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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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This exciting book is an essential guide to more than 30 of the world's best journeys for the adventure motorcyclist. The coverage for each route includes a first-hand account from someone who has made the trip together with comprehensive information on what to expect in terms of riding conditions, the best time to travel, choice of motorcycle, the history of the route, sights along the way, climate information and all kinds of other practical advice, all accompanied by top-class photography and detailed maps.

This latest book in Haynes' adventure motorcycling series will both inspire and inform. After building a successful business, Dirk Weisiger was ready for something new. But he wasn't sure what. Maybe a motorcycle adventure, I've never done that! What followed was a fourteen-month, solo motorcycle journey from Austin, Texas to Ushuaia, Argentina, filled with unexpected adventures, surprises, and lessons about life and travel. Dirk Weisiger is a travel trekker, trick roper, and storyteller.

Dirk has always enjoyed speaking to groups, spinning tales, ropes, and offering lessons he's learned in adventures of life and business. He's travelled to five continents and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Most of all Dirk loves people and believes that making new friends is the best part of travel. There's something about motorcycles, and the lure of freedom and the open road that they promise.

Whether you're planning your first trip or seeking a new destination to add to your previous journeys, this book will inspire you. Accompanied by stunning photography from around the globe, the journeys described here are perfect for everyone, whatever the level of expertise on the bike. Each route contains a tool box telling you when to visit, other routes you can do in the area to extend your ride, and exactly what options are available to you in terms of your motorcycle — whether you take your own bike into the country, make arrangements to rent machines there, or book a bike-inclusive tour.

Each trip covered includes a map showing your route and points of interest along the way. Motorcyclists who think they have the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia all figured out have another thing coming. Outlining 25 routes, Hagebak chronicles a classic feud over a county seat, the way French engineers built a road across Virginia, and how mining changed the face of West Virginia for better and for worse. In between the tight turns, sweeping curves, covered bridges, tiny towns, and mountain passes of the Central Appalachians, he imparts tips on where to eat, stay, play, and relax.

At the age of twenty-six, Chantal Simons, born and raised in the Netherlands, can no longer contain her adventurous spirit. Having seen enough of everyday life, she makes the bold decision to take to the roads of the vast Australian continent on her CC motorbike, lovingly known as the 'Chook Chaser'. Starting her travels in Perth, Chantal heads east in the company of her father. After crossing the Nullarbor together the pair split up and Chantal continues her odyssey alone, riding all the way to Queensland where she temporarily settles down to a life of sun and surf on the Sunshine Coast.

After a spell of teaching at a Brisbane university, she again heads off, in the company of a friend, into the red heart of Australia on a journey that will ultimately lead the pair all the way to Darwin. Along the way Chantal meets extraordinary people, has up-close encounters with local wildlife and visits some of the world's most exquisite natural creations. Facing mental as well as physical challenges, she spends much of her time on the road pondering the deeper questions of life. The inevitable fears and doubts inherent in such ventures are dismissed, along with much cautionary advice from well-meaning others, as Chantal single-mindedly follows what she has decided is her destiny.

The trip last 2 months,17,kms, we have been in 18 countries, crossed 11 borders and found many new friends. The idea to write this book arose from the lack of available information concerning the destination in question. At the beginning, it was only intended to be an ordinary concise travelogue memoir that would contain everything necessary to guide anyone who wished to travel in this direction.

Consequently, I reconsidered, thinking that it would be quite a pity not to be able to convey my thoughts, my feelings and emotions - everything that excited me during the whole duration of the trip. To be able to, at least a little, sense the magic of Central Asia. Three strangers meet on the Internet and without even a single phone call among them before departing, the trio decides to embark on a ten thousand mile adventure to Alaska together.

Over the course of the journey, they encounter extreme weather, exploding rabbits, a life-changing motorcycle accident, secret fanatical obsessions, the results of very bad decisions, impossible to describe scenery and unbelievable memories. The journey originates from the storyteller's point of view, who decides that time has finally come to do whatever is required in order to ride his motorcycle to the Last Frontier.

Inflicted with a debilitating illness that has temporarily stabilized, and with the promise made to his dying mother echoing daily in his mind, he puts into motion what would become the ride of his life. After finding that none of his friends have any interest in doing this exhausting, expensive, and seemingly crazy ride, he is forced to turn to the Internet and find strangers that may have interest in joining along.

For eight months he plans the adventure, and provides guidance to a rider who would eventually go along the journey but who lacks any decision making capabilities. A third person would join the two to venture north before they cross the border into Canada. The three would quickly learn that they have almost nothing in common with one another, come from completely different backgrounds, and other than this particular trip, would never have even had the remotest chance at meeting each one another otherwise.

They struggle to find similarities with one another but each finally decides to focus on their own journey as they ride towards Alaska. This book is the definitive guide to keeping an adventure motorcycle running in the way it should. Written for the rider who wants to be self-reliant while on the road, the book takes the reader through a series of practical, hands-on techniques designed to keep the bike in peak riding condition.

In the classic Haynes style, the book uses picture-led chapters and clear step-by-step instructions to demonstrate the skills needed for basic maintenance both at home and on the trail. Sit back and enjoy the experience as Misty and Vann Waters ride their Goldwing to Alaska as one last attempt to save their marriage.

While in route, they meet a hippy biker named Silas who helps bring self-awareness to the surface. Yet even with his solid sage advice, conflict keeps steering these lovers off course. Will they be able to get back on track? Get ready for a wild adventure through drama, the afterlife, and the dream world. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just pick up and ride your motorcycle around the big beautiful USA?

Hollie lives in Rochester, New York with her husband Bonz. They have been together for over 30 years. With Bonz newly retired and the kids leaving to go off on their own adventures they needed something to reconnect. Join them on their journey through 22 states, many national parks and multiple biker rallies. Hollie requested three months off work with no pay , and her employer was gracious enough to allow this.

No real plans and no reservations, flying by the seat of their pants. They had dreamt of it for many years, until Simone and Frank finally plucked up the courage to leave it all behind. After three and a half years travelling around the world on motorcycles, they are now back and ready to reminisce about the , miles that have passed under their wheels. A recollection of the everyday life encounters of a spectacular journey, which turned out to be far from a never-ending holiday. This book will give everybody who is dreaming of a big adventure, no matter by which mode of transport, a realistic insight into the life they'll be heading into.

For everybody else it is a glimpse into a "life on the road" of two motorcycle vagabonds and the experiences and emotions that formed their extraordinary passage around the world. Join them on their astounding adventure of discovery into places and cultures unknown! Three months. One lifetime. In May , the veteran Canadian rock trio Rush embarked on their 40th anniversary tour, R For the band and their fans, R40 was a celebration and, perhaps, a farewell.

