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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Worth a look, but don't expect anything too Earth shattering. Extra star for the cover for this one I don't think i really related to any particular story, but what a great piece!

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The book itself is rather interesting, it's feels like Harry Harrison sat down with his publisher and said 'hey, Asimov isn't the only guy that writes about robots! Of the stories themselves: 'Simulated Trainer' must surely have been on Orson Scott Card's list as a boy.. My favorite is one I've read in other collections 'Arm of the Law'. It features a small frontier town on Mars, but that's not really important that gets an mysterious package..

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A close second was 'the repairman', who featured one of the men that keep the hyperspaceways running by making sure the beacons are active. This one was an ancient one, that a local lizard people had broken.. It's not really a robot story though the main character does use a couple , it's a really fun one. A couple of the others were pretty pedestrian..

Well worth checking out if you a fan of early sci fi. A collection of short stories, hit and miss. Hits were decent at best, misses made even something this short a bit of a slog. Ultimately this came off as written for a paycheck. Not a waste of time, but could have done without. Apr 09, Galactic Hero rated it really liked it. Solid collection, this. Feb 04, Bob rated it really liked it. This was a very interesting book about the robot age. I found it very compelling and a real page turner.

I only found a couple of the stories a little dry. If it were not for them I would have given this book five stars. My favorite story was the first one. I love any story that has to do with conspiracy and mars. Anyways, I think any body looking for a good book about robots this is the one to get. I know this is controversial but I could almost say it is right up there with I robot in terms o This was a very interesting book about the robot age. I know this is controversial but I could almost say it is right up there with I robot in terms of robot stories. I think a lot of the stories were even similar to i robot.

I know that pyramid books also published books by Isaac Asimov author of I robot. By the way, pyramid books is who published this book.

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So, all in all this is a great classic science fiction book from the sixty's. Jan 28, Jakk Makk rated it did not like it Shelves: shorts , science-fiction. Short stories are the Milk Duds of novels.

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It's often leftovers the producer wants to turn into money. Maybe they made sense back in the chain smoking astronauts on Mars with Robots who read the Want-ads days, but they try my patience. I'm clearing my shelves of this stuff, so here comes the DNF purge of View 1 comment. This is a classic collection of s science fiction stories by Harry Harrison. I enjoy all of them. Sempre divertente la prosa di HH. Testi molto vari in questa raccolta ma sempre un livello molto elevato.

Gianni Dominici rated it it was ok Sep 04, Dimon-Coyote rated it liked it Jul 11, Normal rated it really liked it Sep 02, Lolrus rated it liked it Feb 19, Dudley rated it liked it Oct 29, John Speelman rated it liked it Mar 16, Michael rated it really liked it Oct 09, Craig Hughes rated it liked it Jan 08, Robert rated it liked it Jun 18, Forrest rated it really liked it Sep 16, Michele Mikecas rated it liked it Nov 14, Howard rated it it was ok Feb 12, John rated it really liked it Jul 20, Phil W rated it it was amazing May 15, Ian rated it liked it Jun 20, Vi rated it it was amazing Mar 19, Bob Mackey rated it liked it Jan 18, Davide Zoia rated it liked it Apr 15, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. Science Fiction. Science Fiction Fantasy. About Harry Harrison. Harry Harrison. Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Several episodes take place in historical times, with Pinky and the Brain in the laboratory of some scientifically-minded person, including Merlin , [2] H. Wells , [3] and Ivan Pavlov. The bulk of every episode involves one of Brain's plans for world domination with Pinky's assistance and the ultimate failure of that plan, with some exceptions. One centers on Snowball's plan to take over the world using Microsponge a parody of Microsoft.

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Both Pinky and the Brain, white mice kept as part of Acme Labs' experimentation, have undergone significant genetic alteration , per the show's title lyrics, "their genes have been spliced " which gives the two mice amplified intelligence over that of a typical mouse, the ability to talk to humans, and anthropomorphism.

The episode "Brainwashed" states that the gene splicing was done by Dr. Although Pinky and the Brain plan to conquer the world, they do not show much animosity. In a Christmas special , Pinky even wrote to Santa that Brain had the world's best interests at heart. In "What Ever Happened to Baby Brain", Brain actually crosses paths with Welles, who is working as a busboy in a hollywood restaurant, and they find themselves inadvertently yelling in unison, "Things will be different when I take over the world!

