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The infamous commander Kramer of the huge Nazi concentration camp at Belsen told the first British officer to reach it in that "the prisoners were habitual criminals, those guilty of serious crimes and homosexuals. Part of its published "American Program" states, "we shall ruthlessly suppress all forms of vice, such as The callers warned they would disrupt the ECHO conference. These calls were not the first clue that there might be a Nazi intrusion: about a week earlier, Washington Mattachine members had recognized at a gay bar two sometime Nazi supporters with ECHO literature in their hands.

Rockwell's Nazis have earned a reputation for successfully breaking up peaceful gatherings by their well-planned stunts. ECHO leaders, determined their conference should not be disrupted, alerted Washington police. The incident does occur, around Sunday afternoon. Nearly people, including visitors from a Methodist Church convention in town, are" waiting for the religious panel to begin. A young man enters the. ECHO anteroom. He is blond, good-looking, well-built, quietly dressed. He is self-confident and smiling.

He speaks with a southern accent. The quotes in the following are verbatim excerpts from that tape:. Is Rabbi Lipman in the house? He has not yet arrived. I've got 24 quarts of Vaseline here to deliver to Rabbi Eugene Lipman. I believe all you queers will be able to make use of it. He starts toward the inner room, carrying the box. Others join the line.

A crowd gathers. The line begins to inch forward. You are trespassing. Plainclothes officer Graham--see Part leaves the room to telephone police officers specifically stationed in the hotel to protect ECHO from the Nazis. NAZI: Would you quit pushing me, you queers I see you've got queer rabbis and priests and reverends and everything here today Would somebody please bring the queer Rabbi here for me to deliver this Vaseline to him?

He smiles, partly turns,; digs in his heels, presses back against the line. The Rabbi's waiting for his Vaseline Are there any lesbians here? A blonde girl Joins the line. Are you a lesbian too? Would you please leave? Father Harvey is one of the religious panel members. This Vaseline is for the rabbi, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing It with his cassock friends. NAZI: I'm only a delivery boy. I had to leave church today in order to bring this Vaseline over to you queers.

He pushes back against the line, continues to smile. NAZI: I believe you're trying to kick me, aren't you, lesbian? There's a queer for LBJ. He looks like a kike, too. Are there many kike queers here? A dog himself shouldn't be subjected to you bunch of queers. The station has apparently been alerted by the publicity-hungry Nazis. Is that right? Enter plainclothesman Graham. Ironically, he is forced to do the apprehending because the special police sent to prevent a disturbance are too far away at the moment in the huge hotel. Applause breaks out for Graham's action. The stunt had failed to disrupt the meeting for more than 5 minutes.

The Nazi was taken to Washington police headquarters where he was booked on a charge of disorderly conduct. We did not know at the time of our Nazi incident that Walter W. Everyone Wants To pet Into The Act Department: It's become fashionable for erstwhile intellectuals to show how hip they are by using gay terminology casually, without defining the terms or setting them off with quotation marks.

Miss Sontag shows little understanding of the homosexual sensibility, and confuses with "Camp" the kookie fads adopted by the self-appointed sophisticates among college students and younger suburban housewives. She sees "Camp" in the nostalgic appreciation of the bad or exaggerated styles of the twenties and thirties and Victorians, as exemplified in old Rudy Vallee records and the Tiffany lamps on her "in" list.

The fact is the Camp is in the eye of the beholder, not in the object. It is the opposite of the straight, square, self-congratulatory middlebrow appreciation of cute old clothes and bad old movies. Despite Miss Sontag's air of giving away some well-kept secrets, her "Inside" knowledge of Camp is already shared by the masses--like the Tiffany lamps that are selling fast in the discount stores.

The nationwide Les Crane TV show recently had two former winners of the Miss America contest as quests, along with a comedienne who makes a regular appearance on the show. The comedienne contended that no one takes the Miss America contests seriously. The phenomenal growth during of the M. The M. Its purpose was to investigate and report on the situation of the lesbian minority in general, and in particular in Great Britain. It was decided that its findings could best be. Membership is open to anyone who has a bona fide motive for applying to join the Group, whether this is directly personal, or sociological, or from disinterested good will.

This point must be stressed, because one of the objects of the Group is to free female homosexuality from the prurience, sensationalism and vulgar voyeurism with which it is associated in some minds. The objects of the Group in this field are:. To provide a centre wherein homosexual women can meet others for discussion of their differing views, problems and interest. It is now becoming generally recognized that isolation is potent factor in inducing neurosis. To provide material for medico-social research workers and writers who wish to investigate the condition.

To seek ways of improving the public image of the lesbian by familiarizing this fairly common condition, and of removing from it the aura of social stigma. To publish and circulate monthly to members the magazine ARENA THREE, in which Items of particular concern to homosexual women can be discussed, but which will also publish material of more general interest.

