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We are officially better off and have way more tools and options than billions of people out there. We made ourselves losers. Again, absolute ruthlessness with yourself. Accept responsibility. Nah, I can totally get a job. Speaking of special…. Guys, I have a secret: We were lied to. I shall complain about this on Twitter! The mistake comes when the state of suffering itself, not the act of getting out of that suffering, is lauded.

3 Ways To Tell If You’re A Loser (And 6 Things You Can Do About It)

We should want nothing to do with something that sucks. I love the show Californication , and for the longest time I thought the character Hank Moody was so cool for wallowing in despair and never getting over his ex. Aw, what a heroic act of true love! Throughout 7 seasons, Hank does close to nothing to improve himself, the same loser self that caused his shitty situation in the first place.

For some reason we love the image of being miserable more than we love the idea of independent happiness, and that needs to end. The more we glorify being in a shitty condition, the less people will strive to improve and get out of that condition. You ever notice that a lot of Super Losers are serious non-conformist types? That was pretty much me until a few months ago when I almost died and anyone who even knew my name sent support that was completely undeserved.

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I had done nothing for them, not made any lasting contributions, and yet they still showed up at my bedside. Because it was the right thing to do. I think I owe the world something for that. Except you. My selfishness had actually cut me off from appreciating my connections with people, and that led to hating myself. Losing builds confidence and makes you strong; it inspires you to weather setbacks in the future. Losing teaches you humility ; it keeps you grounded. Losing provides valuable lessons; it proves that no matter how good you are, you can always become better.

Last, but not least, losing builds character. Are you a good loser? Your ability to maintain a positive attitude, learn, and move forward will determine whether you win or lose in the future.

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Here are eight guidelines to consider:. Take time to mourn the loss. Give it a good cry and move on. Be positive. Winning without honor is worse than a loss. Hold your head up high.

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Remain calm and level-headed. Remain true to your values. These are the times when real leaders reveal their character. Show some grace and self-control. Be a positive role model. Do yourself proud. Own the loss. Determine why you lost. If the loss was due to poor effort or careless errors, shame on you. Rate This. Director: Dominic Burns. Movies I Have Seen. Blu-Ray Movie Collection. My DVD collection. Use the HTML below.

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