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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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But that's where the thinking stops. He has spoken with Head Coach David Quinn about what he has to work on over the summer in order to best prepare himself for his first NHL training camp. He is aware that he has to add some strength and get quicker. Those will be his primary areas of focus over the next eight weeks. Aside from that, though, he wants to be a sponge.

He wants to learn. He wants to compete. But he isn't thinking about whom he'll be paired with or what role he'll play. That is beyond him. None of that can happen if he doesn't accomplish Goal No. Wherever they see a fit for me is something I'm trying to do. I think for me, I'm just putting forth my best play when they're watching and have them make the decision from there. He traded for defenseman Jacob Trouba. In short succession, the Rangers' system received a strong infusion of youth, and Fox served as the first dose.

We saw him over at the Worlds, what he could do. But again, I think he's a guy that's coming out of college. After everything he's done and accomplished, I think he's staring at our team saying, 'Why can't I make this team? Then, as a freshman at Harvard, he exploded for 40 points in 35 games.

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This past season, he registered a career-high 48 points in 33 games with a plus rating. He was named one of three finalists for the Hobey Baker Award, given to the top player in college hockey, and he was dubbed a First-Team All-American. At Harvard, Fox suited up plenty of times against fellow development camper and Cornell center Morgan Barron. Over the last few months, he's gotten a good look at the players who very well may be his teammates soon enough.

For one, he played against Kakko at the World Championships in May.

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Like everyone else who saw the year-old Finn's performance on the world stage, he was suitably impressed. His size and strength were definitely things that stuck out to me. Being a younger guy and being able to hold his own against older men out there was definitely impressive, and he's got the skill to go along with it. He's definitely a pretty complete player. However, she is not smart enough to realize her current relationship as unbalance. Or more like she realized it but still accepted it, and that's even more stupid.

Ignorant is bliss, not when you are smart but still choose to be ignorant. Her reason is "because I love Lara. I'm pretty sure there are a lot more for me to rants, but I skipped so much in the book that I'm not sure which part is which part. As for those who purchased this entire series because of the first book and couldn't see this coming, here's a cookie for you. Cookie for me as well. Jun 12, Jem rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal.

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This book has garnered some pretty strongly-worded negative reviews here and elsewhere. The problem with these reviews is you can't read them without spoilers. Hopefully, this will help potential readers decide whether to buy it or not, without any unnecessary reveals. If you haven't read the first and second books, go get them. They are excellently plotted and written. The following review will contain spoilers from the first two books. In the third book, Michaela the fox and Lara the Alpha wo This book has garnered some pretty strongly-worded negative reviews here and elsewhere.

In the third book, Michaela the fox and Lara the Alpha wolf are now in a stable relationship and are engaged. The whole book covers the wedding preparations, the bridal shower and the wedding itself. From this alone you can infer that there is a lull in the proceedings. Its not exactly dull, because the traditional wolf bridal shower is anything but. Think of this book as Michaela's initiation into wolf life and traditions But with so little happening, the three major proceedings are stretched out to fill the book.

If you are willing to temper your expectations, and accept at face value the direction the author takes Michaela's development, then you will be rewarded towards the end of the book, when Michaela finally reveals her true past--it is awesome. As to the graphic scenes of violence? Nothing too harsh, I can assure you there are worse out there.

Werewolves are by their very nature violent, and killing is a way of life for them. I admire the author's depiction of these were-folks' animal side, their pack mentality, their need to dominate, their willingness to submit, their choice to kill. Its part of their world, and part of the author's worldbuilding. However, there is some misplaced violence, which I will comment on later under the spoilery part of my review. I only gave the book 3 stars because of many problems that I had with various aspects of the book--lots of filler, inconsistencies, illogical choices, and cursory and unrealistic treatment of PTSD.

So, to buy or not to buy? This is sort of like a crossroads book. If you are undecided, you may want to wait for the 4th book, and see if the reviews are positive. If you can't wait, tone down your expectations, and enjoy the long, bumpy ride with little scenery, until you get to the destination.

