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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Reassuring Faith by FaeQueen84 reviews Sometimes everyone loses faith. Total smutty fluff. Rated for ick and sex. Shadows of the Leaf by Senka Hitomi reviews Konoha is settling back into everyday life after the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi War, but Ino is finding it to be quite unlike what she anticipated. As everyone moves on, will Ino be caught in the shadows of the past?

A Picture of Perfection by ephemeralstorm reviews A short tale about two perfect persons Crossing the Middle Line by Scintazzle reviews You know you're screwed when your ex-girlfriend becomes your new secretary Nejiten, AU. Restricted by Instant Maou reviews Nnoitra finally had something he can dominate Neliel over. On Sex by Lotos-Eater reviews With titles like this, who needs summaries? Ino Yamanaka is lost.

The life she lives is perfect. Ino couldn't help but differ. She is lost and she doesn't know how to get back, or even where she was going in the first place. With help, Ino will find herself, and her place.

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Mine by iwriteandstuffsometimes reviews "You're gonna be mine someday" ButtercupxButch. The Red Thread by Pinboo reviews The red thread ties two people who are meant to be together. But the red thread doesn't tie us together, Dear. Chapter "The Luck Factor" updated. Once upon a time, with the Cursed Man A modern fairy tale of love Ms X by Blade Redwind reviews He wasn't opposed to being happy.

If only half the women he'd been set up with were acceptable. How was it a certain brunette's half-cocked scheme worked in his favor? Just a Different Battleground by rhymeswithmonth reviews For the most part, their relationship is predictable. Well, their whole lives are predictable really, endless meetings and killings and moonlit hallways, so why should the way they interacted with each other be any different? In her mind, this is anything if not completely inevitable.

The mind simply dissimulates what the baser instincts want. Slight AU. Fever by hellorojo reviews Mugen is drunk and Fuu has a fever. Both of them say things that they shouldn't. Oneshot, rated for language and sexual content. No one ever expects the girl to have the gun. Teetering by Midnight Auroua reviews Call it cliche if you want. But Rogue was teetering on the proverbial line between love and hate. She just wondered which direction she would end up falling.

Companion piece to "Ain't Love Grand? Stuck in the Clouds by Senka Hitomi reviews With the Fourth Shinobi War fast approaching, the whole of Konoha is spending one last day in the village they love before going off to war. Shikamaru just wants to spend his day cloud-watching. Light in the Dark by Nokito-chan reviews Neji was not good with words but now he needs words more than ever if he's to convince her to stay Rated M for Lemon. Please review. Autumn Leaves by Rockrgrl4 reviews Tenten is a much sought-after bachellorette, as a result of her not having a Kekkei-genkai to call her own.

But secretly, she craves the love of a best friend who hasn't talked to her in years Lemon warning! I hate how he doesn't seem to realise that I'm there. Stupid Retard. ShinjixHiyori one-shot. Team Ten by an1m3. In Late Autumn by caramine reviews Ulquiorra waits for Grimmjow's doctor's appointment to end. AU, yaoi, GrimmUlqui.

Dymphna Coy, Matthew Dawkins, Nathan Dorey, Steffie de Vaan,

Warning for language and implied adult themes. I do not own Bleach. Leather, Glass, and Cherry Tomatoes by inogirl13 reviews Why was she still hooked on him? He was nobody. Just a minute evil particle of the past. ShikaIno lemon--my 3 year fanfiction anniversarry oneshot! It all goes down hill from there.

Ask his wife. Secret Lovers by an1m3. What happens when Shikamaru becomes one of her men, and she begins to have feelings for him? Avoid by an1m3. Eventually even Ino get's tired of fighting and pushes away. What does Shikamaru do? Nebula by MatsuMama reviews The first night of exile is always the hardest. UraYorui, too many cameos to name. Expect massive spoilers for the Pendulum arc and anything else in the manga. Rated T for fluff, language and angst. Urahara, Yoruichi S. The Suna Chronicle by silentE reviews Shikamaru is being sent to Suna for a three month ambassadorship.

How will Ino react to the news? It Must Be Destiny by Pippin's Socks reviews Next time he asks her to marry him they better not be in a hole, in the rain, at 2am In fact just don't ask again. Collision of Coincidence by Tamarai reviews Set after the third film, following the AE where Rogue doesn't take the cure. Remy gets involved in a rivalry fight between two arch-enemies and against all his better judgment hires himself out to a cute little X-man with suicide lips.