But for Neil Peart, each tour is more than just a string of concerts, it's an opportunity to explore backroads near and far on his BMW motorcycle. So if this was to be the last tour and the last great adventure, he decided it would have to be the best one, onstage and off. This third volume in Peart's illustrated travel series shares all-new tales that transport the reader across North America and through memories of 50 years of playing drums. From the scenic grandeur of the American West to a peaceful lake in Quebec's Laurentian Mountains to the mean streets of Midtown Los Angeles, each story is shared in an intimate narrative voice that has won the hearts of many readers.

Classic Motorcycling : A Guide for the 21st Century

Richly illustrated, thoughtful, and ever-engaging, Far and Wide is an elegant scrapbook of people and places, music and laughter, from a fascinating road — and a remarkable life. Bharathi the wife - She Who Must Be Obeyed - sneers at our puny destination plans and orders us to ride to Ladakh forthwith! We dare not disobey - so off we go on the most iconic ride that India has to offer - without any group, back-up, plans, preparations, or any good sense.

Just we three Amigos on our motorcycles. We cross the mighty mountains and ride the highest passes with 'She' in hot pursuit! The whole of Ladakh quakes in fear of her cyber-nagging and astral-nagging as she chivvies us along and ensures that we do not only Srinagar-Leh-Manali, but also explore offbeat destinations like Zanskar, Nubra, etc. Join us on our rollicking ride! This is the funniest and most enjoyable ride story that you will ever read. Join us as we travel to the Hindustan Tibet road and the mountain fastnesses of Spiti valley and discover yet another little known and beautiful part of India on our motorcycles.

The beautiful and arid mountains of the Himalayan desert, the monasteries, and unique Buddhist heritage gives it the name of 'Little Tibet' and it is one of the most beautiful areas in India. Join us as we explore the Hindustan-Tibet road, Spiti valley, Kunzum pass and Lahul and have loads of adventures and misadventures on the way on our Royal Enfields. The funniest and most enjoyable ride story you will ever read!

A challenge for most vehicles, but on an antiquated Royal Enfield Despite intense heat in excess of 40C, a crash in the Baluchistan desert and some of the worst roads and driving standards on the planet, Gordon's old Bullet did indeed make it triumphantly to Chennai. In his new book, Gordon describes in detail the restoration of his motorcycle and the build up to departure, the larger-than-life characters he met and the many challenges he faced.

He also recounts the more personal highs and lows of life on the road. Above all, Overland To India is a heartwarming book that illustrates human kindness and hospitality and encourages other riders to take their own motorcycles on a long-distance journey. Following the breakdown of her marriage, year-old Jacqui Furneaux set off on a seven-year, round-the-world adventure on a cc Royal Enfield Bullet. She travelled both solo and with company, covering 42, miles and 20 countries. This awe-inspiring and moving book about one woman's motorcycle adventures is for anyone still holding back from taking a risk and pursuing their dreams.

Against all rational thinking a motorbike 'Eddie the Enfield' is chosen as the vehicle to ride on the most dangerous roads in the world. The journey begins living on a sacred mountain but slowly turns into an irreverent humorous ride of 5, kilometres seeing the sites around India whist trying to stay alive. Chapters discuss the Wolverhampton wonders, Plumstead, Porcupine, 3-valver, record breaking, the engineers behind the bike, and more.

Illustrated with over photographs, this comprehensive new history looks at: the history and development of the single and twin-cylinder ranges; the racing bikes; technical details of all major models and owning and riding AJS and Matchless bikes today. Originally published under the title The Book of the A. It includes complete technical data, service and maintenance information and detailed instructions for the repair and overhaul of the major mechanical and electrical components for both the pre-war and post-war A. There is adequate detailed text and diagrams to assist in major refurbishing such as an engine rebuild or even a complete renovation.

This publication has been out-of-print and unavailable for many years and is becoming increasingly more difficult to find on the secondary market. We are pleased to be able to offer this reproduction as a service to all A. Please note this AJS Stormer cc Motorcycle Workshop Manual is a high quality reproduction of the orginal, out of print manual.

The Motorcycle Files is a series of short but hugely-informative e-books that presents you with a unique opportunity to build your own library of road and track tests of some of the world's rarest motorcycles. Motorcycles like this supercharged AJS V4 Grand Prix racer, which is the sole surviving example of this incredible machine - the first bike in the world to lap a Grand Prix road course at over mph. This edition of The Motorcycle Files, has a complete racing history of that awesome supercharged monster, which culminated in a post-WWII race victory achieved just before a ban on supercharging made the machine obsolete.

The cc supercharged AJS V4 Grand Prix racer from could have been developed further and in many ways represents a lost opportunity for Britain's motorcycle industry. Without doubt it is still the most exotic racing motorcycle ever made in England. Full technical details and development histories of AJS V4 motorcycles in various guises are also included.

These range from the first air-cooled and normally aspirated show model to the final version of the water-cooled and supercharged race-winner that was without doubt the fastest British racing motorcycle of its day. From the first Ariel in , over the next 60 years the name would be associated with some of Britain's best motorcycles, such as the Square Four. About the Author A leading authority on all forms of motorcycle sport, Mick Walker has been a successful racer, tuner and team manager, and still rides regularly.

Detailed reports covering post-war Square Fours manufactured up to A book of contemporary road tests, specification and technical data, new model introductions, development, riders impressions, history, touring, technical articles on tuning, engine stripping and decoking. It includes complete technical data, service and maintenance information and detailed instructions for the repair and overhaul of the major mechanical and electrical components for all cc parallel twin two-stroke models of the Ariel Leader and Ariel Arrow constructed from through This publication has been Out-of-print and unavailable for many years and is becoming increasingly more difficult to find on the secondary market and we are pleased to be able to offer this reproduction as a service to all Ariel Leader and Ariel Arrow enthusiasts worldwide.

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork. A faithful reproduction of the Floyd Clymer publication of the third edition of the C. Waller Workshop Manual for all models of Ariel motorcycles built between and Includes complete technical data, service and maintenance information and comprehensive detailed instructions for the repair and overhaul of all major and minor mechanical and electrical components, making it an invaluable resource for collectors and restorers of these classic motorcycles.

There are separate sections that deal with the repair and overhaul procedures for the engine, transmission, wheels and brakes, front forks, frame and carburetor, plus a detailed electrical service section. This is a - must have - reference for any Ariel enthusiast and would certainly assist in helping any potential purchaser better understand the inner workings prior purchasing of one of these classic motorcycles.

Single cylinder: cc SV model VB. Much of the data is also applicable to later models that utilize these same engines. Out-of-print and unavailable for many years, this book is becoming increasingly more difficult to find on the secondary market and we are pleased to be able to offer this reproduction as a service to all Ariel enthusiasts worldwide.

