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Easier said than done, as our environment is constantly filling our minds with thoughts that are nonconstructive, unfair life events, friends and family who we believe have failed us, offspring who seem ungrateful, a boss who is demanding or a business that is sucking the life out of us. Let us begin with the workplace, as women know the office environment can be a breeding ground for negative feelings.

Overall, women have to provide more proof of their ability than men and have their judgment constantly questioned in their area of expertise. We all desire growth, but when our current jobs limit our personal development, the negative thoughts take center stage, leaving us feeling worthless, depressed and stuck.

The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom

These destructive thoughts can create a trickle-down effect on those who are most important to us, especially our co-workers and family. When we can achieve the process of creating more clear, concise conversations in the workplace, we improve teamwork, morale and productivity. How do we choose how we feel about our experiences versus letting our minds do the decision making for us? How do we grow where we have been planted? The good news is there is a lot of power to positive thinking.

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It can and will change your life. To start, shifting the language of our internal thoughts will help us modify negative patterns we have become accustomed to. Knowing when to shift the language of our internal thoughts is as simple as recognizing when your feelings start to change. Our thoughts impact our feelings, which impact our actions.

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If we can take a step back and delay our immediate reactions to negative situations, we can discover productive outcomes. When the boss at work is being extra picky, requesting multiple tasks at once, why not think of it as an opportunity for growth instead of another annoying request?

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When our inner dialogue is positive, motivating and empowering, we succeed at reaching our goals faster while being a role model to others. You continue to work in that position, getting all the additional knowledge you can to make you even better in your next role. If possible, you take this time to prepare for your replacement. The authority to make important inner voice alterations that have for so long been filling our heads with negativity — leaving us with damaging consequences — is already within us.

Everything we need to be the next best version of us is within. Inaction is worse than trying something and failing. Yeah, Shia LaBeouf is on to something. They fall into one of three categories: Plan, Build, and Thrive. Each is designed to help you reach your Work at Home goals or just bettering yourself. Because I mean really — I literally lost my motivation for blogging after four months and three blog posts last year. Totally not including the eleven-month hiatus I took when writing my fanfiction brainchild. Shameless plug that I write Harry Potter fanfiction.

I should remain true to myself and not bullshit anybody.

Inner Voice of Love / Henri J. M. Nouwen

That will be a struggle for me because I know, deep down, after hearing about perfectionism paralysis, that I totally have it. I proofread my texts and Facebook posts probably ten times before I hit send! The first step is to just recognize that your inner voice is a jerk and that a lot of the time your inner voice is wrong. Your inner voice wants you to sit on the couch and binge Netflix instead of going for a walk. You need to change what your inner voice says.

What are your goals?

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What can you learn today, tomorrow, this week, that will help you get there? That is…if you actually eat your lunch before the pizza shows up. What do YOU want to do? If you could wake up tomorrow morning and do whatever you wanted to do without worrying about money or the opinions of other people, what would it be? Would you hop on a plane and go tour Italian wine country?

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