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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Conscious Dance: 101 modalities that define the movement file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Conscious Dance: 101 modalities that define the movement book. Happy reading Conscious Dance: 101 modalities that define the movement Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Conscious Dance: 101 modalities that define the movement at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Conscious Dance: 101 modalities that define the movement Pocket Guide.

Nia: A Somatic Fitness Lifestyle From the moment you begin a Nia class you are propelled into a new level of dance workout that improves health and fitness on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, incorporating movement styles using elements from the martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. The Nia Experience When you walk into a Nia class the celebration of life begins. Classes are taken barefoot to allow the body to be acutely aware of sensation. Designed to be pleasurable, Nia simultaneously gives you a safe, yet rigorous cardiovascular experience.

This offering is intended for women ready to develop a deep spiritual practice embodying the Divine Feminine Dance and Yoga. Unique tools and lasting connections on the path. Through the arts of body, heart, and soul, this work supports individuals and diverse communities as they repair and move into collaborative service and leadership. Our leaders are empowered to move into the world from a place of deep kinesthetic connection with themselves, their people, the earth, and all of life.

Our work around the world involves body-centered events, workshops, and trainings that invite individuals, groups, and communities into an intimate and direct dialogue with their challenges and ultimately their gifts. Together, we are creating waves of peace through movement from schools in our inner cities, to refugee settlements, to the United Nations. Designed to open the mind, relax the body and stir the soul of all who step onto the dance floor.

Are you seeking a mindfulness practice through the exploration of movement? Then please join as we delve into the richness of this experience. Soul: Unite with the larger field of love, guidance and Gaia through embodied spiritual practice. Love the wounded places in you that need healing. Give freely of your joy. Practitioner Training: Attend the retreats and receive individual mentoring with one of the teachers. Around the globe, Conscious Dance is joining yoga as a preferred wellness practice, for both physical and metaphysical fitness.

The SpiritDance Practice is accessible to all ages, levels of experience and fitness. A full body, mind, and spirit workout! Singing and dancing are the oldest spiritual practices weaving the fabric of community life in tribes and villages around the planet. Curious about TaKeTiNa? To locate a class in your area visit www. TaKeTiNa teacher training will begin in Fall, Learn more at www. TaKeTiNa is a group process for activating human and musical potential through rhythm. Your body is the instrument — you are guided into voice, steps and claps to create layers of rhythm.

Your innate rhythmic awareness can be reawakened in Taketina, as it conveys rhythm in a way that is accessible to everyone — by direct physical experience of fundamental rhythmic movement. What are the dances that our souls call for? Use artistic processes and the expressive arts to explore and deepen your relationship to psychological life, to social issues and to creativity itself. Explore the living myths and metaphors that speak to your life.

The body contains and reveals our entire life experience. It is through the body that our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels become connected. It is through the body that we come to know ourselves and the world. Expression, healing, change and transformation are acts of embodiment. June th January The Structure: Dancers gather in silence for a short sit, allowing the movement to arrive from a place of stillness. Just each of us meeting the music, the dance, and the unfolding day together. We exit in silence.

For more information contact winky TheMorningSojourn. Imagine waking up and moving first thing. Imagine as you step into the dance other people are doing the exact same thing. Together we move to the same music, holding our intentions in good hearts and adding our unique gesture to a dance flowing around Earth. How would it change you? Join us and find out! Supported by a cutting edge web site that streams a daily play list to you, this program offers a dance immersion no matter where you live. A shared structure, and a customized Sojournal provides Soul MotionTM infused movement guidance and creative inspiration.

A closed Facebook group connects us further. Started in , in Portland, Oregon, our circle continues to expand. Move with us across timezones and continents. A Nia training center with two resident Nia trainers, the studio hosts multiple intensives a year, as well as weekend playshops.

Also home to the Yoga Yoga School, a Yoga Alliance certified 8 month program for aspiring yoga teachers. Attracting masters in their field, we are putting San Antonio on the map in the movement, health, and wellness industry. The Synergy Studio offers movement, health, and wellness for every Body, through a variety of instructional classes and workshops. Working with the drum, our bodies, and then adding our voices, the rhythm begins to naturally carry us.