Originally published under the title The Book of the Ariel by W. This publication has been Out-of-print and unavailable for many years and is becoming increasingly more difficult to find on the secondary market and we are pleased to be able to offer this reproduction as a service to all Ariel motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. A fourteen year period from to saw the design and creation of a number of modern four cylinder models from Benelli. First there was a Quattro, which in turn spawned the LS and went on to be upgraded in to the Sport.

Benelli went on to expand its range to include models of both higher and lower capacities. They included the RS, and Sport models, and on the larger side were the T and the Sport. Benelli then surprised the world with their amazing road bike. As most test reports will confirm the handling and performance is what you would expect from an Italian bike with a pedigree. This book traces the progress of the fabulous Italian Bimota range of high performance motorcycles during the s. This colorful history of Bimota motorcycles is bursting with details of production of Bimota street and GP racing bikes, prototypes, and descriptions of 9 different models.

Plus in-depth interviews with top technical and marketing managers. This comprehensive album also features valuable Bimota Club addresses, original colors, and technical details of each featured model. Also chronicled are Bimota competitions, world championships, and future projects. Must-have literature for Bimota enthusiasts. Experts from the United States, Canada and Britain pass judgment on the fabulous early high performance Bimotas. Included are road and comparison tests, model introductions, ride reports together with full performance data and specs.

John Britten was a Kiwi legend of the late 20th century whose distinctive, hand-built, pink-and-blue racing motorcycle broke four world speed records and reached iconic status worldwide. Tragically, he died of cancer at just Eight years later, Britten Motorcycles tells the inside story of the world's most innovative motorbike - and the man, his family, and the friends who made the dream of winning the world's toughest motorcycle races come true. John Britten's passion for building his own motorcycle and determination to succeed are legendary - but there was much more to the man.

He was at once a devoted family man, a tireless enthusiast, party animal and charismatic boy who had refused to grow up. His works ranged from exquisite Tiffany-style lamps to beautiful buildings and restored cars, trucks and motorbikes. Tragically, John Britten died of cancer at just This is the inside story of the world's most innovative motorbike - and the man, his family, and the friends who made the dream of winning the world's toughest motorcycle races come true- Only authorized biography of John Britten- Profusely illustrated with photographs from the Britten Motorcycle Company archives and family albums- More than 50 people were interviewed to piece together the full storyAbout the AuthorFelicity Price is a New Zealand based journalist and book author.

Style, speed and passion combine for an eclectic journey into the world of the British cafe racer.


Uli Cloesen's latest book - the first dedicated to the British cafe racer scene - is a celebration of all things fast from Britain, a definitive overview of the cafed British motorcycle, from single-cylinder to four-cylinder variants, and going well beyond the parallel Triton twin. Featuring a truly stunning variety of British motorcycle engine based cafe racers, from the UK and beyond, and complemented by owners' stories and technical descriptions, this book presents the eye candy of the British cafe racer world George Brough started building motorcycles shortly after the First World War.

The machines were named Brough Superior both to distinguish them from his father's Brough machines and to denote the highest levels of performance and quality of manufacture. Throughout the s and s, the name Brough Superior was synonymous with the very best in motorcycle design. Lawrence 'Lawrence of Arabia'.

This book documents the full story of Brough and Brough Superior from the early years of the twentieth century through to the end of production in the Second World War, and post-war attempts at revival. Presented for the first time in one book, the new-for range of BSA and Triumph motorcycles, including the cc DOHC twins, the innovative Ariel 3 moped, projected D18 Bantam, and the X Hurricane, are all detailed in depth, along with related promotional and racing activities.

Photoshoots, the lavish series of brochures and ads that emanated from them, and projected and actual colour schemes, are also presented with great accuracy. By delving into the archives of several historical institutions, a comprehensive account of the hitherto largely ignored massive infrastructure investment that took place at BSA's Small Heath works during much of is revealed, along with its re-organised North American setup. Also included is an equally fresh and detailed appraisal of BSA's financial situation, from the dawn of the s, until its oblivion in Besides the many new revelations, this book contains an impressive collection of extremely rare factory photographs, many of which have never been published before, and thought to be the only copies in existence.

In British events alone, BSA riders won no less that 60 national titles which is indicative of the scale of BSA's competition successes. This book details the successes in trials, scrambles, motocross and road racing. BSA was once the largest - and most successful - motorcycle company in the world. Many of the most famous 'Beezas' were powered by twin-cylinder engines, in both vee and parallel configurations. During the interwar years BSA built a series of side-valve and overhead valve v-twins in , and cc.

Author: Mick Walker. This book covers every aspect of one of the best loved classic racing machines, from its beginnings back in Small Heath through to the Brooklands days, Trials, the Cafe Racer scene to the classic scene of today. With pages.

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Soft Bound. It includes complete technical data, service and maintenance information and detailed instructions for the repair and overhaul of the major mechanical and electrical components for all models of the BSA Bantam constructed from onwards. This publication has been Out-of-print and unavailable for many years and is becoming increasingly more difficult to find on the secondary market and we are pleased to be able to offer this reproduction as a service to all BSA enthusiasts worldwide. Written by an enthusiast with many years experience of working on classic British motorcycles - but with little experience of working on these iconic machines - this book covers the complete dismantling, refurbishment, and rebuilding of two Tridents: a Triumph TV and a Triumph T Written from a the point of view of a relative novice, it covers all parts of the rebuild in great detail; parts that other manuals gloss over, leaving the novice confused and frustrated.

From the simplest of jobs, such as removing the oil tank, through to detailed explanations of rebuilding the engine and carburettors, this manual is an absolute must for any enthusiast contemplating working on their triple. Over colour photographs and detailed text descriptions clarify every stage Highly readable, and written with, the author readily admits to the various pitfalls and mistakes he makes in order for others to avoid them.

Designed to sit alongside existing workshop manuals, this book is intended to help the owner make sense of them all, and enable them to complete any operations that are omitted from the other books - of which there are many. Essential garage literature. It is organized for potential Gold Star buyers to use when inspecting one of these highly desirable machines for possible purchase. The information also will be invaluable for restorers as well as people generally interested in the history of these machines. One chapter is devoted to the Spitfire Scrambler, a little-known hybrid produced only that year consisting of a twin-cylinder cc engine in Gold Star cycle parts, predating the Rocket Gold Star by five years.

The main body of the 4th edition was 21 pages, with 16 figures and 11 tables. The main body of the 5th edition has more than doubled to 50 pages and now has 44 figures and 17 tables containing information on the proper speedometers, tachometers, gearboxes, carburetors, etc.

For the restorer or rebuilder, a very useful "reverse parts list" specially created for this book has DBD part numbers sorted in numerical order, enabling part numbers to be quickly identified and associated with the corresponding figures in the BSA parts manual. If you ever might want to buy, restore, or rebuild a Gold Star, the information in this book can save you considerable time as well as keep you from making some very costly mistakes. This is a faithful reproduction of the Floyd Clymer W.