To arrange meetings, debates, lectures and conferences and to promote intelligent and properly informed press and radio comment in relation to this minority group. Collaboration with other social agencies, intelligent press and television publicity, and a small amount of classified advertising by the Group resulted in a phenomenally rapid growth of membership from the original five founder-members. Within a few months there were hundreds of subscribing members, and more than twice as many non-subscribing supporters. By no means were all the members of M.

Many people, both men and women, joined from motives of disinterested good will and the desire to see a belated and much-needed improvement in the situation of the considerable homosexual minority. News of the Group's activities attracted the inevitable attention of prurient and sexually immature men in search of 'adult literature', who wrote, telephoned" or called personally at our office.

We had no difficulty in distinguishing between these and the genuine inquirers about our work, and we took various steps to discourage them from plaguing our staff, to dissuade them from further inquiry and, at the same time, to encourage. To meet the two most urgent needs, described in the previous section of this report, we propose in to make certain amendments to our aims and objects as set out in the original membership application form. We are happy, and a bit surprised, to report that all the aims set out for were largely, in some cases wholly, achieved.

The London Club is due to open shortly, under management of a welfare officer and two other professional women. Our Library contains an impressive number of books and brochures of considerable interest and help to homosexual people; our public image has improved in previously ill-informed and prejudiced circles; our monthly magazine has met with an enthusiastic welcome not only in Britain but throughout the world, and the standard of contributions sent in by M.

And finally, the debates and discussions we have so far held have been very well attended. We are confident that the high calibre of M. This year, , marks also the tenth anniversary of D. A forthcoming issue will celebrate D. Otherwise write to National Office in San Francisco for a membership application form. Bilitis, Inc. Anyone over 21 may subscribe to The Ladder. We are a non-profit corporation depending entirely on volunteer labor. While men may not become members of Daughters of Bilitis, many have expressed interest in our efforts and have made contributions to further our work.

Last October this new subscriber wrote DOB to say, "I am a graduate student in sociology at a large university in the mid-West. Imagine my disappointment when I found that the huge library here has very few books pertaining to homosexuality. We offer everything from light fiction to scholarly non-fiction. Every book order and every subscription helps DOB! Let us be your source for better reading on homosexuality. A line-up of police cars, one paddy wagon, plainclothes and uniformed officers, and police photographers greeted over patrons of this supposedly gala event. Attending the ball were prominent ministers in the San Francisco area, as well as many members of their congregations, and members and friends of Bay Area homophile organizations.

The Mardi Gras New Year's Ball was held to raise funds for the work of the Council of Religion and the Homosexual, a group formed "to promote a continuing dialogue between the church and the homosexual. Police dogged the assembly from 9 p. Official police photographers snapped pictures of most of the guests as they arrived. Arrested were three attorneys and a housewife who challenged inspectors from the sex-crimes detail by insisting the police needed either a warrant, or Information that a crime was being committed, in order to enter the hall.

e-book Slutty Housewives (Adult Picture Book) Volume 17

The four were charged with obstructing police officers. A clergyman was threatened with arrest while escorting two guests to their car. Two men attending the ball were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, which brought to six the number of arrests. This flagrant harassment, surveillance, and show of force by police caused the ball to break up an hour early.

Nevertheless the guests tried to enjoy the festivities as planned. No criticisms were made by police of the costumes, the dancing, or the program. The ministers explained they had gone to the police on December 23 to tell them in good faith about plans for the benefit event.

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Thereafter, police reportedly tried to get California Hall officials to cancel the Mardi Gras Ball booking. On December 29, ministers and members of homophile groups met again with police officials, who gave assurances that guests. The clergymen contended police had questioned them about their "theological concepts. San Francisco newspapers carried a stream of letters and articles about the ball. Wire service reports were picked up by newspapers around the country. Radio and TV including BBC discussed the repercussions from the ball and also took up the subject of homosexuality in general. The local American Civil Liberties Union reacted swiftly by announcing it would defend the three arrested attorneys, who are retained by the Council on Religion and the Homosexual.

The ACLU spokesman claimed that police made the arrests "to intimidate attorneys who represent unpopular groups. Del Martin, DOB Treasurer and a member of the Council, commented that "this is the type of police activity that homosexuals know well, but heretofore the police had never played their hand before Mr. Average Citizen. It was always the testimony of the police officer versus the homosexual, and the homosexual, fearing publicity and knowing the odds were against him, succumbed.

But in this instance the police overplayed their part. They want to "study police reports" before making statements about the ball. Police claim their intrusion was warranted because tickets to the ball were being sold at the door. Ministers say they knew of no tickets sold this way. What next? We get ours fresh from the field! You are our only source. Please give the name and date of the publication.

DOB has agreed to cooperate in the distribution of research materials for a project aimed at noting the relationships between the sexual attitudes and experiences of females and certain personality characteristics. This study is being conducted by Manfred F. DeMartino, M. He has also served as research psychologist for the New York State Mental Health Commission and as clinical psychologist at Southbury Training School for the mentally retarded at Southbury, Connecticut.