Village Heartbeat offers a range of courses and workshops throughout the US and Canada. Home of Whole Person Drumming, this curriculum takes drumming and rhythmic training into new evolutionary territory that is as much about personal growth as it is about musical education. Come and join in. Enter rhythm with the drum, voice, and movement, develop the rhythm orchestra and repertoire and experience the healing power of WPD for the individual and collective.

In all of these, what ultimately draws people together is finding a common rhythm. Through these vibrations comes joy and the power to transform. At a pivotal moment she was captivated by community based classes and the heartcentered rhythms of the African diaspora. As we breathe, we are already dancing. Based on guided movement with an organic fitness component, Wassa invites a natural way of moving that feels good and invites dancers of all levels to be expressive, strong, joyful, and grounded.

Mali meets Paris, Rio and the streets of America. Lara teaches what is true as the music she weaves compels you to move. A very special guide for dear creatures who love the natural luxury of eco-sensual clothing and inspired adornments. Enter the fold and treat your body to wearable art and artifacts that vibrates with the highest intentions.

Try and catch the wind. Floating fantasy of pure dancing silk clothing, island wear and accessories from Hawaii. New flow toys for colorful dancemusing in nature. Songstress merges music and fashion. Sultry Jazz-vogue offerings including black lotus vests and peacock inspired jewelry for poetic emotion. Born from a love of traveling, sculpting and leatherwork. Bali magic is translated into West Coast Culture. Shine on in wearable sculptures. Bookbinder turned leather-worker. Hand-crafted with inlaid stones, bones and silver pieces are tooled with the love and intention of a Guild Master.

On the go facilitator favorites! Flowing and curve loving designs upshift any wardrobe. Bold geometric patterns and naturally vibrant colors merge form, fit and function. Authentic batik designs on quality natural fiber clothing are original works of art designed to enhance the shape of the human body. Live boldly and have a few laughs in this feisty-fresh whimsy-punk super shiny garb for men and women. Modern Yogini clothing and jewelry with urban overtones. Howl at the moon in faux fur! Super soft and lovable headwarmers. Loads of vibrant colors and styles. Adorable selections for little cubs also.

A trunk show reinvented for a new era. Conscious vegan collection made for powerful interactions. Made with LOVE for those, for tribal adventures. Handmade leather accessories complete the look. Swimsuit rompers. Plus custom clothing orders made to any size. A true visionary designer who creates garb that is bursting with a true vision. Handmade kinetic-wear. Contact Improvisation inspired clothing geared towards moveability, self empowerment, and fusion of fashion and visionary art.

Dress your sweetie and help to Americans in need, and promote a cleaner environment all in one swoop. Clothes are all organic cotton, made in the USA. Discover a bio-regional textile culture and community. Farm to closet artisan directory for knitting patterns, natural dyes and clothing. Flyaway with artisan hand-dyed silk wings and skirts, bustles and capelets to enhance your mythic spirit.

Completely conscious reclaimed clothing with a emphasis on longevity, durability, style, design and flattery from a most desirable East Bay designer. Dancer and designer Tenley Wallace has fresh inspiration for costume and ritual wear produced locally on the West Coast, in studios full of love and prayer. Inspired by intergalactic visions and nature spirits. Balance the hemispheres with mens fashions that jettison you into deep space with a cozy jacket.

Looking for a beautiful yet sleek drapy look? Handmade eco-chic apparel for the global nomad. Dreamy designs for dancing down dusty roads with purpose. Go with the flow in comfortable clothes for serious hoopers, flow artists, dancers, and festi-goers. Ready made or made to order eco-chic threads to your exact specs. Sexy silhouettes with an extra degree of artistry flatter your personal geometry. Celebrate the circle with hoopdance clothing. Create endless combinations from this edgy clothing collective for on and off the body moves.

Wander the desert or traverse other hemispheres in made to order garb that sings the praises of the universe. One-of-a-kind, hand printed, organic clothing brings your ideals to the forefront. For men and women. Artistically original clothing from two travels that met andAnime comes to life in the hands of visionary Japanese found they had a dream in common and a gift to share, designer who bridges alt-worlds with her keen eye for Brazilian- Canadian festival fashion from the heart.

Longtime festival and facilitator favorite, Margot is skilled with patterns and fabrics that create meta-modern comfortable movement and yoga wear. Bohemian Chic acro- active dance and yoga outfits from a small design company. Movement Divas create bamboo, organic cotton and hemp blends are the avant-garde of the sustainable clothing. Clothing that reflects the beauty of the human form in motion on and off the ecstatic dance floor. Homemade, custom and organic. Celebrate the circle around the world with hoopdance clothing for your flow state. Create endless on and off the body combinations.