Much more detailed than the owner's handbook, this manual includes complete technical data, service and maintenance information and detailed instructions for the repair and overhaul of the major mechanical and electrical components for the majority of the pre-war BSA single and twin cylinder motorcycles.

However, as this manual was written specifically for the motorcycles constructed between through the information may not be quite as comprehensive for the earlier versions of these models. There is adequate detailed text and diagrams to assist in major refurbishing such as an engine rebuild or even a complete mechanical renovation, making it an invaluable resource for collectors and restorers of these classic BSA motorcycles. Haynes offers the best coverage for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and motorcycles on the market today. Each manual contains easy to follow step-by-step instructions linked to hundreds of photographs and illustrations.

Included in every manual: troubleshooting section to help identify specific problems; tips that give valuable short cuts to make the job easier and eliminate the need for special tools; notes, cautions and warnings for the home mechanic; color spark plug diagnosis and an easy to use index. Haynes disassembles every subject vehicle and documents every step with thorough instructions and clear photos. Haynes repair manuals are used by the pros, but written for the do-it-yourselfer.

Great book , highly recommended. Beautiful pictures , great coffee table book for any motorcycle enthusiast. Hope author proceeds with his plans to write several more books on European dirt bikes since there is so little in print as. A portfolio of 31 contemporary articles traces the progress of Bultaco production in the 60s.

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Also featured are full specifications and performance data. This, our second Bultaco book, contains thirty further articles, taking the story of the marque up to the end of the seventies. As a owner of an older Bultaco Matador SD Mark 5 in need of major repair, I purchased this book in hope of finding enough information to augment my knowledge of the workings and technical specifications of the two cycle engine of such great fame and repoir. Within this publication was found a great wealth of information that was unknown to me.

I found that much of this information was invaluable, carburetor breakdowns, bore specifications, and overall model specfications. Unfortunately, as time would eventually expose, the information included in this "technical manual" is marred by typographical errors and one horrendous job of editing. In my experience with this manual, I found it very helpful Although the book may not be the answer to every problem that an old Bull has, it will at least give one direction in what may be happening.

Spend the bucks and get out of it what you may. It provides a complete component parts list for the Bultaco El Montadero Motorcycle. Published in It provides detailed exploded views of your Bultaco Pursang MK4 motorcycle including: Pursang cc. This manual contains English and Spanish complete component parts lists. The s was the era of the cafe racer in its second phase, that of the specialist manufacturers.

Famed motorcycle author Mick Walker graphically recreates the era of the cafe racers. Numerous contemporary photos are featured, with captions explaining the history and technical features of the machines and describing the men who made and rode them. A photographic chronology of some of the fastest, most stylish, and most individualized bikes in motorcycling history.

The rebellious rock-and-roll counterculture is what first inspired these fast, personalized, and distinctive bikes, with their owners often racing down public roads in excess of miles per hour "ton up" in British slang , leading to their public branding as "ton-up boys. Chronologically illustrated with fascinating historical photography, the book travels through the numerous ever-morphing and unique eras of these nimble, lean, light, and head-turning machines. This one-of-a-kind history recalls the bygone era of cafe racers -- those motorcycles which earned an esteemed place among the mod coffee bar set of the s and '60s.

More than black-and-white photographs have been gleaned from movie stills, newspapers, and private collections to tell the story of the bikes, the riders, and what cafe racing was all about. The Cafe Racer is one of the most enduring styles of motorcycle ever created, capturing the rebellious spirit of the 50s. From original Triton-building Rockers to modern-day Sunday riders on Thruxton s, there are thousands of enthusiasts across the world who aspire to own a road burner with old school class.

This is a look back at the glory days of the Cafe Racer, from Friday night dices on the North Circular, through the street specials craze of the Seventies, to the modern day revival. This book includes interviews with some of the old school regulars at the Ace Cafe, and an in-depth look at the great British bike builders like Norman Hyde, Steve and Lester Harris, the Rickman brothers and Paul Dunstal, Featuring a huge, global Cafe Racer directory — listing specialist builders, spares suppliers, websites etc — alongside a unique mix of personal memories, unseen photos, iconic machines and chassis builders in profile, this book is a must for any ton-up rider.

Today, it's in the midst of a huge restrspective. The world's most incredible motorcycles are given the artful representation they deserve. Classic Motorcycles: The Art of Speed is a stunning visual encyclopedia of history's best bikes. The motorcycle should have disappeared when Henry Ford's Model T usurped the motorcycle's position as a primary form of utilitarian transportation.

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But a funny thing happened on the way to extinction -- the motorcycle not only survived, but thrived. Written by noted motorcycle author Patrick Hahn, Classic Motorcycles: The Art of Speed presents the history of motorcycling as told through the most significant, iconic, classic motorcycles of all time, with both period photography and modern portrait photography. All the best domestic and international makes are represented here, from BMWs, Indians, and Triumphs to Vincents, Ducatis, and Harley-Davidsons - the most classic models. You'll drool over the Matchless Silver Hawk, and you'll want to tear out the page displaying the Triumph Thunderbird and frame it.

Each motorcycle was shot in a studio setting using photographer Tom Loeser's light-painting technique.

Classic Motorcycling

Period ads and relevant historic photos and documents are spread throughout the book to supplement the portraits of the bikes, really evoking a sense of time and place. Prepare to be in awe of the undeniably classic motorcyclesClassic Motorcycles: The Art of Speed is offering. It's the only motorcycle history you'll need. The only comprehensive book on DKW that I am aware of. Fascinating story of this famous marque. Many photos with many of them technical in nature. What to do with my copy written in German several years ago?

Think of this as the ultimate motorcycle factory tour. The interviews, photographs, and drawings combine to capture the tremendous excitement of being on site at Ducati. This book will take you deep into the heart and soul of these revolutionary motorcycles and the remarkable company that created them. Ducati Birth of a Legend describes the unique way in which all new Ducati motorcycles are designed, developed, and manufactured. Rich with in-depth interviews and never before published drawings and renderings, this book takes you on a lavishly illustrated factory tour.

Few of the world's motorcycles evoke such high emotion as the Ducati. This book captures that emotion in a vividly illustrated historical review of every major design, including the Cucciolo auxiliary bicycle engine in the late s and Ducati's first mass-produced motorcycle, the Elite , and the Scrambler, GT, Pantah, , Monster and today's MHe. Interviews with the protagonists who shaped the company and its products make this a complete tribute to what makes Ducatis so special.

Details about the original factory's products -- condensers, radios, projectors, and mini-cameras -- are featured for a well-rounded account about the company's history. Ducati's American story of decline and recovery comes to life! Whether you lust after the timeless classics of days past or the gorgeous machinery gracing the showroom today, Ducati will give you an inside look at these incredible motorcycles.

