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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Or can it? A story about stories story-telling, and other metaphysical themes such as humour! Heads flying and legs missing!


Surreal adventures and failed teamwork! Trying Human by Emi Bitner The stories of Rose, a present day receptionist, and Phillis, a 's military translator, become entangled in an alien filled conspiracy and sci-fi romance. Slightly Damned by Chu The afterlife is only the beginning in this award-winning fantasy adventure about three unlikely friends caught in an ancient feud.

The Glass Scientists by Sabrina Cotugno A gaslamp fantasy comic about the life and times of a ragtag group of mad scientists and their enigmatic leader, Dr. Henry Jekyll. Not Drunk Enough by Tess Stone Being caught in other people's arguments always sucks, but usually they're not accompanied with mutated eye-plants, monsters, and mad-scientists.

Lilith's Word by Nina V. If you had enough power to make any wish come true, but only using one word, what would you say? Never Satisfied by taylor robin Apprentice magicians compete for the prestigious title of city representative, but just what is a representative anyway? Nerf NOW!! Mostly video games, though. White Noise by Adrien L. White Noise is a story about outrunning war and building family where there is none in a world where sometimes the best people are the biggest monsters. The Substitues by Myisha Haynes What happens when three roommates accidentally acquire otherworldly and powerful magic weapons destined for someone else?

El Goonish Shive by Dan Shive The only thing constant in life is change, and they will transform the world. Alchemilla by Sara Fabumus, a former wizard now counselor, goes from aiding magical creatures to unraveling the mysteries of the colorful city of Alchemilla. A Fantasy Adventure all about dealing with anxiety. Harpy Gee by Brianne Drouhard An elf, a witch, a knight, a prince, and an item shop! Adventures, potatoes, and a magical cat that barfs weapons! Demon Street by Aliza Layne Two kids explore a world full of monsters and magic trying to find their way home again.

But when home has been stolen from you, where do you go to get it back? Go Get a Roomie! This webcomic follows the heart-warming adventures of an upbeat hippie, living her life in love and joy. And beer and sex. NSFW at times. Sanity Circus by Windy Magic, monsters and mysteries await in the odd city of Sanity. It's up to Attley and a colorful group of characters to find out just what is going on.

A grave mistake. Boumeries by Boum A slice-of-life comic about two geeks and their already geeky offspring. Aquapunk by Lo The dead are coming to collect on the debts of a city that's forgotten them, and a soldier wanted for murder is chosen to bridge the worlds. Cindersong by Sarah Stern A ragtag group of outcasts skirts the edges of a deadly civil war--all while doing improbable magic, getting out of scrapes, and learning the value of friendship. Metacarpolis by Erin Burt A webcomic. Involves unemployed minions, magical girls, evil megacorporations, etc.

Things do not go as planned and Rei is reminded that he is a small dragon in a much, much bigger world. Larkspur by Grace Mulk Dr. Odile Seares and Dr. Gwen Cao look for work in a post-nuke Philadelphia and become entangled with the Deathcamas, an all girl gang of vigilantes, when they enter the radioactive exclusion zone. Anarchy Dreamers by Emily Ree Sparkly undead kids fight society's worst Nightmares in this pastel-punk urban fantasy coming-of-age!

Parisa by Ellen K Two friends, Nolan and Gwen, take it upon themselves to escort the amnesiac spirit Lelief across the world of Parisa. Don't panic! Sam and Fuzzy are here to help. For a reasonable fee. Demon Studies by Miyuli Four students summon and study potentially dangerous demons within the walls of the mysterious Summerland University. Dumbing of Age by David M. Willis Joyce used to be homeschooled, but now she's in college, which is full of all sorts of heathens and superheroes. Kiwi Blitz by Mary Cagle Steffi thinks she can use her kiwi mech to become a superhero.

This idea turns out to be very stupid. Cassiopeia Quinn by Gunwild and Psu A cute, pantsless thief is pursued across the stars by a buttoned-up military officer in the spacey, laser-filled future. Check, Please! Sunshine Boy by Moosopp New-kid Kelly is sweet but naive. Luckily, he's got his outgoing neighbor Grey in his corner. Monsterkind by Taylor C.

Wallace Foster, a young, bright-eyed human social worker, has his entire world view rocked when he's suddenly relocated into a city primarily inhabited by monsters. Devil's Candy by Bikkuri and Rem Devil's Candy is a lush fantasy webcomic about boy genius Kazu Decker, the girl he constructed for his 9th grade science project, and the world of devils and monsters they live in.

A runaway princess and her samurai companion navigate a fractured country on the brink of war. Unfortunately, he seems to attract other supernatural "guests," too. Ghost Junk Sickness by Kristen and Laura Two hunters with an unstable dynamic are pushed to partner with unlikely allies to capture the dangerous bounty dubbed "the Ghost".

