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Santa Monica parking lot spat escalates into racial rant

Her testimony in Love's trial led to his conviction as the gunman in Hatcher's murder. Love, 36, was sentenced to death in October. On Tuesday, Cortes echoed much of that testimony.

She said that she met Delgado through a mutual friend a month before the shooting and that the two instantly became close. She said Delgado confronted her early in the friendship with a plot to harm Hatcher in hopes she could be with Paniagua again.

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For weeks before the shooting, the three followed Hatcher from her job to her apartment, Cortes testified. Cortes and Love were supposed to ambush Hatcher in the parking garage of the apartment building and make the crime appear like a botched robbery.

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Cortes never thought the slaying would become major news and didn't craft a backup plan. Delgado, on the other hand, planned to flee to Mexico. George Milner, Delgado's attorney, has raised doubts about Cortes' credibility.

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On Tuesday, he questioned why she waited until a month before Love's trial to finally tell her version of the truth. Milner said Cortes lied multiple times to investigators, including when she tried to claim an innocent man was behind the shooting. Hatcher and she really wants to be with Ricky," he said. Jurors heard other testimony Tuesday from the owner of the Jeep Cherokee that was used as the getaway vehicle and a witness who called after hearing gunshots and seeing the SUV.

Jose Ortiz, a mechanic, said he had known Delgado from childhood and she would often refer customers to his auto repair shop. Ortiz loaned them a Jeep while he fixed the car. The next day, Ortiz saw a Jeep with the same faded paint on the hood in the news and knew it was his.

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Columbia man charged with attempted murder over a parking spot

Those charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison and make Coult ineligible for bail, Copeland added. He remains in custody at the Delaware County prison, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for Sept. As he was led from the Yeadon police station Monday afternoon, Coult refused to answer questions from reporters, saying only that the news crews assembled were "vultures with cameras. The victim, Robert Coult Jr. The two had gotten into an argument early Friday, apparently over a small sum of money, according to Copeland.

That argument resumed hours later, when they returned to their home on Providence Road in Yeadon. Yeadon Police Chief Anthony Paparo said that his officers had been called to that address in the past for domestic disputes, but that neither father nor son had any record of arrests. Both men were commercial painters, employed by different companies, according to police. A law enforcement source said Coult III has a history of angry outbursts, and had been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric unit by his father during a previous incident.

In Friday's dispute, Coult alleged that his father pushed him down a flight of stairs. As the argument continued, the son grabbed a hammer from a nearby room and struck his father in the head, continuing to hit him after the older man had fallen to the floor, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in the case. Thinking his father was still alive, Coult went into the kitchen, retrieved a butcher knife, and stabbed his father in the head, the document says.

U.S. gunman kills three young Muslims; motive disputed

He then tried to dispose of the body, attempting to use an electric saw to dismember the corpse, according to a confession he gave to police. When that failed, Coult changed his father's bloodied clothing, loaded the body into the passenger seat of his Ford Explorer, and drove off. Paparo said investigators believe the SUV left the home around midnight and didn't return until 3 a.

In the interim, according to the affidavit, Coult drove 16 miles to the country club with his dead father buckled into the passenger seat. After disposing of his body near the golf course, he discarded towels and other items he had used to clean up the crime scene in a dumpster at a Burger King in Havertown. He ditched his own bloody clothing in a second dumpster at a nearby roofing business. He stashed the alleged murder weapons in the home's basement, the document says.

The next day, Coult allegedly acted as if nothing had happened, playing video games with the boyfriend of a woman living as a tenant in the house he had shared with his father, according to Paparo. Around the same time, the victim's girlfriend, Karen Cordivari, contacted a friend who works as a state trooper, expressing concern after seeing news reports of a man found dead in Lower Merion.

The trooper forwarded a photo of the father to a detective in Montgomery County, who identified him as the man found dead Saturday.

When a detective from Yeadon police went to interview the son, he "got the impression that something was wrong with his story," Paparo said Monday.