Dance experience sculpts aesthetic perception and related brain circuits

Action-theater encore. Wilderness wear for courageous urban pioneers. Wraps, cowls, bodices, gauntlets and hand and foot warmers. Designed to complement the movement modality Nia, this line is built to move and hug your curves in a super sexy and ultra flattering way. New seasons bring new fabrics. Modern visionary design with a continental flair. Treat yourself to a piece of heaven from this unusually artistic and flattering collection of yoga, dance, and lounge wear. Indigenous Chic. Sacred geometry infused wearables, inspired by a collaboration with a Shipibo Conibo community of the Peruvian Amazon.

Professional costume designer brings ancient mythology, and science fiction together for a tribal sci-fi visionfest. Goddess armor, deco lux costuming and wedding finery. Kickstarter favorite: Neo-tribal urban Jedi street fashion that combines interactive art with functional play. Warrior strength and supra-active original designs that blur the boundaries of many subcultures. Artistically designed with the intention to empower self expression. Consciously supporting small factories in Bali, this steamy line of formfitting movement wear sparks confidence and feminine flow when tropical adventures heat up.

Inspired by surfing and outdoor yoga this line has length and space to move. Designers really know how to create comfort plus athletic appeal. Sacred Geometry merges meaningfully with the city scape to fuel magical exploration on all planes. Body honoring elegant styles. Make a million beautiful combos for dance, yoga and your daily flow. These pieces travel well, and bring a touch of grace to any dancefloor.

Rana Satori Designs www. Gothic Victorian elegance with a flamenco twist. Custom made performance couture and ready-to-wear styles that have a relevant air. Shawls with hand painted wings and other beyond beautiful offerings. Softly stylish clothing and accessories illuminated with art by artist from Kazakhstan.

Live life comfortably with Om spirit and style. Yogamantras on clothing and jewelry for men and women. Seriously steamy antique streetwear. Arrive in a timely fashion. Styles conceived on the wings of underground theatre and circus. Lovingly curated eclectic clothing and accessory design collective inspires juicy mix-and-match layering for movement mavens. This sweet company just got sweeter with baby-garb and comfy maternity wear.

Livable, breathable, danceable; organic cotton and hemp. Walk on the wild side with a clear conscience. Clothing, decorative accouterments and bejeweled adornments for hair and body. Modern tribal antique infused with old Soul. Includes bustles and bloomers. Relaxed, friendly eco-lifestyle attire made from natural fibers. Comfortable clothing for spontaneous movement. An a-musing and sophisticated selection for yoga comfort , ecstatic movement or festy action. Activate your wardrobe with co-creative potential in one stop!

Swedish designer with heart of gold charms us with her eclectic collection that shape shifts from darling to daringly divine. A facilitator-favored designer who deftly weaves elemental harmony with sensual lines, beautifully supporting poetic movement worldwide. Form follows function with these sleekly re-designed kilts. Almost every possible activity can be done in comfort and style while wearing a kilt.

Try one. Sophisticated rompers onesies that fit like a bodyglove. Sleek, sensual new designs from festy designer with savvy style; custom sizing available. Made to move. Design collective on the festival circuit now has on-line presence. Crushed velvet bell bottom wraps and urbandana for any moving landscape. Tribal leather mini skirts and belts or bohemian gypsy garments and decorations from a global traveler crafting in the beautiful mountains of Chiang Mai.

Eco-savvy World Tribe Haute Couture.

Where to find Mark Metz online

Glamorous and ultra elegant custom designs and signature pieces for the collector of quality garb. The whole family can wear festive, comfy and naturally grounded clothing with eco-logical fabrics and colors. Sun-kissed sheaths for nature-gazing. Lovely yogini dresses, Boho romance tops, skirts and cover-ups. Hand crafted royal mesh and metal body adornments carefully bejeweled with semi-precious stones and infused with earth elements.

Organic jewelry inspired by tribal traditions and ancient adornment. Handcrafted using natural materials from up-cycled and sustainable sources. You can have glowing rams horns. From the Playa collection to the animal tail collection there is something to glow about. Consciously curated garb, fiery flow toys, en-Lightened accessories. Illuminated instruments for action, expression, meditation and play. Fire-free flow fun. Flowing-fun for everyone. New Pod Poi pictured. Architecture of the air — Artist collective creating innovative fabric environments and installations for performance and sacred events.

