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And just as you said many people took my flyers and cards with them. Not bad for the 1st time cooking them. All of the information contained there is very, very valuable. I chose to do a brick-and-mortar type of business versus a hotdog cart. I opened the restaurant April I won't go into the numbers but to say the least we have been doing very very well. The software and the tax tips alone are worth the price. I have had fun building and slinging. I enjoy being a Premium member and keeping in touch with the other slingers. Steve you and your team are awesome. I've been a member for over year have learned so much.

The training videos are very helpful and Steve helps out with any questions you might have. Love the membership and would recommend it to any new member. He has the best plan for the beginner or the pro. It helped me out a lot. From getting a great spot to keeping real good track of your cash down to the last penny. I can say this with Steve's business plans you will be getting a lot better start in the hot dog business. When you see a line 10 to 20 people deep and more on the way, wow what a wonderful feeling.

I would suggest that you get all the information you can from Steve before you decide to do anything else. I did and my pay off has been fantastic. I just wanted to let you know how much I love the premium membership! I can always access the lessons about the website building or review any info I need that's been discussed. You're the greatest! I have used your hot dog bookkeeping software for several years and love the program. Then I came across hotdogprofits.

The resources provided by Steve were exactly what I was looking for; easy to follow, do it yourself step by step instructions. What I most like about hotdogprofits. Steve, the owner, provided me with his direct cell number and email. He has never failed to get back to me right away with answers to my questions. I would highly recommend hotdogprofitspremium.

Are Hot Dogs a High Profit Food for Vendors?

My company is Eatmohotdogs. The information and tips that I received from Steve is well beyond what I expected. A lot of people promise you the moon to get you to join and pay them for really nothing, I feel that I have gotten a lot more then what I paid for. I also enjoy his comments and short stories about several topics concerning the business. I feel his knowledge and experience has helped me to succeed. I highly recommend his program to anyone wanting to start off on the right foot and have a better chance for success.

Goodbye Corporate world, you won't be missed. Don't miss out on the wealth of information and Steve's years of hot dog vending knowledge his site can bring you.

How Much Income Can a Hot Dog Cart Really Make? The Real Answer.

Great information, great weekly news tips. It's always there when I need it for advice or just a fresh idea about the business. Very detailed for the beginner and experienced slinger alike. They offer more than enough tips and tools to be successful in this business. Any time I'm having any doubts or questions I just go over all the amazing info that comes with the premium membership and get the confidence booster and reassurance I'm lookin for.

Steve's program was absolutely the Best!!! He even set us up with a Professional web Site Best Money I ever spent!!!! Thank you All you will have to do is be consistent and the Dogs will go and the cash will come. No need to go it alone, Steve has always been here for me, and he will for you, hope you make the right decision. Let Steve's premium course make you a winner too! We got step by step precise instructions on what to do to start our hot dog cart If you have a question you can find the answer here quickly and easily.

Thank you Steve I am having a howling good time! All the information to start your business and helpful ideas to run it successfully are awesome and have opened our eyes to endless possibilities. Love it all. It not only gave me everything I needed to build a successful Hot Dog business, it also helped me to create a lifestyle. The abundance of information, phenomenal tools, and the ability to contact and communicate with Steve throughout the process is amazing and makes this the best membership opportunity ever.

I'm blessed to have found Steve and this fantastic opportunity. I can go on and on about my Hot Dog Profits Premium membership because it has truly been a blessing and it has changed my life. Steve needs an award but until they create one for him, I'll give him non stop, genuine praise for changing the lives of others. Until next time You made the building of the hot dog cart so easy with the Premium Membership. If you Want to build a hotdog cart this is the course to get. Thank you. It was a hit!

I just wanted to say thank you for providing an affordable membership to people like myself that need to start on a shoestring budget. You've always been quick to respond to specific questions, and encouraging. Thanks again for all of your help, Steve. I'm looking forward to developing this new venture into its fullest potential All of your materials are literally step-by-step for anyone to follow no matter what their background!

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I really enjoy all of the slinger posts and comments as well, so thanks for all you do! Especially, the men, haha! From start up to the seasoned veteran. Extremely well put together and very captivating for the motivated. I would recommend this program for anyone who wishes to add a little bit of income! It reveals the secrets to being a Hot Dog Hotshot.

Thanks, Steve. You make it easy. Starting from scratch and never building anything in our lives, your information and guidance has been very intuitive. When ever we have had any questions or concerns your prompt response haa kept us hopeful in building our hot dog cart. We really appreciate the time you have put in with providing this website to future business owners like ourselves. The hot dog profits premium package gave me all of the tools that I needed to get up and running, and put me on the fast track to success.

The web site was very easy to set up, and looked very professional from the beginning. The video tutorials are priceless!

4 Get insurance to protect your hot dog cart business

If you are considering getting into the hot dogs business, this is the place to start. The plans are straight forward and can be adapted to various concession items not just hot dogs. Use Steve's guidance and your imagination and start a rewarding career. You won't be sorry you became a member. You let me know that anything is possible with hot dogs and you were right.

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The exciting part is that I got so busy that I hired someone to help me! Not even opened a month!! People love my little stand and have told me they are happy I'm here. Trust me, I will be calling for more of your advice! Needless to say I had to sell my cart. I am now 83 years old and your program has inspired me to build another cart. Thanks to you and your plans it will be done soon, and I will be out there slinging again, because I sure have missed it all these years.

Many thanks to you! Although I wound up purchasing a used cart price was too low to pass up I used your plans and helpful tips from other slingers to make modifications and sold my cart for a Now I am in the planning stage of building a unit that will attach to the back bumper so no trailer is needed. I could have never accomplished any of this without your help.

