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Jump to navigation. This is a fact which wins the warm approval of most citizens. Both the Government and private foundations have expressed their enthusiasm for international exchange of students by contributing substantial sums of money to carry it on. The presence in this country of large numbers of impressionable youngsters from abroad accords beautifully with American notions of how international amity is to be furthered. We are entirely sure that all concerned will benefit if foreign peoples get to know us.

We have the warmest faith that, knowing us, they will like and respect us.

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We believe without ever having examined the belief very critically that, if people can be placed face-to-face, they will find a common human basis for understanding. It is a Christian, humane belief and it does us credit. So great is our belief, however, that we have tended to assume that the process will inevitably be successful, no matter how haphazardly planned and carried out. This is almost certainly untrue.

There are better and worse ways of doing it; and, as in all human endeavor, there are hazards inherent in the enterprise. Those who have had extensive dealings with foreign students know that many of the individuals who have come here have not been wisely selected; that many have received training which has left them ill-fitted to deal with problems in their own countries; that many have left our shores despising us rather than loving us.

The problems vary according to the country from which the student comes, of course.

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The Canadian student, for example, has an infinitely easier task of adjustment to American life than the Indonesian student. The problems which require more thought than they usually receive are chiefly those of students from cultures unlike our own.


We work to raise the global profile of high schools, enhance diversity, and provide valuable support and supervision for all students. Look for an effective and professional U. S high school international student program partner? Become a host family to host international students and bring cross-culture experiences to your home?

Search for:. Home School Blogs Sample Questions f Sample Questions for International and Exchange Student Interviews Cambridge Network is the international education partner of more than American private high schools helping build and sustain their international program. Here are several examples in a few different categories: Getting to know the Student What is your given name?

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Do you have an English name? How did you get that English name? If you had to choose just one word to describe yourself, what word would you choose? Tell me, why do you want to study in the US? Why do you want to study at our school? Tell me about your hometown. If I came to visit you, where in your hometown would you take me?

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What would you show me? What is one thing you love and respect about your mother or father? Cultural Understanding What is one difference between education in China and education in America? What is one part of American culture that you are excited to experience? What is one part of Chinese culture that you would like to share with Americans? Goals and Aspirations What is your favorite subject to study in school?

What do you do in your spare time? What ways would you like to get involved in our school?

The Foreign Student in America

Do you have any interest in playing a sport or joining a club at our school? When you go to a university, what would you like to study? In ten years, where would you like to be living and what would you like to be doing?

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  • Fewer foreign students coming to United States for second year in row: survey!
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Here are a few examples: Getting to Know the Student When you study for a test, do you prefer to study by yourself or with a group of friends? If you could be extremely talented at something, what would you choose to be talented at? Tell me about your favorite teacher.