The materials will be sent out shortly to all paying LADDER subscribers in sealed envelopes, and will be completely anonymous. As in the past, DOB hopes that you will give this project your best attention. The postage rate used for the magazine does not permit forwarding even though your former post office may have your new address. Avoid missing any issues! Send your new address promptly to the Circulation Manager in San Francisco. Some quality books have been gathered for shipment to subscriber Ger van B. As we go to press, the books are being packed for the long trip overseas.

Our sincere thanks to those who responded to the appeal. We know that Ger will be pleased. As a lesbian, I am supposed to hate men. But some of my best friends are men. It's women I can't stand--that is, the current model of American femininity, trussed into the Feminine Role of Wife and Mother, with a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval stamped across her Maidenform-upholstered bosom. Now femininity is something I like very much. Smooth, silky, soft, warm feminine attributes, physical and spiritual, delight me.

That is one of the chief reasons I am a lesbian. Normally--if you'll excuse the expression--I should be attracted in a general way to many women around me, for their femininity. Instead, I find the particular brand of femininity they represent quite repulsive, because it represents extinction of themselves as persons in their own right, to play a role society has thrust on them.

What makes a person attractive? Vitality, intelligence, individuality, a self-propelled quality. But these are exactly the characteristics the model American female hides if she has them, until they evaporate and leave her an automaton in female dress. Women are sociologically an oppressed minority who never question the ruling group's right to keep them down and exploit them. All too submissively they learn to adopt the humiliating strategies of the slave who has to curry favor with the master group.

Every girl is told she must smile and smile on dates, much as Uncle Tom smiles his big ingratiating smile at massa. She is warned to keep repeating the heterosexual equivalent of "Yassuh, yassuh" to any idiocy put forth by the male, who is placed by society in the master role by virtue of the class he belongs to rather than by personal superiority. And she accepts the role of making herself pleasing to him, though the social structure has placed her there regardless of her personal worth.

Everyone knows a woman must never let a man find out she's smarter than he is, and never correct or dispute him. Men, young girls are warned, hate women with more brains than they have. It would seem that any amount Is more. As long as you know your place, massa will love you, but don't ever try to assume equality.

What is unattractive about the current version of American womanhood is that she shows no spark of rebellion, but has been thoroughly, abjectly brainwashed into worrying whether she is having the right "feminine" feelings and attitudes which will please men, so she can be early married, impregnated, Pyrexed,. If she finds housework, marriage and babies uninteresting and admits it, she's sent to a psychiatrist or marriage counselor to Find Out Why she Rejects the Feminine Role.

For some reason, rejecting the Feminine Role is the most terrible accusation you can make against any woman these days--more serious than adultery, promiscuity, or even prostitution, which at least prove her Femininity. Even critics of the "feminine mystique" like Betty Friedan and Eve Merriam merely plead for women to have the right to escape from the kitchen only after they've had children.

They too go on the assumption that motherhood is woman's highest fulfillment; only they beg for her a little relief from this highest fulfillment in the form of a job and a nursery school to take the fulfillments off her hands. They are merely proposing a slight loosening of the tight bonds on those innumerable women who, cowed and brainwashed, duly marry and breed and run neat homes and buy tons of Tide, and yet are not saved. The Feminine Role is rigidly defined, and every female is supposed to fit into it.

As with the ben of Procrustes--those who were too short had to be stretched to fit it, and those too long were lopped off--every woman, whatever her needs, must fit herself into the wife-and-mother role. Lest anyone make an appeal to Nature and pretend this is every woman's destiny and true fulfillment, note the attitudes of the experts who as handmaidens of the status quo, have the job of processing women for their social role.

In their hearts they know that talk of nature and destiny is palaver. What is important, is conforming to the rules of your society--right or wrong, just or unjust. In an essay called "Learning the Feminine Role" 1 , sociologist Mirra Komarovsky shows that "feminine" attitudes are not inborn and "natural," but are inculcated by society at an early age and promoted consistently through adolescence. The author coolly admits that though parents may want daughters in today's uncertain world to be trained to make a living for themselves if necessary, "In doing so we run the risk of awakening Interests and abilities which run counter to the present definition of femininity.

The "risk" of awakening interests and abilities! Risk to whom? To the ruling group of course. In whom would it be a "risk" to awaken abilities--usually considered a desirable thing--except in a subject people, who might get up on their hind legs and insist on being treated as persons instead of being consigned by the master race to the society's slob jobs. These abilities we risk awakening "run counter to the present definition of femininity," a clear recognition this "present definition" is artificial--her whole article proves it--but she, agrees that nevertheless the female should conform to it, because it's our society's norm!

