food and cheerful sips in the warmth of friends and heat lamps. Call today for more information. Find us on Facebook and Instagram!

Proudly serving Lakeway for over 9 years. We look forward to getting to know you and creating a customized treatment plan to meet your expectations and individual needs. This annual event is her time to shine as she pulls out all the stops to create killer looks for clients attending it. A mock turtleneck bodysuit paired with a high-waisted trouser creates a modern, streamlined silhouette.

Enjoy a night of glitz and glamour while helping us further our mission of changing lives by providing various programs that help empower women to achieve economic independence. Bright-colored shoes that complement the top add a memorable pop. SXSW is the perfect opportunity to get creative in your closet and experiment with your look.

The evenings include more networking events as well as parties, so comfort is key. SXSW is known for its music festival—and the notoriously unpredictable mid-March weather.

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Gordian therefore stresses layering. A closed-toe shoe is a must for navigating crowds and walking between shows, so a cowboy or moto boot can be a great choice. Add a pair of oversized hoop earrings to finish the look. Nighttime SXSW concerts are a see-and-be-seen affair, sod a look with a definite edge is a must. To achieve that goal, Gordian uses a leather fringe miniskirt as her showpiece. A trapeze top in a bold color stands out in a crowd, and a bright-colored shoe that complements the top creates a memorable look that pops.

NOW Meet five remarkable women who are helping change the status quo. Each one in her own way is harnessing her own power to write new chapters in the story of her life. They are all inspiring the next generation to embrace their dreams, to be strong and courageous, to work hard and to make their visions reality. Gradually the job part is taking direction with a variety of freelance work. I have ongoing projects in fashion, TV, radio, print and brand ambassadorship. I continue to share pretty openly on my blog and social media about everything from morning carpool runs to dating again to faith to hitting a holiday funk.

I try not to hold back. The feelings and emotions connect us, and talking about them is not a problem for me. Epiphanies Happen That leads me to the common thread that runs through many of my Facebook and Instagram posts along with most interviews or talks I have given and every prayer I send up. We are all searching for it. We all want it. But how the heck do we find it? Sticks in my craw. Funny enough, therein is where I found my true purpose. Somewhere between my bonnet and my craw, spinning all over the place, I could see it evolving and taking shape.

I left my job in daytime TV last August without a plan and without another job lined up. It was a leap of faith, but I knew one thing for sure: This change would give me precious time with my girls as they started a new school year. Then I would figure out the rest. Five months later I am still figuring it out. Please say yes. I think my purpose is to be OK with not having a purpose while never giving up on searching for it. I search for it in the joys, the triumphs, the days you get the kids to school not just on time but early.

I search for it in the career changes, the divorce, the loss, the uprooting, the kids, the dating, the constant figuring it all out. Life only keeps coming. Whether wonderful or wild, it keeps showing up. It will only keep throwing us for a loop. Connection and Comfort Along with the constant ups and downs are the God winks. The mountains behind me I have climbed so that I can help someone facing a similar mountain. I have accomplished achievements so that I can show someone else that yes, a single mom in her 40s who had barely ever taken the trash out can run a household and keep everyone under her roof alive and happy.

I am but one semi-silly woman-child with lash extensions and a propensity for sparkles and shoes living one day at a time. I happened to have my own TV show for a few years, and it connected me with a lot of people and gave me a public platform to use. I am able to highlight businesses and people and organizations and places that help others.

I want you to know what to expect when you have something done, when you dine somewhere, when you spend your hardearned money on something. I want you to know that the people behind the business are kind, work hard and care about community, customer service and making people feel better even if just a few moments or hours. And I want you to know why I go, buy or do these things. To feel better. To look better. To be better. My insecurities have turned out to be my strengths. By sharing what makes me nervous or anxious or sad or weird, so many of you have shared the same with me.