The official illustrated history of the most prestigious motorcycle in the world is inspired by designers and engineers who created the classic machines of the past, the technological breakthroughs and the challenges faced in the pursuit of excellence, and the legendary races which made the Ducati name synonymous with success. Guaranteed to race the pulse of bike enthusiasts everywhere.

Here is the full story of Ducati's involvement in road racing, from their first successful racer, the 98cc Marianna of , to the four-valve V-Twin World Superbike machines which have dominated in World Superbike racing since the late eighties, becoming the most successful of all racing Ducatis. This text charts the development and production of the Ducati 2-Valve V-Twins.

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A companion volume to "Ducati 4-Valve V-Twins", it describes the rise of these machines and the personalities that helped develop them. Ian Falloon''s guide to restoring Ducati twin cylinder bikes covers the bevelled cam gear models from 1 to His emphasis is on achieving originality and he p rovides detailed information on parts sourcing for the deter mined restorer.

Ian Falloon, the world's foremost authority on Ducati motorcycles, delivers a performance handbook that is a must-have garage reference for any Ducati rider or enthusiast. This book offers specific tuning tips for Ducati's Desmoquattro superbikes that have ruled the world's streets and racetracks for the past two decades.

Readers will uncover a remarkable amount of information, including charts that list specific suggestions for each models system and a section that lists the most productive ways to spend money on a particular model. Ian Falloon offers Ducati fans and fanatics a much-needed reference for getting the most out of their bikes. The Ducati Monster appeared at the end of and sparked off a new trend in the so-called "naked" without fairing segment of the market.

With the Monster, powered by its famous and prestigious L-shaped engine, Ducati offered enthusiasts a bike that combined a comfortable ride with outstanding performance. The various versions of the Monster have become the basis for many different interpretations by specialists in the field of personalization. The machine has become a symbol for all kinds of motorcyclists, from the novice to the seasoned rider, from the young to the mature. This book covers the Monster's 20 years of history, availing itself with a wealth of illustrative material made available by Ducati. The original and the best - this is the fifth edition of the first Ducati book over published.

It was originally published in and has been in print ever since. It has comprehensive coverage with nearly color photographs and fact-packed text. A peerless and competitively priced guide to the world's most charismatic motorcycle make. When Ducati's great engineer Fabio Taglioni designed the Ducati in there was no way he could comprehend how important this model would be. His design was unlike any other before or since; a degree V-twin with single overhead camshafts driven by a train of bevel gears.

Taglioni soon developed his into a Formula racer, and in beat the rest of what the world had to offer at the Imola With this victory, the desmodromic became a legend. Ducati responded by producing a hand-built limited production desmodromic Super Sport. They also continued to produce the touring GT and sporting Sport until legislation killed them at the end of Today, this triumvirate of s represents the end of an era; the era before cost accounting and government design requirements.

These were among the last pure, unadulterated sporting motorcycles built and it is not surprising they have inspired a new generation of retro classics, the Sport Classic of and They average between 50 and 75 pages long and are designed so that motorcycle enthusiasts can assemble their own individual e-library of their favourite machines, e-file by e-file.

These hugely informative e-files feature many of the rarest and most exciting racing motorcycles on the face of the planet as well as significant road-going machines. Most of the great racing motorcycles from every decade since then are featured in the extensive series. In many cases these machines are the only examples of their type still in existence - and in some of those cases the only example of that particular machine ever made!

The year marked the 25th anniversary of the creation of the first, of a now legendary line of Ducati Superbikes with their trademark Desmoquattro 4-valve V-twin motors hung below a lightweight trellis tube frame, racebikes that went on to dominate the then new World Superbike Championship for next quarter of a century. Arguably the most significant motorcycle engine design of any kind since the CB Honda, and surely the most remarkable and successful volume production engine format ever used in world competition by any single manufacturer, the venerable Ducati 4-valve desmodromic engine recorded to this date 14 World Superbike Championship titles in the 24 year history of the world's premier production bike based world roadracing series.

This one, for example, covers the genuinely unique Ducati Apollo - a cc V4 built at the request of the Italian company's North American importer in an attempt to capture US police and military sales. Only two of these prototypes were ever made and this is the only one in existence. Journalist and former racer, Alan Cathcart, has been testing road and racing motorcycles all over the world for twenty years and this, allied to a successful racing career, has earned him the respect of all of the major motorcycle manufacturers, museums and private owners of priceless two-wheeled rarities.

In many cases the machines that he has tested for The Motorcycle Files are the only existing example in the world. And Alan's unique combination of riding ability and journalistic skills means that manufacturers are willing to open the doors to their factory team race shops to him and then allow him to test on the race track the machines that are usually restricted to World Championship Grand Prix and Superbike racers.

All motorcycle enthusiasts know of Ducati, but now for the first time is a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make this machine tick. Written by a top motorcycle freelancer with Ducati's full cooperation, this all-color book bursts with information, opinion and anecdotes. It introduces everyone from the bosses of the Texas Pacific Group that bought Ducati in , to Ducati workers, dealers, suppliers, enthusiasts and, of course, racers. This comprehensive restoration guide to Ducati single-cylinder motorcycles is indispensable for any owner or restorer of these classic motorcycles.

Clear diagrams, rare photographs, expert text, and a guide to authentic Ducati detailing provides practical and immensely useful information. A definitive account of the popular Ducati Desmodue - the reliable, affordable, high-performance motorcycle range that boasts one of the most successful Italian motorcycles of all time, the Ducati Monster, and is still in development today.

Including full production histories, comprehensive specification details and owners' experiences, this new book covers: A history of Ducati and the rise of the brand in the s Grand Prix racing with Fabio Taglioni's desmodromic valve engine design The world-beating TT2 and TT1 racers Ducati's virtual swansong and the Cagiva takeover The best-selling Ducati Monster - the 'naked' desmo twin The Desmodue SS and the SportClassic range Racing today, the new Ducati Scrambler and the future for Desmodue motorcycles. With a Haynes manual, you can do it yourself Haynes writes every book based on a complete teardown of the motorcycle.

We learn the best ways to do a job and that makes it quicker, easier and cheaper for you. Our books have clear instructions and hundreds of photographs that show each step. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you can save big with Haynes! As expected from a factory publication, this manual includes complete technical data and comprehensive detailed instructions for the repair and overhaul of all major and minor mechanical and electrical components, making it an invaluable resource for collectors and restorers of these classic Ducati motorcycles.

It contains a comprehensive Technical Specification section for every variant, by year, for each model followed by a descriptive section of all major components. It also includes comprehensive information on the Electrical and Ignition Equipment plus Wiring Diagrams. There is adequate detailed text and illustrations to assist in major refurbishing such as an engine rebuild or even a complete mechanical renovation. An essential addition to any Ducati Motor Cycle Enthusiast's library, this book has been out-of-print and unavailable for many years and is becoming increasingly more difficult to find on the secondary market.