Lightweight textile earrings and bracelets from exquisite Indian saris and up-cycled materials. Add an artistic touch to your dance. Highly respected jewelers honors all tribes under the sun. Intricate designs show a loving spirit and deep reverence for natures gifts. Esoteric medicine in gemstone, feather and fur accessories— for special performance, sacred ceremony and the unique everyday.

Dancer and queen costumer Dusty Paik takes brings her vision to life with edgy custom tribal fusion garb. The Disco Medusa Medallions will make your day. Journey to Amazon with Eco-designer who collaborates with indigenous artisans to develop designer collections. Transformative Travel is a true form of movement medicine. Embarking on a quest with the intention of reaching a new point of view calls to our souls during times of transition.

The vast choices slim down as you really listen to your spirit and follow your hearts desire. When you hear the calling and a life changing walk-about or a soulful sojourn is on the horizon, pin a few of these outstanding divine destinations onto your vision board and begin creating a plan that makes your dream come true. Built and designed from the ground up by Omega founder Stephan Rechtschaffen, this epic destination features miles of remote beachfront. Known in the movement world for for the annual Contact Improv gathering. This artist-run residency and retreat center has been hosting luminaries and offering programs since A wise selection that is sure to support your mind, body and spirit on a somatic sojourn.

Big ideas and global movements have bubbled forth from these cliffside hot springs since the days of writer Hunter S. This beachside retreat near Puerto Vallarta sits amidst a huge biological reserve and has a spectacular floor for movement. Offerings such as Watsu tempt travelers into the transformational hot and cold pools. Multiple rooms for movement, great food and butopia accommodation, plus affordable camping galore. Our publishers favorite spot to spin records and soak. Cortes Isl and, B.

Renowned retreat center in British Columbia brings together the conscious community for destination workshops in a spectacular waterfront setting. Stockbridge, MA This cosmic crossroads and current hot-spot was the springboard for many great careers and modalities. Ubad, bali Another favorite among our fans in the island paradise, they offer complete and inclusive retreat packages. A sustainable destination for embodied exploration and ecosomatic skills. And a real favorite with teachers. Calistoga , CA A quiet destination for retreats and intensives.

Denpasar, BAIL Recommended by more than a few of our readers, this slice of paradise offers everything you need to host a retreat. Places like this make hosting a retreat in Bali easier than you think. A favorite meeting spot for the dusty masses on the annual pilgrimage back from Black Rock City. A lovely place to bring your group. Urubamba , Peru Rising high in the Andes, this famous destination is worth the pilgrimage. Ojai, CA The council house is a room like no other, employing the essence of sacred geometry and locally sourced natural building materials into the design.

The term 'conscious dance' refers to any number of non-competitive practices that could be defined as "movement with an intention towards greater awareness. From freeform ecstatic community dances or facilitated forms to one-on-one bodywork modalities, these are all ways of connecting mind and body through movement and touch. Gabrielle Roth birthed an enduring metaphor at Esalen in the s. Looking at life as a series of waves to be moved through is the heart of her practice that is a model for countless others.

Today 5Rhythms continues to expand and evolve as son Jonathan Horan carries the torch forward for new generations. A map that can be easily understood, yet explored for a lifetime, is the essence of this practice. Virtually any music or mood can be categorized under one of the five rhythms: Flowing, Lyrical, Staccato, Chaos, and Stillness. A typical wave class may flow through all five in sequence, or intensives may choose one to delve deeper.

As such it offers opportunities to access highly emotional or spiritual states—most reliably—ecstatic dance. The palette of music that 5Rhythms facilitators use as a foundation to the journey is as wide and varied as human experience. The teaching style is invitational and encouraging, and complements the work done putting together the soundtrack. Dip a toe in the water or dive in headfirst; there is no proper way to do the rhythms. Movement is my medicine: it's my meditation, my practice. Peter Levine is now helping trauma sufferers worldwide.

WIth a dedicated community of teachers worldwide, this creative odyssey of human relations and divine dialog through movement is grows stroger each year. Soul Voice The vocal practice of Icelandbased Karina Schelde goes beyond the usual definitions of sound healing. Meet the Dance First facilitators who deliver their brilliance and transform your home into a solo adventure or impromptu class with friends.

