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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Sign in. You could not be signed in. However it doesn't have to be meant concretely; it may be understood abstractly. Without any doubt H. If he wanted to "ausrotten" them, then there would be no survivors where he had anything to say about it. Deckert correctly notes that there is no way to quibble about the translation of "ausrotten"; it simply means "to annihilate. And we are also unconvinced by the old argument that "if the Nazis had wanted to kill the Jews, none would be left alive" -- really? This requires a faith in Nazi superhumanity which most people are unwilling to extend.

And in the English translation of this work, other Holocaust-deniers correctly translate "Ausrottung" as it should be translated. It is therefore not possible to argue that the mass murders by the Einsatzgruppen were kept secret from other agencies by the Reichssicherheitshauptamt ; in fact, these reports were available to many—including also to Hitler.

The grounds for the mass executions which were given by the Einsatzgruppen precisely correspond to the justifications offered by Hitler for the extermination of the "Jewish-Bolshevik complex" before the beginning of the war. When Hitler now spoke of the "annihilation" Vernichtung of people his underlings must have understood it as it was meant: as direct or indirect orders for a radicalisation of the already begun mass murders. He thereby set in process the deportation plans which he had pursued at the beginning of , without waiting for the original precondition—the military victory over the Red Army.

Only a month earlier, in the middle of August, Hitler had spoken against the "evacuation" of Jews from the Reich area.

Der gelbe Stern - Ein Film über die Judenverfolgung 1933 - 1945

I am therefore trying—hopefully still in this year—to transport the Jews of the Altreich and those from the Protectorate—at least as a first stage—into the Eastern territories, which had been acquired two years earlier; this is in order to push them further East in the coming spring. I intend to place about 60, Jews of the Altreich and the Protectorate in the Litzmannstadt ghetto, which I understand has enough room to accommodate them, for the winter.

On 6 October he announced to his lunch guests as he expiated over the planned penalties against the Czechs, that all Jews from the Protectorate must be "removed" entfernt , and not just sent to the Generalgouvernement but rather "directly further, to the East". At the same time as the "Protectorate Jews", the Jews from Vienna and Berlin were also to "disappear" verschwinden. This criminal race has the two million dead from the World War on its conscience, now again hundreds of thousands.

No one can say to me: we can't send them in the morass! Who then cares about our people? It is good if the terror we are exterminating Jewry goes before us. Leading functionaries of the regime demanded such measures: among others, the Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories, Rosenberg, had suggested deportations in September—as a reaction to Stalin's decision to deport the Volga Germans to the East. In this way he intended to prevent the entry of the United States into the war the leadership of the US in his opinion was a puppet of "world Jewry", a theme which was particularly conspicuous in German propaganda in the following few weeks.

This motive had also been involved in the projects of a "Jewish reservation" in Poland and a police government on Madagascar. Clearly Hitler initially held on to the idea of deporting these people further to the East once the expected military victory over the Soviet Union had been achieved. When in November, , a total number of Jews, coming on six transports from the Reich to Kovno and Riga, were shot on the orders of the local Security Police, Himmler ordered Heydrich to stop the executions.

In fact this order arrived too late. The policy of extermination continued in the Soviet areas undiminished. Now the final solution—i. He had prophesied to the Jews that if they once again brought about a world war they would experience their own extermination. This was not just an empty phrase. The World War is there, the extermination of Jewry must be the necessary consequence. This question must be seen without sentimentality. We are not here in order to have sympathy with the Jews, rather we sympathise with our own German people.

If the German people have now once again sacrificed as many as , dead in the Eastern campaign, then the authors of this bloody conflict must pay with their lives. Rosenberg, who in a press conference of 18 November had openly spoken of a "biological eradication of the entirety of Jewry" , was now, "after the decision" , i.

This memo is thus significant proof of the direct and fundamental participation of Hitler in the decision-making process concerning the mass murder of the Jews. The recent entry of the USA in the war—thus the extension of the war to a world war—and the fact that in his statements Hitler continually mentioned the date of 1 September, —particularly underlined his threat. My prophesy will find its fulfilment in that through this war it will be not be Aryan mankind that will be exterminated, but the Jew will be extirpated.

At the same time, Hitler expressed himself in a smaller circle, among members of his entourage and private guests, in the same way:. The Jew must get out of Europe! The best would be if they went to Russia! I have no sympathy with the Jews. They will always remain an element which stir up the peoples against one another. The Jew will be identified! The same battle which Pasteur and Koch had to fight must be led by us today.

