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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Objects Lessons Workshop, a workshop to teach academics to write for the popular press, in Phoenix, Arizona on November 8, Host: Ian Bogost. Black soldier fly larvae. Host: Daphne Klotsa. September 28, Host: Pakwing Fok declined August 21, Host: Arun Kota Fire ants build a raft in two minutes, grubs eat a pizza in two hours Host: Miguel Fuentes-Cabrera. August 23, Fire ants as an active material.

July 31, Host: Miguel Fuentes-Cabrera. Ant rafts and the Ig Nobel Prize. Host: Julian Freeman. April 8, Asociacion continentia conference in Madrid, Spain. October 20, Declined Declined Host: Marianne Alleyne Renaissance Weekend by the Renaissance Institute. Ant rafts. Banff, Canada. June 30 — July 4, Ants and Larvae as Active Matter. The Workshop Syracuse University June , Host: Cristina Marchetti Host: Rolf Mueller Fire Ants as Living Adhesives.

Feb , Host: Chelsea Davis Washington, D. Annals of Improbable Research. Feb 13, Host: Marc Abrahams May , in Snowbird, Utah. Self-Healing of Ant Clusters. Nov, Host: A. Adrekani Fire ants as soft materials. College Park, MD. Host: Dan Goldman Sept , Fire ants as an active self-healing material. Cairns, Australia. Host: Tanya Latty. July , AmeriMech Mechanics in Biology. Fire ants as intelligent building materials. Virginia Tech. Blacksburg, Virginia, May 23, Physics of fire ants. Nov , Ants as architects of living, self-healing structures. Beijing, China on August 1—5, Ants flow and thicken to form rafts and towers.

Shanghai, China. July 30, From ant rafts to wet-dog shakes: animal physics as an educational tool Annual conference in Atlanta, GA. June 25, Ants flow and solidify to build living rafts and bivouacs Host: Prashant Purohit. Philadelphia, PA. June 9, Ants cooperate to build rafts and towers. Host: Simon Garnier. Newark, NJ. May 31, The ant raft: a self-assembly hydrophobic surface. Evanston, IL. October , Georgia Tech Workshop. Microbes to Metazoans: regulation, dynamics and evolution of social behavior. Swarming on the water surface. Atlanta, GA. Host: M. November American Physical Society March Meeting.

Large and limbless. New Orleans, LA. March The mechanics of slithering. Hsinchu, Taiwan. May Conference and Workshop presentations 1. Clark, D. Schulz A. Elephants wrap their trunks around objects to better distribute forces. Lee, A. Preventing bubble pinch-off In underwater sniffing.

January 4, Invited. The Physics of Tossing Fried Rice. How an Elephant Trunk Lifts and Wraps. Dynamics of bubble formation by the star-nosed mole. Elephant Power Lifters. Active mixing in aggregations of black soldier fly larvae. L Competition of feeding fly larvae causes active mixing. Matherne, M. The physics of honey bee pollen suspensions.

L Collective motion of fly larvae during feeding. L Collective forces of black soldier fly larvae. How cats groom. Collective Eating of Fly Larvae. Serve-Learn-Sustain Student Showcase. Atlanta, GA, November 28, How honey bees carry pollen. B, and Hu, D. Underwater sniffing by the star-nosed mole.

Fly larvae mix to increase eating rates. Zhao, Y. Grabbing behaviors of an elephant trunk. Zhang, Y. Honey bees transport pollen in a concentrated suspension. Shapira, Hu, D. What can be found when science is seen through the looking glass of the Ig Nobel prizes? Atlanta, USA, October 11, What happens when bees brush their hair? Yang, P. Biomechanics of Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference. Atlanta, GA, February 8, Mammal tails deter mosquitoes by wind generation. Wu, J.

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Elephant trunk can grab tortilla chips by suction. International Conference on Robotics and Automation Meeting, Singapore, May , Active mixing of black soldier fly larvae during feeding. The 10th Southeast Meeting on Soft Materials.

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Atlanta, GA, Friday, May 12, Self-mixing of fly larvae during feeding. Petersburg, FL, February March 1, Cat tongue Velcro. Swishing tails shoo flies. Elephant trunk forms joints to better grip objects. L Morphology of jellyfish swimming. L A Tale of Two Nostrils. Zhou, Y. Fabrication of pollen particles. Fabrication of Synthetic Moth Antennae. Geilo, Norway, March , Active mixing increases feeding rate of black soldier fly larvae. The biomechanical influence of intestinal gas and chyme on small bowel peristalsis.