Temple Tribal Fusion Discover the world of sacred temple arts and the essence of tribal fusion online with renowned prayformance visionkeeper Tenley Wallace. The universally appealing chakra-based leadership methodology developed by Australian Natalie Southgate. Call in the day with dance. A distance learning digital DJ course for facilitators created by globe-trotting 5Rhythms ambassador Adam Barley. Back to the future! Meet the Dance First members who love drumming, live music, body percussion, and the human voice. Move with modalities that awaken the living music inside you.

The contemplative work of Olivia Corson and Lysa Castro is often done in silence or in the context of witness-performer. Cultivating the flow of breath, sound, and movement is the heart of the influential practice developed by the late Emilie Conrad. The work of Eva Vigran is often practiced in groups outdoors or at sacred temple sites in select locations. Banafsheh is passionate about working with worldrenowned musicians to raise the vibration of her offerings.

A rich variety of embodiment tools woven together with soulful singing and dance, the heart-based work of Ellen Watson and Daphne Tse is joyful to the core. Consciousness raising through embodied spirituality is the playful context for these transformational retreats and trainings at the Self-Soul Center in Southern Oregon. Drawing from the creative well of the participants, this approach developed in tandem by Anna Halprin and her daughter and Tamalpa director Daria reveals inner wisdom through art and movement.

Alana Shaw encourages the leaders in her national youth organization to collaborate with live musicians whenever possible. A love for rhythms from around the world drives Lara McIntosh to incorporate live drummers and musicians often at her high energy events. Going back to her roots with the great master drummer Olatunji, rhythm facilitator Zorina Wolf offers authentic drumming for raising consciousness.

The circle is a safe container to play with the edge of entrainment and chaos. The energetic reality practice of New Zealand-based Bernie Prior profoundly stirs the soul and allows a shift in awareness towards peace and well-being. Teachers offer celebratory classes for kids and adults, and Misty leads exotic Groove Retreats for deep community connection.

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Writing in the provided Sojournal anchors the practice with self expressive art and writing. The embodiment methods of the late Dr. A complementary form for practitioners and facilitators. The intergenerational community movement set in motion by founder Alana Shaw is growing fast and launching somatic leaders across the country. Wowzacise The breakthrough process of Elisa Lodge. An exploration into the physiology of youthful aliveness done by rolling and bouncing on yoga balls. Archaic form that is often done with blindfolds in a ritual setting, this deeply transformative journey is currently translated by Wilbert Alix, Parashakti and many others around the world.

A dynamic and effective mind-body-spirit movement and life mastery practice developed by distance coaching pioneer and transformational leadership expert Jennifer Joy Jimenez. The immersive rhythm practice of Zorina Wolf brings connection, transformation, and personal development through full-body engagement between the drum and your soul. This rich practice brings a grounded awareness to your body and life. High-energy yogadance fusion consciously brought to the masses by superstar and high priestess of transformational travel.

Dancing across the worldstage, Shiva Rea ingnites power and passion with her body of work. Improvisational live music meets ecstatic dance! With the thousands upon thousands of open dance classes, workshops, and movement events happening every day or night of the week, you really do have a vast world of movement right at your fingertips Movement is nutrition and sometimes the smallest taste of dance makes all the difference in the world. You are invited to join in. A partial list of dances that are not specifically rooted in one modality or practice.

See more listings on our MoveMap! Oregon Coalessence Dance, Eugene www. Texas Body Choir, Austin www. Beach Dance, Maui www. Dance Embodied, Seattle www. Illinois Club Divine, Chicago www. Dance On the Wild Side, Buffalo www. Dance Freedom, Cambridge www. Editors Note: Online nodes and clearinghouses that connect you to classes and dance communities worldwide. Larger modalities sometimes such have more freeform manifestations, and affiliated networks of dances may operate under agreed-upon guidelines.

With enhanced surefootedness and greater ease of turning dancers are free to perform with greater confidence, passion and precision. Designed by dancers, Dance Paws are handmade with old-fashioned ingenuity and craftsmanship in the USA. No animal products. When you get a yes to both, plan your visit. Flip through the stacks and feel what jumps out at your fingers. Take them home if you have a turntable, and listen to them end-to-end.