This is a - must have - reference for this series of Ducati motorcycles and we are pleased to be able to offer this reproduction as a service to all Ducati enthusiasts worldwide. With a Haynes manual, you can do it yourself…from simple maintenance to basic repairs. Our books have clear instructions and plenty of photographs that show each step. This illustrated guide is packed with interesting facts and follows the history of the famous Harley-Davidson company and the development of its famous bikes, which have earned a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere.

The story dates from when Bill Harley and the Davidson brothers, with no thought of fame or fortune, decided to build a motorcycle that really worked. So successful was it, that it led to the gradual formation of a company that has survived through good times and bad. Through good times and bad, losing and winning back police contracts, as well as weathering various other vicissitudes, the company has achieved lasting success. In the end, Harley-Davidson came to the ultimate decision of giving its customers what they really wanted, not by providing year-on-year innovations, but by remaining true to the Founders' original concept.

The result, as everyone knows, are bikes of mythic status, imbued with a mysterious quality of their own and generating a passion in enthusiasts amounting almost to a love affair. The bikes are described in detail, not only in mechanical terms, but also with glorious photographs, and will be of interest to everyone who loves motorbikes: even aficionados of Japanese and European bikes, who have never even ridden a Harley-Davidson, will be able to recognize the unique marriage of style and nostalgia and the fact that there are no other bikes quite like them.

Harley-Davidson: words that evoke the open American road and the "Made in America" tradition like no others. The sweeping chopper handlebars, the distinctive throaty low speed rumble of the engine and the unmistakable logo are all recognized the world over. This book expertly ties together the mechanical evolution of Harley's engines — from the earliest motorized pedal bicycles to the iconic heavyweight twin cylinder V-engines we know and love today — and the social history of the brand's phenomenal rise in the twentieth century, as innovative survivor of the Great Depression, supplier of the military during both World Wars and enduring symbol of freedom and rebellion.

It is fully illustrated with pictures of the bikes and those who have ridden them as well as examples of Harley-Davidson's distinctive design aesthetic in advertising and collectibles. Cruise through this collection of Harley-Davidson's most iconic motorcycles!

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When most people imagine a motorcycle, chances are they picture a Harley-Davidson. That's because Harley-Davidson machines look the way the primordial biker inside each of us feels a motorcycle should look. In short, Harley-Davidson makes mythic bikes. Harley-Davidson: The Complete History celebrates these iconic motorcycles, presenting them all in one beautifully illustrated book. Pages in the book reveal historic images as well as modern photos from the top motorcycle photographers working today.

Additionally, there are chapters from some of the most celebrated motorcycle writers of all time--Peter Egan, Kevin Cameron, Ed Youngblood, Allan Girdler, Steve Anderson, and many more. All of this material combines to tell the story of every major motorcycle that Harley-Davidson has built, from the very first prototype to the Silent Gray Fellow to the latest liquid-cooled CVO Electra Glides and Softails. Harley-Davidson: The Complete History is the ultimate history of the ultimate motorcycle company.

A roll down memory lane is a lot better on the back of a Harley. We all have "firsts" in our lives - our nervous first date, our euphoric first concert - and most of us who have motorcycling in our blood remember the first time we saw a Harley-Davidson. Harleys have a way of catching the eye, that extra 'something' that sets them apart as the proudest, baddest, best-built machines around. There's no denying the fact that Harley-Davidsons are more than just motorcycles; since its founding in , the make has become an American icon revered around the globe. In This Old Harley, editor Michael Dregni compiles the stories, tall tales, essays, and reminiscences of some of the biking world's most respected characters.

Featured here are the words of the late daredevil Evel Knievel, custom bike-builder extraordinaire Arlen Ness, renowned motorcycle journalists Peter Egan and Allan Girdler, and many others--including Harley-Davidson historian Martin Jack Rosenblum and several ordinary folks with a love for Harleys and a good yarn to tell.

Fully illustrated with special artwork including historic and contemporary photos, posters, illustrations, old postcards, and more , this book tells the entire story of our fascination with these incredible bikes. So whether you're still in awe of the first Harley-Davidson you ever saw, still riding and wrenching on Harleys as a diehard fan, or only just dreaming of Harleys for the first time, This Old Harley offers a tribute to the bike that stands alone in American motorcycling history, told exclusively by those with Harley in their hearts.

From four-speed Evos to five-speed Buells, this book is the Bible for Sportster performance. Whether your intent is to improve the existing factory parts or install something from the aftermarket, author Kip Woodring explains not just which parts to buy, but why. Issues like oil and oil friction, combustion-chamber design, camshaft trade-offs, valvegear weight and much more. See David Blattel's stunning Harley-Davidson portraiture as never before in this deluxe edition.

Photographer David Blattel treats every photo shoot as a work of art. When his subjects are the works of art produced by the motorcycling maestros from Milwaukee, the results are doubly beautiful. Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle pulls together the best of Blattel's Harley-Davidson portraiture--over stunning machines--resulting in a breathtaking review of Harley-Davidson's greatest hits from the early s to today.

Harley-Davidson expert Dain Gingerelli puts each machine in historical and technical context with informed profiles. The result is a handsome, informative overview of Harley-Davidson's plus years of style and innovation. This deluxe edition sports a special leather-look cover, poster-sized gatefolds, and frameable garage art in an internal envelope. Illustrated with specially-commissioned photography of collector's models, as well as unusual war shots, this book presents the history of the Harley-Davidson 45, used all over the world by a number of armies during World War II.

It was also a success during the post-war years, both in the commercial market and on the race-track right up to when production ceased. Do you want to know how to build a performance Evo-style engine, not what to build? Each section covers a specific subassembly of an Evolution engine. You can pick and choose what chapters are necessary for your project, from installing a new camshaft to installing a top-end kit.

For anyone planning to build an Evo that combines power with durability, this book provides detailed photo sequences that show every part of the building or rebuilding process. The also show how to build a complete crate engine, assembled on the bench.

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If you're a rider who takes pride in doing most of your own work, this is a book you need. From a simple rebuild to a complete scratch-built engine, the how-to information and photo sequences you need are right here. This book does not focus on the Harley-Davidson "lifestyle," nor is it a corporate history. Rather, it is a close-up look at several of the motorcyles that have been Harley-Davidson's "greatest hits" over the past 90 years, telling why these bikes have such appeal. Who knew more than one hundred years ago that the freedom-loving, speed-hungry, cutting-edge motorcycle fanatics who founded Harley-Davidson were making history along with bikes?

The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection, showcasing a century of bikes that shaped motorcycle history, brings that history to gleaming life in page after page of motorcycles beyond compare. This book gives motorcycle enthusiasts an opportunity to pore over the bikes in Harley-Davidson's collection, and to linger over every detail that made Harley-Davidson such an icon of American open-road power and performance.