We have created a definition of what women should be like, and if they're not like that, there's something wrong with the woman, not the definition. This genuflection by the professionals to a temporary, distorted and unhappy status quo for the female leads to an appalling "Orwellian doublethink and doubletalk. And doesn't she! Blandly stating that "The right of women to an equal education may be considered won" she got hers, she's teaching at Columbia , she recommends that the educational system be revamped so that girls postpone going to college until their children are grown because after a taste of the possibilities opened up by education, they find a life bounded by the washing machine and the babies intolerably frustrating.

Pushing them hard into early, and practically forced, motherhood, she would withdraw their right to choose their lives and their careers as freely as boys. She performs the trick of promoting the Nazi "Kinder, Kuche, Kirche" children, kitchen and church doctrine while making "progressive" noises. She merely wants the poor darlings to be happier in their oppressed state--and to nip in the bud any stirrings of rebellion. Every society creates models, or images as the ad men call them, of the types of people it wants its members to emulate.

Gone out of mind in America is the strong, self-propelled single woman who was a dedicated teacher, doctor, writer, or social crusader. Even the strong pioneer woman, though married, has probably been bypassed in school textbooks. Girls are taught to be passive, compliant and "feminine," to give up their individuality and concentrate on making themselves mantraps to snare a boy into early marriage and parenthood. Our ideal image of woman is that housewife in the ads, looking lovingly at her box of detergent in her sparkling kitchen, and having orgasms over the giant in her washing machine who gets her husband's and children's dirty shirt collars so clean.

Her function is to consume products and produce consumers. In a year-end ritual common to large corporations, in which they predict a rosy sales future, the president of Kentile told the floor coverings distributors of America that "11, women rise newly pregnant every morning.

Now, like everyone else, I want to see the national economy strong.

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But I don't want to see it rest on a psychological exploitation of half the citizens--the female half. This is sheer imperialism, comparable to going into a backward nation and making slaves of the natives for corporate profits. What I despise about women Is that they're so easily sold this cheap bill of goods and don't fight for their rights against the exploiter. You don't see the slightest signs of any Resistance movement. The few remaining career women on the scene wear flowered hats all day, go to the analyst four times a week, and have numerous divorces and unfortunate babies to prove their femininity and apologize for their presumption.

Yet, aside from the cows, the timid, the lazy, and that minority who genuinely like housekeeping and children, most women hate being stuck in that plastic kitchen depicted in the ads. It is a wonder that there has not long ago been organized an underground network in the suburbs of America which would one day give a secret signal, at which simultaneously every housewife would dump a whole carton of Tide into her washer, turn it on and run off, resulting in the total inundation of the communities in detergent suds.

All business would be stopped, and the men would be left by themselves to clean up the mess. Instead, dissatisfied women take refuge in boring part-time jobs, psychiatry, alcoholism, adultery, or neo-fascist political movements. Lesbians are practically the only people who cop out of this farce.

Many of them are intimidated by the universal agreement that This Is The Way It's Supposed To Be, to the extent that they feel guilty and often run to the psychiatrist to be made as dishonest as everyone else. Fortunately the treatment seldom "takes," for it would reduce the small number of those who are waiting out the dark ages, keeping a little lamp of dissent lit underground until a new era comes in.

Which Is very close at hand. Not by virtue of anybody's strength or rebellion, but because the "population explosion," like a fireball from an atomic blast, Is rolling towards us at a suddenly accelerated pace. The big World War II baby crop is full grown and has begun to breed, as- directed, early and fast. The put-off time Is over when only the population experts worried about standing room only. The consciousness of the problem is being moved down to the masses, and the propaganda machine is preparing itself for a complete reversal.

We are faced with the possibility--the certainty--of too many consumers of air, water and space, resulting in a physical and spiritual pollution of the atmosphere, the devaluation of the individual life, and a downgrading of the quality of life to a mass level much lower than we have today, according to the authors of TOO MANY AMERICANS 2.

We will have to tailor our social myths to fit the situation. The hard sell on femininity and motherhood will suddenly go out of fashion, and those geniuses who coin terms like "population explosion" and "organization man" which crystallize and change the public consciousness, will think up persuasive slogans related to busting the baby boom for a greater America. Babies, instead of being regarded as blessings, will be looked.

The propaganda machinery will reverse itself and promote the image of the woman who doesn't breed. The "woman of the year" will be a childless astronaut or deep-sea diver. Since early marriage is a big culprit in exploding populations, girls will be encouraged, even paid, to prolong their school years and postpone or bypass marriage. They will study for newly-created scientific and technological professions. Women will be shoveled by hundreds of thousands into the traditional female occupations of teaching, social work and nursing, but they will also become doctors and politicians and anything else they want to be, since they will not have to interrupt their work for childbearing.

In this millennium, women will be persons, and will become attractive even when straight. It may be difficult then to tell the straight from the gay ones--in fact, it may not even be necessary. A British writer suggests 3 :. It will indeed be a piquant paradox if--in the long run and taking the survival of humanity as a whole as our criterion--this controversial instinct turns out to have a greater survival value than the urge to reproduce.