And let's keep our fingers crossed that the next adventure will be filled with more excitement. Now on to the spoilery part of my review. As I mentioned earlier, I have issues with certain aspects of the book. There is no conflict anymore no more rival gangs, Michaela and Lara firmly in love and fully accepted into the tribe.

So the author fills up the entire book with three major events -- the wedding preparations, the bridal shower, and the wedding itself.

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  • Everything just takes too long. I found myself skipping pages so I could get on with the story The Kidnapping and subsequent Torture Session aka wolf's bridal shower I didn't actually hate this at first, not all of it anyway. The author managed to convince me of the necessity of going through this. I chose to think of it as a wolf version of a bridal shower that but is more along the lines of a frat hazing ritual.

    What I didn't like was how drawn out it was. Just too many pages devoted to it and the endless negotiating that it got boring. Towards the end, when it got too extreme to be just a 'tradition' anymore, it was just stupid and unbelievable. Hanging Michaela upside down until she pukes? Did the author watch 'zero dark thirty'? Its for enemy combatants not for the alpha's wife! And almost wringing the Michaela's neck in the process?

    List of werewolf fiction

    Everyone knows Michaela is a fragile fox, and real friends would not play around with her life, especially since she is the mate of the alpha, and a most possessive one at that. I bought that at first. But now that i've had time to think about it, there's no way Lara, who is obsessively possessive of Michaela I just love the way Lara says 'Mine! At the very least, she would have insisted that the 'torture' be harmless. It was so damned awesome Imho, all these details could have been more effectively revealed little by little by the author over one or a few books Even the way the trigger works seemed weird.


    She wasn't even traumatized by the whole incident after it was over--being calm and composed enough to lecture her captors. Her 'going crazy' episode would have been more realistic if it happened during the torture itself. I know that author used the torture session to trigger Michaela's memories but the way I understand how it works is What Michaela went through was not one single event One at 6 yrs old, 2nd event at 12 years old, third event at 19 yrs old, and everything else that happened until she helped the girl who was raped. All of them suppressed? Selective memory retention can be this 'selective'???

    And one single trigger causes her to remember every single thing! I'm no psychiatrist, but it doesn't sound logical at all. And no, the patient was not 'cured' in a single afternoon. Unless Michaela is now not only a total submissive to Lara, but also enjoys the whole BDSM spectrum of activities--and from other people too. I didn't buy that. Michaela hated the 1st torture session, the cheating, the taking of her house, freedom, etc. Is the author is trying to up the bdsm ante? I'm not sure, but it is very unerotic. Final thoughts: The whole third book was obviously rushed out without any deep plotting or advanced planning and no editing.

    It reads and feels like free online fiction. Oct 20, Megan rated it it was ok Shelves: spec-fic-sf-fantasy-horror , uf-and-pnr. Michaela and crew are back - but this book really seemed to come out of left field both in plot and character development. There were elements I liked, such as the whole knife business, but it was completely unexpected, with no hints or foreshadowing in the previous novels. If you were going to skip one of the series, this is the one to do it.

    Fox Afield

    Between the angst and the power plays in the bride ransoming plot, I really did not like this installment. Jun 08, Fernanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , lesbian. Fox Mate began the day after it ended Fox Play Michaela and Lara are engaged There are parts in this book that are deeply sad, strong and also violent but I have felt more connected to Michaela then ever thanks to them.

    This book can change from come Fox Mate began the day after it ended Fox Play This book can change from comedy to tragedy in a second and a thing that don't cease to amaze me is not only that, like always with Mrs Roseau's books, I couldn't stop reading them till the very end but also that the story keep my mind occupied well after have reached the ending. I am a fan of Robin Roseau work, I love the way she have with words, I love how much she can capture my attention after only one tiny, little sentence and I definitely love the stories that she tell. Fox Mate is an incredible and unexpected journey that have make me laugh, cry, smile, worry I have circumnavigated all the emotional world during this journey and at the end i have find myself wanting more When I read a book that is a paranormal I am always very disappoint when the authors treat their non-human creatures as merely human, for me a "were" have to have a big connection with her-his animal instincts If I read a book that open for me a world that is ruled by supernatural creatures I expect to read about things that have nothing to do with the human society I know that some people prefer the more lovely-dovely books also in the paranormal genre but there are a lot of books that offer that kind of setting and if an author make sure to point out that the book contain "graphic violence and scenes that may be disturbing to sensitive readers", please people make sure to be ready to read a book that contain this kind of things before purchased it.

