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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Smith, Gerald L. Socialism , undated. Soviet-American Friendship , undated. Soviet Union - Agriculture undated. Soviet Union - Athletics , undated. Soviet Union - Arctic Expeditions , undated. Soviet Union - Children , undated. Soviet Union - Education , undated. Soviet Union - Foreign Intervention Soviet Union - Miscellaneous , undated. Soviet Union - Government , undated. Soviet Union - Housing , undated. Soviet Union - May Day undated. Soviet Union - Military , undated.

Soviet Union - Medicine and Science , undated. Soviet Union - Music and Theater , undated. Soviet Union - People , undated. Soviet Union - Places and Monuments , undated. Soviet Union - Press undated. Soviet Union - Stalin , undated. Soviet Union - Women , undated. Soviet Union - Workers , undated. Spanish Civil War Steelworkers , undated. Student Demonstrations , undated. Theater , undated. Tin Recycling undated. Tom Mooney Parade Unemployment , undated. United Electrical Workers , undated. United Nations Conference United States Foreign Policy , undated.

Veterans , undated. Welfare and Relief Women circa s, World Federation of Democratic Youth World War II - Atrocities , undated. World War II - Individuals World War II - Women Abortion Rights Rallies Aerospace , undated. Agriculture and Immigration, California Airlines , undated. Alsace-Lorraine May Day Demonstration undated. Argentina , undated. Art and Artists , undated. Arts Film and Theater , undated.

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Arts Dance , undated. Arts Music] , undated. Asian-Americans , undated. Australia Anti-War Demonstration February 1. Automobile Industry Aviation Space undated. Bakers and Retail Food , undated. Bay Area City Workers , undated. Black Movement , undated. Black Panthers , undated. Boilermakers, Seattle Bolivia , undated. Brewery , undated. Cannery Workers , undated. California, Politics , undated. Campus Student Movements , undated.

Chile , undated. Chicano Demonstrations , undated. Chicano People , undated. China , undated. Chinese Americans , undated. Civil Liberties , undated. Clerical Workers , undated. Clothing Workers , undated. Colorado , undated. Communications Workers , undated. Construction Conservation , undated. Cuba, General , undated. Cuba, Industry and Agriculture , undated. Cuba, People , undated. Czechoslovakia , undated. Demonstrations , undated. Dhofar Oman undated. Disabled , undated. Draft Resistance circa , undated. Drugs March For Righteousness November Education, California , undated.

El Salvador , undated. Electoral, Legislative , undated. Electrical and Electronics , undated. England , undated. Farming , undated. Farmworkers , undated. Fishing , undated. Gay Rights , undated.

The First Noël at the Villa des Violettes

General Strikes and Protests , undated. Resistance , undated. Goodwill Industries undated. Grenada , undated. Homeless , undated. Hospitals , undated. Hotel Workers , undated. Hunger , undated. Immigrant Workers , undated. Indians [Native Americans] Inflation , undated. International Hotel , undated.

International World Trade Union Congress Ireland , undated.

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Jackson Campaign, Rainbow Coalition , undated. Janitors , undated. Japanese Americans Nisei , undated. Kampuchea , undated. Korea , undated. Ku Klux Klan Labor Day , undated. Labor Leaders undated. Latin America undated. Los Angeles , undated. Los Siete de la Raza , undated. Machinists , undated. Meat Butchers Local , undated. Mental Health undated. Mexican Americans , undated. Middle East U. Militarism , undated. Military, Anti-Military , undated. Miners , undated. Molders Foundries , undated. National Lawyers Guild Conference undated.

Nazis , , undated. Newspaper Guild undated. Nicaragua , undated. Scope and Contetns. Northwest United States Nuclear , undated. Oakland , undated. Office Workers , undated. Oil , undated. Okinawa , undated. Palestine , undated. Panama , undated. Peace Nuclear Disarmament Peace Actions Peace Movement , undated. People's Park Berkeley, California , undated. Peoples Temple undated. Philippines , undated. Postal Employees , undated.

Police , undated. Politics, Peace and Freedom Party , undated. Pollution , undated. Poor People's Campaign Portugal , undated. Poverty , undated. Printers International Typographical Union Prisons and Prisoners , undated. Proposition 13 Actions Puerto Rico , undated. Pulp and Paper , undated. Railroad Clerks , undated. Rank and File , undated. Reagan Administration circa Restaurant and Hotels , undated. Retail Stores , undated. Rosenberg Case circa s. San Jose , undated.