Knowing we are all in it together is what connects us and makes me feel better and keeps me striving to keep purpose at the forefront of all I do. For myself. For my daughters. For those who might look to me as a source of comfort or inspiration or just as someone to relate to on some level. There is purpose in the struggle. There is purpose in the celebration. There is purpose in the progress. In at age 23, Jones left Dallas to fulfill her dream of living in San Francisco.

One night she called home and shared these woes with her mom, who responded like a tried and true Texas woman. The company started out selling party-for-one care packages. Now in some 5, stores worldwide, its products help make life a party, such as confetti-festooned office supplies, festive bags and novelty drinkware, including its signature disco ball-shaped adult sippy cup. Upon realizing how frequently she asked suppliers to tweak items, Jones began designing and making her own products. Its popularity. Her success is also attracting investors aiming to fund women blazing trails in business.

CureDuchenne, a nonprofit organization, raises funds to support vital research to find a cure for Duchenne, the most common and lethal form of muscular dystrophy that primarily affects boys. GuideStar database. Users can donate in their own names or in honor of someone, often in lieu of a gift. Not only does it make charitable giving easier, the app also aims to foster community. A user can announce a donation in the in-app live feed to inspire others. To further increase giving power, users can invite others to use the app to donate to designated organizations. For example, if someone celebrating a birthday prefers friends and family donate to a specific charity instead of buying gifts, that person can send a donation invitation using inLieu.

Throughout its development Terry was adamant her app provide a frictionless experience. Terry notes most of that money was donated. Learn more at inlieu. Kathy Terry is a giver. This philanthropy passion she developed while globetrotting in her 20s and 30s and witnessing so many in need but also so many readily offering compassion. As a result her values and priorities shifted. Launched in March , inLieu allows users to quickly donate money to any of the 2.

Introducing Garages of Texas, a community of first-class, affordable, completely customizable garage suites that you buy. Upgrade to a garage suite and move your show cars, motorhome or boat to the showroom they deserve. Unfortunately, along with it is a glut of opinion and even outright disinformation. This is especially true for women juggling the demands of a career, family and household.

Jenna Lee, a journalist and former Fox News Channel anchor, understands this dilemma. The news website aims to meet the needs of the modern woman and the public at large. Instead of traditional articles, visitors view Instagram-inspired notecards that contain bulleted key facts about an event or topic. Some cards have quotes from government officials, spokespeople or other sources given with the appropriate context.

Lee, who moved from New York to Austin not long after her wedding in Wimberley, receives emails daily from readers explaining how SmartHER News makes them feel better equipped to discuss current events and politics. Individuals and groups can even rent part or all of the store. More recently Busch Transou found that answering a question led to her next business venture: Hearth and Soul, a boutique-cum-community center. She opened an Austin location in November What feeds your soul? She seriously pondered the question and her answer. She asked it of her friends. And kept asking it of herself.

Less than a year later, in late summer , she opened the first Heart and Soul in her hometown of Tallahassee. Hearth and Soul is more than an upscale boutique that offers unique apparel and accessories, home goods, foodstuffs and other items.

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Being with family is also soul food for the proprietress. After her eldest son moved to Austin, she came to love the city, set up a second home here and decided Tarrytown was perfect for a second Hearth and Soul. Laid out like a house, it has all the rooms and designated spaces of a house. Each room is appointed with products befitting its purpose. Fittingly, this house has no interior doors so visitors feel all the more welcome. Along with the beautiful, meaningful things Hearth and Soul sells, it offers another helping of soul food by serving.

This FDA approved device is a low energy radiotherapy that goes no deeper than the thickness of the skin, and incredibly effective in treating non-melanoma skin cancers and keloid scarring. The SRT Vision has a high-frequency ultra-sound guidance system that allows us to view the areas being treated in real time.

This revolutionary capability enables us to precisely assess and target basal and squamous cell carcinomas, as well as keloid tissue. Schedule your consultation today Tru-Skin Medical Dermatology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin cancer. In addition, a portion of every service, patient visit and product purchase at Tru-Skin Dermatology is donated to The Shade Project, a skin cancer prevention non-profit initiative, to support their important work.

