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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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How did it happen, exactly? No one can answer these questions definitively. In fact, these mysteries are not the focus of the creation story. The purpose, rather, is for moral and spiritual revelation. Explore the Garden of Eden, a perfect paradise created by God for his people. Through this story we learn how sin entered the world, creating a barrier between men and God. We also see that God had a plan to overcome the problem of sin. Learn how Paradise will one day be restored to those who choose obedience to God. The Fall of Man is described in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and reveals why the world is in such terrible shape today.

As we read the story of Adam and Eve, we learn how sin entered the world and how to escape God's coming judgment on evil. Noah was righteous and blameless, but he was not sinless see Genesis Noah pleased God and found favor because he loved and obeyed God with his whole heart. As a result, Noah's life was an example to his entire generation. Although everyone else around him followed the evil in their hearts, Noah followed God.

To build the Tower of Babel, the people used brick instead of stone and tar instead of mortar. They used "man-made" materials, instead of more durable "God-made" materials.

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The people were building a monument to themselves, to call attention to their own abilities and achievements, instead of giving glory to God. The people living in Sodom and Gomorrah were given over to immorality and all sorts of wickedness. The Bible tells us the inhabitants were all depraved. Although God mercifully desired to spare these two ancient cities even for the sake of a few righteous people, none lived there.

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So, God sent two angels disguised as men to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Learn why God's holiness demanded that Sodom and Gomorrah be put to ruin. In a dream with angels ascending and descending a stairway from heaven, God extended his covenant promise to the Old Testament patriarch Jacob, son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham. Most scholars interpret Jacob's ladder as a demonstration of the relationship between God and man—from heaven to earth—showing that God takes the initiative to reach down to us.

Moses , one of the most prominent figures in the Old Testament, was God's chosen deliverer, raised up to free the ancient Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Yet, analogous to the Law , Moses, in the end, was unable to fully rescue the children of God and take them into the Promised Land. Learn how the dramatic events surrounding the birth of Moses foreshadow the coming of the ultimate Deliverer, Jesus Christ. Try putting yourself in Moses' sandals. Can you see yourself going about your daily business when suddenly God appears and speaks to you from the most unexpected source?

Moses' initial reaction was to get closer to inspect the mysterious burning bush. If God decides to get your attention in an unusual and surprising way today, will you be open to it? Relive the unbeatable power of God in this story of the ten plagues against ancient Egypt, which left the country in ruins. Learn how God proved two things: his complete authority over all the earth, and that he hears the cries of his followers.

The crossing the Red Sea may be the most spectacular miracle ever recorded. In the end, Pharaoh's army, the most powerful force on earth, was no match for almighty God. See how God used the crossing of the Red Sea to teach his people to trust him in overwhelming circumstances and to prove that he is sovereign over all things. In essence, they are a summary of the hundreds of laws found in the Old Testament Law and are recorded in Exodus and Deuteronomy They offer basic rules of behavior for spiritual and moral living.

The strange account of Balaam and his donkey is a Bible story that's hard to forget. With a talking donkey and an angel of God , it makes the ideal lesson for a children's Sunday School class. Discover the timeless messages contained in one of the Bible's most peculiar stories. Spectacular miracles like the Israelites crossing the Jordan River happened thousands of years ago, yet they still have meaning for Christians today.

Like the crossing of the Red Sea, this miracle marked an all-important change of course for the nation. The battle of Jericho featured one of the most astounding miracles in the Bible, proving that God stood with the Israelites. Joshua's strict obedience to God is a key lesson from this story.

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At every turn Joshua did exactly as he was told and the people of Israel prospered under his leadership. An ongoing theme in the Old Testament is that when the Jews obeyed God, they did well. When they disobeyed, the consequences were bad. The same is true for us today. The story of Samson and Delilah, while belonging to times long past, overflows with relevant lessons for Christians of today. When Samson fell for Delilah, it marked the beginning of his downfall and eventual demise. You will learn how Samson is just like you and me in many ways. His story proves that God can use people of faith, no matter how imperfectly they live their lives.

Are you facing a giant problem or impossible situation? David's faith in God caused him to look at the giant from a different perspective. If we look at giant problems and impossible situations from God's perspective, we realize that God will fight for us and with us. When we put things in proper perspective, we see more clearly and we can fight more effectively. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were three young men determined to worship the One true God only.

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In the face of death they stood firm, unwilling to compromise their beliefs. They had no assurance they would survive the flames, but they stood firm anyway. Their story in the Bible speaks a strong word of encouragement especially to young men and women of today. Sooner or later we all go through extreme trials that test our faith, just like Daniel did when he was tossed into the den of lions. Maybe you are going through a time of serious crisis in your life right now.

Let Daniel's example of obedience and trust in God encourage you to keep your eyes on the true Protector and Deliverer. The account of Jonah and the Whale records one of the strangest events in the Bible. The theme of the story is obedience. Jonah thought he knew better than God. But in the end he learned a valuable lesson about the Lord's mercy and forgiveness, which extends beyond Jonah and Israel to all people who repent and believe.

This Christmas story gives a biblical account of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. John had devoted his life to preparing for the arrival of Jesus. He had focused all of his energy toward this moment. He was set upon obedience. Yet the very first thing Jesus asked him to do, John resisted. He felt unqualified. Do you feel unqualified to fulfill your mission from God?

The story of Christ's temptation in the wilderness is one of the best teachings in Scripture about how to resist the Devil's schemes. Through Jesus' example we learn exactly how to fight the many temptations that Satan will throw at us and how to live victoriously over sin. One of the Bible's most well-known wedding ceremonies is the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus performed his first recorded miracle.

This wedding feast in the small village of Cana marked the beginning Jesus' public ministry. The crucial symbolism of this first miracle might easily be lost on us today. Also tucked in this story is an important lesson about God's concern for every detail of our lives. In the Bible account of the Woman at the Well, we find a story of God's love and acceptance. Jesus shocked the Samaritan woman, offering her living water so that she'd never thirst again, and changed her life forever.

Jesus also revealed that his mission was to the entire world, and not just the Jews. Trick or Treat? That is the Question Evangelicals have various opinions about Halloween. Should we avoid this occult-tinged holiday or seize it as an opportunity to reach out? The Jews of Cuba Flying to Cuba this winter? Consider bringing along some necessary items that improve the living conditions of the small Jewish population there.

But I still miss my parents and who I was around them. The Stuttering Servant Does fear hold you back? God will work in your weakness. Love to Live, Live to Love How we treat each other is important. We choose one over another, or one group over another. Who Built the Ark? The replica, at two thirds the length of a football field, is only half the size of the original. Leisure — We Need It! Obesity - the Taboo Subject The rapid increase of obesity in our North American culture is epidemic in proportion.

Christians are not exempt. Accessible Asceticism With the age of indulgence almost at its peak, disillusioned consumers need gentle instruction on embarking upon retreat. Here are some suggestions for new religious rules for today. How to Rise Above the Economic Crisis Here is some sound biblical wisdom on money management in tough times. It can yield surprising results. Bears and other hibernating creatures know how to handle January.

They sleep through her tantrums. Speakers Address Economy and Ecology According to Preston Manning, Christians could serve as peacemakers between those with competing visions on energy and the environment. A Journalist's Pilgrimage Through the Holy Land Overcome with wonder at the land of Israel, David Dawes writes of his experiences and impressions on a trip sponsored by the Israeli government.

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