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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Liz Rosenfeld is a Berlin based artist utilizing modes of performance through film and video in order to convey a sense of past and future histories through moving images. Her current work deals primarily with issues of queer identity, revisionist history, cruising, transient bodies, pop culture icons and different kinds of public and private transitional space. The linage of traditions such as family portraiture, re-enactment, archiving, and communal gatherings, are important themes present throughout her work. She is intent on examining the possibility of more within the multitude, as opposed to a final end, or what could be called the orgasmic moment.

Freitag Es bedarf nicht vieler Worte um zu sagen was gesagt werden muss. Weil ich Singe und Songs schreibe. Das kann treffend sein, aber genau so gut auch nicht. Freitag, 9. Liebe Alle, Dear All, English version below. Ab Im Anschluss an die Show gibt es ein Open Mic. Diesmal werfen wir die Namen von allen, die mitmachen wollen, in einen Hut und losen so die Auftretenden aus. It will be a summer evening full of words - light and heavy, touching and funny, hot and freezing, political, emotional, angry, and lighthearted..

Bring your vegan and vegetarian food to throw on the grill! At h we will turn the Raumerweiterungshalle into an extended living room, where we can enjoy an evening of spoken word performance. At the end of the show there will be an Open Mic. This time we will throw all the names of interested performers into a hat and pick out who will be on the open mic stage on this night.

All languages are welcome- bring your words! Donnerstag 8. Intimately grounded in the human body and grown from the word, Michael V. My Body Is Yours is a portrait of a writerly genderqueer performance artist at play. Sonntag 4. The first Kumbia Queers concert in europe ever! Benefit show for the Girls Rock Camp From 9 p.

Also, the documentary film about last year's camp will be screened. I love Bildwechsel-. VALIE PLUS- Pocket Archive is intended to be an on-going series placing its interest within film, video and performance focusing on queer-feminist perspectives, representation and viewpoints. In the "Pocket Archive" we will "export" films and videos of international artists and filmmakers to Berlin.

The story about two gay trans men caught in the ups and downs of their testosterone injected second adolescence between relationships, polyamoury, Berlin's night life, dates, art, jobs, sex and the fun and trouble those things can cause. Get wasted and waste yourself! Film description:. Aidan and Gilbert is a d. Gilbert is a student, artist and tranny fag. He enjoys having sex, but he is bored by picking up other lads at parties or on the internet. His fantasies differ too much from what he has got from reality so far.

Being physically attracted to older men and to the thought of being sexually used, Gilbert decides to start working as a hustler. Aidan is a rather quiet and withdrawn boy. He searches the web for people to spank him, father figures and other trans guys to hang out with. Even though he is quite experienced in being a submissive bdsm bottom, he is very insecure about his sexuality. He doesn't have sex with his spanking or role play partners. Aidan is not attracted to genitals, but he is plagued by curiosity and unfulfilled gay fantasies.

One night Aidan coincidently hits Gilbert's internet escort profile. Being disgusted and fascinated at the same time he has to open the profile over and over again. After a long time of hesitation he decides to rent Gilbert to try out sex with another man. A deep friendship develops, while they accompany each other throughout the ups and downs of their testosterone injected second adolescence between relationships, polyamoury, Berlin's night life, dates, art, jobs, sex and the fun and trouble those things can cause.

The festival celebrated the 5th anniversary this year with guest of honor Steina www. Apart from that a selection of 70 art-films and videos out of over submissions from all over the world were screened during their visual art fiesta. We are very excited about this. Especially after looking through their nice catalogue. For more information on the festival and the catalogue as pdf please check: www.

Dienstag 8. Reading Communism. In preparation of the conference "Idea of Communism. Samstag 5. Open-Mic Liste liegt ab aus. Allerdings - anders als beim Poetry Slam - ohne Wettbewerb. Inspired by the spoken word show Shut Up and Speak, that you might already know, we wanted more stage! More performances, more words, more opportunities, more open mic. But - unlike a poetry slam - without any contest. This stage is open to all genders and for all those who respect each other and give everybody the space to express, to present and to celebrate themselves - with us and not at other people's expense.

Mittwoch 2. We are very happy to invite you to Les Cox Sportifs -UK- and Samanta the dream gig of the very belated Berlin spring-summer season! Les Cox Sportifs 's music is like waking up wired on a sunny day, wanting to dance, but still feeling down from booze and heartbreak.