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He is highly intelligent and develops complex plans for global domination using politics, cultural references, and his own inventions toward his goal. He seems coldly unemotional, speaking in a snarky deadpan. Brain sees his inevitable rise to power as good for the world, and not mere megalomania. In Wakko's Wish , he said to Pinky "We're on our way to fame, fortune and a world that's a better place for all. However, his motives are not pure. In one episode, Brain finds himself hypnotized by a psychologist that he had planned to manipulate for one of his schemes, who turns out to be none other than Sigmund Freud.

There Brain reveals that he originally lived with his parents in a tin can at the base of a tree in a large field. When he was young, ACME researchers captured Brain and took him from his home, and the last he saw of it was a picture of the world on the side of the can. Freud speculates that Brain's hunger to take over the world is misplaced, and that all he really wants is to go back home to his parents.

Brain has even helped save the world by doing everything in his power to prevent Snowball's evil schemes, knowing that a world under Snowball's rule would be the worst-case scenario. Pinky voiced by Rob Paulsen is a genetically modified mouse who shares the same cage as Brain at Acme Labs. Pinky is an extremely unstable and hyperactive mouse.

He has several verbal tics , such as "Narf", "Zort", "Poit" and "Troz" the last of which he started saying after noticing it was "Zort" in the mirror. Pinky's appearance is the complete opposite of Brain's — while Brain is short, has a crooked tail and pink sclerae, and speaks in a deeper, more eloquent manner, Pinky has a straight tail, blue sclerae, and a severe overbite, is taller than the Brain, and speaks in a high pitched voice with a Cockney accent.

Pinky's name was inadvertently given to him by Brain himself: when insulting the two scientists responsible for their gene splicing while talking to himself, Brain claimed the scientists had "less knowledge in both their heads than I do in my Pinky is more open-minded, kinder, and happier than the Brain. Troubles never ruin his day, arguably because he is too scatter-brained to notice them. He steadfastly helps Brain toward world domination, even though Brain usually berates, belittles, and abuses him.

Pinky actually seems to enjoy this, often laughing after he is hit on the head. He is obsessed with trivia, spending a lot of time watching television in the lab and following popular culture fads. Sometimes Pinky even finds non-rational solutions to problems.

An entire episode entitled "The Pinky P. The issues Pinky brings up can ironically lead to the downfall of the given night's plot. He is also arguably Brain's moral compass and only real friend. When Pinky sold his soul to the devil to get Brain the world in "A Pinky and the Brain Halloween", Brain saved him because he missed him and the world was not worth ruling without him.

Pinky also has shown signs of intelligence despite his supposed childish stupidity. In "Welcome to the Jungle", Pinky was able to survive using his instincts and become a leader to Brain, who, despite his intelligence, could not survive in the wild on his own.

And in "The Pink Candidate", when Pinky became President, he later began citing various constitutional amendments and legal problems that would bar Brain from his latest plot to take over the world. When Brain attempted to pressure him into helping, Pinky refused, claiming that the plan "goes against everything I've come to stand for. Other characters that have appeared on the show have included both of Brain's [19] and Pinky's parents [20] and the pair's "child", "Roman Numeral I" Romy for short who was a result of a cloning mistake.

LaMarche stated that on coming in to audition for the character of the Brain, he saw the resemblance to Welles and went with that for the voice, and he was given the role on the spot. A caricature of Orson Welles appears in a late episode of the series "What Ever Happened to Baby Brain" , echoing a rant of the Brain's and introducing himself afterwards.

Paulsen had already been selected to voice Pinky as he was already voicing Yakko Warner for Animaniacs. The episode "Win Big" [5] was the very first Pinky and the Brain skit. According to Ruegger, most of the elements that would become part of Pinky and the Brain can be found in Hastings's original script. It held many dialogue bits that became conventions of the entire series, [21] including Brain's "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

What are we going to do tomorrow night? As with Animaniacs , Steven Spielberg was the executive producer during the entire run, Tom Ruegger was the senior producer, Jean MacCurdy was the executive in charge of production, and Andrea Romano was the voice director. After the first season Hastings left the show and Mills took over as the supervising producer. Upon moving into its own show, the writing staff included Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Classic Warner Bros. This team included Steven Bernstein and Julie Bernstein , who also orchestrated and sometimes conducted the piece orchestra.

The recordings were done on Stage A on the Warner Bros lot, the same stage and with the same piano where Carl Stalling recorded his Looney Tunes music.

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Two versions of the opening sequence and theme, with slightly different lyrics, were used during the Animaniacs skits. In the first version, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot voiced respectively by Paulsen, Harnell, and MacNeille popped up in the lab and sang the theme while letting the two mice out of their cage.