Sanitation Workers Santa Barbara , undated. Schools , undated. Scientists circa Seamen , undated. Senior Citizens , undated. Rubber Workers circa Social Services , undated. South Africa circa s South America undated. Soviet Union - Central Asia , undated. Soviet Union - Construction , undated. Soviet Union - Culture , undated. Soviet Union - Economy and Industry , undated.

Soviet Union - Education undated. Soviet Union - Foreign Students , undated. Soviet Union - General , undated. Soviet Union - History , undated. Soviet Union - Science , undated. Soviet Union - Sports , undated. Sports , undated. Sri Lanka , undated. Steel , undated. Structures and Buildings , undated. Supreme Court Justices Teachers' Strikes , undated. Teamsters , undated. Technology and Industry , undated. Tenants Rights undated. Textile Workers Transit Workers , undated. Transport , undated. United Nations undated. Urban Conditions , undated.

Utility Workers , undated. Vietnam , undated. Voter Registration , undated. Warehouse Union , undated. Weber Case , undated. Welfare , undated. Women , undated. Workers Factory Workers , undated. Young Lords Party Young Workers Liberation League , undated. Youth and Youth Movements , Unidentified Subjects undated. Vietnam Vets Against The War Publicity Photographs Negatives undated. Ab-Ai: Abas to Ain undated. Ak-Al: Akin to Alvarado , undated. Am-Az: Amiabel to Aziz , undated. Ba: Babbitt to Batten undated. Be: Beach to Bevin , undated. Bi-Bl: Biberman to Bloor , undated.

Bo: Bock to Boyle , undated. Br: Bradley to Bridges , undated. Br: Briegleb to Brown , undated. Br: Bruce to Bryson undated. Bu-By: Bufano to Byrne , undated. Ca: Cabezas to Capra , undated. Ca: Carasco to Cayton , undated. Ce-Ch: Cengia to Chaucellor , undated. Ch: Chavis to Chu , undated. Ci - Cl: Cicconi to Clinton , undated.

Co: Coates to Cox , undated. Cr: Craft to Crystal circa , undated. Cu-Cz: Cukor to Czerny , undated. Da: Daggett to Davis , undated. De: Deadwyler to Dewson , undated. Di-Dm: Dickay to Dmytryk , undated. Do: Dobbs to Doyle , undated. Dr: Dragoitcheva to Drumgo , undated. Du-Dy: Dubois to Dymally , undated. Ea-El: Earl to Elman , undated. En-Ew: Encina to Ewing , undated.

Fa-Fi: Fadling to Fitzgerald , undated. Fl-Fo: Flaherty to Fowler , undated. Fr-Fu: Francis to Fuss , undated. Ga: Gaetsewe to Gatewood , undated. Ge: Geer to Gerson , undated. Gi-Gl: Giannini to Gloyd , undated. Go: Goddard to Goulding circa , undated. Gr: Graff to Grumet , undated. Gu: Guevara to Guzman , undated. Ha-Hal: Haas to Halsey circa , undated.

Ham-Han: Hamer to Hansberry , undated. Har-Hay: Harford to Haynes , undated. Hea-Hen: Healey to Henry , undated. Her-Heu: Herman to Heusinger , undated. Hi: Hickerson to Hitchcock , undated. Ho: Ho to Howe circa , undated. Hu-Hy: Hubbard to Hynes , undated. I: Ibarra to Ivankovich circa , undated. Ja: Jackson to Jara , undated. Je: Jeffrey to Jerger , undated. Jo-Ju: Johnson to Jurich , undated.

Ka: Kadish to Kazimov , undated. Ke: Kearnes to Keyes , undated. Kh-Ki: Khrushchov to Kistler , undated. Kl-Ko: Klassen to Kozden , undated. Kr-Ku: Kramer to Kuznetsov circa , undated. La: Lackner to Lawson , undated. Le: Lean to Lewis circa , undated. Lenin circa , undated. Li-Lo: Liddle to Lowry , undated. Lu-Ly: Luca to Lytle , undated. Ma: MacArthur to Maltz , undated. Ma: Mann to Mao Tse-tung , undated.

Mar: Maradiaga to Marzani , undated. Mas-Maz: Masary to Mazur circa , undated. Mc: McAfee to McKenna , undated. Mc: McLaughlin-McWilliams , undated. Me: Means-Meyerson , undated. Mi: Michaels to Miyamoto , undated. Mn-Mon: Mnumzana to Monteiro , undated. Moo-Mos: Mooney to Mount , undated. Mp-My: Mphahlele to Myshkov , undated. Na: Nakasone to Naylor , undated. Nc-Ne: Nchwe to Newton , undated.