Schur, Indiana University Press,. We bend the subtle twigs of our existence With a grossly educated hand, And force the natural sway of growth Into warped limbs and crazy angles In a frantic race against crowding death. The serried forest shudders with mangling activity, As each schooled woodsman vies for space To twist and thrust his egoistic stem aloft So the sickly leaves may feed on sunlight Before the darkness kills. My psalms have all one mark, and memory Is burnt like incense in a secret place; And like the ground-swell growing silently, The soul like spring tide rolls toward one face.

One shifting spectrum lingers in my sight, Of chestnut-brown caught in the sheen of sun, To palest pink grown warm beneath the light-- Thus fragile things an altar build to one. My self, a graven image of one god-- Recorded in my pulse only one touch; One voice I hear; one kiss I feel--and odd, How one can miss a mouth loved overmuch. I play the cello gayly but gently. I caress velvet strings pizzicato arpeggio or whatever Searching out the magic Chords, And you, my subtle friend, Come counterpoint, Offer me softly of your melodic Talents. When I could not bear the thoughts of parting I'd walk down the grating street until sand grains formed dunes and I walked among the reeds, uncut by mere pebbles and shells.

I'd sit and look past the seagulls beyond the breakwater and foam, and the sun shone quietly making patterns of the sky. With my footsteps washed by the lapping I'd stand toward the raspberry sun asking it questions, but always the glow remained silent and the seagulls spoke not in my tongue. This affiliation was created in early when representatives of four organizations--Daughters of Bilitis, Mattachine Society of New York, Janus Society, Mattachine Society of Washington-- met in Philadelphia to plan an informal alliance of homophile groups on the East Coast.

Participation in ECHO is limited to formally organized groups operating east of the Mississippi River, whose main purpose is working by lawful means toward the improvement of the status of the homosexual in society. ECHO has sponsored two public conferences since its inception. The second one, held in Washington, D. Part Pour, the last one, appears below. Key philosophical differences within the homophile movement were laid bare in an informal debate entitled "Education or Legislation? The opponents were Dr. Kameny, physicist and astronomer, and president of the Mattachine Society of Washington, who spoke in favor of emphasis on legislation.

Kameny, as the first speaker, clarified for the audience the alternative strategies under discussion. He said "there are three areas in which emphasis can be placed in a movement such as ours: the social services, Information and education, civil liberties and social rights. But, partly because of limited resources, each group chooses which area it will emphasize. Social services must be provided, especially to help homosexuals find jobs and get legal and other professional aid. Yet social services do not get at the roots of the problems --they only treat the symptoms. Since the primary purpose of the homophile groups, said Dr.

Kameny suggested. He explained that traditionally, much of the homophile movement has geared itself to educating and informing, hoping to change prejudiced attitudes. Kameny charged--and the debate was under way. Kameny said, relies on the "naive assumption that in matters of ingrained prejudice, the majority of people are rational and amenable to reason. They aren't.

Prejudice is an emotional commitment, not an intellectual one, and is little if at all touched by considerations of reason. Study upon study Kameny cited one recent study which he said "showed that tolerance is only slightly promoted by more information, that communication of facts is generally ineffective against predisposition. In terms of their deep prejudices in this area, they are "uneducable and noninformable. In the next ten years, by a vigorous social-protest, social-action, civil-liberties type of program, he achieved in essence everything for which he had been fighting.

Let not this lesson be wasted upon us. All these considerations Imply that homophile groups should direct their main efforts toward "changes of law, regulation, and procedure, whether brought about through legislative means or judicial ones. One good court case or court decision will go farther than a dozen radio appearances. A few properly written letters to properly chosen public officials Kameny said. It will "get us the support of many--but very far from all--of the more intelligent members of the community.

Even there, a disconcertingly strong core of resistance remains and will remain. Summing up, Dr. Kameny advised the homophile movement to put primary emphasis on "a vigorous civil liberties, social rights and social action program. Konietzko first made it clear that he thinks in terms of a larger problem, "the basic human question of how we get people to live together harmoniously Kameny and I have a difference in approach because I see this as basically an educational problem," He said his concern is for liberalization in general of attitudes toward sex.

He pointed out that our Judeo-Christian heritage has created in our society an overall problem of sexuality which affects the heterosexual as well as the homosexual. He noted that clergymen on ECHO's religious panel had spoken of the worthwhileness of the individual. This is "a new thing from new leaders. Apparently all the clergy doesn't feel this way. Konietzko claimed such deep prejudicial attitudes cannot be abolished by legislation.

Further, "you the homophile groups are not going to get cooperation from the legislators unless you change some of their basic prejudices too,". Homosexuals have in point of fact, Dr. Konietzko maintained, only those rights which society is willing to grant to them. Rights are a matter of definition. Konietzko observed that society's institutions, including religious ones, are "charged specifically with instilling in the young the,attitudes of the larger society.