They are charming kidz, fueled and sweet who mix calm countryside dreams with city hyperactivity. Samanta make songs in the most real and simple way, drowning us in melodramatic retro spacial tunes. Samanta sounds like radio songs from a long time ago. Words in spanish of broken romance and disillusionment, futuristic melodies mixed with clumsy and beautiful choreographies on stage. Expect to have your emotions heightened and awaken! Wilde Oscar Tiger Ben overloading your mind with dancefloor classics. Puppy Love brings undecided swings of jumping moods and drum kit hysteria.

Aventura optimistically mixes strong slanging, slow slamming of such a latina soul of happiness and tears. Donnerstag In a very original approach the artist uses sound from Hollywood films as a basis for her performances. Please find out more about the artist on her homepage or in the brilliant text by Susanne Husse about her work. Montag Meetings are planned for Monday the 24th of May and Tuesday the 8th of June at 6 pm at the Raumerweiterungshalle. Wie werden die Kategorien "Betroffene" und "Nichtbetroffene" konstruiert?

Wie lassen sie sich aufbrechen? Mittwoch, Reclaim Feminism: Strategien Feministischer politischer Praxis. Wie passt das alles zusammen? Samstag 8. Donnerstag 6. A parallel between the films is that both video artist and fiction filmmaker Sean Hennig who will be present and experimental filmmaker Su Friedrich abandon their established styles of working for the activist pieces. The focus of this programme is to highlighten the power of documentation and the visibility and preservation of political activism emerging from it. While Sean Hennig depicted the Transgender Day of Remembrance mainly "to give a memory to the people who went out into the freezing cold to demonstrate" as he puts it, what we see is a cruelly touching piece on the ongoing violence against transgendered people.

In "The Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too" Su Friedrich documents the distinct, original and empowering forms of protest of the Lesbian Avengers, a direct action group founded in New York and "focused on issues vital to lesbian survival and visibility. The film becomes a very interesting document of both creative activism and the lives and issues of lesbian women in the early 90's.

Dienstag 4. Thursday They are also asked to bring a picture of someone alive that they have an empathic relationship with. The effort made by each participant may hopefully lead to a positive result and who knows, even scientific evidence! The event will be documented on video. The results of the experiment will be published later on my webpage.

Friday A retrospective of subversive small-format performance films by Juli Saragosa. DIY do-it-yourself is enabled through the simplicity of super8mm as a tool to self-represent my image and voice. Trickster motifs play "in-between" realms subtly and viscerally through these intimate and vulnerable portraits. Wednesday, October Lonely Rider is series of goodbyes, splits and abandonments. An important part of the content as well as aesthetics are the masks. A mask —like depression — can be a second skin to its carrier. The tools of this performance are: an actor, a role, a mask; a situation where things are being performed, being looked at, and being in the centre of attention.

A depressed person can be his own centre of attention. Depression can be a mask. The performance studies depression as suffering of prevented appeal to death. Lonely Rider grabs at the issue with grotesque and carnevalistic hands. Marilyn Monroe and Lonesome Cowboy, for example, are being seen as embodiment of depression. What is reality? How can we observe, experience, describe, define, reflect, discuss, present or represent it? Tuire Tuomisto is an an actress working in Helsinki contemporary theatre sceens. The Lonely Rider performance series had premiere in Helsinki Saturday, September Doors open films start Roy Andersson - World of Glory 14 min - SWE - The central theme of the film is the responsibility of humanity in our time towards historical events.

John Smith - Girl Chewing Gum 12 min - UK - In The Girl Chewing Gum an authoritative voice-over pre-empts the events occurring in the image, seeming to order not only the people, cars and moving objects within the screen but also the actual camera movements operated on the street in view.

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Tired of pampering their customers night after night, the prostitutes find amusement in toys they buy at the black-market stall and drawing graffiti with the patrol man. Towards the end, they begin to speak in a dialect unique to their district, which others cannot understand. Visually, the film is a feast for the eyes, capturing the vibrant colours one might find on a children's playground. The women run through the streets, dance in brightly decorated garments, and engage in wild activities, addressing the audience directly with infectious creativity and anarchic enthusiasm.

In old-fashioned black and white, these faces stare into the empty space, in the PM tiredness and mechanical impersonality, like faces from the grave. It's hard to believe that these faces belong to people today. The film is one of the strongest and grimmest comments upon the contemporary society that cinema has produced.

