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In order to distinguish between the application of a double-standard and the valid application of different standards towards circumstances that only appear to be the same, several factors must be examined. One is the sameness of those circumstances - what are the parallels between those circumstances, and in what ways do they differ?. Another is the philosophy or belief system informing which principles should be applied to those circumstances.

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Different standard can be applied to situations that appear similar based on a qualifying truth or fact that, upon closer examination, renders those situations distinct i. However, if similar-looking situations have been treated according to different principles and there is no truth, fact or principle that distinguishes those situations, then a double standard has been applied. The role that gender plays in determining people's moral , social , political , and legal contexts has been long-debated and often controversial.

Some believe that differences in the way men and women are perceived and treated is a function of social and environmental norms, thus indicating a double standard. One frequently discussed issue concerns the claim that a double standard exists in society's judgment of women's and men's sexual conduct. Research has found that casual sexual activity is regarded as more acceptable for men than for women.

A double standard may arise if two or more groups who have equal rights under the law are given different degrees or legal protection or representation. Such double standards are seen as unjustified because they violate a basic maxim of modern legal jurisprudence to which many countries claim to adhere - that all parties should stand equal before the law.

A double standard can therefore be described as a biased or morally unfair application of that maxim. Where judges and leaders are expected to be impartial such as in a court of law , they are expected to apply the same standards to all people regardless of their own subjective biases or favoritism based on social class , rank , ethnicity , gender , religion , sexual orientation , age, or other distinctions.

A double standard arises in politics when the treatment of the same political matters between two or more parties such as the response to a public crisis or the allocation of funding is handled differently.

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Double standard policies can include situations when the assessment of the same phenomenon, process or event in the international relations depends on character of the relations of the estimating parties with assessment objects. At identical filling of action of one country get support and a justification, and other — is condemned and punished. The following phrase became an example of policy of double standards: "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter ", [7] entered into use by the British writer Gerald Seymour in his work Harry's Game in Double standards exist when people are preferred or rejected on the basis of their ethnicity in situations in which ethnicity is not a relevant or justifiable factor for discrimination as might be the case for a cultural performance or ethnic ceremony.

Ironically, the intentional efforts of some people to counteract racism and ethnic double standards can sometimes be interpreted by others as actually perpetuating racism and double standards among ethnic groups. According to Hughes, several of his friends were also invited, however, one of them was fired and replaced because his white Hispanic background did not suit the all-black aesthetic that Rihanna's team had chosen for her show. The team had decided that all performers on stage were to be black, aside from Rihanna's regular guitar player.

Hughes was uncertain about whether he believed this action was unethical, given that the show was racially themed to begin with. He observed what he believed to be a double standard in the entertainment industry, saying, "if a black musician had been fired in order to achieve an all-white aesthetic — it would have made front page headlines.

Research shows that women who have had more sexual partners are stigmatized, but men are rewarded.

It would have been seen as an unambiguous moral infraction. In the same article, another incident was discussed in which New York Times columnist Bari Weiss , a young Jewish woman, was heavily criticized for tweeting, "Immigrants: They get the job done," in a positive reference to Mirai Nagasu , a Japanese-American Olympic ice skater, who Weiss was trying to honor.

The public debate about ethnicity and double standards remains controversial and, by all appearances, will continue to be a subject of public debate. Double standards are believed to develop in people's minds for a multitude of possible reasons including: finding an excuse for oneself, emotions clouding judgement, twisting facts to support beliefs such as confirmation biases , cognitive biases , attraction biases, prejudices , or the need to be right. Human beings have a tendency to evaluate the actions of the people they interact with based on who did them.

In a study conducted in , Dr.

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Martha Foschi observed the application of double standards in group competency tests. She concluded that status characteristics, such as gender , ethnicity and socioeconomic class , can provide a basis for the formation of double standards in which stricter standards are applied to people who are perceived to be in a "lower" status. Foschi also noted the ways in double standards can form based on other socially valued attributes such as beauty , morality , and mental health.

Tristan Botelho and Dr. What is it? Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Definition of double standard. Examples of double standard in a Sentence She argued that society applies a double standard in dealing with women who commit adultery. First Known Use of double standard , in the meaning defined at sense 2. Learn More about double standard.

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