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Each time you give an excuse, you diminish your respect, your credibility, and your integrity. Each time you make an excuse, you reinforce your propensity to make even more excuses in the future, and excuse making becomes a habit. Success and mediocrity are both absolutely predictable because they follow the natural and immutable law of sowing and reaping.

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Simply stated, if you want to reap more rewards, you must sow more service, contribution, and value. That is the no-nonsense formula. Success in life is not based on need but on seed. You will be well on the way to maximizing the potential that God has given you. Your mind was designed to be fed with goals just as your body was designed to be fed with food and water.

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Written goals strengthen your character by promoting a long-term perspective. Written goals allow you to lead your life as opposed to simply managing it. Written goals provide internal, permanent, and consistent motivation. Written goals enhance your decision-making ability. Written goals simultaneously require and build self-confidence. Written goals help you create the future in advance. Written goals help you to control changes—to adjust your sails, to work with the wind rather than against it. Written goals heighten your awareness of opportunities that are consistent with your goals.

And finally, the most important benefit of setting effective goals is the person you become as a result of the pursuit! Underachievers are motivated by pleasurable methods. You have the responsibility to ask only for opportunity.

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You have the responsibility to seek and find your true place in life. You have the responsibility to write down compelling goals for your life. You have the responsibility to invest your minutes and hours wisely. You may have been suffering in a way, as you are journeying your life right now, but all those hardships you are going through right now are for the reasons and purposes of God. You are to bless Him, instead of curse Him, for He had made us perfectly in His eyes. Do not ever forget that.

Embrace who you are! Know that God loves you so much that holding on to that truth should not make you waver from how this world defines you!

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Thank You Lord for You have placed me in this kind of life, with my family, my friends, and those who love me dearly and who I love dearly in return. I will treasure what life I have now, for I know that You have planned my life from the very beginning. I love YOU so much! Why do I look ugly?

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Why am I fat? Why do I always get rejected by girls I like? Why am I being bullied? Why am I suffering? We all have gone through and are still going through these kinds of situations. Some even worse.


A precious jewel! You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

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  5. God believes in you so much! God bless you! Special thanks to Purpose Driven Life for the insights on this personal reflection.

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