What kind of internal struggles make it consciously rebel against its own name and categories? Has the non-film become so personified, it looks upon its own form as humans so often do upon their hopeless humanity? Saturday On Thursday night we'll screen a programme that puts together various pearls of experimental film each of them giving different interpretations on the concept of "house and home".

It reaches from an early film by Maya Deren to more recent works from artists like Corinna Schnitt. For further information please check out the programme description below. It does not record an event which could be witnessed by other persons. Rather, it reproduces the way in which the subconscious of an individual will develop, interpret and elaborate an apparently simple and casual incident into a critical emotional experience.

Be curious about the amazing avantgarde soundtrack. John Smith - Blight 14 min - UK - The film revolves around the building of the M11 Link Road in East London, using images and sounds of demolition and road building in conjunction with the spoken words of local residents. Taking these actualities as its starting point, Blight creates its own enigmatic stories, transforming the mundane into the mysterious. The musical qualities of the speech fragments and natural sounds form the basis of the score. With one long shot the camera presents the surrounding of a suburbian colony of single family houses.

A clean ideal, but deserted and with a ghostly atmosphere. Only at the end of the film there is a sign of human presence: a message is left on an answering machine. An insurance agent talks about the possibilities of life- insurance, the perfect pension scheme and his lost ball-pen.

Monday Geschlechtlichkeit elektronischer Musik? Diese und andere Fragen werden im Seminar zu diskutieren sein. Spetember Michelle says: 'I write books, and host readings for other people who write books, to be listened to by people who like reading books. My last novel is called Rose of No Man's Land and is about a teenage genderqueer loner who gets mixed up with a speed freak mall rat and falls in love. Or something. The latest gang hits the road soon, carrying on the tradition of rowdy, raucous literary adventure.

Come and meet your new favorite performers'. Michelle Tea www. Author of three memoirs, a book of poetry, editor of two anthologies and contributor to dozens has most recently collaborated on an illustrated novel, and has been working on both a screenplay and a science fiction novel. Her work is often brutally honest, both about growing up in impoverished Chelsea, Massachusetts, and in writing about her sexuality in a way that often gets her labeled "transgressive.

Cristy C Road www. Iconic illustrator who has designed zine covers, graphic novels, album covers, logos and all kinds of memorable works in the punk rock sphere. Rhiannon Argo www. Author of the queer tour-de-force The Creamsicle, which takes you into the lives of pill-popping, pole-dancing, heart-breaking, gender-fucking young queers as they try not to get evicted from their San Franciscan flophouses. Rhiannon will make you giggle and gasp with tales of squalor and splendor! Kat Marie Yoas Search her on myspace and facebook Kat Marie Yoas is a working class performer, writer and rascal about town.

Em Ledger www. So far our program covers a wide range of movement styles and theories including: Danceobics body and structural awareness life choreography style imitation dance floor mpressions pastiche and refusal. Workshop program available from next Thursday. Registration via email is appreciated but not necessary. Participants may join workshop segments individually, however participation in the program as a whole is encouraged.

The analysing everyday movement, the citations, using plagiarism, re-thinking and modes of palimpsest to co produce unpredictable and erratic exits. Finnish artist Nina Lassila is visiting us to present her beautiful work that is based on gender and feminist issues. There is something provocative about a physical woman; even a loud laughter can provoke some people. There is a prevailing notion that a loud physical woman is somehow deranged, out of control. Nina Lassila www. Beat it! We hope you can join us to watch the following rarities. Kurt Raab's who many might know as a long-year-collaborator of R.

Fassbinder requiem "Yearning for Sodom", a sad and intense piece, gives us an intimate insight over experiencing and dealing with an "AIDS outlaw status" in the 80's. A beautifully shot Super 8 fiction depicts a man's journey to Lisbon in order to die there. In double-exposed pictures we find the inner view of a person who doesn't see himself in the mirror anymore but the disease. London filmmaker and poet Julian Hand will come to visit us and present his poetic Super 8 films! He also prepared a wonderful performance for us: Based on his archive of neon signs he filmed in London Julian wrote a long poem that he will recite while the the neon lettres are bashing against the screen.