With exquisite, detailed photographs and histories of the motorcycles featured from Harley's collection, from serial number one built in to the latest low-slung Softail high-revving VRSC and touring models, this book captures the excitement of the best-known motorcycles in the world. All that's missing is the patented roar, which readers are invited to supply. Recognized the world over as an icon of the American lifestyle and the American Dream, Harley-Davidson's th anniversary is celebrated in this over-sized volume.

Written by the grandson of the company's founder, the book contains the family business's inside story, along with rare photographs. A special anniversary The motorcycle that every easy rider craves A book so popular it's in reprint even before it's released. This is sure to zoom out of stores! Happy th birthday, Harley Davidson! Celebrate a century of the most exciting motorcycles ever made in exciting, thrill-inducing pages of color photographs.

With images of every Harley ever produced and sold, and complete specs on each one, this beautiful, oversized volume will rev cycle lovers' motors on high. In sparkling images, see 's Silent Gray Fellow, with its bicycle-like frame; move on to the post-war Hydra Glide, aimed at a totally new market; the Dyna Glide, born in and existing in all its shiny glory till ; the Evo Sportster, offered in two engine sizes; and right up to today's sleek, fast cycles. There are also brochure covers, countless close-ups of smaller details, and a wealth of other fascinating facts. In recognition of Harley Davidson's year anniversary, this definitive single-volume history features more than photographs of some of the greatest motorcycles ever made by the legendary company -- including all the landmark bikes, new models for and , such as the Twin Cam 88, Harley's new c V-twin engine, and many rare historical archive prints of early models.

The most important tool in your tool box may be your Clymer manual. In this second part of his fifth volume on Harley-Davidsons motorcycles, Donny Petersen, who studied privately with Harley-Davidson engineers, shares practical knowledge and streetwise tips on the Shovelhead motorcycle. Donny presents what Harley-Davidson has to say through the myriad of service bulletins back in the day in everyday language.

He also uses his extensive practical experience to constructively critique the official line, offers additional hard-earned information, and then shares what he does to his own bikes. Written in straightforward language, this guide offers step-by-step instructions to help all levels of enthusiasts, from novices to expert mechanics. In his usual forthright manner, Donny makes technical issues understandable, interspersing explanations with entertaining stories about the lifestyle that comes with being a Harley rider.

The most complete repair manual available with hundreds of illustrations and photographs Includes color wiring diagrams, flow charts included on a CD and original photographs developed from the complete disassembly of the machine As always, the Clymer manual offers easy-to-follow step-by-step explanations. Haynes offers the best coverage for motorcycles on the market today. The most complete repair manual available Hundreds of photos, drawings, chart Easy-to-follow step-by-step explanations Panhead. This is the official service manual issued by the factory to be used by personnel in their dealers service departments and shops.

Factory manuals contain the most complete material available for repairs and service. Many photographs, drawings, diagrams and exploded view illustrations are included in the manual for ease of use, and much of this information cannot be found in any other source. Because it is a printed book and not a computer version, all material is clear and easily read. Put a veteran mechanic on your bookshelf. From simple minute jobs such as lubing cables and bolting on new air cleaners to more advanced tasks such as cam changes and swapping heads, this how-to guide offers carefully selected projects you can do in a weekend.

Color photographs guide you step-by-step through each performance project. Explains why each project should be done and what performance gains you can expect. Hodaka motorcycles were some of the most creatively marketed and designed motorcycles in America. The brand was also a pioneer in the trail bike world and a race winner in all types of off-road competition. The bike of choice for the hip young racer, the street-savvy hipster or the year-old boy's favorite poster, these machines had colorful logos, advertising and terrific names.

More than 15 years in the making, this exhaustively researched tome contains all the details about the machines as well as a treasure trove of photographs, advertisements and graphics. Written by Ken Smith, the editor of VMX Magazine and filled with the wild graphic design and style that made Hodaka famous, this book is a captivating, colorful look back at one of the wildest machines of the s and s.

But your grandpa might know. Do you know what it is? While camping with his family, young Harry discovers an abandoned motorcycle in the woods. The chain of events that follow become a journey of growth that would change his life in ways he never expected. Join Harry on the adventure as he learns to value and appreciate many things besides the abandoned motorcycle that started it all, and remind us that we never know what or when something can occur that alters our life.

This manual covers motorcycles with beginning frame number A This is a spare parts manual that contains schematics of your chassis assemblies along with part numbers. Now you can make sure you order the correct part every time. As a result these histories also include exclusive road and track tests that give a true indication of what it feels like to actually ride one of these rare gems. In many cases the machines that Alan has tested for The Motorcycle Files are the only existing example in the world. And his unique combination of riding ability and journalistic skills means that manufacturers are willing to open the doors to their factory team race shops to him and then allow him to test on the race track the machines that are usually restricted to World Championship Grand Prix and Superbike racers.

A very well researched book. Gunnar Lindstrom whom I have met twice is a very technical minded Engineer. Gunnar is very qualified to speak of this brand, as he and Husqvarna both hail from Sweden. The original location of manufacture. He starts with the usual history of the company, briefly and then moves on the evolution and history of the motorcycle.

Husqvarna started like many European Manufacturers as an arms builder and Gunnar documents the internal struggles that the Executive Board had with motorcycle development. He is uniquely qualified to comment on the brand, as he also was a professional racer on Huskies. Gunnar comments on the year to year model changes, some of the pitfalls and some of the successes and victories. Very hard to find information. Valid from frame number MK to ML Please note that this book is out of print and available as a high quality reproduction only.

Charles Franklin was born and raised in Ireland where he quickly became involved in motorcycle racing during the pioneer years. He rapidly established himself as Ireland's first big star of racing and was the first to represent Ireland in international motorcycle competition. In the Isle of Man TT he consistently finished in the top eight, and in claimed second place, a remarkable achievement in itself. His designs catapulted Indian back into the forefront of motorcycle design in the s and '30s and his racing engines and motorcycles won much glory for Indian against stiff opposition.

Franklin introduced remarkable improvements in side valve combustion chamber design that predated the work of Ricardo. He championed an holistic approach that popularized new features such as the semi unit-construction powerplant, helical-gear primary drive, double-loop full-cradle frames and a host of other improvements to the early motorcycles.

Franklin's Indians not only chronicles his life, but also sheds much new light on the history of Indian motorcycles and the often turbulent times of the Indian Motorcycle Company itself. It's a much-needed book for all Indian fans and all who love the history of the classic American V-Twins. Indian Motorcycle R : America's First Motorcycle Company tm tells the complete story of Indian, America's first mass-produced motorcycle maker, from its start as a bicycle manufacturer to the purchase of the brand by Polaris Industries in and the subsequent new Indian motorcycles.

