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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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VII, Applications de la psychologie. Appareil de rythme, produisant des sons variant en. Chronographe a pendule.

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Les recherches faites dans ce laboratoire paraissent principalement dans l'Am. Les travaux suivants ont paru :. Nichols : Psychology of Time, Am. Ill et IV,. Bolton : Rhythm. Dresslar : Studies in the Psychology of Touch. Scripture : Arithmetical Prodigies. Fraser : Psychological Foundation of Natural Realism. Krohn : Pseudo-Chromesthesia, A.

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Calkins Miss : Statistics of Dreams. Tracy : Language of Childhood. Chrisman : The Hearing of Children. Pedagogical Seminary, II. Le Dr G. Lough, assistants du laboratoire. La base psychologique de la foi religieuse : professeur Everett. Questions de pathologie mentale :. Les suivantes ont paru en Holt et Cie, Boston, 2 vol. Hibbard, Joseph Capps, P. Chambre des appareils 27 -r X 16 pieds , pour des. Salle de micrographie et de photographie 31 — X. Cabinet noir pour la photographie.

Salle mortuaire 19 X 16 pieds avec tables de marbre,. Des recherches sont faites sur des sujets purement psycho-. Dr Hoch : 1 Action physiologique de l'antipyrine. John Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, I, p. Boston, , etc. Ces recherches sont conduites par les Drs Hibbard et Lovewell. Wellesley college femmes , Wellesley, Mass. Directeur du laboratoire : Mary W.

Calkins, M. Mary S. Case, professeur adjoint de psychologie et d'histoire de la philosophie. Psychologie et philosophie morale. On peut se procurer les services d'ouvriers habiles. I, Review, septembre Memory : 1. The relative results of limited and of unlimited recollection times ; the influence of an unbroken presentation time as compared with the same period broken into sections, the effects of special subjective control of learning and recollecting.

The relative effects of expectation, ignorance, and deception concerning the memory contents. The action of disparate senses in recollection ; the comparative value of different contents ; the effects of various modes of presentation; the relative value of form and content ; and the effects of optical and acoustical disturbance during learning. The relative strength of direct and of reverse association bonds ; and the mnemonic value of the different parts of speech.

Association : 1. The effects of various time-intervals between observation and association ; and the results of optical and acoustical fillings of the intervals. The action of disparate senses in association ; and the relative strength of association by contiguity and by similarity. Attention : The influence of attention and distraction upon the perception of slightly varying contents.

Time-sense : The influence of various contents upon the subjective judgment of the length of the time interval. Miss Hadzsitz. Psychology of speech : 1. The morphology of the figures of speech : the number, nature, causes, vividness, and persistence of the concepts aroused by auditory presentation of similes, metaphors, etc. Miss Buck. The psychology of suggestion in speech : a comparative study of the various subjective resultants of hearing different kinds of prose, — description, narration, exposition, etc. Wolfe, prof, de philosophie, directeur. Bentley, assistant du laboratoire.

Etude d'enfants. Introduction un semestre. De plus grands locaux sont promis pour l'an prochain. Comparaison de la longueur des lignes. Jugements sur la grandeur d'objets familiers. Warren, M. Psychologie physiologique. West , sur l'anatomie et la physiologie prof. Libbey et M. Mc dure. Review, Sensations de rotation. Effets des contrastes produits par des formes vues. Review, II ; etc.

Review, I , etc. Miss Lillie A. Williams, directrice. Miss Kate S. Ville de New-York. Nicholas M. James H. Logique et psychologie deux heures : Hyslop.

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Psychologie physiologique, introduction deux heures :. Psychologie physiologique approfondie deux heures :. Anthropologie deux heures : Farrand. Thailand Thailand Vietnam Vietnam. News Events Publications. User name: Please enter a user name Password: Stay signed in on this computer. Forgotten password. To register for access to Technical Literature and Manuals, please click Subscribe. Call me back. Search for:. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 61, Lambon Ralph Matthew A.

Word meaning blindness : A new form of acquired dyslexia. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 13, 5 , Acquired phonological and deep dyslexia. Neurocase : The Neural Basis of Cognition, 6 2 , Classical anomia : A neuropsychological perspective on speech production. Neuropsychologia, 38, No right to speak? The relationship between object naming and semantic impairment : Neuropsychological evidence and a computational model.