Innumerable sicknesses have their origin in one bacillus: the Jew!

Historikerstreit Twenty Years On | German History | Oxford Academic

Japan would also have got it had it been remained open any longer to the Jew. We will get well when we eliminate the Jews. This programme included the murder of those who had been previously spared, those Central European Jews already deported to the East. Hitler had expressed himself in the most drastic possible manner on the "solution" to the Jewish question from the beginning of the Russian campaign and would continue to do so until the end of his life.

Over and over again, Hitler had personally radicalised the persecution of the Jews or recommended such radicalisation: he had urged the mass executions of Poles and Jews in ; he had repeatedly pushed forward the deportation plans in the years to ; through his guidelines, he had decisively influenced the ideological war of extermination against the Soviet Union; he had pushed forward the deportation of the Central-European Jews from on, and by means of various statements after on he had demanded the "annihilation" of European Jews.

Thus in the fall of he stopped the Nisko project and in the spring of he stopped the further deportations into the Generalgouvernement because they interfered with military campaigns. However, these measures to halt the persecutions were invariably introduced as tactical manoeuvres and were of a provisional nature; they must be seen in the general context of the policy of extermination which was decisively determined by Hitler.

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His point of view on this problem is unyielding. He wants to push the Jews altogether out of Europe. That is also correct. The Jews have brought so much misfortune to our Continent that the most severe punishment which could be imposed upon them would still be too mild. Himmler is at the moment carrying on the greatest resettlement of Jews from the German cities to the Eastern ghettos.

Only in Spring and early Summer of did the realisation slowly come through that the "final solution" would take place during the war: it finally became clear which means would be chosen to achieve the "final solution". Therefore one must liquidate the Jewish danger, cost what it may [ There, under the harshest living conditions, they would undoubtedly form an element of vitality once more. He would rather settle them in Central Africa. There they live in a climate that would surely not render them strong and capable of resistance. Here they will not be allowed to have any home any more.

To interpret this statement as evidence for a clear intention or a plan of Hitler to deport European Jews to Africa seems rather absurd. These eventual "alternative" considerations were clearly speculative and had nothing to do with the reality of mass murder which was unfolding at the same time. Hitler himself referred here to a wish "he would rather One can interpret his statement as an attempt to camouflage the consequences of the murderous decisions already taken. Even talking to his closest associates Hitler avoided speaking openly on mass killing.

That he did not seriously consider stopping the preparations for the deportations to extermination camps is clear from his statement in the last sentence of Goebbels's note that he wanted "in any case" to make "West Europe completely Jew free".

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After the end of the war, he will rigorously take the standpoint that he will smash to pieces city after city if the dirty Jews don't come out and emigrate to Madagascar or another Jewish national state. In so far as this group of people were at all active in production, it would not be difficult to replace them by foreign workers. The responsibility cannot be taken away from me in any case. Under "II. SD and police affairs" Himmler specified as point 4 the following key word:.

This should take place, however, only once he has spoken with Laval about it. It is a matter of According to a hand-written note by Himmler, Hitler accepted this proposal. He stated: "Certainly they should work there, but under conditions whereby they remain healthy and alive. Hitler thereupon noted, in regard to the Jews in Poland:. If the Jews there don't want to work they will be shot If they cannot work, they must rot.

They should be treated like tubercular bacillus which could attack healthy bodies. That is not cruel—if one keeps in mind that even innocent natural beings like hares and deer must be killed so that no damage occurs. I ask of you that that which I say to you in this circle be really only heard and not ever discussed.

We were faced with the question: what about the women and children? The difficult decision must be made to have this people disappear from the face of this earth. For the organisation which had to execute this task, it was the most difficult which we had ever had. The Jewish question has been solved within Germany itself and in general within the countries occupied by Germany. It was solved in an uncompromising fashion in accordance with the life and death struggle of our nation in which the existence of our blood is at stake [..

In this confrontation with Asia we must get used to condemning to oblivion those rules and customs of past wars which we have got used to and prefer. In my view, we as Germans, however deeply we may feel in our hearts, are not entitled to allow a generation of avengers filled with hatred to grow up with whom our children and grandchildren will have to deal because we, too weak and cowardly, left it to them.

Another question which was decisive for the inner security of the Reich and Europe, was the Jewish question. It was uncompromisingly solved after orders and rational recognition. I believe, Gentleman, that you know me well enough to know that I am not a bloodthirsty person; I am not a man who takes pleasure or joy when something rough must be done. However on the other hand, I have such good nerves and such a developed sense of duty—I can say that much for myself—that when I recognise something as necessary I can implement it without compromise. I have not considered myself entitled—this concerns especially the Jewish women and children—to allow the children to grow into the avengers who will then murder our fathers and our grandchildren.