His work revokes names like Derek Jarman and is a sensitive mix of a mesmerizing imagery and poetic preciseness in words. The rest of the programme will feature some of my all-time-favourites and lead us from early found footage experiments over sound based collage film to more recent extraordinary examples of poetic first person film. Filmmaker Per Olaf Schmidt will also be present. Dienstag, Bei gutem Wetter grillen wir ab , oder nach dem Film. Upside down, the camera almost touching the lawn I was trying to come up with the motivation keeping a man endlessly brooming in front of the Bremen art museum.

At the same time, I did not want to steal his image, although it seemed extraordinary. After the super8 film had run through the camera I simply asked him. This video is my burning intent to establish a poetic order in the everyday occurance. A life on the outskirts of Braunschweig between dream and reality, highway and front yard. The artificial enclosures are also metaphors for our consciousness. They provide information about the personally and collectively repressed.

Chantal Akerman's first film prefigures the most progressive aspects of her later work. She plays a young woman who finds a new solution to the problem of housework. The whimsical nature of the story is rendered serious by the quality of the claustrophobic framing and the oblique camera angles. She is a Belgian Jewish film director and artist. Her grand-parents and her mother were sent to Auschwitz, but only her mother came back. This is a very important factor in her personal experience and her mother's anxiety is a recurrent theme in her filmography.

Renowned for a "hyperrealist" style, Akerman's work seeks to inscribe the "images between the images. High Noon in Athens: In the big heat stray dogs are sleeping in the shadow of the shopping malls. Sometimes their sleep is nervous. Poetic montage-film about urban life and the use of mobile communication.

Enligt Lag is the most dense and striking documentary film of Peter Weiss. The film portrays the life and daily routine of inmates in a youth prison in Uppsala: their work in the garden or in the metal workshop, the distribution of the meals, the walls of the cells full of pictures of naked women, the visit from the women of a charitable organization.

In the middle of it, the watchmen that mechanically lock and unlock the doors. The agreement with the prison authorities to not show the faces of the inmates furthermore enhances the subjugation and deprivation of human dignity through punishment, as the inmates are turned into an anonymous mass in the film.

Just at the beginning and at the end, in a metaphorical scene, one inmate stands out in his hopeless attempt to escape. Tuesday, 28 July h. Beth M. Sunday, 5 July Es wird u. Tuesday, 30 June Informationsveranstaltung zum Gutscheinsystem in Hennigsdorf mit u. Weshalb sind Menschen ohne Papiere von der Gesundheitsversorgung ausgeschlossen? Welche praktischen und politischen Antworten gibt es darauf? Sick and without papers?! The office for medical assistance for refugees Buero fuer medizinische Fluechtlingshilfe, www.

Why are undocumented migrants exculded from the regular health system? What practical and political responses are there? Friday, 26 June Im Anschluss an den Film diskutieren wir mit Enrico Montalbano. CD-Presentation: Nur Freiheit. Themen dieser CD sind u. Tuesday, 23 June Juni bis 5. Juli Montags bis Freitags 14 - 20 Uhr, samstags und sonntags 12 - 20 Uhr. Refugees, while they are either in the asylum process or live in Germany with a so-called 'Duldung', are facing invisible borders in their everyday life. For example they are only allowed to move within a certain area due to the 'Residenzpflicht' 'duty of residence'.

At the same time they are forced to live in refugee homes or camps, that are often at the edge or outside of regular settlement areas. Voucher systems instead of cash benefits, but also police controls in train stations and trains targeting people who look 'foreign', stigmatise refugees and intensify their social isolation.

Weekdays 14h - 20h, Saturdays and Sundays 12h - 20h. Thursday, 11 June Door: Films: Wayne Yung is a writer, performer and video artist who explores issues of race and identity from a queer Chinese-Canadian perspective. Moving from Vancouver to Berlin in , he then spent six years in Hamburg and Cologne, before recently moving back to Berlin. Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking Peter Canada English with German subtitles A queer love letter using poetry and sexual imagery to describe the romantic tensions caused by differences in age, race, and HIV status.

Search Engine Canada English with German subtitles A gay asian uses technology to remember boyfriends past, in the search for boyfriends future. Davie Street Blues Canada Cantonese with English subtitles After his boyfriend leaves, a young man is lost in nostalgia and depression, until a mute streetkid tries to distract him from his melancholy. Field Guide to Western Wildflowers Canada English with German subtitles The first Asian kiss: fantasizing about it, talking about it, doing it. This week we focused on Finish artist Nina Lassila's work who will come to the Raumerweiterungshalle for a full retrospective later this year.