    Aug 25, Wawv rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I really loved the two first books but this one is really sick. The protagonist gets tortured by her "friends" and all they say is that it was fun and that she needed to prove herself. At the end of the day of torture she felt loved??? I mean seriously what the fuck, they tortured you, stole your house, you end owing them favores and you feel loved! I don't know what the author smoked while writing this book but it really ruined a serie that I liked.

    Aug 16, Kageashi rated it really liked it Shelves: lgbt-fiction , fantasy. I wouldn't classify The Madison Wolves series as deep literature.

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    The novels are more akin to a delicious dessert than a filling meal. These books are the light bits that are good to fill the soul with a little extra light every now and again. And that is how much of Fox Mate goes along - it lifts the heart with the charming and touching pieces, and provides a fantastic retreat from reality. Personally, I think of The Madison Wolves series as my own little addiction. Fox Mate maintains much of what I love about the previous books, though it seemingly is light in actual content for much of the early book. When the conflict arises, it is astounding how quickly things escalate and how both painful and funny the initial conflict can be.

    That initial conflict, though, opens the gates on Michaela's backstory - the years and experiences she had both during the eight years she was on the run following her first "fox hunt" and events previous to that tragic story. It is an amazingly powerful piece and shows how PTSD can affect even the strongest-seeming individuals. Perhaps less light-hearted than some of the other texts in the series, "Fox Mate" manages to couple lighthearted action and interactions with the darker side of the psyche.

    Jan 09, Doke rated it did not like it. This is both disgusting and poorly written. I mostly liked the first two books in this series, but this one ruined them. It rewrites the protagonist's back story, in ways that cause major events of the first two books to no longer make sense. Much of this book centers around her being kidnapped, imprisoned, extorted, and tortured, nearly to death, by her "friends".

    It only ends when she agrees to give her house to one of the wolves. This is supposedly some sort of werewolf pre-wedding tradition. Her responses to this are wildly inconsistent with her character's backstory. She forgives them hours of confinement, humiliation, and mutilation.

    This not friendship or love, it is sadism and Stockholm syndrome. For the reader, it's a sickening perversion of the character we met in the first book. Dec 27, Jonathon Lapak rated it did not like it Shelves: romance , lbgt , urban-fantasy. Reviewing after reading the first three - the first two are OK, with the third the series becomes very unpleasant, inconsistent with the first two, and wanders into confusing a BDSM relationship with emotional abuse.

    Not recommended. Jun 24, Bib rated it really liked it. The author tied up a few loose ends in the first two books. I can't wait to read the fourth book. Dec 01, Katelyn rated it did not like it. Abuse masked as love is still abuse, not a way to advance a plot. Feb 04, Rexxy rated it did not like it. Why would someone write this? I started reading this series because it was on a list of lesbian books with shapeshifters other than werewolfs and I already wasn't pleased with the first two books.

    The abundance of abuse, Micheala constantly ignoring her own needs for Lara, repetetive writing and waaaaay too much wolf for my taste, but I kept reading since there are some interesting points to the story and whily I was very annoyed, I was also curious. But this book really wen Why? But this book really went too far.

    The entire "we are having a traditional wedding and you don't get a say in it" thing already had me screaming in frustration, but when it came to the "bachelorette party", I was sobbing in despair. Micheala should have dumped Lara a hundred times already, but when the girls came to take her THIS was the ultimate limit! Oh it's part of your traditions? Well I guess that makes it totally okay sarcasm Afterwards, if I were in Michaela's place I would have murdered the entire pack.

    Having a family or marrying the person you love, can't possibly be worth this. I feel like the author is a sick fascist who want's people to submit to the norm, to traditions, to society without any regard for their personal feelings. No otherness allowed!! Other people may have an easier time reading this and just feeling annoyed with Michaela never drawing any consequences from how the others tread her, but for me this series reminds me way too much of the physical, emotional and sexual abuse I experienced from my father.

    No thanks! I'm out.