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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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For the new-comers, also known as the freshman like me, we are just thrown out there. We train the exact same way that the upper classmen train and are expected to work just as hard or harder to beat the upper classmen. Walk-ons are very difficult to explain.

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Not just anyone can join the track and field team but anyone can join the track community. The track community athletes can compete on their own time in which ever meet they wish representing themselves. As a walk-on for the team you are working to represent an organization. This requires harder training, because they were not recruited to be on the team, and must tryout when the season begins. Nothing less than exceptional is expected from each member, no matter the age or year. Track has a lot of people, and a lot is going on during practice and meets.

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Throwers in the track and field community have a huge role to play because there are five throwing events. In the spring for outdoor track, four of the five throwing events hammer, discus, shot put and javelin will be going on at the same time and that is potentially forty points or more for the team 10 points are awarded for first place in each event. My role on the track and field team is clearly a thrower.

I am expected to catch up to the sophomore throwers in ability but not as much in size. Since I am significantly smaller than my peers I have to master my technique and speed and work hard on building my strength. Patience is essential for me in the up and coming months. Participating in the track and field community at first seemed insignificant. On the contrary though, I helped my team come close to many victories simply by focusing on me. It is because I had to work on myself that I became a better athlete and all-around person. I had to learn to encourage myself when I had a bad throw.

I have to put in extra effort to perfect my technique in the throwing ring. Many long work-outs and training sessions go in towards my success and towards the goal of being a conference champion. The track and field community pushes you to work hard for yourself to help the team and not simply work for the team.

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Track and field is unlike any other sport. Essentially, it is all about you. Whatever you are willing to put into it, the more you will get out of it, and you have no one to blame but yourself for your mistakes and successes. Track has taught me that I have the ability to strive for greatness in the highest degree. It has taught me to be strong and independent, confident, patient, focused, aggressive and persistent, an encourager and a supportive teammate. Participating in track has helped me build the ethos of waiting, working hard, and self-motivating to achieve my goals in life.

I have never loved and appreciated a sport as much as track and field community. Since running is work, humans generally avoid it if possible. Running is an excellent choice for physical and mental enhancement because it keeps one active, relieves stress, and is a good self-esteem booster.


Running is not just. Running continues to generate a lot of interest, more people are participating in 5K races and training to potentially run a marathon. A greater number of people simply participate to keep fit, socialize, and improve self-esteem. These runners may never go near a starting line or win a prize.

Many runners experience the fear of beginning the process of training. Or perhaps, restarting training, those who stopped running for one reason or another and want to get back to their old running schedule. It is a marvelous wonder how the human body, with the proper conditioning and mental focus, could achieve such tasking running distance.

Elite runners complete the marathon course in just over 2 hours, while the average runner completes it in about 4. Home Page Writing Essay about Running. Essay about Running Words 3 Pages. Running is very good for humans in many different ways. It is a great way to get exercise, and a great way to meet new people. There are many positives, and some negatives, it is easy, enjoyable and makes humans more social, you can do it at anytime, and it relieves stress rather than give stress. Although there are some negatives with running, there are also many positives.

Many people run because of the health reasons. It is good for the heart and lungs and people run in the fresh air. Running outside rather than inside is good for you too because of the fresh air. Running also relieves tension, by running, people can think about their problems without having to worry about anyone hearing them.

I can say that I felt that including my own experience of the subjects I wanted to deal with in the book might lend some dimension to the story that would also feel of the story. I hoped it might also help replace certain boundaries within and between the essays with something more intuitive.

And I wanted to be free to do that across different stories and different ways of telling them.

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I was just interested in what was going on. I figured it might as well be my experience. I wanted to present as useful a picture as I could of what was at stake on the ground, but I also wanted to stay attuned to the larger themes and the personal nature of the decisions being made.

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Limits can be good! As a writer you live for that kind of thing. You frequently touch on the interplay between having experiences and representing those experiences in art, for instance in your essay on the historical shift from the depiction of faces in literature to photographic portraiture. How do you tackle those almost metatextual ideas without becoming so self-conscious it becomes difficult to actually write?

Barthes is a good example of someone who mastered the problem you describe. When he describes, say, looking at a childhood photograph of his mother, there is a good possibility that the reader will recognize some part of the experience. His effort to close the various gaps of detachment involved in looking at a childhood picture of his mother extends to the reader as well. But if we tend to experience it as a realist medium, then a gap opens up. And all this crazy, interesting stuff happens inside.

The Significance of Track and Field in My Life

Something scrolled up behind my ribs in anticipation of what comes next: Wait, who do you remind me of? I told them I hated this game and that it never ended well, but soon three others were pointing their noses in close to mine and shouting celebrity names like Scattergories clues. But this guy was half-lit and wholly tenacious. Eventually he left the room to seek out a computer and google his mind to rest.

He gathered his team around the monitor in the study, where they deliberated over the actress he had in mind. No one noticed when I pulled my coat from the closet behind them and walked out the door. Do you think the preeminence of pop culture in our lives is making it more difficult to relate to each other as people?

What can feel like cultural overload has certainly made human relations more interesting. Taking in and putting out so much information, I would imagine especially for someone just developing a sense of herself, creates that many more opportunities for confusion or alienation. Do you feel any sort of similar pressure as a woman writer to conform to the broader media narrative of femininity you perceive around you?

This is not gender-specific, necessarily, but I was conscious of the current emphasis on charm and likability in certain strains of nonfiction. Press Rogue — May 23, , pm. Press Rogue — May 16, , pm. Press Rogue — May 9, , pm. Sign in here.

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