For now we watched two of her filmsinstallation loops - Beat It! All of them reflect on gender roles from different angles while still touching other topics. Though clearly she is beating the carpet up AT LAND by Maya Deren 15 min - - USA In this film Deren is a creature from the sea crawling into cramped, claustrophobic society, her mermaid-out-of-water slithering among well-dressed city types going about their business, looking through her nymph-self without noticing. As in a spooky nightmare. She falls silent. The expectation of terror makes her terror. But what she faces is nothing but the observer's view.

She is the observed. Cliches of melodrama unite into a drama of stereotypes. The brillian montage of cases in point reveals the mechanism of voyeurism in film. A young woman stands on the balcony of her flat and shakes out a sweater for several minutes. Schnitt uses the audio track to comment on the woman's somewhat neurotic behaviour. He presents charged relationships that could be perceived as anormal and endows them with beauty and dignity.

Friday, 29 May Thursday, 28 May Door: Films: Is there an eros beyond normativity? Inevitably its protagonist gets caught up in gender trouble. Die Halle ist sicher auf ihrem neuen Stellplatz gelandet! The Halle landed safely on her new place! Thanks again to all helpers! West Germany Come join freaks, geeks, frankensteins and creatures on 31 October Halloween! Eintritt euro Dresscode: Halle-ween to the Max. Mittwoch, 8.

Oktober Uhr. The Films: Patrick Carpentier Les 9 mardis 27', www. Iris Piers Casmiration or the beginning of Dreaming 3'33, www. Linus Ricard Sound:Isjtar Ember 4'42, www. Bring eine Casette mit Bring a Tape if u like. Freitag 8. Raumerweiterungshalle meets LaDIYfest. Sonntag, 3.

Filme von der Filmemacherin Bettina Horst. Juli Uhr. Length: Disappeared, 5 minutes. With english subtitles. Juni ab Uhr bis zur Dunkelheit. Juni Uhr. Juni h. Juni - dark. During the revolution in Iran all protagonists of the film were involved with feminist and left wing politics. After the prohibition of many political opposition groups they were forced to keep their gatherings secret and continue working underground. In the 80s during the brutal cleanup by the Islamists all of them fled to West-Berlin. The director Mira Habibi builds a non-historical film narrative, she follows fragmentary lines.

The interviewees talk about their idea of political work, the revolution, sexuality or migration. It is going to be a great program, most of the artist will be present and i hope we ll get to talk with them after the screening. Mai h. Die Raumerweiterungsalle zieht um. The Raumerweiterungshalle moves. Neuen Perspektiven entgegen wachsend.

Juni Winter's coming and we're warming our souls with great folk music by Junk River, let yourselves be touched and empowered by their poetry of daily life and cheering melodies. So come down to our river and join us on Thursday! Machen oder sterben Leben als Kunst.

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Kunst oder Leben. Oder bringt euch um. Oktober Mai April Friday June 7th Thursday June 6th Saturday April 27 Everyone wins in the forgiveness of all sins. Please register until the 24th of April, with a simple email to selbstuniversitaet gmail. Sunday November 4 Saturday October 20 Thursday October 4 19h. Friday Sept. Thursday Sept. Friday August 31 20h. Saturday August 11 21h.

Thursday July 26 19h. July - public event Thursday July 19 Friday June 22 19h. Thursday June 21 19h. Tuesday June 12 Friday June 08 Wednesday June 06 Monday June 04 Friday June 1 Wednesday May 30 May - public event Thursday May 31 Hirschfeld, in his book Berlins drittes Geschlecht , talks also about lesbian balls:. In a big hall, where the uranians celebrate their balls, every week there is an equivalent evening ball for uranierinnen , most of whom participate in men's clothing. Most homosexual women can be found at the same spot every year on the costume ball a lady from Berlin organizes.

Rubrik: Paarwiese thun

The ball is not public, but usually only accessible those that are known to one of the ladies on the committee. One of the participants drafts following portrayal: "On a beautiful winter evening, after 8 p. Here you can see a dashing fraternity student with a prominent dueling scar , there a slim rococo gentleman helps gallantly his lady out of the equipage.