He's trying to dodge a favour, while she has something to prove. A tale of unlikely romance chock full of misunderstandings, misleads and missed opportunities.

A Study of the Life and Works of Athanasius Kircher, ‘Germanus Incredibilis’

Possession by caramine reviews Just as he had been mine to kill, I should now be dead only by his hand. He was mine. The Centaur and the Praying Mantis by ice illuser reviews It was the same no matter how many times they met. He would hate her superiority and she would consider him a beast. But she could never perform the final blow, and he could never tolerate any insult towards her, besides from him. He's Done. For real this time. But, before he leaves he swears he's gonna' teach her a lesson she won't ever forget.

Heavy on the Lemoness. Liar, Liar, Right Neji? That's what her eyes said. And you know it, don't you? Can you hear my giggle? I think you can. Indefensible by Coragyps reviews While on the road to Nagasaki, Fuu runs into trouble yet again. This time the guys don't quite manage to save her - or at least not right away. Customer Service by Rynnette Lively reviews Kisuke discovers Yoruichi is turned on by his business-like nature when dealing with customers on the phone.

However fate draws them back together when Rogue shows up in New Orleans, powerless. Beware: It was getting hot in there Storm Song by satirical reviews It was raining the night we met. Cleansing rain A college girl, a businessman, the romance of similar minds. Ino's most hated subject! She hated it more when she failed the said subject! Our ol' Shikamaru here to help, but And the way she ask for it in such, such seductive way My responses to the Ars Amatoria challenge revolving around Xander and Madison.

Draco and Pansy during the end of their 7th year at Hogwarts.

untouchable hexing witch | FanFiction

Warmth by Lemon Drops reviews Because sometimes it's nice to feel the warmth of another. ZexyLarxy fluff? Butt Out!

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  6. Emotions by coldqueen reviews Raven gives in to the new emotions that have lately been stirring inside this new body, she gives in Protective Parent by archmagus reviews All Wanda wanted was to find someone she could love, someone who would love her in return. There was only one problem: her father.

    Sure she's angry and spiteful, but if you lived with a houseful of Boys, had an over protective, world domination oriented person for a father, and fell in love with a mad man, you wouldn't think the world was so hot either. Unbelievable by swords. We could be in Love by Mystixa reviews Shika and Inoeveryone knew something was going on between them Rated R just to be in the safe side. I might add another chapter. Just depends on the reviews I get. For now, this is a oneshot fic. Loved and Lost, or Never At All? Rogue wiped Remy from her mind. He retaliated by erasing her too. Maybe you can remove someone from your mind, but are they ever truly gone from your heart?

    I know we are. Do I love him? What now? Jonda, Romy, Kiotr. It has been six years since anything bad has happened, but what will happen when old friends and enemies come together to defeat a common enemy. Scam by Amieva reviews Wanda, seeking revenge, recieves a head injury, forgetting her entire life. Magneto wants to keep it that way. One meeting. New Relationships. The High School Reunion. They only have one week to rebuild their crushes. Fallen by Shire. Conspire reviews Pansy Parkinson doesn't get much to say about anything.

    She's just your average bad-egg Jane with a heart of stone.

    CofD Dark Eras Companion

    But what does this cold-blooded girl have to say when her own heart is melted by the Prince of the Dark Draco Malfoy? Venganza by Thunk reviews Complete Naraku is dead, and Kouga is now faced with polygamy in order to keep his precious tribe from dying out. It becomes clear that Sarah, Coryn, and others, including the Witches of Kordea, must undertake a risky project involving an undercover mission to destroy this threatening super-weapon, in order to safeguard Kordea and the peace of the galaxy.

    At the same time Sarah and Coryn have to deal with their growing attraction to one another. Coryn is in a conflict-of-interest position, since he has taken on a guardianship role toward Sarah, necessitated by his new, diplomatic position. Sarah, on her part, must struggle with self-doubts: about her looks, her worth, even her identity—although not about her ESP abilities, which are considerable. They must struggle with their personal dilemmas, even while trying to counter the enormous threat to the democratic way of life of the humanity of the galaxy.

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