Some records reveal their brilliance after repeated listenings. Find a friend with gear and make tapes. A handful of records and a portable turntable allows you to bring the ritual with you and punctuate your work. Getting in gear and up to speed as a vinyl DJ requires some time, a committment and maybe even requires a stroke of divine inspiration yet it is truly a rewarding process. Here is some expert advice from Razor-nTape label boss Aaron Dae that will help you dial in your set up like a pro.

J uses the Shure Whitelabels which I also feel have good traction and sound quality. They have the right amount of low, mid, and high range response for me. Only issue is the ear cushions often break down over time or come off.

Conscious Dance: 101 modalities that define the movement

However, I installed aftermarket Beyerdynamic velour earpads and I no longer have that issue. There are several companies making them, but Master Sounds seems to be the most reputable one out there. Dynaudio BM6A Monitors www. Innovative and somatically enlivening programs around the world are bringing movement to every age and stage. A growing number of groups are on a mission to expand dance education by bringing the parents into the picture. West Seattle Seattle, WA dancewestseattle. Oakland, CA axisdance. Philadelphia, PA Joy of Dance philadanco. SpiritDance SoulSong invites you to discover your body as a musical instrument, empowering you to be in vibrant, radiant health.

SDSS fuses cross-cultural spiritual and philosophical truths with Western psychology and modern scientific research. A fusion of the eight chakras and the five elements, SpiritDance SoulSong begins with the root chakra, powered by your breath and your heartbeat. Accessible to everyone, this moving meditation invites you to realize both physical and metaphysical fitness. Through movement, music, breath, sound, song and visualization, we can transform ourselves, our relationships, our communities and our planet. This is the intention of SpiritDance SoulSong.

Develop the skills and confidence to help spread joy, healing and self-expression through movement and sound. Tuition for all classes and programs, breakfast and dinner six days a week , training manual and teacher certification. Individualistic: we are creative beings exploring and celebrating our possibilities; we are poetic, funky and irreverent. Tribal: we embrace connection on the dance floor and community around the world; we are 5Rhythms, One Tribe.

Timeless: the 5Rhythms Maps are primal, mystical and universal. Embodied: movement is our medicine, our medium, our metaphor, our message and our meditation; we are committed to the experience of being in our bodies. Movement is both the medicine and the metaphor, reaching across all languages, cultures and age groups to transform suffering into art, art into awareness, and awareness into action.

Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that —energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance. At adambarley. Clear, high energy, and focused. This is the key to avoid and manage dizziness. Alchemy Spinning is a somatic practice inspired by the ecstatic whirling of dervishes that uses breathwork, dance, movement, yoga and chakra meditation. We invite you to experience the transformative effects of Alchemy Spinning. Discover, expand and use true power for healing.

She is also the founder of the global conscious movement community OneDanceTribe. For a full calendar of workshops, Awakening Love Trilogy locations and Training visit amarapagano. The image of Azul is an upward spiral where we do the work of embodiment to awaken the heart, creating space for healing, transforming our suffering into self knowledge and awakening the Self, until we come to fully experience ourselves as love.

The work of Azul is offered in classes and workshops and in the Awakening Love Trilogy, a series of week-long retreats designed to support deep personal transformation offered in locations around the world. Bhakti Fest is a vehicle for evolution of human consciousness through a heart-centered revolution. Sing and chant with top artists from around the globe. Practice and study with expert yoga teachers. Attend enlightening wellness workshops with worldrenowned presenters. Come sing, dance, play and immerse yourself in this beautiful community and experience!

Plan to share these transformation times with us! Get details and tickets at bhaktifest. Each facilitator brings a unique passion and flavor to every dance journey. Biodanza is a life affirming transformational movement practice. It combines carefully selected music from around the world with vibrant heart-opening exercises. A weekly Biodanza practice creates a sense of joy and aliveness, enriches our relationships, awakens creative expression and expands our capacity to live in the present.

It was introduced to the US in Today there are many schools worldwide and two in the US: east coast and west coast. Follow your movement, free your stories; gain skill in integrating and expressing essential body wisdom. You are invited to expand your creative and healing capacities by trying out our classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions. Come see Body Tales in action — check out a performance!