More and more people fill the brightly lit rooms; now a fat Capuchin enters, to whom bow gypsies, Pierrots , sailors, clowns, bakers, lansquenets , smart officers, ladies and gents in riding gear, Boers , Japanese, and delicate Geishas. A Carmen with fire in her eyes burns a jockey, a passionately hot Italian befriends intimately a snow man. The in brightest colors [dressed] dazzling, happy multitude offers a unique, attractive tableau.

The participating women first strengthen themselves on tables decorated with flowers. The director, in a charming velvet jacket, welcomes the guests in a short, sharp speech. Then, the tables are cleared. The " Danubian waves " sound, and accompany the happy dancing couples, that turn the night away in circles. From the neighboring rooms you can hear clear laughter, the clinking of glasses, and animated singing, but nowhere — wherever you look — are the limits of a fine, elegant fancy-dress ball overstepped. No discordant note tarnishes the general happiness, until the last participants leave the place in the dull crepuscular lights of a cold February morning, where for a few hours they could dream themselves as that what they are inside, amongst those that share their feelings.

Later in Germany, the "bowling club" Die lustige Neun "The Funny Nine"" , created in Berlin in , continued organizing lesbian balls with to women at least until April It is unknown if the balls, known thanks to the descriptions in the Gestapo files, continued throughout the war years; fact is, the track is lost. In Switzerland, even with many difficulties, the homosexual movement kept its structures over the war. Several elaborate systems were used to secure the anonymity of the participants, and only " Rolf ", the editor of the magazine, had the names and addresses of everyone.

For spring, summer, and fall big balls were organized, and there was also a big costume ball for carnival. An important effort was done to keep everything decent, respectable, and contained, and Rolf made sure that no man under 20 was present. This secrecy mentality was no longer acceptable to gays by the mids, and in the magazine and its organization disappeared. In France, during the occupation of Paris , all balls were prohibited, a situation that did not change after the allies entered the city. There was a short revival of the gay pre-war scene after the war in Germany.

The Walterchens Ballhaus organized drag balls already in , and the parties at Prince Sasha 's were one of the centers of gay nightlife. In Frankfurt , in reopened the bar Fellsenkeller; the bar had a police permit that allowed men to dance together. By the beginning of the s this revival had been thoroughly eliminated, and gay subculture had disappeared. The city was quite accepting of these clubs, and gay men from all around the world traveled there for the opportunity to dance freely with other men.

Additionally, the fact that there had been some prostitution going on had disastrous consequences for all the participants, most of them innocent, and ended with three suicides, one man fleeing the city, and many losing their jobs. A subsequent witch hunt against gays in Italy covered the whole land. The press published their photos in drag, and made snide comments for days, calling them all kinds of names.

In the U. In a burst of liberated zeal they rented big places like the Elks Lodge on West th Street, and they turned up in dresses Madame Pompadour herself might have thought twice about. Word spread around Harlem that a retinue of drag queens was putting together outfits bigger and grander than Rose Parade floats, and the balls began to attract spectators, first by the dozens and then by the hundreds, gay and straight alike.

People brought liquor with them, sandwiches, buckets of chicken. As the audiences grew, the queens gave them more and more for their money. Faux fashion models in feathered coats lined with mylar , so that when the coat was thrown open and a two-thousand-watt incandescent lamp suddenly lit, the people in the first few rows were blinded for minutes afterward. Some regular house parties became institutionalized as drag "houses" and "families.

Those taught became "drag daughters," who in turn mentored others, creating entire "drag families. The ballroom community is still active, as has been documented in the film Paris Is Burning It has had a notable influence, mainly through Madonna 's " Vogue " video, where the dancers use the vogue dancing style, developed in the ball culture, imitating the movements of models on the catwalk.

After the Stonewall riots , and the appearance of the modern LGBT liberation movement , these extensive cross-dressing balls, as they had been celebrated until then, practically disappeared. There are a few notable exceptions, as the Life Ball in Vienna , celebrated yearly since , [65] or the annual Night of a Thousand Gowns in New York City, organized by the Imperial Court System , [66] but in general they have been substituted by the dance club. By the mid s, initially in New York City, appeared the discotheque , with the corresponding disco music , and disc jockeys , in close relationship with the gay scene —see for example Studio Discotheques, and their music soon became favorites of gay men, who found in its songs gay anthems , as It's raining men , Y.

