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This is the part where you need to say yes and see what the new you likes. Maybe you like pistachio ice cream now. Maybe you like older women. Maybe you just dyed all your hair pink, who knows. Along the way, one thing often overlooked but detrimental if forgotten is taking care of yourself. I mean hygiene, folding your favorite blanket near your bed, or leaving yourself a positive note or treating yourself to that new watch you have your eye on. This is one way to start on having more self-love.

Think about it. When someone else shows you acts of kindness or does something sweet to take care of you, you might not be able to help but feel some love from that. Treating yourself that way will only make you appreciate yourself better. Another part of self-love is accepting yourself. Everyone has flaws and accepting that they are part of the unique person you are is great for your self-love.

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You have made it through every awful crummy day so far, and you can make it through this. Though everyone experiences grief uniquely, I have found it to be a helpful guide in working with my grieving clients.

You Can Survive Your Broken Heart – Counting My Blessings

While moving through these stages, be curious about your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physical sensations. Take time to be aware of what you are experiencing, and practice letting things be as they are, without trying to control or change them. Do your best to notice when you are being judgmental of your thoughts or feelings and try to have compassion for yourself. Grieving is difficult. Be kind to yourself and understand that it will take some time.

A breakup is a special kind of loss with the additional complication of your ex still being present. With social media making your ex accessible at the touch of a finger, it is important for you to understand that there is a thin line between ex-lover and internet stalker. When it comes to social media, just say no. Try Mindfulness.

To manage the unpleasant sensations, thoughts, and feelings, try practicing deep breathing, body scans, meditation , and other mindful activities. The broken-hearted often struggle with remembering who they were before their recent breakup. Your relationship should not have defined you then, and it certainly should not now. Here are the steps:. Step 1: Set time aside to date yourself by scheduling it in. Make yourself a priority. Step 2: Decide what you are going to do with that time.

Make sure it is something you want to do! Step 3: Engage in dating prep. Step 4: Go on the date with mindful presence. Be open to the experience, and enjoy the moment.

Papa Roach - Leader of the Broken Hearts (Official Music Video)

It may be painful to recall what your ex said when things ended, but it is a necessary part of moving on. There is a reason why you are no longer together. Find Therapy. If you need additional help, therapy can be a wonderful resource to provide you with support and new tools to assist in letting go. Cognitive -Behavioral Therapy, for example, is a short-term treatment model with measurable goals that can teach you how to change unhelpful, negative automatic thoughts and maladaptive behaviors that stop you from moving on.

Remember that everyone has had their heart broken at one time or another, and give yourself the space, time, and compassion that you deserve. If someone told me "they have a higher calling and are leaving you for God", I would need to accept the reality, that I have been dating a lunatic. You would have be similarly insane to take any advice from this website.

5 Ways To Survive A Broken Heart (And Get Over It Waaaay More Quickly)

It's all about running away from your feelings, any way you can. This is what they mean by "moving on". Mindfulness is the very opposite of knowing and accepting your feelings. Surround yourself with love and laughter. While the person you thought loved you might be out of your life, you have plenty of other people who will drop everything to come give you some love.

1. Pay attention to your body.

Plan a weekend home with your family after a breakup--they will give you the hugs you need. Schedule a girls or guys night out with your friends, go to the movies with your siblings--the list of possibilities is endless. Let yourself relax, laugh, and feel the love.

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Having a broken heart can definitely lead to a feeling of just wanting to be alone. While it is definitely important to have your alone time to reflect and let your emotions out, you should also definitely make an effort to get out of the house and see people who can help you through what you are experiencing. Know that there might be bad days. Some days are bound to be harder than others.

There is no question about it--you two broke up.

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  6. Do not waste your time by trying to play games to get him or her back. Trying to make her jealous, or continually calling him to talk your breakup through is a waste of your valuable time--put your energy towards moving on and starting over. Minimize contact with your ex. While you might not be able to avoid your ex entirely like if you go to school with him or have the same friend group as her , you can--and should--minimize the amount of time you spend in contact with him or her.

    Absolutely do not drunk dial your ex one night. Doing these things will just make you feel worse.

    Are you struggling to get over a past relationship?

    Instead, try to avoid seeing or contacting your ex as best you can. Do not let your ex see that they are putting you in any sort of turmoil. While this may be hard to do, ultimately it will be for the best. Hang out with your friends in smaller groups, or suggest a strictly girls or guys day. However, do not ask your friends to stop being friends with your ex. Giving them an ultimatum will almost always result in a battle not worth having. Try out some new activities. Its time to create a bright, vibrant future for yourself. Have you always wanted to try scuba diving?

    Do it! Join a sports team or enroll in an after school or work class.

    5 Easy Ways To Survive A Broken Heart

    Avoid sad songs and sappy movies. Now is definitely not the time to watch The Notebook for the first time or develop a taste for romantic ballads. Listen to music that will pump you up and motivate you, rather than that list of sad songs you put together in the first days of your breakup.

    While this may sound strange, creating a blacklist of songs that remind you of your ex will help you to move on, rather than dwell on the sadness you feel. Distract yourself by helping others. One of the best ways to move on is by putting your situation into perspective. Instead of dwelling on your own problems, help others with theirs. Start volunteering at a local charity, call up a friend who has been having a rough time, or even just help your mom rearrange her furniture--doing something for someone else will help you to realize that while you have suffered a broken heart, your life really is pretty sweet.

    Exercise to release your emotions. Working out really is one of the best ways to reduce stress and sadness. When you work up a sweat, you are also working up your serotonin levels which in turn will make you feel happier and more relaxed.