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Unless you're simply trying to subdue drunk Uncle Charlie at the family picnic, your goal when you feel a fight going to the ground is to do one simple thing While your natural reaction may be to fall flat on the ground and try to get up, this is actually the LEAST effective response at getting back on your feet. Instead of falling flat, try to use your body's momentum to naturally "roll" through the fall by tucking your head down and doing a somersault or just rolling on your side.

Either way will allow you to use that momentum to quickly jump back up to your feet. The natural reaction of your body is to "go stiff" and try to fight the inevitable drop to the ground and this typically leads to a hard, flat fall. Instead, when you're in the "clinch", locked up with your attacker, and you feel like it's heading toward a wrestling match on the ground, you want to drop STRAIGHT DOWN, as close to your attacker's feet as possible, while grabbing his clothing around the chest area, with your hands close together. This places their bodyweight completely off-center and their natural momentum will send them over your own body, making it easy to flip them in the same direction using your knees while twisting them as they fall.

Now you may find that as you both fall to the ground, your attacker has also grabbed on to your clothes to stabilize himself and unless you can free yourself, you'll be locked up in a dangerous struggle.

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Taking the hand that's easiest to maneuver from your grab on his shirt, let go and drop it down close to your body and toward your groin. Then come around and over the outside of their hands as close to your body as possible so your leverage allows you to break their grasp or continue the motion until you've pinned their hands under your arm. You can try this standing up versus a normal shirt grab to get the feel of it. Your options at this point are to get in an eye gouge or other close combat technique with your free hand or get to your feet as quickly as possible to escape or continue your attack.

Roll Through The Fall

More from Jeff at: - www. Jeff Anderson is a 10 year veteran of the U.

A full time self defense author and instructor, Jeff has trained military, law enforcement, and civilians in advanced close quarter combat tactics for "real life" self defense. Get weekly close combat videos and other "reality based" training at Jeff's website www. The 1 Secret to Surviving a Ground Fight!

What are the best techniques?

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Elite training found nowhere else in the world! Free Life Saving Videos Not sure? We do not share your info period! Maxim "The Killer Course". Men's Health "I can kill you with my pinkie finger!

Law Enforcement. We do not teach "self-defense" which forces you to figure out how to apply a global system against threats you never trained for. We analyze your "threats" and develop specific training programs that teach you how to eliminate the threats ability to function. SCARS has a 30 year track record of training the military's top men, and private security teams to do things that were once considered impossible.

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The tactics we teach are used in real life scenarios that could happen to anyone. You can learn how to erase fear from your life , and survive any attack! In a violent attack you have less than 1 second to take action.

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  7. It's now a proven fact that both FEAR and defensive training create points of hesitation in the brain. For some this hesitation is seconds, but for others it's total mental shutdown! Either way it's long enough to get you killed especially if it's a mugging or even real combat!