Ng-Nk: Nguyen to Nkomo , undated. No-Nz: Noble to Nzo , undated. Oa-On: Oaks to Ongaro , undated. Or-Ow: O'Reilly to Owens , undated. Pa: Pace to Payne , undated. Pe: Peet to Petric s, undated. Ph-Pr: Phillips to Purnell , undated. Q: Qawasmi to Quin circa , undated. Ra: Rabi to Raymond , undated. Re: Reade to Reynolds , undated. Rh-Ri: Rhetta to Rivera , undated. Roa-Rob: Roach to Robeson , undated. Rob-Roz: Robinson to Rozale , undated. Ru-Ry: Rubin to Rystad , undated. Sa: Saar to Sayre , undated. Sc: Schaffer to Scowcroft , undated.

Se: Seale to Seymore , undated. Sh: Shafran to Shultz , undated. Si: Siegel to Siqueiros , undated. Sk: Skeffington-Skyhorse , undated. Sl-Sm: Slade to Smith , undated. Sn-So: Sneh to Sotomayer Sp: Sparks to Springsteen circa , undated. Sta: Staats to Starobin circa , undated. Ste: Stearns to Stewart , undated. Sti-Stu: Stitt to Stuyvelar , undated. Su-Sz: Sues to Szigeti , undated. Ta: Tack to Taylor , undated. Te: Teilhet to Texeira circa , undated. Th: Theroux to Thynes circa , undated.

Ti: Tibbetts to Tillotson , undated. To: Tobias to Torres circa undated. Tr: Tranquility to Truskoff circa , undated. Ts-Tz: Tsai to Tyulenev , undated. U: Ueda to Usery , undated. Va: Vail to Vazquez , undated. Ve-Vo: Veiga to Voroshilov circa , undated. Wac-Wall: Wachter to Walls , undated. Wals-Wax: Walsh to Waxman , undated.

We: Weaver to Westman , undated. Wh: Wheeldin to Whitney , undated. Wi: Widener to Witherspoon , undated. Wo-Wu: Woeppleman to Wurf , undated. X-Y: Ximines to Yu-Pin , undated. Z: Zakheim to Zwerling , undated. Unidentified Individuals undated. Artists, A-C , undated. Artists, D-F , undated. Artists, G-I , undated. Pas loin de Bacon dites-vous? Avez-vous le shining aussi? Beaucoup de cris sans voix. Vraiment jolie!

Vous voulez voir des images? A quelle heure? Play again! Catastrophe ferroviaire de Gasconade Bridge. It was the first exhibit for the Southport museum, and was delivered onto track adjacent to the museum premises on 12th January , before the opening of the museum. Impec, ce Persil! Bon dimanche. Mais alors me direz vous pourquoi lui? Depuis …Perdu. S Marthe Von Y. Titre SVP?

Avec un renard. Le rabbin en tire alors les morales bien connues. Je vois que, en outre, Trouille nous lie tous les trois :TRS, vous et moi. Pfuiiii… Vous avez vraiment un bol monstre! Faut-il que vous ayez la rame pour ne pas nous laisser dans le vague. Je me lance! Est-ce cela? Ah Ginette! Cher Martin! Vous voyez le topo? Ceci dit, je suis naturellement partant pour les deux mille! Comme leveto, je suis partant. Je propose Louise et Victor, sans illusions. Son of a Bitche! Elle aura fait avancer la rame. Pourquoi attendre?

Ai-je tort, leveto? Paysage parisien. Mais il y a une question subsidiaire. Miniphasme , le hasard vous a encore souri. Oui, mais on vous souhaite des sourires plus souriants! Pour le reste, je donne ma langue au chat;. UN bon point. Gustaf Salut. Miniphasme, je ne savais pas cette histoire. Mais bof! Salut Gustaf et coll. Mille excuses. Je vous passe le relais. Mais nous ne ramons pas maintenant sur les terres de Martin. Avec ses crayons de couleur Il rend joyeux les voyageurs.

Gustafauxordres en sait quelque chose. Yacedjaz sur un autre fil, le 21 janvier : Et le Grand Robert? Je disais? Pourquoi pas? Ah la photo de 21h51! Il a un peu plus de 4 ans. Avec Internet Explorer, tout marche!!!!! Merci pour tout. Chapeau bas! Surtout pour les portraits. Je reste humain, moi! Vous ne pourriez pas nous aider un peu?

Le graffiti et les collages expriment comme une nostalgie.