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 13 3 , Generalization and differentiation in semantic memory insights from semantic dementia. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, , Testing the idea of different storage mecanism in memory. International Journal of Psychology, 34 5 , Predicting free recalls. An improved algorithm for predicting free recalls. Cognitive psychology, 57 3 , Failure to recall. Psychological Review, 1 , Serial position curves in free recall.

Recalling the list-before-last: a cautionary tale. Collaborateur de Wiseman. Magic in theory : an introduction to the theoretical and psychological elements of conjuring. Hatfield : University of Hertfordshire Press. The rise of the Indian rope trick : biography of a legend. London : Little, Brown. Critically thinking about paranormal belief. Della Sala Ed. Paranormal belief and the avowal of prior scepticism. Where science and magic meet : the illusion of a "science of magic".

Review of General Psychology, 14 1 , The pre-oedipal phase in the development of the male child. Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 2, On masturbation and its influence on general development. Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 5, On adolescence. Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 15, Ego ideal and superego. Psycoanalytic Study of the Child, 17, New York : International Universities Press. Whistleblower, Whistle-blowing. The relationships among beliefs, organizational position, and whistle-blowing status : A discriminant analysis.

Academy of Management Journal, 27 4 , Do the ends justify the means? Nursing and the dilemma of whistleblowing. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 23 1 , Academy of Management Review, 10 4 , Whistleblowing in organizations : An examination of correlates of whistleblow- ing intentions, actions, and retaliation. Journal of Business Ethics, 62 3 , NEAR, J. Organizational dissidence : The case of whistle-blowing. Individual and situational correlates of whistle-blowing. Personal Psychology, 41 2 , The incidence of wrongdoing, whistleblowing and retaliation : Results of a naturally occurring eld experiment.

SOX and whistleblowing. Michigan Law Review, 8 , Who blows the whistle and why. Extraordinary circumstances : The journey of a corporate whistleblower. Retaliating against the whistleblower. Risk Management, 39 8 , Whistle-blowing in organizations. Blowing the whistle. Lexington Books. Out of sympathy with the whistleblower.

British Medical Journal, , REHG, M. Organization Science, 19 2 , Relationships among value congruence, perceived victimization, and retaliation against whistle-blowers : The case of internal auditors. Journal of Management, 20 4 , Wrongdoing, whistle-blowing and retaliation in the U. Review of Public Personnel Administratio 28, Explaining the whistle-blowing process : Suggestions from power theory and Jjustice theory.

Organization Science, 4 3 , Predicting employee reactions to perceived organizational wrongdoing : demoralization, justice, proactive personality, and whistle- blowing. Human Relations, 65 8 , What happens to whistleblowers and why. Classics in Social Medicine, 16 4 , Effective whistle-blowing.

The Academy of Management Review, 20 3 , An international comparison of the incidence of public sector whistle-blowing and the prediction of retaliation : Australia, Norway, and the US. Australian Journal of Public Administration, 72 4 , Whistle-blowing : Myth and reality. Journal of Management, 22, 3 , Some implications of the voice literature for research on whistle-blowing.

Cooper Eds. London : Edward Elgar. KING, G. The effects of interpersonal closeness and issue seriousness on blowing the whistle. Journal of Business Communication, 34 4 , The whistleblower's dilemma and the fairness-loyalty tradeoff. Teaching Business Ethics, 3, HUNT, G. Whistleblowing, accountability and ethical accounting. Clinical Risk, 6 3 , ROSE, A. Better bounty hunting : How the SEC's new whistleblower program changes the securities fraud class action debate.

Northwestern University Law Review, 4 , Whistleblowers and the Narrative of Ethics. Journal of Social Philosophy, 32 4 , Outsider "whistle-blowers" : Conceptualising and distinguishing bell- ringing behaviour. Brown, D. Lewis, R. Vandekerckhove Eds. Bulletin of Medical Ethics, , The psychology of whistleblowing. Current Opinion in Psychology, 6, Ethical judgment and whistleblowing intention: examining the moderating role of locus of control. Journal of Business Ethics, 43, Does type of wrongdoing affect the whistle-blowing process? Business Ethics Quarterly, 14 2 , After the wrongdoing: What managers should know about whistleblowing.