And if they are learned, they are taught. If you can change the teaching, then you can change the society. Konietzko referred to the clergy. Most people have an emotional not an intellectual commitment to their clergy. People will stop discriminating against the homosexual not because they've changed a single thing in their minds but because their clergyman, as an emotional leader, has told them to do so. Also, Dr.

Konietzko said society defines our rights. Our definitions of homophile rights have been carefully keyed in to the rights of other minorities. So we are on fairly firm ground in requesting those rights. Judicial means are more practical, since legislatures are tied in too closely with the prejudices we're fighting. Even if you educate your legislators, they still have to follow the will of their constituents. So you go to the courts. You act , to get what you feel properly and justifiably are the rights that are yours. You can get a court ruling on any one case, and after several years you will have a dozen rulings.

But I am more concerned about basic acceptance of the homosexual as a human being. You will only establish a lot of legal rights nobody is going to give you because they don't grant them to you emotionally. And when you want to get hired, you will have to return to the courts and stress your rights again and again, and you will still face the same basic ostracism and hostility. The more you attack, the more defensive people become, and the more reaction you get--usually a reprisal reaction.

The more you threaten, the less they're able to think straight, and the less willing they become to grant you anything. I think you should exert a firm, gentle pressure through the courts, but not a slam-bang attack--because I think you're going to get clobbered, Applause from audience. Yet I feel there should be distinctly more than a firm, gentle pressure through the courts.

The Negro went to the courts and Southerners still don't like him. He nevertheless now has his basic rights, and these have been established by the constituted authority of society, even if not by the will of the society around him. The changes in attitude will accommodate themselves to what constituted authority hands down. Ministers are the conscience of the community and should be your first target. You should begin by getting the church to say that homosexuality Is not a sin per se. Then you will have a good argument and be well on your way to getting legal support.

Old values are being re-examined by more humane clergymen, so now is the time for you to get on the bandwagon with education. KAMENY: Regarding your comment about getting the clergy to grant that homosexuality is not a sin, I have already begun to ask clergymen just this. And I have found that to get a commitment from a clergymen on a statement like that Is rather unlikely.

Yet you can get it from some. In states that are not ready to adopt the Code, you can push for court action. Yet the "experts" are constantly making pronouncements to the public which contradict the subjective knowledge of so many homosexuals. How can homosexuals get their message across to the public and to those "experts," who incidentally all have their vested interests?

And I include the clergy. It's for somebody to challenge them. If it's a question of morality, ask the clergy. If it's a question of illness, ask the psychiatrists. They will give you a dozen different answers, but at least you'll communicate. KAMENY: A place to start is for the homophile organizations to realize that in the last analysis--and I am knowingly oversimplifying-- we are the experts and the authorities. And we had better start educating the public to the fact that when they want reliable information on homosexuals and homosexuality, they come not to the psychiatrists, not to the ministers, and not to all the rest--they come to us.

Applause We are coming to be more and more called on to speak in our own behalf, and it's time we started a coordinated program to do so. We must get across to the public that we are the ones to come to, not the psychiatrists or all the rest with their utter lack of information and their distorted viewpoints. Kameny's expertness. He is just as liable as myself or experts heterosexual or homosexual, to have distorted views. We are all human beings! Janus Society South 17th St. Mattachine Society of Washington--P. Box , Washington 13, D. The speaker was Dr.

Paul R. Stationing themselves at entrances to the large lecture hall, the four picketers handed out free literature from homophile organizations. A typed letter asking for rebuttal time was taken to, the forum's chairman, who agreed to the request. During the question and answer period, one of the four picketers was allowed to speak for ten minutes from a microphone in the audience. He pointed out that the so-called experts are in great disagreement, often contradicting each other's theories about homosexuality. Furthermore, he said, research on homosexuality is skimpy and has been conducted almost entirely with unhappy, ill-adjusted homosexuals who were patients undergoing therapy.

The researchers usually start with the assumption that homosexuality is a disease, so it is not surprising that their conclusions support this biased view. He noted that those who call homosexuality a disease rarely warn their listeners about the unscrupulous therapists who charge exorbitant hourly fees and promise quick, easy cures to naive homosexuals or their distraught parents. Applause for the challenger topped applause for the lecturer, who appeared stunned for a moment by the reaction of the audience.

Dince conceded the point about unscrupulous therapists. Send to. Keep up with the views and news of two of the most active homophile groups in the U. There was a total of titles: 34 hardbacks and paperback originals. All the hardback works are included in this survey article, but only those paperbacks worth looking into are covered. The merit of paperbacks is always open to debate. Some feel they should be judged on the same level as hardbacks--but this, in my view, is unrealistic and overlooks the intended function of paperback originals, which is lightweight entertainment only.

