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Jul 12, Kathy Govreau rated it really liked it. I love all these stories. This was a quick read and very enjoyable. Nov 14, Deidre Marie rated it it was amazing. Getting just a bit preachy and very pro-gun. Nov 13, Timothy Darling rated it really liked it Recommends it for: cat lovers, mystery buffs with a sense of wimsey. Shelves: mystery , cats , crime.

Cat on the Money (Joe Grey, #) by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

This is the first Joe Grey mystery I read. Quite enjoyable. Grey and Dulcie are exceptional animal characters because the magic of the stories is their human interaction. They talk, think for the most part , and act with human values. Of course, they are cats, so they also use super-human smell and dexterity in their adventures, all the while interacting with their human counterparts, at least those who know their special talent, because even though it is that kind of magical world, they are st This is the first Joe Grey mystery I read.

Of course, they are cats, so they also use super-human smell and dexterity in their adventures, all the while interacting with their human counterparts, at least those who know their special talent, because even though it is that kind of magical world, they are still exceptional. Not all animals can do what they can do. The cat festival and the look-alike contest that form the backdrop of the story are a bit silly.

I've seen local festivals, and they can be equally silly mule days?

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No matter, Murphy captures the flavor of this kind of regional event and some of the psychology of a celebrity has-been trying to hold on to a former glory. Fortunately, though the author does not focus hard on these setting elements of the story but on the characters of the cat detectives. They use their wonderful sense of smell, but it can be foiled.

They follow people to a restaurant, but are still somewhat distracted by the broiled fish. They can move the evidence, but only within the limits of their paws and size. I liked the story and will probably try the story that launches the series. Dec 13, Kimberly rated it liked it. Another fun entry novella in the Joe Grey mystery series.

A Guide to Cozy Mystery (and Other Favorite) Books, Movies, and TV

Aug 10, Auntie Jpeg rated it really liked it. This was a gift when I told a friend I had never hear of the Joe Grey cat mystery series. Nice summer read while doing other stuff. Jan 21, Wendy rated it it was amazing. Great short story. I enjoy this series. Dec 27, Vicky rated it really liked it. I loved this entire series… the cats who can talk and solve mysteries… what fun… definitely a cozy mystery, but then I love them… nothing I have to concentrate on Thoroughly enjoyed this brief look into the lives of the special cats living in Molena Point, California.

Jennifer rated it it was amazing Apr 10, Sharon rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Karen Hurney rated it it was amazing Mar 06, Genie M. McBurnett rated it it was amazing Apr 22, Nancy E Hill rated it really liked it Jul 22, Pearl Meaker rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Evie rated it really liked it Nov 01, Jerome J Walker rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Pamela Frazier rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Cynthia rated it it was amazing Feb 28, Virginia Kiefer rated it really liked it Apr 13, Kate George rated it it was ok Jun 23, Kathleen Jourdenais rated it it was ok Feb 22, Joy rated it liked it Jun 13, Kirsten rated it it was amazing Feb 25, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Cat Bearing Gifts by Shirley Rousseau Murphy (2012, Hardcover)

The Cat Practice, Birmingham Michigan. We were recognized as one of the best cat blogs of Thank you to The Meow Blog! We Love The Cat Blogosphere! Blog With Integrity. Petfinder Featured Adoptable Pet. Maggy xoxo. Famous novelist Elliot Traynor is temporarily living in Molena Point. He and his wife don't have much to do with the villagers, which is fine with them since no one particularly likes Vivi. But their arrival has coincided with some peculiar happenings in the town, culminating with a botched burglary in the home of 60—something Susan Brittian.

Susan is a friend to feline detectives Joe Grey and Dulcie and they aren't going to let this crime go unpunished. With whiskers twitching they investigate the crime and soon find themselves on the scent of a killer. With suspicion falling on Ryan's shoulders, Joe Grey and his pals, Dulcie and Kit, set out to prove her innocence. Soon paw—deep in a tangle of jealousy, greed, and vengeance, Joe Grey, Dulcie, and Kit find themselves in the biggest cat fight of their lives —— a bare—clawed battle with a prey who is as cunning as he is deadly.