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Toutes seules dans ce wagon. Suis-je anormal? Ben voyons. Larousse Biscator, ce ne serait pas le livreur du petit Nicolas? MiniPhasme, prenez donc un Carambar. Bonsoir, MiniPhasme!

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Mais non! Organisons une petite party! The lady Minnie Fathm is a tramp! Bon, Silvio Piccolomini, je vois. Superbe, leveto, superbissime. Jeudi… dico! Pouvoir ferver en chassant des coquilles …. Sus au TLFi! Que demande le peuple?!! MiniPhasme Vos in ne sont pas suffisants.

Il faut des in PS : Et merci WikiPhasme pour cette nouvelle monture! R itals? Je vous serre pas sers la pince. TRS Vous ouvrez des perspectives linguistiques. Et pourquoi abandonner la rame quand on voyage en si bonne compagnie? On peut dire que vous tombez pile poil! Breaking very Bad news [Au gnouf le ouf!

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MiniPhasme, Leban nictitant. Top chrono…. Un macrofilm? Bonne nuit…. Snif…Pas de bol d … ——————- biscator, chiocciolino cabot Merci! Merci Wiki. Freeman vs Friedman? Q : Existe-t-il une antidose? Illustrer des frises? Biscator : Je ne connais pas Donald E. Westlake, mais la note est prise. Adieu Cary, hello Gary! Des papillons complotent [En boucle!

Euh… Minute, papillon!

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MiniPhasme : je ne triche pas, je me documante. Un peu de brise marine, mille millions de mille sabords! Quand on me jette par-dessus bord, je reviens par le hublot. K Dick and King. Faire ribote [suite et fin? Abus de Pina? Buona notte…. MiniPhasme, Est-ce que Perret en met trop? MiniPhasme Votre loco a beaucoup de puissance. Encore un sabotage, disais-je ailleurs… ——————————— Bon sang Martin , vous aviez raison de nous signaler cette Sainte. Petite devinette. Qui est ce vieil homme qui rame sans quitter la rive?

Premier essai Concorde? Bon sang, mais par quel bout les prendre? De la mulette porte-malheur [Ras-la-moule! Et les bougies de la Normandie, qui va les souffler? Ah, Gustaf! Encore un petit ef fort …. QI de carassin [ou de poisson-chat? Leveto, en situation. Idiotcraty VS idiocratie? I trust I can rely on your vote rockas When I go forward you go backward Somewhere we will meet When I go forward you go backward Somewhere we will meet Rockas. PS Merci pour ce post. The Full Monty Il est sorti, le chef de gare! Euh…sans doute un effet de la loi du nombre?

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So you can call your secret love And break the news to him Oh I thought your little romance Was on the strict Q. Quittez donc ces filles et ces calvaires, MiniPhasme gaie comme une pinsonne! Et voici : 1. Apocalypse garantie et fin du Monde … 2. Jean Rostand. Encore heureux!

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  7. Ben alors?! Martin : same player shoots again! Nager au-dessus [ou au-dessous? Se gargariser de pierres… Chapeau, la Phasme-Artiste! Ego sans trisme [ Blake is Blake ] Ph. Pas mieux, ja un truc qui cloche. Tentons une autre approche. Lebanni Jamais assassin! Envoyez-nous de vos nouvelles de temps en temps. On compte sur vous. Salut Wana!

    Raymond Queneau. Certains guillemets? Je ne vous parlerai pas des saveurs, pudeur oblige. Roue libre [ou libertine? Think tank [redoutable! Pirates [suite] TRS Mauvais joueur, va! Lon Chaney cet Inconnu! Bravo, Gustaf! Les chats chat blanc, chat gris, chat noir viennent mioler a ma porte, je leurs est ouvert. Foin de la berline! Sleeping-cars en folie [en voiture, Simone! Pub [Douce tortu r e…] Qui a la rame lamidum? Pan, sur le rostre! Hello, Martin!

    Et Bravos! Grazzie et …. Initiales BB Hello biscator! Le look du chanteur , dites-vous?.. On se le demande. Moi aussi Martin. The girl game has a lot of traps, monsters, and unexpected situations through each level that we have built. You can also collect coins to power up pinky ball, This a very wonderful Super girl ball game. The manner to play this game is very simple , all you have to do is to cross the levels all the way to the temple castle.

    Take careful because any mistake will mean game over! Bienvenue dans le monde de l'aventure du jeu de balle rose! Plus vous avancez, plus vite vous allez! Tant de menaces attendent que Jungle passe et fonce vers le monde dans la jungle du ballon. Sautez et ou utilisez une arme, le jeu de balle rose peut tout faire pour tuer un monstre.

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