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Sacred Texts Podcasts Jewish Glossary. Learning navigation feature buckets. Online Judaism Classes. Jewish Views On Our goal is to bring , new residents to the Negev. But before that happens, anyone looking to settle amid that arid landscape must stare down its challenges: A scarce water supply and the task of building sewage, irrigation and energy systems; a lack of infrastructure for housing; a lack of amenities to support a good quality of life; and a need for more job opportunities.


Many areas in which JNF has invested are proving that our master plan is on the fast track to success. Located in the Northwest Negev, a kilometer from the Gaza border, Halutza was a barren desert—sand dunes were its most prominent feature. Today, Halutza has grown from its 30 founding families to 2, families in the region, in three communities: Naveh, Bnei Netzarim, and Shlomit. Despite the challenges of living in a volatile border zone, residents remain committed to building a future in Halutza. Somewhat isolated, unique, and breathtakingly beautiful, the Central Arava is considered the most remote and peripheral part of Israel.

As part of its Blueprint Negev campaign, Jewish National Fund is focused on efforts to attract and retain new residents to the Central Arava and has built new and innovative communities, like Zuqim, on what was once nothing but sand dunes.

Israel breeds tropical fish in the Negev desert

Grossman JNF-Arava Medical Center, a state-of-the-art and well-equipped medical facility with an emergency call center in the town of Sapir. However, like many towns of the north and south, Yerucham has been unable to get its younger generation to stay and raise families. To address this, a series of housing lotteries will sell a total of 3, new housing lots by A portion of the properties offered in each lottery is being reserved for members of present Yerucham households and special needs applicants.

Of course, there need to be compelling reasons for people to stay and settle in Yerucham. This massive public space will surround the current cityscape with a green perimeter, bike paths, picnic and nature areas, sporting facilities and new bodies of water. Additionally, a new hotel, several agricultural projects, and the opening of new IDF bases nearby will also fuel future growth. A once barren graveyard for junkyard cars is being transformed into a vibrant, 1,acre water-front jewel in the Negev.

And Jewish National Fund is leading the way. Here, Abraham is said to have dug a well and made a pact with the Philistines. A more modern, though no less striking, architectural aspect of the River Park is the Danielle A. Grossman JNF Amphitheater. Known as Neve Midbar , or "desert oasis" in Hebrew, the acre lake will be Israel's largest man-made lake. More importantly, the lake will double as a reservoir to irrigate and care for the park's needs. Water for the reservoir will be supplied by treated and recycled sewage and waste water from the city. The needs of the Bedouin community and the changes that must come about are one of the original pillars of Blueprint Negev.

Jewish National Fund is serious about addressing these challenges and is working with several Bedouin communities to effect change.

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