Intestine is a blender. Chen, R. Beetle wings are inflatable origami.

How Do We Name Deadly New Viruses?

Ren, J. A flee beetle jumps like a coin flips. Pheromone Capture by Moth Antennae. Fluid mechanics of taste.

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Moths Smell with their Antennae. Tennenbaum, M. Fire ants as a active material. October Rheology of ants: Dynamics of fire ant aggregations. July The hydrodynamics of Digestion. How frog tongues are so sticky. Amador, G. Eyelashes divert airflow to protect the eye. Astley, H. Dave, T. Self-healing of fire ant aggregations. The hydrodynamics of defecation. The role of extensional viscosity in frog tongue projection. Rheological Properties of Fire Ant Aggregations. The Society of Rheology. University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. Hu, A. Dickerson, P. Pham, J. Marvi, H.

Dickerson, A. Amador, H. Liu, Z. Fernandez-Nieves, A. Host: Dr. Leisen, Atlanta, GA, December Streator, J. Surfaces for reducing adhesion and friction. Locomotion Systems Science. Charleston, SC. January Arlington, VA. Baltimore, MD. Hydrodynamics of splash-cup seed dispersal. Gravish, N. Mlot, N. October 11—13, Dallas, TX.

March, Long Beach, CA. Vistarakula, K. June Shelley, M. Seattle, WA. West, D. Mulcahey, T. Minneapolis, MN. Hobbs, W. San Antonio, TX. Phoenix, AZ. Denver, CO. Chicago, IL. East Rutherford, New Jersey. Nov Invited University Seminars 1. Cramer seminar series. Dartmouth University. September 20, Host: Zi Chen 2. San Diego Natural History Museum. June 11, 3. Department of Surgery at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. April , Host: Daniel Chu. April 30, Host: Daniel Chu 5. Emory Neuroscience and Animal Behavior Program. Host: David Edwards.

April 11, 6. Public lecture at Department of Chemistry. American University of Beirut. How to Walk on Water and Climb up Walls. Host: Bilal Kaafarani. April 8, 7. BioFrontiers Seminar Series. University of Colorado. Host: Orit Peleg. School for Advanced Studies of Sapienza. Host: Roberto de Leonardo. December 7, 9.

The hungry elephant and the tidy tiger. December 6, Host: Lucia Beccai. University of Washington. Host: Tom Daniel. Columbia Sportswear. Host: Haskell Beckham. October 18, Wednesday Lecture Series. Host: Randal Halfmann and Tej Kandola. December 12, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Host: Daisuke Kurabayashi. August 29, How animals clean themselves and repel insects.

Host: James Ayala. July 8, Michigan Tech. Ant rafts, maggot flows, and urination. Host: Hassan Massoud. Arizona State University. Host: Spring Berman. April 13, University of Edinburgh. General Interest Programme of the School of Physics. Biomechanics of Pee and Poo. Host: John Loveday. March 22, University of Edinburgh Soft Matter Seminar.

Ant rafts and Black soldier-fly larvae. Host: Wilson Poon. March 21, See, Explain, Laugh. Host: Zachary Mills. Emory University. Physics of grooming, sniffing, and urination. Johns Hopkins University. Mechanical Engineering Spring Seminar Series. Elephant trunks, cat tongues, and the Ig Nobel Prize. Host: Rajat Mittal. February 15, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Materials Measurement Science Division Seminar. Particle capture by bees, moths, and moles. Host: Matthew Staymates. January 8, Vanderbilt University.

Department of Biological sciences seminar series. Host: Suzana Herculano. December 7, Stanford University. Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series. Tiger tongues, elephant trunks, and the Ig Nobel Prize. December 5, Host: David Lentink Imperial College. Department of Bioengineering. November 22, Host: Huai-Ti Lin. University of California, Berkeley. Department of Biology. Animal Flight Laboratory Seminar Series. Eyelashes, tail-swinging and other ways to ward off pests.

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Host: R Dudley. Berkeley, CA. May 25, Duke University. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science. Ant rafts, tiger tongues, and the Ig Nobel Prize. Host: Ken Gall. May 10, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Host: Duncan Irschick. Ant rafts, eyelashes, and the Ig Nobel Prize. April 28, University of Central Florida. Department of Mechanical Engineering. Host: Andrew Dickerson. April 14, Carnegie Mellon University. Host: Steven Rich. Rutgers University. Department of Chemistry. Ant rafts, frog tongues, and defecation. Host: Larry Romstead.