We take pride in our small digital dental practice and personal attention. We have completed many dental cosmetic makeovers in one visit. Part of this process is learning how to smile your best! Our practice utilizes a full photographic studio that we use for smile practice. With our amazing technology, we are able to make veneers and crowns in one visit. No temporaries, and processed while you wait.

I personally make every restoration at our office with your goals in mind. Only digital dentistry. Another option is a concealer that has a warmer tone and is dark enough to conceal. Avoid concealers that are very light and bright. If you like that highlighted look under the eye, you can always add a touch of one on top to brighten. Do I need to use a primer before applying foundation? Primers vary widely in their benefits and effectiveness. If your foundation looks too flat, some primers can help you achieve a subtle glow. Other primers add a layer of oil control.

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I find some foundations work well without a primer and others are greatly enhanced with one. Is it better to apply concealer with a fingertip, brush or sponge?

  • Kurzeinführung in den Bereich „Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie“ für Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegeschüler (German Edition).
  • Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, Vol 5, No 3 (2004);
  • (PDF) Lumaribe | cabysuwe pelehufozi -!
  • Droll Stories — Volume 3;
  • The Stratford Fiasco.
  • The Traits of Successful Leadership.
  • The Unspoken (Krewe of Hunters, Book 7).

I find a damp sponge gives the best, most natural finish. Because concealer is the heaviest product of a makeup routine, do not apply too much or else risk a heavy look. A damp sponge mitigates that risk because it absorbs any excess concealer and helps blend it. The key is soaking the sponge and then squeezing all the water out.

Your sponge should be damp but light and bouncy. What is the best way to conceal dark circles under my eyes? Depending on how dark the undereye area is, you may need to enlist an orange-based color corrector that is the right shade for your skin tone to neutralize the blue and green hues that make the skin under the eye look dark. A light peach shade works well for fair skin tones. If your skin tone. What is the difference between bronzer and contour? Contouring products have a matte finish with a cool tone and should be a few shades deeper than your skin tone so you can better define the dimensions of your face.

Use a contour to enhance cheekbones, refine the nose or create more of an upper eyelid crease. Bronzer, on the other hand,. Should I change my skincare during the winter? Absolutely if you notice your skin change! For a lot of us, our skin changes during these colder, drier months. If your skin becomes more dehydrated, try swapping out lighter lotions for more emollient-rich moisturizers.

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Switching from a gel cleanser to a cream cleanser can also help skin retain moisture. The salt then draws moisture to it, reducing inflammation in the respiratory tract and on the skin. Extra fluid pulled into the lungs thins out mucus, allowing it to be more easily expelled.

On top of all that, salt is antimicrobial! We are located behind The Grove in Lakeway. Some bronzers have a bit of shimmer, which can help give your face a certain glow. Should I apply my eye makeup before or after my foundation? This is really a personal preference. However, if your eyeshadow often falls onto your face when you apply it, then doing your eyes first might be best. You can get messy as you apply your eye makeup, and then just wipe your face before applying your concealer and foundation.

How do I choose the right makeup brush? The lighter, longer and fluffier the brush toe, the better it can blend. For example, when you are packing color on the lid, use a brush with short, dense bristles. When blending the eyelid crease, opt for something with longer, softer fibers. Natural bristles are from animals, typically squirrel, sable and goat. Synthetic bristles are man-made fibers. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Hammond , Paperback Trauma by David V.

Feliciano, Ernest E. Moore and Kenneth L. Mattox , Hardcover. Singer , Paperback The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo hardcover You may also like. Larry McMurtry Books. Larry Niven Books. Larry McMurtry Hardcover Books. Mixed Lot Larry Niven Books. Larry Niven Signed Books. Larry Niven Hardcover Books. This item doesn't belong on this page.