Business Horizons, 59, Landa H. Landau H. Landa Lev N. Algorithmization in learning and instruction. Some problems in algorithmization and heuristics in instruction. Instructional Science, 4, Instructional regulation and control : Cybernetics, algorithmization, and heuristics in education. Landamatics ten years later. Educational Technology, 33 6 , Landamatics instructional design theory and methodology for teaching general methods of thinking.

Reigeluth Ed. Collaborateur de Birren. On dominance relations and the structure of animal societies: I. Effects of inherent characteristics. Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics, 13, On dominance relations and the structure of animal societies: II. Some effects of possible social factors. On dominance relations and the structure of animal societies.

The condition for a score structure. Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics, 15 2 , Development of structure in a society with a dominance relation when new members are added successively. Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics, 27, Models of social structure. Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics, 30, New proof of a theorem by H. Landau on tournament matrices. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, 5, Lando Harry O.

Collaborateur de Bobo. A comparison of excessive and rapid smoking in the modification of chronic smoking behavior. Self-pacing in eliminating chronic smoking : Serendipity revisited? Behavior Therapy, 7, Stimulus control, rapid smoking, and contractual management in the maintenance of nonsmoking. Behavior Therapy, 9, Age of initiation, smoking patterns, and risk in a population of working adults. Preventive Medicine, 6 1 , Tobacco control and children: An international perspective. Landrum R. Psychological Reports, 75, Textbook selection : Balance between the pedagogy, the publisher, and the student.

Teaching of Psychology, 29, Introductory psychology student performance : weekly quizzes followed by a cumulative final exam. Teaching of Psychology, 34 3 , The relationship between time to complete a test and test performance. Teacher-Ready Research Review : Clickers. LANE, C. Homosexuality and race. Columbia University Press. Homosexuality and psychoanalysis.

Psychiatrists and drug companies are thoroughly redefining normal behaviour. London : Institute of Ideas. How normal behavior became a sickness. New Haven : Yale Univesity Press. Paris : Flammarion. The surprising history of passive-aggressive personality disorder. Langage, parole et comportement verbal. The language of childhood. Book review : Language is not an instinct. Cognitive Development, 10, The psychology of infant language.

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Seattle : University of Washington Press.

Laboratory for Experimental Psychopathology

Language, its nature, development and origin. Language as behavior and as symbolism. Journal of Philosophy, 26, Does language make humans more than clever apes? Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 30 1 , An experimental sudy of the effect of language on the reproduction of visually perceived form. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 15 1 , New York : Henry Holt and Company.

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Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2 7 , Experimental investigation of the relation of language to transposition behavior in young children. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 36, Why animals don't have language. The Tanner Lectures on Human Values 19, Language and psycholinguistics : a review. Psychological Bulletin, 43, The role of left prefrontal cortex in language and memory. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 95 3 , New York : Harcourt Brace.

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Braun Ed. The structure of language : Readings in the philosophy of language.

Original Research ARTICLE

The capacity for language acquisition. Fodor Ed. Prentice-Hall, Inc. Primitive stages of language development in mongolism. In Disorders of communication Vol, Language and the aphasias. Jessell, T. Perception, language, and con- ceptualization rules. Kleinmuntz Ed. New York : Wiley. Language, mind, and brain : Experience alters perception. Gazzaniga Ed. The genesis of language; a psycholinguistic approach.

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The acquisition of language by children. The structure of associations in language and thought. Oxford, England : John Hopkins Press. Language, speech, tTools and writing : a cultural imperative. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 8, , The acquisition of language in infant and child. Reed Ed. New York : Appleton.

The acquisition of language. University of Chicago Press. Psycholinguistics : Language, mind and world. Harlow, England : Longman.

Drogue et criminalité

The role of memory in the understanding of language. Mattingly Eds. Grazer Linguistische Studien, 55, Language and the brain.

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Learning how to mean - Explorations in the development of language. Language and thought online : Cognitive consequences of linguistic relativity. Goldin-Meadow Eds. Language and perception. Harvard University Press.

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