Trance Dance & Tantric Shamanism - Journey to the Heart

Join us for in-depth training, Soul repair, creative renewal and deep rest in nature and a loving environment. Body Tales is a creative and healing practice that integrates movement, voice and personal storytelling. This unique form combines elements of dance, theater, therapy and expressive arts. It encourages and supports an embodied value system in which the well-being of the Earth is central. Body Tales brings people together from varied walks of life— including educators, artists, therapists and professionals in many arenas — and welcomes diversity in ethnicity, spiritual practices, age, sexual orientation, body size and physical ability, etc!

Stories weave the fabric, sometimes whole, sometimes torn, of every family and culture. When we move and speak our embodied stories, and they are received and valued, we reclaim our humanity. No prior bodywork experience is necessary, but please be comfortable sitting and working on a padded floor.

The aim of Breema is to bring us to a tangible experience of presence. The more you are present, the more you can connect with yourself, with others, and with all life. Breema bodywork and Self Breema movements offer ideal support for practicing body-mind connection and the art of being present, by working with and experiencing the Nine Principles of Harmony. Practicing Breema allows you to stay connected to yourself as you support others.

Our attention is turned inwards, for unlike most other dance practices, Chakradance is all about connecting with our inner world. Drawing on the wisdom of Jungian Psychology, Chakradance is a dance for healing and self-discovery. Over trained facilitators, in 22 countries around the world, offer Intro 1 hour and Celebration 3 hour classes, and also 9-week cycles intro, then a week per chakra, then an integration class—all 1. Chakradance is a form of nourishment for your true self — for your soul.

Dancing to chakra-resonant music, you are guided into your own inner dance of release and re-connection. It offers a kind of liberation. It feels like coming home. Our Facilitator Training is all home-practice based using downloads of guided classes, workbooks, and one-on-one telephone coaching so you can do this training at home, anywhere in the world. Step One is a short Discovery course, to give you enough of a taste of it to see if this feels right for you.

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We dance barefoot, without speaking, so we can reconnect to our true spirit, our true soul. Through the healing vibrations of the sound, we move through and WITH our emotions in order to grow, to open, to heal and to increase our awareness and our consciousness.

Peace, love and joy. I am a dancer and I am danced. There I drink the nectar of the void of time and space. There I leap into the shadows wild in my self. Alone and together. Our history and patterns are all maintained in the movement or inhibition of breath. Our creativity and all mobility whether physical, emotional or spiritual are enhanced by the dexterity of breath.

It eases mobility while releasing areas of stagnation and stress. By coupling sound with movement, we increase the agility of both. MOVEMENT: A full range of non-patterned movement, from dynamic full-bodied expression to subtle micro-movements, stimulates neurological growth and vibrancy. Undulating wave motion permeates tissue, softens boundaries and amplifies sensation. Continuum is an extraordinary awakening to the fullness of what it means to be alive. In Continuum we experience the interconnection of our origins with the larger currents of all organismic life, beginning with the first cell and ultimately layered into the intricacies of human form.

One aspect of the entire human system is comprised of a vast communication network within our bodies. Continuum uses movement, the dexterity of breath, the resonance of sound and the value of meaning to amplify and refine this far-reaching communication with ourselves, others and our world. We become liquid streams capable of a vast range of resources moving through domains of burgeoning life. Liberated we are encompassed by a world of creative inspiration fed by the passionate fire of universal love.

Continuum offers a wide range of classes, workshops, retreats and professional programs for movers, shakers, practitioners and teachers of all kinds. There are Continuum teachers and practitoners world-wide. Contact us for more information. CoreConnexion is dedicated to the indestructible and luminous human spirit that lives at the core of all of us. The more we sense ourselves, the more we know our bodies and the more we know ourselves. In CoreConnexion classes we activate and revive our innate resources for pleasure, resolution, and a fulfilling life.

Our bodies have the ability to remember the flow of life energy. The studio becomes a playground for meditation and insight into life patterns, an opportunity to expand our movement repertoire and reclaim our aliveness. Visit us online for complete CoreConnexion program info. Her life has been devoted to empowering people through the creative process, inspiring them to free themselves and to transform their daily lives into sacred, loving art that makes them feel FULLY ALIVE.

Find her workshop offerings online. Dance of Oneness is a joyful and loving way to fully embody Divine Spirit and live more freely, passionately and in service in the world. A fusion of rigorous technique, self-expression and spiritual embodiment, Dance of Oneness is a contemporary synthesis of Sufi Ritual and Dervish Whirling, Flamenco, Persian and Modern dance, Tai chi and Chi gong. Certify in the pioneering wholistic modality, Dance of Oneness.

