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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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S21; B [S21, B] What are some of the consequences of the collapse of the studio system?

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B86 [B79] What were some of the benefits or advantages of the studio system? In addition to the clear economic benefits for the studios themselves, the system provided a stable, secure training ground for professionals, a financial cushion that could absorb occasional failures and allow some risk-taking, and constant collaboration of the best talents in the business. The efficiency and resources of the studio system also sped the discovery and refinement of effective film techniques.

What is the economic role of the star in the movie industry? B, , ; S [B, , ; S, 33] What is persona? B; S32 [B; S32] Distinguish among the different levels of persona that developed by an actor for a single role, that developed by an actor over several roles, and that developed by a star. B; S [B; S] What is the difference between an actor and a star? B, ; S32 [B; S32 ] What role does the public play in creating a star? B, ; S33 [B90, ; S33] What role do the media play in creating a star? B; S [B; S] What is typecasting?

B, [B92, ] What does Belton mean in saying that "the star functions as a sociocultural barometer of sorts"? B, but also , which comprise examples of the relationship between stars and their times; S33, 34 [B,but also ; S33, 34] Return to the Introduction to Film Home Page.

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What is a genre? B [B] List at least six examples of genres. B [B] Why is the genre system important to the economic concerns of filmmakers? S, and most of chapter 11 in Belton [ch.

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B; S [B; S] In what ways do Westerns embody the contrast between myth and reality? S; B [S] What was the concept of "manifest destiny"? S43 [S43] What characteristics make the Western "the American film genre par excellence"? B, [B, ] How does the concept of "frontier" underlie most Westerns? B, [B, ] In what ways are Westerns more mythic than realistic? How might the popularity of Westerns reflect emerging technophobia?

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In what ways is comedy both subversive attacking or undermining social structures and conventions and conservative reinforcing shared values? S; B, , and much more scattered through the chapter [S, 56; B, , and more] In what ways are comedies useful for examining serious social concerns? Be sure to cite specific examples of comedies that attempt this, and be sure to explore how comedies may be more acceptable or effective vehicles for confronting awkward topics than dramas could be. B [B] What are the main characteristics of screwball comedies?

S; B [S55; B] How do screwball comedies emerge in part from the restrictions of the Production Code? S; B [S55; B] In what ways do screwball comedies address class differences? B; S [B; S] In what ways to screwball comedies sublimate sexual tensions? What was the Office of War Information? S75; B [S63; B] What is "the ideal platoon"? How have combat films adapted or altered that myth? If combat films reflect, in part, how Americans see themselves, what contrasting self-images emerge from the WWII-era films and Vietnam-era films?

What does this tell us about the business of filmmaking and the way films reveal or reflect contemporary culture? S; B; S [S65; B; S] How does the focus on group goals in many combat films violate the typical pattern of classical Hollywood style?

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Does a similar view or pattern emerge with gun-slinging heroes of Westerns, like Shane or The Searchers? B, , [B, , ] Describe how Sergeant York serves as a device for converting isolationist and pacifist sentiment in the U. B, [B; ] Do films including but not limited to WWII- and Vietnam-era war films chiefly represent the views of the establishment government, business, etc. What is film noir? S87, ; B [S75, ; B] In what ways does film noir violate the expectations of classical Hollywood cinema?

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Iranian immigrant. Mother of two acclaimed sons - Zal, a filmmaker; Rostam, a musician. Born in the middle of the 20th century in Tehran, Iran. Imagine what you could do with eighteen delicious new greens in your dining arsenal including Imagine what you could do with eighteen delicious new greens in your dining arsenal including purslane, chickweed, curly dock, wild spinach, sorrel, and wild mustard.

John Kallas makes it fun and easy to learn about foods you've unknowingly passed by Flatbread: Toppings, Dips, and Drizzles. Timeless staples from around the world meet new, innovative flavor combinations in sixty delicious savory, Timeless staples from around the world meet new, innovative flavor combinations in sixty delicious savory, sweet, and easy-to-eat recipes featuring dip-able, delectable flatbreads.

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Gifts from the Kitchen: irresistible homemade presents. Accompanied by creative packaging ideas and with a huge variety of recipes and ideas for Accompanied by creative packaging ideas and with a huge variety of recipes and ideas for every season and occasion - from candied almonds and Chinese fortune cookies to slow-roasted tomatoes and macaroons - there is sure to be something for Growing up in a Korean Kitchen: A Cookbook.

With descriptions of the traditional Korean kitchen, preparations for special feast days, and the rituals He now owns several locations in Houston and Brenham. He is a very busy man, but enjoys spending time with his family, especially his 4 teenage grandchildren. Besides riding horses, Sam enjoys travelling and fishing with his family in the Bahamas.

When asked to name his favorite thing about the sport of cutting, he was quick to say that it is the camaraderie and relationships he has been able to develop over the years and most importantly, he loves the kids! Win, lose or draw — he treasures the time spent at the shows with friends and has plans to return to the cutting pen very soon. Cutting horse skills at their best this week at the Bell County Expo Center Cutting horse championship show in Belton. In continuance of the American West, and the ranching lifestyle, the American Cutting Horse Association strives to promote cutting horses as a competition sport.

The goal of the ACHA is to promote the breeding, training and sport of these great horses in a competitive setting. By the establishment of rules of conduct for cutting horse contests and the keeping of complete and accurate records of these contests, the ACHA seeks to promote and regulate the showing of cutting horses. There is a place in the ACHA for contestants and their horses at any level and any goal.

ACHA membership consists of people of diverse backgrounds and talents and encourages individuals, families and companies to become involved in the sport of cutting.

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