Host: Dave Kung. February 22, Auburn University. Mechanical Engineering. Host: J. Edmon Perkins. February 10, University of Alberta. Host: Aloke Kumar. February 7, Texas Tech University. Mechanical Engineering Seminar. Host: Burak Asak. November 28, Boston University. Soft materials from ant rafts to cat tongues. Host: Tyrone Porter. November 18, Physics Department Soft Matter Seminar. October 7, Host: Dan Blair.

Morehouse College. Mathematics Department. Host: Shelby Wilson. September 15, Santa Fe Institute. Host: Sid Redner. May 24, University of Akron. Biology Department. May 6, Host: Todd Blackledge University of California in San Diego. The universal law of urination. April 25, Host: Eva-Maria S. Rochester Institute of Technology. Host: Kara Maki University of Delaware. The maths of pee and poo. Host: Pakwing Fok Georgia Institute of Technology. School of Materials Science. Host: Amanda Gable. April 12, April 5, Ecole Polytechnique. The best length for eyelashes. March 23, Host: Christophe Clanet.

Oxford University. Mathematical Institute.

Pee, poo, and the gut. March 17, Host: Mason Porter and Dominic Vella Harvard University. Mahadevan Group Meeting. Digestion and Defecation. February 19, Host: L. Mahadevan Eyelashes keep your eyes wet. February 16, Host: Chris Rycroft Yale University. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science.

Body hair and its benefits. January 27, Host: Madhusudhan Venkadesan Biomechanics of cleaning. January 22, University of Maryland. Maryland Robotics Center Seminar Series. Ants as inspiration for modular and soft robotics. November 6, Host: Derek Paley. University of Pennsylvania. Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Colloquium.

Ants that can flow like a fluid, or spring back like a solid. October 27, Host: Mark Yim Physics Colloquium and public lecture. Oct 17, Hosts: Predrag Cvitanovic and Ed Greco. Pohang University of Science and Technology. Everyday fluid mechanics: Eating, cleaning and waste generation. Host: Sang Joon Lee Aerospace Department. Tsinghua University. Fluid mechanics of the body: tongue, eyelash and urethra. June 26, Host: Xi-Feng Qiao. June 23, Host: Tian Yu.

University of Nevada, Reno. Dripping and Solidification of Fire Ants. May 1, Host: Henry Fu. Georgia Tech. School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Ant Turbulence. April 24, Host: Don Webster Weizmann Institute of Science. Physics Colloquium. Are ants fluid or a solid? April 16, Rehovot, Israel. Host: Ofer Feinerman. Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series. Ants as a viscoelastic fluid. March 5, Integrated BioSystems Institute. Host: Jeffrey Skolnick and Eberhard Voit Brandeis University. Physics Department. Fire ant rafts assemble, morph and repair. Host: Daniel Chen.

Department of Civil Engineering. Fire ants as inspiration for construction and repair. Host: Lydia Bourouiba. November 5, Fire ants as active matter. Host: Don Candela, Narayanan Menon. November 4, Department of Mathematics. Assembly of rafts and bivouacs by fire ants.

Oct 14, Host: Daisuke Takagi. School of Applied Physiology. Biomechanics of mammalian waste excretion. Oct 1, Host: Boris Prilutsky Chinese Academy of Sciences. Institute of Zoology. Ant rafts, wet-dog shaking and urination: A tutorial on scaling principles for biologists. Host: Chao-Dong Zhu. July 18, Institute of Mechanics. New scaling principles in biology: grooming, shaking and urination. Host: Guowei He. July 3, Beijing Institute of Technology. School of Mechanical engineering. Active materials and internal flows: A tutorial on scaling and modeling in biological systems.

Host: Baohua Ji. Army Research Laboratory Seminar Series. Ant Engineers. Aberdeen, Maryland. Host: Samuel Stanton. Self-healing of fire ant rafts: a novel ant-elastic material. Host: Doro Noble, Eric Dufrense. School of Engineering and Applied Science. Assembly and repair of fire ant networks. Host: Katia Bertoldi. November 13, Rice University. Center for Theoretical Biophysics. Ant rafts as inspiration for self-healing materials.

