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If they wanted pizza, he said, they had to make it themselves. The resulting pizza crust is puffy and pleasantly chewy. Another Pepperoni's touch, Daniel brushes the crust of each pie with a garlic-olive oil butter when it emerges from the oven: built-in garlic bread. Three salads round out the menu, along with both draft and bottled beers and fountain sodas. They plan to expand the menu with wings and other appetizers when they add a fryer. Looking for a next step, she and Daniel considered launching a food truck but, said Koonce, "I wanted a building.

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In June they began what they thought, said Koonce, would be a "one- to three-month clean-up. Ten months later they've transformed the space to the point that it is unrecognizable. They spent months updating the electrical systems, removing damaged flooring and patching the concrete floor beneath.

After 2 p. Her new book, Turn Here Sweet Corn , is heart-felt, heart-warming, heartstopping, and in the end heart-soaring!

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Diffley is clearly a poet speaking from her heart and yet she has a steel backbone when it comes to meeting the challenges of nature. In addition to being a charming memoir of love and living off the land, Diffley's debut is a timely tale of modern farming, the growing organic movement, and the problems that arise when urban development runs up against fertile fields. Equal parts anecdote and practical organic farming guide, this book is a powerful testament to the Diffleys' passion for their work and a terrific guide to the trials and tribulations of sticking to the land, sticking to the Man, and going organic.

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Turn Here Sweet Corn is a wrenching tale of a common yet private tragedy: the way development pressures push farming families off the land, and what happens to those families during and afterward. A fascinating look at the hazards and challenges of raising food, from the thread of hailstones to political maneuvering to encroaching suburban development. This is no organic farming and marketing textbook. It is beautiful, creative writing, filled with vivid descriptions and metaphors that seem to pour effortlessly out of this passionate author.

Corn is, of course, an evocation of much more for the author and her readers. Atina Diffley has a great story to tell, and she tells it well in this lovely, powerful, evocative book. A gifted writer, Diffley brings fire, passion, and poetry to her writing; her book is a wake-up call to the real state of our national food supply and why corporate farming and the application of toxic chemicals can only make it worse. Diffley has an engaging style that transforms her lengthy story into a surprising page-turner.

As details and incidents accumulate over several hundred pages, the story of the Diffley family begins to feel like a nonfiction epic.

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  • Iowa farmers thinking of going organic will appreciate this book. Iowa consumers will wish more of them would.

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    Turn Here Sweet Corn is a fun and lively read. It offers insight into a lifestyle and approach to food production that is completely original and at the same time ancient and honorable. The book is an absolute page turner that I found very hard to put down. It is easy to read and teaches the whys and wherefores, and even the how-tos to some degree, of organic farming and gardening without being a boring manual.

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    MN Reads: Atina Diffley. Atina Diffley on Iowa Public Radio. Turn here for sweet corn, and you'll be glad you did. Through high winds and hail, dry years and wet, and through the pressures of development and corporate interests Atina Diffley and her husband Martin ran one of the first certified organic produce farms in the Midwest. MinnPost: Gardens of Eagan farmer cultivates a page-turner.

    Holiday books roundup. ForeWord interviews Atina Diffley. Atina Diffley on Food Sleuth Radio. Where in the world is the new Atina Diffley Kitchen? Isanti County News: Minnesota organic farmer shares experiences. Sweet corn and oil reform. Writerscast: Atina Diffley. MPR interviews Atina Diffley. A closer look at flyover land: Turn Here Sweet Corn.

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    The woman who took on Koch Industries to save her farm. Southwest Journal: Reflecting on the early days of organic farming. Hey, soil sister: Atina Diffley. Star Tribune: Atina Diffley, a "rock star" in organic farming circles, now aims to cultivate hearts and minds with her new memoir about love, loss, land and battling a pipeline.

    Eureka resident Atina Diffley publishes book about organic farming. There is more drama than you might expect in the world of organic farming. Bad weather and legal battles. Even some menacing coyotes. The Impermanence of Eden.