These clubs usually offered electronic dance music to big masses of gay men. By the end of the decade, and the beginning of the s, the circuit parties appear: big, outdoors parties, similar to raves , very planned, that can go on for days, and that can draw patrons from a very large territory, even from other countries. In Europe, the biggest circuit party is celebrated in Barcelona, with about 70, men participating. Gegen 2 Uhr findet die Kaffeepause — die Haupteinnahmequelle des Saalinhabers — statt. An der Garderobe setzt der Nepp ein.

Eine geheimnisvolle Devise, unter der man sich allerhand vorstellen kann. Alles ist Kulisse, und nur der ganz Weltfremde glaubt an ihre Echtheit. Entre algunos de esos individuos fueron reconocidos los pollos que diariamente se ven pasar por Plateros. Al saberse la noticia en los boulevares, se han dado toda clase de comentarios y se censura la conducta de dichos individuos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

See also: Queer Tango. As can be seen in the text that follows, the meaning was not clear in German either. Rick Norton's Web Page. Retrieved Archived from the original on Quemando Mariposas. Sodomites catalans. Barcelona: Base. Barcelona: Laertes. Sternweiler, Andreas; Hannesen, Hans Gerhard eds. Goodbye to Berlin? Berlin: Verlag Rosa Winkel. Berlin Museum ed. Geschichte, Alltag und Kultur in German. Sternweiler, Andreas; Hannesen, Hans Gerhardhea eds. Jahrgang in German. Berliner Journal in German.

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Nur ein Paar Augen sein. Die Matte. Autobiografische Aufzeichnungen. Herausgegeben und mit einem Nachwort versehen von Manfred Herzer in German. Briefe an Jarmila in German. Das Neue Berlin. Gruyter, Walter de ed. Berlin — New York. Der Spiegel in German. Die Deutschen und ich. Politik vor und hinter den Kulissen.

Erfahrungen eines Diplomaten zwischen Ost und West in German. Bis zum Bittern Ende in German. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Taschenbuchverlag. Dictionnaire des cultures gays et lesbiennes in French. Paris: Larousse. A history of homosexuality in Europe. Berlin, London, Paris New York: Algora Publishing. A Gender Variance Who's Who. The Guardian.

History is made at night. Navarro, Francesc ed. El cambio finisecular in Spanish. Granada: Comares. Aldrich, Robert ed. Gleich und anders in German. Hamburg: Murmann. Qualia Folk. Die Betonung ruht vielmehr auf dem rationalen Vorgehen des alten Kaufmanns. Ziehen wir zum ev.

Zitiert nach: Heinrich Kaufringer: Werke, S. Jahrhundert Der Stricker, ca. Der Schwank Nr. Jahrhundert, Es lohnt sich aber, kurz bei dem Schwank Nr. Aber worum hatte die erste Frau wirklich die andere gebeten? Um einen sexuellen Gefallen? Reclaiming the Gay and Lesbian Past, hg. Siehe dazu meine Rezension in: Mediaevistik 20 , S. September siehe Afghanistan bzw. Siehe z. Der Geisteskranke erkundigt sich sehr begierig nach dem Zweck dieser Tiere und nach dem Profit, den sie dem jungen Mann einbringen. Zu Leopold III.


Die entscheidende, wissenschaftlich hervor- ragende Arbeit zu diesem Thema ist jedoch: Guy P. Marchal: Sempach , XCI, S. Claus Narr von Torgau und seine Geschichten. Von Parzival ist aber auch hier nicht die Rede. Otto: Fools Are Everywhere, Tag, 2. Rustici: The Afterlife of Pope, Peter A. Dykema und Heiko Augustinus Oberman, Otto: Fools Are Everywhere. The Court Jester Around the World. Chicago und London , S. Rose, Siehe auch: Laughter for the Devil, introd. So fragt er nach dem Altarkelch, bedient sich aber des Akkusativ Singulars anstatt des Nominativs, d. Jahrhunderts, ins- besondere weil verschiedene Ebenen des Sprachwitzes zur Geltung kommen und diese allesamt effektiv im Kampf gegen die kirchlichen Gegner eingesetzt werden.

Der junge Mann glaubt aber, der Tod werde sich bei ihm ganz explizit und drastisch zu Wort melden, was eigentlich, wenn man die Krankheitssymptome bedenkt, wohl auch zugetroffen war. Generell thematisiert zwar der Schwank die Ungewissheit der menschlichen Existenz, die allem Leben zugrunde liegt, ja dieses fast eigentlich erst richtig definiert.