In the early years of the 20th century, Indian dominated the world's racetracks, earning the brand a worldwide reputation for quality, performance, reliability, and technical innovation, but the once-mighty company fell on hard times and in was forced to file bankruptcy. The Indian brand never quite died, though, thanks in large part to fanatically devoted enthusiasts, who tried to resurrect it for over half a century. Finally Polaris, maker of the highly regarded Victory R brand of motorcycles, purchased the brand and released the Chief R and Scout R , models that once again restored Indian to its rightful place in the motorcycle pantheon.

Check out this in depth history and guide to one of Americas oldest and most popular motorcycle manufactuer! As the dominant manufacturer for the first two decades of this century, the Indian Motorcycle Company is a staple in the history of American motorcycling. Because of this, Springfield, Massachusetts was at the hub of the international motorcycle scene.

Between and , when the United States entered World War I, about domestic motorcycle companies came and went. Little more than a dozen remained in business following the war, and after the great depression of the s only two American manufacturers had survived Indian and Harley-Davidson. This definitive chronicle of America's first motorcycle is an essential for any cycle aficionado. It features concise hardware histories of every model produced by the Indian Motorcycle Company from to the mids, when the company ceased production.

Also included, is a unique color directory of the great motorcycles built by the celebrated Indian Motorcycle Company. Arranged chronologically, this superb reference work features special commissioned color photographs of all the landmark models that you won't want to miss! In The Harley-Davidson and Indian Wars, author Allan Girdler takes you on a colorful tour of the men and machines that competed to dominate the American motorcycle industry.

This book chronicles the legendary machines such as the Knucklehead and the Four, as well as motorcycles like the Hummer and the Model CZ whose times came and went or, perhaps, never came at all. The racing history is also told with a flourish, from the days of total-loss oiling, wooden race tracks, and high mortality rates to the cataclysmic times of Class C racing, when roaring V-twin -powered beasts were manhandled on dirt tracks, asphalt, and through the nastiest terrain the country has to offer. The Harley-Davidson and Indian Wars tells the story of these two makers, from the days when Harley-Davidsons were built in the Davidson family's back yard to the tragic demise of the Indian Motorcycle company.

Recounts the history of the motorcycles marketed under the Indian brand name, including racers, Scout and Chief models, and four-cylinder motorcycles. This book is a catalog for an exhibition of years of Indian motorcycles that is being held at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum until December Beautiful photographs depict the exhibition bikes at the museum.

Read about the history of this sought-after cycle, from the founding of the company up to the present day trademark battles. It includes rare racing bikes and road bikes. From to , Scouts and Sports Scouts-renowned for their handling and low center of gravity-were the motorcycles of choice among Indian enthusiasts heading for the race track. Likewise, the Scout and, to a lesser extent, vertical-engined Super Scout, have since come to be regarded as classic American road-bikes of the period.

This history brings both the race and road bikes to life with a blend of archival images, modern color photography of restored bikes, and first-person accounts of legendary riders like Bobby Hill and Ed Kretz, who worked in bike shops during the week and raced for peanuts at local dirt tracks on Sundays. With overwhelming demand, Jerry Hatfield has updated this classic reference book, with 12 new pages, 68 new photographs, updated original photographs and updated the information for this new edition.

Now spiral bound so it will lay flat on your workshop bench while referencing the photos during your restoration! The "New Indian Motorcycle Restoration Guide ", describes the great Indian motorcycles in unparalleled detail, including the famed Scout, and Sport Scout, the rugged Chief V-Twin, the classic Four, and all other civilian models. Each year and model is listed in comprehensive tables that cover the machines from front to rear, including everything from frames and cylinder heads to clips and fasteners.

In pages packed with more than 10, data entries and over photos, the book shows complete motorcycles, individual components, and routing and placement of clips, cables, and assemblies. Special tables cover motor, generator, and carburetor specifications, as well as paint and plating. The captions describe the correct part numbers of the item pictured and point out incorrect restoration or factory inconsistencies. The book is extensively cross-referenced and thoroughly indexed, allowing easy access to specific information. More than four years in the making, and 6 months in updating, "The New Indian Motorcycle Restoration Guide ", is the source for Indian collectors and restorers.

This is Indian expert Jerry Hatfield's eighth book about Indian motorcycles. Indian is a magic name in motorcycling. Its mention brings to mind machines with flamboyant bold striping, lithe of appearance and, seemingly even at rest, poised for flight. There were over two dozen makes of motorcycle on the market during the heyday of motorcycling in the United States. Yet in the minds of many enthusiasts, none of these quite approached the verve, style, artistic functionality of design or handling abilities of the Indian.

The Iron Redskin is the story of the most loved of American motorcycles. It is a vast work that has taken many thousands of hours to compile, yet it is one of the most readable and interesting motorcycle histories ever to be published. The Indian Scout motorcycle is the favoured mount for Wall of Death riders all over the world. Drawing upon modern and archive material, Wall of Death owner and rider Allan Ford and author Nick Corble explore the reasons behind this relationship and bring the story of the Wall up to date, including behind the scene details of the latest Wall of Death speed record achieved by Guy Martin.

It's a story that spans more than a century, starting with experiments with motorised bicycles in the s, passing through two world wars and ending by looking to a future where Indians continue to be restored and ridden on the Wall. As this book makes clear, the relationship between Indians and the Wall of Death is one that will never be broken.

They're built like rocks to stand hard knocks, It's the Harleys that cause the grief. Book from New Zealand on early Indian motorcyle racer. This books covers the motorcycle exploits as well as the flamboyant character that was Munro. Subject of acclaimed movie starring Sir Anthony Hopkins. Includes many color and black and white photos. Also here are the Fours, vertical twins, the later Enfield, Norton and Velocette bikes--all presented in a thorough, detailed manner including development history, insider's info on problem areas, frame and engine numbers, investment ratings, color lists and more.

I have always been of the opinion that deepening our understanding and knowledge of what has come before can help us better appreciate what we now have and what will come in the future. Our hope is that you will discover something new, just as we have, and that you will become as inspired as we have been to deepen your knowledge of motorcycling history. The version of Historic Racing Motorcycles shown here is the original hardcover, which is very rare. The other two are soft covered and are reprints of the originals.

He not only describes in minute detail all of the features of the various engines, chassis and more, he also had an encyclopedic knowledge of the riders and races in which they competed. There are some relatively well-known and some very obscure models described, including rare bikes like the cc Chater-Lea, the Rudge Whitworth and the NSU Sportmax to the better-known Honda cc four cylinder TT machine and many more.

Even though the three books have different titles, they could really be considered as a three-part series of one continuous volume. Some of the chapters have originally appeared in the old Motor Cycling magazine and are reprinted in their entirety. These are really wonderful volumes for vintage motorcycle fans. Your email address will not be published.