Die Vernichtung der europäischen Juden - Band 3

That would have been cowardly. Consequently the question was uncompromisingly resolved. It was the most terrible assignment and the most terrible task which an organisation can possibly get: the task of solving the Jewish question. I am allowed to say this once again quite openly in this circle a few sentences. It is good that we had the toughness to extirpate the Jews in our area. By removing the Jew, I abolished in Germany the possibility to build up a revolutionary core or nucleus. One could, naturally, say to me: Yes, couldn't you have solved this more simply—or not simply, since all other means would have been more complicated—but more humanely?

My dear officers, we are engaged in a life and death struggle. If our opponents win in this struggle than the German people would be extirpated. Humanity would mean here as well as in general the worst atrocities against one's own people. If I draw the hate of the Jews upon myself than at least I don't want to miss the advantage of such hate.

The advantage consists in that we will have a clean, organised body of the Volk, where no others can ever again meddle in our affairs. But I have also never left open any doubt about the fact that if the peoples of Europe were once again to be regarded only as packages of shares of these international monetary and financial conspirators, then that people would be held responsible, which is the true culprit behind the murderous struggle: Jewry!

I have also not left anybody in the dark about the fact that this time it would not only be millions of children of Europeans from the Aryan nations who will die of hunger, not only millions of grown men who will suffer death, and not only hundreds of thousands of women and children who will burn to death in the cities and be permitted to be bombarded to death, without holding the true culprit responsible for this crime, even though it may be by more humane methods.

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Above all I pledge the leadership of the nation and its followers to the scrupulous observation of the racial laws and to an implacable opposition against the universal poisoner of all peoples, international Jewry. His language concerning Jews was full of hatred and threats. He was not only actively engaged in the preparations for the central anti-Jewish enterprise the "boykott" of 1 April , the Nuremberg Laws and the pogrom of November , but gave also orders and directions concerning detailed anti-Jewish legislation and other measures against Jews. The fact that from time to time he was prepared to make tactical concessions and to postpone single anti-Jewish mesasures reveals how much he was engaged in the formulation of policy in this field.

With these statements Hitler threatened to use the Jews as hostagages to prevent the Western powers from intervening on the continent. These statement clearly included the possibility of Genocide. He avoided speaking openly about killing in his entourage. However, there is clear evidence that he was deeply involved in the anti-Jewish policy during the war, particularly when it reached a murderous stage.

He was also actively engaged in setting up plans for a Jewish reservation in Poland and he backed the Madagascar plan. He was continually preoccupied with further deportations and deportation plans. He was fully aware of mass executions of Jewish civilians in the occupied Eastern territories. During Autumn and the following Winter, when preparation for the "Final Solution" in Europe were in full swing, Hitler spoke at various occasions openly about the annihilation of the Jews in Europe.

It can be ruled out that the massive preparations for the systematic murder of European Jews in extermination camps in Poland, undertaken in Spring and Summer of , were taken without his consent or his knowledge. My paramount obligation, as I have been advised by my Instructing Solicitors, is to assist the Court on all matters within my expertise regardless of whom my instructions are from and who is paying my fees.

I confirm that this report is impartial, objective and unbiased and has been produced independently of the exigencies of this litigation. I believe that the facts I have stated in this report are true and that the opinions I have expressed are correct.

IV, GruppenKdo 4, Bd. Das Wirken des Judentums wird neimals vergehen, und die Vergiftung des Volkes nicht enden, solange nicht der Erreger, der Juden, aus unserer Mitte entfernt ist. Nein und nochmals nein. Gegen den Juden als Person und den Marxismus als seine Sache. Alle anderen Gefahren sind zeitlich bedingt. Zur Erreichung dieses Zieles, das in Wirklichkeit den Lebenskampf des Judentums zu allen Zeiten darstellte, bediente sich der Jude aller Waffen, die dem Gesamtkomplex seines Wesens entsprechen.

Das Ende einer Judenherrschaft ist dabei stets der Verfall jeglicher Kultur und endlich der Wahnsinn des Juden selbst. I, No. Similar statement ibid. Parteitag der Freiheit, pp. Although the death penalty was never pronounced, in many instances lengthy prison terms were imposed: Fischer, Schacht, pp.