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BVC's student handbook defines plagiarism as:. Watch this humourous video with examples of plagiarism from the University of Alberta:. This applies regardless of the manner of reproduction. This video explains some of the reasons why it is important to cite sources when writing an academic research paper. Back to Bow Valley College contact.

Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is the unacknowledged and inappropriate use of the ideas or wording of another writer. Because plagiarism corrupts values to which the university community is fundamentally committed—among them the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual honesty—plagiarism is considered a grave violation of academic integrity and the sanctions against it are correspondingly severe. Plagiarism is a matter of fact, not intent; whether or not there was an intent to deceive, the undocumented use of sources that is, of any work authored by another person constitutes plagiarism.

The submission of material authored by another person constitutes plagiarism even if it is subjected to editorial revision to cover up the dishonesty that results in substantive changes in content or major alteration of writing style. Improperly acknowledging or failing to acknowledge sources from the Internet, as well as from textual essays, papers, or presentations.

Academic Integrity: Overview

Submitting the same paper for two different classes, either in the same semester or in a different semester, without the express consent of both instructors. Learning depends on honesty. It requires facing our own ignorance and confusion squarely, and admitting to others our undeveloped skills and our limited knowledge. Learning is promoted by credible responses to the work we do and, because it thrives on dialogue and debate, it flourishes in communities where trust and truthfulness prevail. Plagiarism is a breach of academic trust and honesty. Dishonesty hurts us all.

It adds suspicion and resentment to academic competition, and it distorts the meaning of grades. If academic dishonesty is widespread or accepted even tacitly, it can undermine and demoralize our common efforts. Learning is the goal of education, and it is impossible to learn if one substitutes the thoughts and words of others for one's own intellectual effort. The Student Guide On Academic Integrity is one part of a continuing effort in LS to strengthen trust and reduce the likelihood of dishonest behavior.

That effort includes a commitment by faculty to act in support of academic integrity and to act promptly whenever standards of trust or truthfulness are threatened. For their part, students in LS are expected to honor the principles and standards of academic integrity. A few dimensions of those principles are worth considering:.

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We learn early in life that honorable people tell the truth and keep promises and that to cheat or steal is dishonorable. We know, however, that everyone can be tempted, and that the fear of failure and the prospect of comfort or future success can lead us to betray principles of truth, honesty and integrity. We also know that social pressures, pleasures, or personal problems can compromise our values. Thoughtless acts can cost us our integrity.

Our commitment to respect and honor the values of academic honesty and integrity are fundamental to our participation in the Liberal Studies community. As citizens, LS students should be mindful of their civic responsibility here, as anywhere, to uphold the standards of academic integrity. This commitment is an individual choice as well as a social contract; it is a consensus in support of academic honesty that is absolutely necessary for accomplishing the aims we share. Our commitment to the standards of academic integrity requires that we oppose what we know is wrong.

This may mean speaking to our peers or instructors about papers we know are plagiarized or refusing to participate in prohibited collaboration. It surely means considering dishonesty openly and talking about it with others, informally or in class.

Academic integrity

Plagiarism can lead to course failure or to further disciplinary actions, including suspension or expulsion. Consult the Liberal Studies Bulletin on plagiarism, rules of conduct, and the disciplinary consequences for breaches of academic regulations. Because of the serious nature of plagiarism, you should ensure that any writing you submit represents your own assertions and abilities, and incorporates other texts in an open and honest manner. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to be careful to document your sources, even when you are offering data or ideas rather than an actual quotation.

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In academic assignments, writing is assumed to be the original words and thoughts of the student unless otherwise indicated i. Remember that ignorance is not an excuse; if you claim not to know that a piece of submitted work is plagiarized you are still guilty of committing plagiarism, and hence, you will be held responsible for your actions. The television commercial is the most peculiar and pervasive form of communication to issue forth from the electronic plug…The move away from the use of propositions in commercial advertising began at the end of the nineteenth century.

By substituting images for claims, the pictorial commercial made emotional appeal, not tests of truth, the basis for consumer decisions. Television commercials have made language obsolete as a basis for making decisions about products. The pictorial commercial has substituted images for claims and thereby made emotional appeal, rather than tests of truth, the basis for consumer decisions.

Academic Integrity Violations | Academic Integrity | Chapman University

Although the writer has changed, rearranged, and deleted words in the version above, the text is essentially the same as the original source. It is not a process of substituting synonyms or rearranging the order of words. ERIC Education. Leave this field blank. Alphabetical List of All Databases List of databases by subject.

Student Success - Academic Integrity

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