An einem fast unscheinbaren Beispiel sei dies illustriert. Dieser begibt sich auch, wie bereits beobachtet, dorthin, entkleidet sich und legt sich erwartungsvoll in das Bett. Das Beispiel von Kirchhof ist ihr jedoch anscheinend unbekannt geblieben. Kein sozialer Stand bleibt vor ihm verschont, und auch kein Berufs- zweig. Ander Theyl der Gartengesellschaft ca.

Jahrhundert als eine persona non grata. Gervinus: Geschichte der Deutschen Dichtung. Wegen hervorragender Leistungen erhielt er das Buchersche Stipendium, das nur an vielversprechende Studenten vergeben wurde. Ulrich vermittelte. Die hier zusammengestellten Daten bzw. Zahlen sind meistens Korrekturen zur bisherigen Forschungsliteratur, also auch zu den Angaben bei Heidemann, Hg. Die historischen Quellen mit der entsprechenden Inter- pretation finden sich in Bolte, Hg. Jahrhundert, nicht aber auf den Namen Lindener, siehe z. Leipzig , S. Die verschiedensten theoretischen Konzepte zur besseren Beschreibung und Inter- pretation der Schwankliteratur des Statt dessen schickt er ihn zu seinem eigenen Haus, ohne sich als der Besitzer erkennen zu geben, weil er mit Sicherheit davon ausgeht, seine Frau werde sich sofort diesem jungen Mann an den Hals werfen.

Jahrhunderts ignoriert wird, d. Siehe auch die brillante Analyse des fabliau Trubert von Norris J. Lindener bedient sich auch hier einer Facetie Bebels 2, Nr. Siehe dazu Heidemann, Hg. Die Komik beruht darauf, dass der alte Mann, der sich bisher als ein brillanter Worteschmied bewiesen hat, sich in dieser Situation, d.

Hotchkiss: Clothes Make the Man, behandelt nur die gegenteilige Situation. Ramet: Gender Reversals and Gender Cultures, Hemmie: Ungeordnete Unzucht, Dabei handelt es sich um einen Pfaffen, der auf Ratschlag der Geliebten vorgibt, ihre Schwester zu sein, so dass der Ehemann keine Bedenken hat, als die zwei Frauen zusammen im Bett liegen wollen. Die Komik steigert sich dann dadurch, dass die Frau eine so erstaunlich geschickte Ausrede zu erfinden vermag, wobei die Torheit des Bauern und seine Unkenntnis sogar in solchen intimen Dingen das ihre dazu beitragen, das Publikum zu erheitern.

Das Endresultat bestehe aber nur darin, dass eine schlechte Ehe daraus entsteht, was, wie Lindener betont, allenthalben zu beobachten sei. Sie kennt allerdings Lindeners Werk nicht bzw. Leser von den Erfahrungen der literarischen Figuren? Jahrhunderts erweisen. Gelehrte bekommen sozusagen ihr Fett ab, um im Bilde zu bleiben, wenn sie sich selbst wegen ihrer Torheiten oder Liebestollheiten zum Opfer des allgemeinen Lachens machen.

Siehe Emily E. Jahrhunderts zu greifen.

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Wenn dies nicht im Rahmen der Ehe geschehen kann, kommt es zum Ehebruch. Norbert Elias hat dies bereits in seinen unvollendeten Schriften als den Zusammen- prall von der normierten und standardisierten Welt und der Wunsch- und Traumwelt bezeichnet. Jahrhunderts, wenngleich sie dem modernen Betrachter auf den ersten Blick relativ schlicht, wenn nicht gar naiv vorkommt. Jahrhundert siehe z. Renja Salminen. Genf Jahrhundert anzuwenden S. Nederman, Jahrhunderts aus dem Auge verloren, wie ja auch die zahlreichen Fastnachtspiele und Meisterlieder demonstrieren.

II, S. Die Schwank- literatur ist nicht einfach als kulturhistorischer Spiegel des Kein Wunder, dass selbst noch im Jahrhunderts zeichnet sich aber nicht nur dadurch aus, wie auch die modernen Autoren indirekt anerkannt haben, dass hier komische Situationen gestaltet werden, sondern dass gerade durch die witzige, d. Jahrhunderts siehe Leander Petzoldt, Hg.

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Dream Girls - Lesbische Kurzfilme (German Trailer)

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