This novel has not yet been released in the U. Don't miss it. There is every ingredient to call forth admiration: love, adventure, conflict, and quality of writing seldom found in a first novel. It concerns an intense love affair, with realistic complications and a happy denouement.

It is a moving story of a brief romance between two women, one worldly, one very young, whose destinies make their attachment impossible. A novel intended as satire turned out to contain some real romance and serious consideration of the demands lesbianism entails. One choice title each in the popular fields of mystery and humor helped make this a banner year. After that, it's fun to watch Louise W.

Some novels defy classification. The novel is too slow-moving for all tastes, but it's full of witty asides, knowing conversation and interior monologues which the literate gay reader will dig. For years Marguerite Steen has written good-quality popular novels. The best part of this English romp is the character Oggie Schneider, who proves that stereotypes need not be vituperatively drawn. Oggie is a butchy girl, and she is presented so well that she will be real to the knowing and inoffensive to the casual reader.

Had a lesser writer produced this novel, it would merit praise and be called "promising. But for those of you who have, never acquired that special taste for her writing, her witty analysis of the fraughts of human relationships, now Is the time. This book is caviar. A brief, cruel episode involving a lesbian brutalized by the hero? However, the author's sympathy is entirely with the lesbian victim and his novel has power and shows promise.

Miss Hutchins frequently writes about homosexuals, and she handles the subject matter well. The handling is similar to Merle Miller's "integrated" novels mentioned above. While the lesbian element is not major, it is substantial and the girl is a primary character. The story line, however, is sad. With all the attention devoted to politics in , it was no surprise to find a couple of political novels of relevance to this article.

Martin's Press, is an ugly tale about the forming of a group of super-patriots a la John Birch Society. None of the book is redeeming, but it serves as a warning. A lesbian character is one of the pawns of the game. Miller Doubleday, will appeal to those who find entertainment in the beat world. Though some of its mannerisms are irritating, the novel includes a lengthy and specific account of a lesbian affair.

Usually it is in the paperback field that one finds the low point of the year.

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In past years my surveys have included older titles two years or less discovered too late for mention in the appropriate annual article. This novel was widely reviewed and noted as being concerned with male homosexuality. But there is also a major lesbian theme, introduced by a clever literary disguise. Some fair paperback originals appeared in , if we judge paperbacks as providing entertainment on a more superficial level than hardbacks.

Even so, the number of good paperback titles is small compared to former years, and this may be the sign that the genre is ending except for the trashy items that. The theme deserves a serious novel; this one is oversexed tripe. The plot is a brouhaha of complications, but it contains more extensive character and motivation development than is normally found in a paperback original novel. Lesbian plays are rare and seldom do they treat the subject frankly. It is a well-handled story of a menage a trois.

There was an outstanding biography to delight the history-oriented reader. Five good short stories--a high number--were found in , and four of these were by distinguished contributors to the genre. Since the titles in this survey were compiled by December 1, , omissions will be covered in next year's article. Readers who have seen my annual report on lesbian literature in previous years it has been a LADDER feature since will note that this year, for the first time, a complete list of all titles pertaining to lesbianism has not been included.

There are too many titles, and the majority are trashy paperbacks not worthy of mention in this survey. Once when I was 18, and full of the brashness bred by lack of confidence, I went into a library to kill time. I was hoping for a shocked reaction. Instead, she coolly assured me they had not only this book but others in the same line, and she reeled off several titles.

That was thirteen years ago. Now I have, hundreds of other books--and I still have the same "reader's advisor. Should I admit my homosexuality to my parents? That is the question confronting thousands of men and women in this country each year. I believe that, with few exceptions, homosexuals can get acceptance and understanding from their parents.

The first step is to put aside, if you have them, the feelings of guilt which many homosexuals carry around like Marley's chains. Face it, there is no disgrace in being a lesbian! Any disgrace you feel comes from the same kind of prejudice we accuse others of harboring. Then, if you are not ashamed of your way of life and your way of love, you can present a convincing case to those near and dear to you for acceptance of your orientation.

Home situations vary, and each homosexual will have different problems to consider when pondering this decision. Perhaps one parent is more sympathetic than the other. I say, choose that one to tell your story to, if you decide to tell. On the other hand, perhaps you have reason to think that your parents could not possibly understand.

Nevertheless, you can tell them by example. Take your friend "home" with you on holidays, mention the time you spend with her family, refer to her in your phone conversations with your parents, until they gradually feel that this person is an essential part of your life. They may not comprehend why she means so much to you. But they will realize this is the case, and for the most part, I believe, they will accept it. If you convey tactfully the idea of your commitment, they will probably come to feel that your friend is a true member of the family.

Why live half a life anywhere? Why continue the deception in which each half of your marriage goes home alone to her own parents for every major holiday? Why not go together, splitting your visits between the families, as heterosexual married couples generally do? If you are not willing to make It plain that your primary loyalty is to your friend, the alternatives may be painful.

