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  • The Brazilian Press Needs To Learn How To Cover Mass Shootings.
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  • The Media’s Week-Long Attention Span for a Mass Shooting.
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Introduction The media converged on Roseburg, Ore. Debaters Consider a Different Ethical Approach Mark Follman, Mother Jones If there are steps journalists can take to help reduce the frequency of these slaughters — while still reporting aggressively and robustly — we should seriously consider them. Whatever You Do, Avoid the Racial Stereotypes Anthea Butler, professor of religious and Africana studies Racialized narratives pushed in news media outlets tap into our tense racial climate and politics of gun control.

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New Terms for Nafta? Three researchers from Ohio State University examined news coverage of mass shootings to see how journalists portray perpetrators of different races.

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  • When the media cover mass shootings, would depicting the carnage make a difference?!
  • The ethics of violent imagery.
  • How Should the News Media Cover Mass Shooters? - Room for Debate -

A key finding: Stories about white or Latino shooters were much more likely to suggest that mental illness was to blame than stories involving black perpetrators. The researchers analyzed news articles written about mass shootings between January 1, and December 31, They used News Bank and Lexis Nexis to conduct a national search for articles that mention or allude to the race of the perpetrator and the motive or an explanation for the killings.

The researchers only examined shootings with four or more victims, excluding the perpetrator. When journalists reported a mass shooting was gang related, perpetrators generally were people of color.

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American Behavioral Scientist , Wiest , a sociologist at West Chester University, conducted an electronic survey of adults, aged 35 to 44 years, to gauge their interest in reading different kinds of news coverage of a school shooting. They found that people were much more interested in reading a story that focused on the actions of a courageous bystander than those focusing on the shooter or his victims.

How journalists cover mass shootings: 5 recent studies to consider

For the study, Levin and Wiest presented survey participants with different versions of the same news story. In all three versions, the photos, font sizes, layout, main headline and pull-out quote were identical. But one story focused on the killer. One focused on a victim.

How Should the News Media Cover Mass Shooters?

Nearly 73 percent of participants chose to read the hero story after the first paragraph. Meanwhile, Of those assigned to read the article that focused on the victim, The researchers note that coverage focusing on courageous bystanders could prompt positive copycat behavior. For some shipping companies, it takes business days for the tracking information to update on the system. If your order was placed more than 5 business days ago and there is still no information on your tracking number, please contact us. Close search.

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