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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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I failed to secure my labels onto my orchids, so they became separated, some forever. On my really good orchids, I now attach my labels using a hole punch and wire onto the stake and wire that keeps my orchids together. This way they will never be separated. Some folks will put multiple labels within their pots, and some will even bury an extra label in the media. Remember, labels especially plastic ones have a short lifespan, so you want a good quality vinyl label.

We have even used old vertical blinds and aluminum as labels. I like to keep additional information like , last repot, origin of the plant, last bloom, number of flowers, flower description, last fertilizing, etc.

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So big labels are goo d. Whatever we do, we never want an orphaned orchid.

Just Orchid Photos! Big Book of Photographs & Pictures of Orchids, Vol. 1

Attendees were able to look through several rare books featuring beautifully illustrated plates of orchids, birds and other animals. One of the presenters, Sheron Harwood, WOS President, captivated the audience with her knowledge of orchid history, diversity and culture. The books from this rare collection dated from as early as ! Other pictures are a Cycnoches Egertonianum, unusual in that it has male and female flowers and a Stanhopea Martiana, unique because the flower spikes grow down from the bottom.

The detail and accuracy of these hand-drawn prints were amazing, right down to bug bites on the stems. Cycnoches Egertonianum. Proper staking and grooming can make a big difference in how orchid flowers appear. I bet if I do everything just right, I can get that daggum orchid flower to come out of that plant.

It was a sweet little thing that made me smile to look at it. There are tricks for that. Get it? And, the most important thing is to use a little-bitty pot. If that plant is still wobbly, put a stake next to a stem and twist-tie them together. If the plant wants to fall over, put that little pot into an empty bigger pot.

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Well, you are in luck. And bonus, bring a yummy dish to share and enjoy a potluck lunch and talking story after the workshop. This is more fun than reading about orchid care…really. Orchid of the Day: June 17, Book: AOS Guide to Pests and Diseases Everything you need to know to identify and control whatever may be ailing your orchid, whether insects, bacteria or fungi. A novel. Emeritus UCI botanist Dr. Facing a variety of perils, familiar friends and newcomers race across the South African countryside in search of a new species of Disa.

The fascinating plants, animals, and rocks of Namaqualand are interwoven into the story. Paperback with pages. All book proceeds will be donated to the Orchid Digest Publication Fund. Signed books will be shipped after Summer Open House week of July Orchid of the Day: June 23, A colorful and fascinating visual and literary history of the personalities, expeditions, and orchid discoveries in the Americas.

Phalaenopsis Orchids Summer Care - Detailed care guide for Orchid beginners

The hard-cover volume of pages includes quotations from collectors like Bateman, Lindley, and Sanders; beautifully reproduced classical illustrations of many kinds of New World Orchids; and contemporary photos of Masdevallias and other Pleurothallids. Orchid of the Day: June 28, A genuine artifact. Never circulated. Originally published as a promotional and reference book, 70 years later it is a remarkable example of vintage orchid glamor and Western kitsch.

The alphabetical list of early Cymbidium hybrids remains useful. Orchid of the Day: July 30, Part autobiography, part highlights of Everglades Orchids breeding program, part vignettes of orchid friends and others. This engaging page hardbound book contains over beautiful photographs, most of them color, including over images of orchids.

Signed by the author.

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Orchid of the Day: June 30, Each of the 21 chapters presents a fascinating glimpse into orchid history, which is richly brought to life with may historical images and modern photos. We here at SBOE can mail prospective buyers an example copy of the 2-page table of contents. Books can only be shipped to U. Orchid of the Day: July 9, Twenty-one short stories to be exact. Harold Koopowitz lets his hair down to delight us with lighthearted orchid stories set at various important times of orchid discovery. The twist is the same fictional characters are at the center of each story.

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A very easy read with enough about orchids to interest the orchidist, but enough humor to amuse the non-orchidist. Signed books will be shipped after the Summer Open House week of July Building strongly on the first edition, this second edition includes : five additional Phaphiopedillum species and varieties inamorii, ooii, rothschildianum var. Books can only be shipped to US addresses. For shipping to other countries, order directly from the publisher in Borneo at www.