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Blackmail sometimes follows bribery, where once a person has accepted a bribe they are blackmailed with the threat that their acceptance might be revealed. Emotional blackmail is common in relationships where 'Do as I say or I'll be angry' is used by parents, partners and others as a quick and harsh way to get what they want.

Usually, a better longer term result is gained by more thoughtful and considerate approaches. Blackmail is often an indication of a lack of skill in persuasion. Unable to change the other person's mind, the blackmailer resorts to this heavy-handed method. They typically get around the ethical dilemma by convincing themselves that this approach is 'necessary'.

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Home Top Menu Quick Links. This can include: Things from their past that, if revealed, would embarrass them or otherwise cause them trouble.


Things you can do that will cause them problems. Other harm that may befall them or their friends which you could act to reduce. How you will feel if they act in particular ways.

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Example If you don't give me that book I'll tell your mother. Discussion Blackmail is generally considered to be bad and socially unacceptable, yet it happens in subtle ways in many relationships and situations. See also Bribery. So the question here for us, family business practitioners and consultants, is: How do we deal with these family members? How do we make them understand that their views and inner beliefs may not be aligned with what the family needs, wants and aspires to and that their inner fears may be just illusions?

How do we make them visualize that whatever change the family as a whole is promoting—either at the business or family level—will eventually benefit them?

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Each family—or even family branch—has a particular way of handling crisis and emotions. Hence, each family develops a characteristic set of standpoints; behaviors and emotional attitudes family capabilities so the members of that family will share the same ways of thinking as well as similar behavioral and emotional habits. Accordingly, stubbornness and sphexishness are learned within the family or family branch context, being passed on unintentionally from parents to siblings. The underlying motives driving a behavior; b.

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  8. The actors within the family dynamics who fostered or are still fostering it mom, dad, etc. The actors or situations that may inhibit that response or break the unhealthy action pattern. Stubbornness and sphexishness are usually related to a deep fear of loss and deprivation. These feelings may be rooted in a lengthy history of anxiety and insecurity.

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    Depending on a mix of the personality, beliefs, feelings and exhibited behaviors of the family member s , the consultant or advisor may choose to:. Listen to the individual or family branch concerns. Analyze and evaluate them in a deep, understanding manner and genuinely try to solve them.

    Talk to the individual or family branch and expose the benefits of the proposed change in the short, medium and long term. If possible create a table demonstrating the pros and cons of the decision. Lay down the conditions for the meeting.


    Where are we? What are the main challenges we are facing? How did we get here? Where do we want to go? What do we want to obtain from this voluntary, cooperative process? What alternative solutions can we figure out? Concessions, exchanges and takeaways must be based on the best interest of the family and the business.