The second, later version had the singers off-camera as the Brain picked the lock on the cage door with a small needle to free himself and Pinky. The score sometimes includes references to classical music. Like Animaniacs , much of the humor in Pinky and the Brain was aimed at adult audiences. Parodies of pop culture icons were quite common on the series, more so during the original episodes developed for the WB prime time slot.

In addition to previously mentioned political and actor caricatures, some episodes included complete parodies like those in Animaniacs. Algore is "full of hot air", floating like a balloon. Other parodic elements include Christopher Walken in place of Christopher Robin and the "Brainie the Poo" book appears to have been authored by " A. Three songs resemble the musical skits in Animaniacs , matching existing music with new lyrics. Pinafore , and sung by both Brain and Pinky, with Brain reciting the rise to power of such historical leaders as Napoleon and Cleopatra , while Pinky mentions how they all fell.

The song includes such odd lyrics as "Put your fingers in your ears, then stick them in your belly" and "Bop yourself on the head and cross your eyes. Like Animaniacs , there was a gag credit in the closing credits : each show featured an English word appropriate for the episode with its definition.

For example, "Around the World in 80 Narfs", where the mice are foiled by trying to speak "New York cabbie" and end up going in circles, the gag credit word was "anophelosis" defined as "morbid state due to extreme frustration". Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering? Pinky: I think so, Brain, but Pinky's response ends with a non sequitur such as, "we're already naked", "isn't a cucumber that small called a gherkin?

A few times in the series Pinky and Brain indeed pondered the same thing, though in one of these Pinky dismissed his idea as being too stupid. Just one time the answer was "Yes I am! In another episode, it turns out that what Pinky was pondering was that he and Brain never ponder the same thing, which turned out to be part of what Brain was pondering as well. In a short episode "Pinky's P. His brain seems to censor a large portion of Brain's dialogue, leaving Pinky to wander into random internal tangents until Brain asks the question. Pinky then responds with whatever was on his mind at the end of the tangent.

Pinky and the Brain were popular on Animaniacs , and the popularity continued into their own series. It attracted many of the same fans as Animaniacs and Internet outreach attracted more. Studio Stores. Pinky and the Brain won several Emmy and Annie Awards. Pinky and the Brain first appeared as a recurring skit on the animated series Animaniacs , another show produced by Steven Spielberg. The first season was scheduled in a prime time slot from September 10, through July 21, as part of the new WB network lineup, with episodes also being repeated within the Saturday morning cartoon block.

It had been envisioned for the cartoon to be WB network's answer to The Simpsons , at that point in its 7th season, which was running on the FOX network. Even though they had their own show, they still had several shorts in Animaniacs after they got the show, they still appeared in the show's intro, and often made cameo appearances.

Along with this came pressure on the writers of the show to back off on the idea of world domination and to include more characters on the show. In Canada, Pinky and the Brain aired on YTV starting from to and again on September 3, , then on Teletoon from to ; it aired on Teletoon again in In the U.

Reruns began airing on U. The series returned to GO! It later reran on e. In Singapore, Pinky and the Brain was first played on Channel 5 and aired on the network from to The series later switched to air on Central as part of their lineup of children's programmes Kids Central along with various famous children's programmes from overseas airing from to In Malaysia, Pinky and the Brain first aired on TV2 and aired on Mondays for a short period of time in and later moved to TV3 airing from to In Papua New Guinea, Pinky and the Brain was broadcast on the country's only free-for-air commercial television service EM TV which was up until September when its free-for-air state-owned television channel National Television Service was launched.

The series did not only air in Germany with a German-dubbed language, but the English version was also shown on the military broadcasting network BFBS which previously aired Animaniacs in which also played the show in Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands, Belize and Bosnia. In the Arab world, Pinky and the Brain , along with Animaniacs , was broadcast on the Arabic television network Spacetoon dubbed into an Arabic language, whilst the segments as part of Animaniacs aired with the original English language on the network's former English speaking network Spacetoon English which went from April 1, to January 1, in the United Arab Emirates.

Hulu announced plans to reboot Animaniacs in association with Amblin and Warner Bros. The announcement affirmed that Pinky and the Brain will be recurring characters alongside the Warner siblings for the reboot. Pinky and the Brain , along with Animaniacs , aired coincident with the formation of the Warner Bros. Studio Store chain across the United States, and, as a result, numerous T-shirts , coffee mugs, stuffed animals , animation cels , and original artwork from the show were available through these outlets. Other merchandise included comic books, computer games, and video tapes.

When Warner Brothers acquired the Hanna-Barbera animation properties in , there was a significant decrease with such merchandise through the store.