When antiques and valuables begin to disappear from residents' homes, Joe Grey, Feline Detective, knows that something is very wrong in sleepy Molena Point, California. Lost are a five hundred thousand dollar painting, a diamond choker, and most shocking to Joe, his owner Clyde's vintage Packard roadster. But even a seasoned tomcat like Joe isn't prepared for the return of a yellow—eyed, sinister black cat who had terrorized him and his girlfriend Dulcie years before.

The acid—tongued Azrael had paired with an old crook to loot the town and spread fear among the unsuspecting residents. Could Azrael and his partner be connected to this new set of crimes? But when a local waiter dies mysteriously at the art opening of one of Joe and Dulcie's closest human friends, the pair know that someone much more powerful and evil than Azrael's aging human friend is involved. And when miles away in San Francisco the cats' friend Kate——a woman with a mysterious, troubling secret——is followed by a stranger and robbed, the cats dig in their claws and investigate.

Along with their tattercoat friend Kit, they pass clues to the police, and under the often sceptical eye of Clyde, slowly begin to sniff out the truth. The charming seaside village of Molena Point, California, leads one to expect a quiet traditional Christmas surrounded by family and friends—but not this holiday season. Instead of singing carols and climbing into Christmas trees, Joe Grey, feline P.

At midnight in the deserted gardens of the shopping plaza, a stranger lies dead beneath the village Christmas tree; the only witness to the shooting is a little child. But when the police arrive, summoned by an anonymous phone call of feline origin, both the body and the child have disappeared. As police scramble for leads, the grey tomcat, his tabby lady, and their tortoiseshell pal, Kit, launch their own unique investigation.

Together Joe Grey, Dulcie, and Kit face their most heartbreaking case yet as they care for the child who may be the killer's next target. Trying to sort out perplexing clues amidst the happiness of the season, they shadow a cast of colorful characters. But neither the police nor their unknown feline assistants are aware that they might have stumbled over the murderer and never known it, until an electrifying final scene when the killer's identity is revealed.

For years Shirley Rousseau Murphy has written tales that have delighted readers and critics alike. With her lyrical prose and fast-paced plotting, Murphy has created another delightfully absorbing trip to a magical place populated by unforgettable characters whom readers have come to think of as friends.

Mystery fans and cat lovers alike rejoice. Now she's convinced the man who was jailed for murdering a famous local artist and burning down her studio is innocent -- simply because he says so -- and she's willing to do whatever it takes to dig up the evidence that will exonerate the accused. Joe would much prefer just lazing around the house doing kitty things, but the lady cat is determined. And Joe must admit that he is curious While new father Joe Grey is overjoyed to teach his three young kittens about the world, he misses his cop work — secretly helping solve crimes alongside his human friends at Molena Point P.

But when beautician Barbara Conley and one of her customers are found dead in the salon, Joe makes an exception, he heads for the crime scene. He has no idea that the kittens are following him, or how they will complicate the investigation. But this is not the only danger to the kittens. As the death of the beautician becomes entangled with a gang of thieves working the village, Joe, Dulcie, Kit and Pan are all into the investigation; and they are led to unexpected connections, to the building of the new cat shelter and to a neighbor who becomes suddenly an unexpected part of the tangle.

Joe Grey fans will relish this latest installment following their favorite feline detective and his growing group of friends. For Joe Grey and Dulcie, life is a bittersweet mix of endings and beginnings. While they joyfully await their first litter, they are also sad for their friend, the old yellow cat Misto, whose time on earth is drawing to an end.

But Misto tells them an exciting future awaits: among the litter will be a little calico returned from the distant past who will be born with the same ancient markings, and the adventurous spirit of Joe Grey. While the proud parents await the birth of their babies, their humans have their hands full with projects of their own. Kate Osborne has bought the old Pamillon estate and Ryan Flannery is building a new cat shelter as part of their volunteer rescue project.

The criminals are busy, too. The Molena Point PD has stepped up patrols to apprehend a mugger attacking the local elderly. The case becomes a homicide when one of the victims dies, leaving everyone in the town—including Joe and Grey and his furry sleuthing companions—on edge, just when the kittens are about to arrive.

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When Dulcie gives birth, her little calico is just as Misto predicted, as if she has come back to the world from mythic ancient times. But the celebrations will have to wait. A murderer is on the loose—and neither young nor old is safe until the culprit is found. Account Options Sign in.