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Alexis Logsdon spent hours on Twitter giving credit to Schommer and Wingo and putting the context back in the picture. Provenance restored—sort of.

But that only solved the smallest of issues. Max still had lessons to teach us about copyright. CC BY means that you can use the image as long as you give credit.

The writer discusses “Cat Person,” her short story in this week’s issue of the magazine.

Schommer chose an open image but did not cite Celik on the sign. Upon the first sniffles of virality, he contacted Celik and told her about her newfound fame.

…and that the world is full of mystery…

She was understanding, and in every interview Schommer retroactively credited her. Times have changed since we were undergrads.

Going viral

We must model good citation etiquette in everything we do, from our library signage to our presentations. You just put the finishing touches on your PowerPoint. Do all your images have proper citations? Would Kate Turabian be proud? Probably not, but who cares? It matters more and more in this digital age as students increasingly produce digital classroom projects, digital senior capstones, and digital dissertations.

Going viral: Copyright lessons from Max the Cat | Wingo | College & Research Libraries News

Modeling and reinforcing citation etiquette is essential for ensuring that our work, and that of our students, can go public—maybe even viral. Below are our three biggest takeaways and questions:. When the photo of the sign went viral, Max was vaulted from a rambunctious, charming campus character to a revered member of Internet lore.

Max and his owners have enjoyed his fame, and Max has been busy making celebrity appearances at local bookstores. But his humble circumstances led him to focus on academics, which in turn led him to Auburn and a degree in Electrical Engineering.


But the muse never really left, and after 20 years Dean quit his job with Georgia Power to give art one last shot. And what a shot it was! Dean created Pete the Cat and the rest is history. On a recent visit to Auburn, Dean told two overflowing audiences how it all came to be.

Cat Who Always Comes To School Surprises Students With What’s Hanging On His Neck

While doing research for an author study one of the students discovered that James Dean was an Auburn grad. My class wondered what it would take to get him on campus so I wrote him a letter of invitation. To my pleasant surprise, James saw it as a great honor and agreed to come. He was gracious and kind from beginning to end.