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November 19, Swarming self-assembly by fire ants. Host: Daniel A. November 20, Zhejiang University. How animals stay dry, from ant rafts to wet dog shakes. Host: Deqing Mei. From ant rafts to wet-dog shakes: a decade after choosing M. Host: Evelyn Wang. April 10, Brown University. From ant rafts to wet-dog shakes: a decade after double-majoring in mathematics and mechanical engineering.

Host: Kenny Breuer. Brigham Young University. Survival of the Driest: How dogs invented washing machines and other tales from capillarity. Host: Tad Truscott. University of North Carolina. Applied Math Seminar. Mathematics of self-assembly in ant rafts. Host: Laura Miller. Feb 15, Department of Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series. Ants weave waterproof rafts to survive floods.

Host: Chuan-Hua Chen. Feb 14, Survival of the driest. Host: Sidney Redner. Jan 29, A chance encounter. Five rock-stars. One girl. Six dark hearts, six withered souls. But can one broken person really put another back together again? And is a cross-country tour the place to do it? But not everything is picture perfect.

  1. Departure (Bikers Last Refuge Chapter 1);
  2. LHistoire de la Belgique Pour les Nuls (French Edition)?
  3. Growing Up : A Story of the Girlhood of Judith Mackenzie.
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  5. after the storm kit and shara book 1 Manual.
  6. I got this…hopefully. Two vampire knights sworn to protect her. It all seems like a crazy nightmare, until the alpha offers his blood. Shara must learn how to wield her new powers quickly and conquer her fears if she intends to keep them all alive. Companies are in a bidding war for my new cutting-edge security software, including the men who run the leading tech firm, Pentabyte. Do I dare let my guard down when the stakes are this high? Three sworn Protectors. A river of blood and vengeance.

    Living in exile since birth, Violet Sinclaire should never have been born. She is a half blood descendant of royalty and her existence was forbidden by the ancient immortals long ago. Now the royals want her dead. First, she must choose her warriors, for they are her shields in battle; the armor that will keep her safe from the royal assassins. Determined that a half-breed will never own the throne, the royals have called for her blood. Turning eighteen and getting accepted into college brings me everything I need to escape from the nightmares of my past but I never could have imagined my nightmares — and dreams — were just beginning.

    As I struggle to find my place and prevent my nightmares from tearing me apart, I find myself surrounded by an unusual group of sexy men. To save the kingdom, a lookalike is quickly thrown in her place. Maisie is a waitress, not a royal. There was a reason the princess disappeared: she knew too much…and someone wanted her dead. Living in her court of darkness, any day that no one tried to kill me was a good day. Now she needs to reclaim the birthright and power she abandoned before she loses everything and everyone she loves.

    The very monster that has already killed her once before. Or will her nightmares drag her back into the shadows that have defined her life? Eventually my Demons always find me. Unfortunately, that Demon has hired three insufferable dragon shifters to bring me back to him. I just have to hide my secrets a little longer. Almost too much. Death, an uncontrollable fire…oh, and black magic. Forbidden magic that was outlawed in Rivaini centuries ago. She knows that. Still, somehow Lena happens to stumble across an ancient tomb of heroes.

    Even worse, she accidentally raises the entire crypt in a fit of uncontrollable magic. Most end up being nothing more than skeletons, but two are more. Tamlen and Valerius. Normal, loved, desired. Having thralls, being a necromancer—not something Lena wants. Tamlen and Valerius? Maybe together they can stop the ancient being whose eyes are set on Lena, the old god who will bring nothing but death and destruction in its wake. Maybe too willing. After all, this man is lust incarnate; a woman would have to be insane not to want him, even if he is dangerous.

    In her line of work, the two must never be confused. Her lust fuels him. He needs it. And that puts her in control. The things they do to her body are amazing, and the rest? Affection is a curse. Her job is to just lie back and take it. It might even be her. No one can see, hear, or feel her and who can live dead like that? Oh, by the way, she also has no idea who she is, how she died, or who killed her.

    Enter Jack, with his killer smile and wicked sharp blades. He can see her. Touch her. And kisses like a sinner with no interest in finding salvation. What she finds when they go through his front door defies everything she thought life was about. Can she trust her instincts and navigate through the fog of her past to find out what happened to her? If so, how does Jack play a role in her life… and death? This is a Reverse Harem Novel with graphic language, sexual content, and violence.

    And yeah, they run in packs. All the Hell Hounds do.

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    Piper is overwhelmed by the paranormal world and everything in it, including the fact that somehow all three of these guys are her mates. No, not even if they have recruiting booths on campus.