We seem to have a similar sense of humor. Along with that, the fact that all the lessons and online materials allow for feedback is helpful for getting other perspectives. It increases the amount of information substantially. Thanks for everythingthat you do. Or I could even build a few different stands. It's up to date with technology. Videos on the web is the way to go. I can bring my laptop out into the garage to watch the videos as I work. The articles, positive information, tips on being a slinger and answers to all questions has been a big benefit in getting the business going and making it work.

Premium is certainly worth it. Great job Steve. One of the things I love about his Premium Site is that it is on point. I go there to read and get inspired about all the possibilties of owning my own hot dog cart, and being in business for myself. The fact I can go there and not be bombarded with tons of ads and offers from other companies a rarity nowadays. I for one appreciate it and am planning on building four of my grandchildren their own Hot Dog Junior Carts this Christmas!

Keep up the good work. If you have any questions or run into any problems just email him and Steve get back to you very quickly. Your knowledge has helped me much! Its nice to know you are not the only one that thinks being a hot dog slinger is a good Idea.

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The cart build instructions are excellent. If I ever decide to build another it will be from your plans. Even if you not building a cart it gives you ideas on changes to the cart you currently have. I used the plans to add a sink to my cart. This winter we will be making even more changes. I am retired and in the last few years have also had a number of operations triple-a, pace maker, pneumonia , diabetic In the mean time I've been working on my cart and plan to do a lot of slinging of those delicious hot dogs. Carts of cash has given me a good deal of inspiration to get it done by spring.

Times have been kind of tough these last couple of years, but things are looking up and I am going to accomplish my ambitions to become one of Ohio's HOT DOG slinging fools!!!!!! All I can say is thank you Steve! I love the Cash Tracker. Book keeping is not my forte and the Cash Tracker is so easy I have no issues with keeping up with my books. My accountant loves it also, it makes his job so much easier.

Steve is the most generous and genuine person. The membership went above and beyond my expectations. Not only did I build my first hotdog cart, I also learned about business. Thanks to your programs, I have my own cart business and I love the Cash Tracker. The tips, notes and encouragement from Steve and the other members of the group keep me motivated. The website is easy to use to research old topics and discussions. Thanks Steve for all your advice. I will be adding a Hot Dog cart to the business in the next few months. I am well pleased. Things worked out well for us in a very small community.

What we were surprised at though, was how much fun we had slingin' dogs and talking to people from all over the world!

Hot Dog Vendor Income

Thanks Steve. That being said I still consider Steve my mentor and have taken advantage of the Premium Membership. The website service is reason enough to become a member. I receive inquiries on the website all the time about booking me for events. My replies are enhanced by suggesting they go to my website where they can find out about me, my cart, menus and the like.

That website, offered to Premium members has paid off for me a hundred times the price of the membership! I started out on this journey after being inspired by what you and others have achieved in building your hot dog carts and making a real go of the hot dog business. Since I have read through other areas of your site it has helped and inspired me no end. I have also taken advantage of your website building service and look to be utilizing that more fully very soon. I completed my cart in less then a month. I would recommend to anyone who wants to give the hot dog cart business a try.

As a small business I highly recommend using Hot Dog Profit.

6 Ways to Make More Money With Your Hot Dog Cart

It is very helpful to someone who is starting out in this business. When I first got the idea of starting a hot dog cart business, I had no clue what I was doing. Steve and his program walk you through every step of the process, leaving you knowledgeable, confident, and prepared for sucess in your business. Whether you are just starting in the industry or already have an established business, there is something for everyone to learn to become more successful. Steve's HDP Premium course is one of the best courses out there. I enjoy all of the straight forward info on how to get started in the hot dog business.

I can't wait to get started on building my own cart. Thanks Steve for your help and a well written course! There is much to be gained in the way of insight and support for anyone interested in starting a hot dog vending business. I am thoroughly convinced that this can be a life changer for a lot of people.

I have had a few personal challenges in getting my business started, but I have just recently received the go ahead from the Health Department to get started on building my cart. I have been looking forward to getting started on this project for a long time. With the help of Steve and my fellow slingers, I know that I can do this. It will be a great adventure.

I'm learning how to create a customer experience that will keep them yearning to return. Hot Dog Profits Premium has been the blueprint for creating my hotdog business.

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From the beginning your course has guided me to hotdog success! The training videos, the menu variety, the website and bookkeeping program is all top notch hot dog vending education. I truly appreciate what you offer! That's ok because there were so many other helpful aspects of the site like info on how to start and run a hot dog business. It answered questions i didn't even know I had yet. Plus the self help books and fact that Steve answers the phone personally is awesome. It's definitely money well spent.

It's been a roller coaster ride because of the terrible weather in the Midwest this year, but your words of encouragement and advice helped me make it to a second season next year. Kudos to you for being a champion! The steps outlined were concise and helped me and my wife Kathy get the business started much sooner than expected. It was well worth the investment.

Louis Dear Friend, I was between a rock and a hard place How do you set a price for your hot dog? That depends on volume and location. If your cart is parked outside a busy office building in a major city, you can charge a higher price than a vendor located at a community baseball field in a small town. The fees for push cart are also much less than the fees charged when operating a stationary cart. Just like real estate, selling hot dogs is all about location. If they can afford that, imagine their sales volume and profit margin.

Most carts come with a built-in roaster and steamer. That goes for side items as well. Many vendors find good prices at club warehouses. Selling a yummy hot dog will help ensure repeat customers. Potential earnings for a hot dog vendor are much more than the average pay for a typical American worker. Terry White has more than 30 experience as a news writer, news producer, copy editor and supervising producer for CNN.