Are you risking your marriage to make mother and dad happy? Are you being fair to your parents when you spend time away from them that they feel entitled to, while not giving them the reassurance about your motive that they need? Maybe you haven't yet entered into a homosexual marriage. Now might be the time to clear the air and make sure your family understands your orientation.

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It may make things easier later on when you take on a double responsibility. If your parents love you, I think the chances are they will do their best to accept you and your needs. For your own peace of mind and for theirs, tell them--by word or by example--where your needs lie. Make sure that all the important persons in your life, especially your parents, have an easy basis on which to maintain relationships with you. Let me add my voice to the many others who have complimented you on the improved LADDER, No matter what else I have to do, the minute a copy arrives in the mail, I seize upon it and read it through from one end to the other.

You are doing a fine job! One of the most pernicious attitudes taken toward homosexuality, and currently a popular one, is the one branding the condition as a disease. As a psychologist, I consider a person emotionally healthy if he is adjusted to himself and makes a contribution to society. And I know many homosexuals who meet these criteria. Many are so well adjusted to what they are that they neither desire to be, nor can they conceive of being, other than they are. Further, I see no merit in telling homosexuals: "There is only a small chance of cure. You're sick, but adapt to it as will as you can.

And I contend that they do. Evelyn Hooker and others have found no more neurosis among homosexuals than among heterosexuals, if one except the sexual orientation itself. Some psychiatrists speak of the percent of "cures" made among their own patients. We are never given statistics about how many ultimately return to homosexuality. Furthermore, we do not know how many of those who were unsuccessfully treated become more confused than before the effort to convert them. Two important factors in any individual's adjustment to being homosexual are these: he should establish a clearest concept of what he is, and accept it; and he should develop a strong enough ego to accept his right to differ from the majority.

In your November issue there apparently wasn't room for any fiction--and I missed it. I missed the emotional appeal that fiction has. Too much fact, fact, fact even if it concerns happy news about progress in the homophile movement has for me an uncomfortable rigor. We have one of the psychiatrically-oriented sex laws, and the officials I interviewed seemed to feel it is a model one. The crux is its reliance, on a diagnostic center which serves as advisor to the courts.

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The procedure, used with hundreds each year, is for the person convicted of a sex offense to be sent there by the judge, who has no choice in the matter. The offense may be as minor as soliciting. The convicted person is then returned to court with a report, and the judge is required--if the report so directs--to commit him to one of the state mental hospitals for a period not to exceed the term he would have had to serve in a prison. Apparently it is possible in some cases to refuse treatment, but this is rarely done.

And a prisoner so refusing would probably get the maximum sentence. Diagnosis before trial may be made in some cases also. The law is described as "protecting both the patient and the community. What happens to the person at the diagnostic center? He can struggle to prove his sanity, and thereby be recommended for ordinary imprisonment.

Or he can accept a hospital, for better or worse--and worse can be pretty bad in an understaffed state hospital. In these, all too many "cured" patients-prove to have been reduced by tranquilizers to a glassy-eyed apathy. Certainly no deep psychotherapy can be attempted on the budget available. At least New Jersey has one advantage over Pennsylvania and New York: hospital commitments in those states are not restricted to the legal time limits set on the prison sentence for a given offense. There is a great deal of evidence here to support Dr.

Szasz's contention that there has been a shift in authority from judicial to "medical. It is an excellent example of responsible journalism in a field that could very well fall into maudlin sentiment or to the other extreme of sensationalism, either of which would defeat the purpose for which the periodical was established. Nearly one-fifth of the magazine's subscribers are men. They include professional persons, supporters of D.

It's one of the top two homophile magazines. Why not subscribe today? Telephone: UNderhill 3 - Homosexuals should form political pressure groups to fight for their rights. They should also organize and run their own social clubs, like those in Europe. Homosexuality is virtually impossible to cure, and studies which claim the opposite are questionable. Hendrik M. Ruitenbeek noted that in the American political system, minority groups exert pressure on the politicians who represent them to make their voices heard.

We are at present seeing an upsurge of the Negro minority. Homosexuals too should raise their voices "to establish themselves as persons" and demand their rights, Dr. Ruitenbeek urged. Locally, in New York's Greenwich Village, he said, there is a large enough homosexual population to influence the outcome of an election, but the homosexuals don't use this power. Recently Edward Koch, leader of the vocally "liberal" group that ousted the Tammany machine in the Village, received a lot of newspaper space on his campaign to rid the Village of "bums, degenerates and homosexuals.

Ruitenbeek, a Village resident, said he phoned Mr. Koch to protest this derogatory reference to homosexuals. He said that Koch's surprised reaction indicated it had apparently never occurred to him he was maligning a group of perfectly good constituents who might swing their votes to the opposition candidate in the next election. Ruitenbeek advised. Homosexuals "must bring political action against those who represent them and are ignorant of their problems.

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