Blindsprings by Kadi Fedoruk Tamaura, wrested into a world years in the future, must find a way to save the magic fading from her country. Zombie Roomie by John Wigger Living in a world with supernatural creatures gets a whole lot more interesting when they're your roommates. Dating is even more precarious. Shaderunners by Alex Assan and Lin Darrow The story of a ragtag band of bootleggers who open a speakeasy for bottled colour in the greyscale city of Ironwell. Monster's Garden by Ash Champion pit fighter Kilo Monster was content to spend the rest of his days tending to his quiet garden alone Far to the North by Allison Shaw Kelu turns to the monsters of her remote mountain home when her family is held hostage by outsiders.

Peritale by Mari Costa Peritale is a webcomic about a fairy godmother with no magic working hard and trying her best to successfully fulfill a Fairytale and win the respect of her peers. Freakshow by Scotty A festival of broken people, blood flows in the center ring. Come one and all to the greatest show in Paris, Freakshow. Bybloemen by C. McPherson A lesser devil and his apprentice bring their infernal schemes and economic shenanigans to the Dutch town of Stenen Brug at the height of the tulip mania of the s.

Tove by Severin Piehl Tove is a funny adventure comic about a young girl tasked with bringing her brother home after the end of the world. The object: money. And maybe romance. Tigress Queen by Allison Shaw A barbarian warlord and a pampered prince try to avoid a marriage alliance that could end decades of violence. Like manly men, lumberjacks, and time traveling special ops agents. Helvetica by J. Wiedle This story follows Helvetica's quest to uncover who he was in life, his existential crises, and his struggle to to make death worth living.

Killjoys by Woods A sparkly cutesy urban fantasy comic about clowns, brutal mob murders, and becoming a better person through horrible crimes. Love Not Found by Gina Biggs Abeille is on a quest to find someone who wants to do it the old-fashioned way in a time when touching has become outdated. Goblins by Tarol Hunt Goblins is the story of a fantasy rpg through the eyes of the low-level monsters. Mare Internum by Der-Shing Helmer Two scientists accidentally discover a hidden world beneath the barren surface of Mars, but will they have the strength to escape it?

Lighter Than Heir by Nalem and Spanio Lighter than Heir's the story of a young woman who joins the military in an effort to upstage her war hero father. Depending on the circumstances, a fee may apply. Please also note that Helix requires that you return a saliva sample with a certain timeframe after you place an order to help to assure the quality and accuracy of your Genetic Information. Helix charges a replacement fee for such kit. Refund Policy. You can request a refund by calling National Geographic Store Customer Service at and providing your order confirmation number.

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Your shopping cart is empty. View Cart. Featured Categories. Best Selling Gifts. National Geographic Black His powerful message, conveyed with humor, compassion, and art: to know these animals is to save them. He is circling the globe, visiting zoos and wildlife rescue centers to create studio portraits of 12, species, with an emphasis on those facing extinction.

He has photographed more than 6, already and now, thanks to a multi-year partnership with National Geographic, he may reach his goal. This book showcases his animal portraits: from tiny to mammoth, from the Florida grasshopper sparrow to the greater one-horned rhinoceros. Paired with the eloquent prose of veteran wildlife writer Douglas Chadwick, this book presents a thought-provoking argument for saving all the species of our planet.

This food grade plastic mug This food grade plastic mug mimics the design of an SLR camera lens, complete with the National Geographic logo on the front, stainless steel inside, and a spill proof lid. Safe, durable, and makes a great gift. Not designed to use in oven, microwave, fridge, or dishwasher. Wash the interior of the mug before first use. For centuries, maps have helped us make sense of the world around For centuries, maps have helped us make sense of the world around us. This unique jigsaw puzzle lets you discover even more about the areas you know well. Streams and roads, forests and lakes reveal themselves as your piece puzzle takes shape, resulting in a distinctive perspective on the places that mean the most to you.

Specify recipient's full U. Please check your order carefully; once placed, your order for this item cannot be canceled. Please allow weeks for delivery. Includes up-to-date road maps for all Includes up-to-date road maps for all 50 U. States, plus Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

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Major cities and metropolitan areas are shown in detail with inset maps that include popular attractions, infrastructure and points-of-interest. An additional resources section provides contact information for local tourism offices, plus a place name index to help easily locate a specific city.

More than 4, place names More than 4, place names are detailed on updated National Geographic cartography in an executive color palette. The diecast base features raised relief outlines of the northern hemisphere and the National Geographic logo. Made in the U. Expedited shipping is not available for this item. Now we're able to use these seamless Now we're able to use these seamless USGS topographic maps to create home decor featuring maps of your favorite places. Provide any U.