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Garden furniture should be covered or ideally moved inside in bad weather and over the winter months.

Padding and cushions on garden furniture should be kept clean and dry to keep it looking good, and to prevent mould and mildew building up on fabrics and filling materials. Natural wood furniture should be treated with oil in the spring and autumn to keep it looking good and to help protect it from the elements. There are also some great modern materials that look like wicker or woven fabric but are made of metals, resins and plastics that are resistant to fading in the sun, and do not rot or suffer from insect or mould attack.

These designs are obviously low—maintenance and long lasting, so they are becoming ever more popular. There is a huge range of different types of furniture to suit any style and budget. Decking has a particular problem with regards to weathering and the way that affects its appearance. Just like patios and paths the decking gets dirty, but being made of timber it can also oxidise turn grey and possibly rot.

The way that decking reacts to sunlight and rain depends upon the timber that it is made of, the preservative treatment used and the way it is fixed together. This is often fast—growing pine. Softwoods are lightweight, renewable resources, which is cheaper than hardwoods, but less durable. You can either buy it pre—treated usually green in colour or you can buy untreated timber and treat it yourself For more information on Boron products for treating timber against infestation, rot and decay see more at Property Repair Systems.

How to Build Stairs - Stairs Design & Plans

Softwood will turn grey, unless oiled regularly. Hardwood decking can be made from woods that you will have heard of, such as Oak, Cedar or Teak, or newly popular Iroko, but there are other species such as Ipe, Balau, Garapa and Cumaru, and no doubt others as we need to source woods from more sustainable plantations. Hardwoods are denser, heavier, and more expensive, but they are much more durable. If they are good quality they are much less susceptible to rot or insect attack. However they will still go grey if not oiled regularly.

In woodland fallen trees need to decompose to make way for new plants, but that is not want we want to happen to our deck! You can treat all wood types in Spring and Autumn with Boracol 10RH mentioned above , to suppress growth of moulds and fungi. If any areas of the deck or the deck fixings are resting on the ground or are in an area where water pools around them then you should take precautionary measures to protect them from rot. This applies to the decking itself but also to the structural supports, deck frame, posts and handrails etc.

Our Favorite Scrap Wood Project: Adirondack Chairs

If they are made of softwood treat them with Boron Gel and drill and insert Boron Rods — both available form Property Repair Systems mentioned above where they are in contact with the ground or are vulnerable to rainwater pooling. The surface finish you choose will depend on the look you want for your deck.


Consider whether you want smooth or grooved finishes. Grooved finishes are more slip resistant when wet, but they are harder on bare feet. Nails or screws, joints and plates can all act as moisture traps and damage the timber, allowing rot, moulds and insects to gain a foothold. Careful assembly and design can eliminate many of these problems, but otherwise treatment with Boron—based preservatives is essential, particularly with softwoods. We always recommend fitting decking planks with screws rather than nails, as it gives a better finish and it allows you to lift boards again if you need to gain access to the area underneath.

This is especially useful if you have laid cables or piping under the deck.

How to plan decking

Whichever wood you use for your decking make sure it comes from a sustainable resource — it should carry a FSA label, and in any case any good Timber merchant, Builder merchant or DIY supplier should be able to vouch for the source of their timber, so ask the question. Decking cannot be protected in the same way as garden furniture, so to preserve it, it should be cleaned and treated with special deck preserver or decking oil at least once a year, to ensure it stays looking good, and continues to be water repellent.

You can choose various colour finishes for decking stains and varnishes including clear finishes. Just be careful not to get the wood preservative onto plants or into fish ponds. If you need help with any type of Decking Repair or maintenance problem Property Repair Systems will be pleased to give you completely free, no obligation advice on Take a look at our video on how to saw timber — which shows you how to effectively measure and cut wood. This video shows us cutting the timber with a hand saw but for your decking project you might want to use a table saw or a circular saw.

All project content written and produced by Mike Edwards , founder of DIY Doctor and industry expert in building technology. Find a tradesman now! Twitter Facebook Pin It Buffer. Project Menu Project Menu.

Basic Steps for Building a Deck

Building a decking frame to support the deck boards Decking has risen dramatically in popularity due we believe to a large extent, to its versatility. Decking is still however, carpentry and some skill is required to get it right! Components of a decking frame If you already have a patio or terrace, and you wish to turn it into a deck, the frame shown above can simply be built directly onto the patio, providing the patio is solid and firm. If you end up in dispute, you will be in a very weak position. Instead, you should look to pay through a recorded method such as bank transfer, cheque or credit card.

If they will accept credit card admittedly this is quite rare your card provider will be jointly liable for the payment which should work in your favour should there be any dispute. A competent decking fitter is worth their weight in gold. It helps if the tradesperson is able to show you a back-catalogue of previous decking projects with varying levels of complexity. Ask questions about how much these projects cost, how long they took, what difficulties did they come up against? Not only will they have come up against projects like yours in the past; but they have established a clear run of business in the past that has allowed them to operate for a long period of time.

The key here is in the wording of the question. All tradespeople worth their salt should have details available of those happy customers from projects gone by who are willing to provide them with a reference. Preferably, if you can speak with someone who had a decking project completed by our prospective fitter, this should give you a much better idea of what to expect.

This is very important. If you think this is something that is going to impact your build, then you need to figure out who is going to take ownership of this. The final principle you need to understand from any prospective installer is how quickly they will be able to deliver your finished project. Obviously this is the worst-case scenario — but it shows how important it is to ask the right questions during your search for the right person. Top Tip: if you can be lenient on your deadline, try to compromise. Always try and cross-examine your prospective decking fitter on how realistic their start dates are — what else do they have on that might affect this start date?

Try and compare this with the size of the workforce. This is obviously important to know anyway for practical reasons — but it also helps to build an expectation from the very beginning.

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Try and get a feel for the process you will need to go through. What does the fitter need from you before they can get started?

The longer you leave something, the more difficult it will usually be to sort it out. It could also mean you end up with a messy, half-finished project in your garden until your dispute has been resolved. Skip to content. Home Decking Planner Decking Builders. Decks The Home Depot. Erika Kotite. Wayne Fears. Jerome Osentowski.

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