Her mission is to facilitate an alternative venue for people to connect, express, shift and flow through their life experiences into more creative, mindful and joyful living. Dances of Spirit is an intense and fulfilling experience of shamanic trance dance where intuition defies physical space and mental confinements. We feel the divine presence flowing within us as we go deep through inner exploration. We pray, we let go, we surrender and we soar. We release and we play. Join us and watch your life unfold as you surrender your spirit to the dance.

We were all free! And with such intention, we pursue our dance. It has been designed so that you can immerse yourself fully, embody the practice with every cell of your being, and gain all the tools needed to facilitate movement for a better world. We believe in YOUR vision of a better world through dance. Dancing Freedom is a global community of people who love to dance and are passionate about co-creating a better world. Our training blends deep somatic, ecstatic and shamanic movement work with collaborative leadership training, soul empowerment, sacred ceremony and community mentoring.

We support you to deepen and widen into your psychosomatic awareness and skillfullness, your emotional intelligence, your mindfullness, your compassionate responsivity, and your resiliency as a leader and community co-creator. We provide an initiatory container to assist you to further mature as a loving adult and visionary steward. Trainings are offered at several locations around the country. Within the first weekend, you are facilitating Dancing Mindfulness under supervision by Dr.

Marich or an approved affiliate. Recommended study given for enhancing your practice and taking it into your community. Dancing Mindfulness LIVE the video is available for you to bring a full-length Dancing Mindfulness session right into your home or studio.

A perfect way to discover if training in Dancing Mindfulness is right for you! Mindfulness Retreats Come and dance on retreat with Dr. Marich and other Dancing Mindfulness enthusiasts! For more info visit www. Mindfulness is the ancient practice of noticing without judgment. We utilize movement as the primary channel for cultivating mindful awareness. Developed by Jamie Marich, Ph. Appropriate for both community and clinical settings, facilitator trainings emphasize the principles of safety and trauma competency. Dancing the Rainbow is a creative, healing and soulful course that combines physical theatre, yoga, movement, art, colour therapy and creative writing in a dynamic and subtle fusion that transforms life experience, dark and light, into art.

Our intention in Dancing the Rainbow is to truthful in our expression of ourselves through dance. We allow the body to move from the inside out, leaning into fears and disabilities, stiffness and rigidity, into the bones, joints, flesh, muscles, sinews and fluids of the body. We explore our physical body as a creative map.

The body expressing itself truthfully is the living sculpture of all that has shaped us. The dance becomes a living art as we express our soul through the movements we make. Our thoughts are still and our movements are the movements of birds and animals and winter trees. In this way we recognise each other and in this moment, we are free. As the founders of Danyasa Eco-Retreat and Yoga Arts and as well as creators and co-founders of Envision Festival, and with over 30 years of combined experience in Costa Rica, they promise to guide you on a Costa Rican journey that you will cherish for life!

Danyasa Eco-Retreat is an ecologically friendly retreat space and sanctuary for exploration and transformation in the beautiful lush nature of Costa Rica. Our eco retreat oasis is located in Dominical, two minutes from the beach and the warm Pacific Ocean, at the base of rain-forested mountains where the Baru River meets the sea. Home to the Bamboo Yoga Play studio, we offer movement classes, workshops, teacher trainings and rejuvinating retreats in the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

Danyasa Eco-Retreat invites you to visit, dive in and open to experience the boundless creative life force that naturally wants to move through all! Are you teaching movement classes? Using a laptop or tablet to DJ your music? Want to get better at that? Friendly, down-to-earth tutoring through online videos walks you through the whole process in 3 sections: 1. Getting Set Up: choosing optimal gear, organising music, setting up software, etc.

Basic DJ Skills: getting you to the level of simple but professional competence, manageable no matter how techno-phobic you are! Go Creative: loops, beat-matching, harmonic mixing, samples etc — all the stuff that professional DJs use, but tailored for you as a movement teacher. All questions I had about Traktor answered in one place.

Things which were scary and out of my limits are becoming simple and manageable, as everything is shown step by step. What a relief to have all this knowledge available. She has guided and coached international students and teachers-in-training on several continents. Devi is dedicated to support her students and clients to live and express their true soul essence. Each sacred evolutionary level consists of 3 ascension modules over the period of one year supported by group calls.