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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Blaznfire Happy Birthday to you!

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Ha ha ha!! Thanks JP! I'll try not to stay out too late tonight! Yep, that was me! You headed us in the right direction and 8 hours later I met JD! I did buy a tee shirt from you and have since worn it to school. The kids thought it was a cool shirt! Are you still selling them? When I was looking at the blogs, I checked out who you were and saw the link to your store.. Streets of Fire I remember you telling me about your wife being a teacher as well I was very lucky that my principal was so supportive about going. I took a day in April, and then the field trip in May.

It really was worthwhile for the kids Thanks again for the info and all the great pics. I'm sure you guys had fun during the filming even tho the store was closed Gotta go My Wisconsin adventure continues! Thanks for posting the article, Rod. Very cool. It was amazing to have this whole experience.

Trust me, I am reliving it over and over again! Thanks to everyone who has been so kind and supportive! Peg, I am eagerly awaiting a copy of your video and my arm going around Johnny! What a great article about Good Ole'Columbus Rod you always have a great story to tell. Keep up the great work It just goes to show haw we need to rally to keep history alive..

Way to go.. Nice article, what a great keepsake. Michelle Nice web! Happy Birthday Vicky!!! Eat Lot's of Cake!!! Cableman was fishing all day Hope you get your puter back soon. JP, do you remember, or one of your Streets of Fire cronies stopping a young lad outside the shop several yeasrs ago wearing a "Where the Wild Things Are" tshirt and taking a picture of it cause you were going to make a shirt from it?

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Well that was my boy Evan. We never came back to see if y'all made the shirt because I thought y'all were a front for a drug trade. And I have a little rant that has noithing to do with Columbus. I bought 2 JD dvds today Both are not Closed Captioned.

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Being a deaf JD fanwoman this makes me all sorts of crabby. Peg- Were you the lady standing on the other side of shakenbsis in the meet and greet line? If so, I was on Shakenbsis' right side, in the white hat Kendra- I went deaf after I had Evan I don't know sign language though, I dropped out of the class. Maegan, I'm the big blonde who was two over from shakebsis. I only have video and will be uploading it soon That light was kinda bright, but I'm pretty sure there's some footage that you might want to see Give me a few days I'm graduating tomorrow so life's a bit busy!

Rod, any chance you would consider selling some more of those T's? Tanya, I'll get that video to you asap I feel so bad that I only got your arm! I got soooo nervous. ROD-- Thank you so much for giving Mrs. Poser the recognition she truly deserves!!! She is a wonderful person and worked very hard to get the start on the downtown resoration We got a tour of the house before filming the first time and she was a great tour guide!

Both are not Closed Captioned???? I guarantee that if JD knew that something would change. I will have a way to buy that photo. I'm not really "into" selling photos but I do have that one that people seem to really like. And Happy B Day blaz. And what sucks the most Rod is that on Amazon they are both advertised as being Closed Captioned. The Blow copy I bought was a I guess I will be swimming back to the island and having some words with Johnny now. Can you post links to the t-shirts you all are talking about? Hi guys! Absolutely no activity outside of Union Station today.

The only new development is the appearance of two large white tents next to Union Station.

I have a feeling this is "the calm before the storm. Let me tell you how thrilled my husband is. And every other JD movie at Blockbuster was out Peg- you have me all antsy now!! Hey Hey Hey Just got back from a night out with wifey I was only in Columbus once and it wasn't a day when JD was in town.. We are selling some still I'll figure something out as far as a link goes and send it to Rod..

I can honestly say that I don't remember meeting your son Osh..

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As for us being a drug shop.. We're wholesome man Does Evan skateboard? If not I don't know about no T Shirts! Only that one photo.

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I suppose you can just click that donate button and in return you will get a free 8x12 photo. In the paypal comments just say it's for the 8x Evan is working on this for me.

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Evan is graceful like his mother, which means he needs a helmet and shin guards just to walk, so skate boarding is out of the question Thanks for the bday wishes everyone!!!!!!! Rod- Thanks for letting us know where we can get that photo. As soon as I figure out paypal I will get one asap! Jenny- You are quite welcome. By the way Let's see. All work and no play makes me bitchy and forgetful, but I'll try Happy belated Birthday, Vicky!

Tooooo cool! Osh-that sucks that you ended up with 'unclosed' caption dvds. Take me to the island with you next time! Picture stuff is cooool Mary Poser rocks! Long live the bordello! Shakenb, I feel your pain. It was only November when I, too, was sans computer. Peg-how cool that you got to work a trip in and get paid for it! If a picture is out there, it will surface. Kathy, you are a saint and a savior.

I am so sorry it was such a fiasco. I promise to laugh about it tomorrow. Due back to the grindstone in 10 hours. Hey all, one last post here I posted 6 videos from May 13th actually early a. As many of us do, we continue to go down the line and continue to take pics. I just kept videotaping So if any of you were down at the end of the line, across from Jenny's house, I may have you in the video as well The last one is Johnny waving goodbye Hope this helps add to someone else's memories!!!

Maegan, I hope you're there Can't wait Gotta go.. Have a great day, all!! Peg's first video has our group! Thanks, Peg! Toldja to breathe, Maegan! Hey all - still missin you like crazy! Vicky thanks, I'm jotting down your address I will write for advice!! Giving all the babies the eye meds nwo cuz of course they are passing it around. Zoom In. You were really wrong because the scene where Monroe and Nick initially fight and then Monroe suggests they have a beer From a fan standpoint, a viewer standpoint.

Your character really has been there all the way through for this crazy Grimm guy. There was a little bit of a figuring out period at the beginning, "Like who is this guy? Can I trust him? We tried to keep the conflict going so that it wasn't so easy. It was probably a little too easy, but they did try I think to keep their eye on the fact that it was not okay for me to be doing what I was doing The whole Wesenrein thing where I got kidnapped, I think that was very important to keep alive so that it didn't just become taken for granted that I was his friend or could be his friend.

You came back season after season with these crazy storylines that the writers were throwing at you guys. What did you think when you picked up these scripts? That's the fun of TV is you get a new script every eight days and the fun of it is seeing what they are going to do to you after you've skimmed the script to see how many days off you have.

That's the fun of it is that it's this ongoing roller coaster. You get a front row seat for how the writers are going to get themselves out of the fixes they get themselves into and you. And that's really fun, I mean for an actor that's one of the great things about a TV gig is the serialized nature of it is this sort of evolving thing. Was it different playing somebody like Monroe in Grimm opposed to working on something like Prison Break?

Totally, totally. I mean they were completely different cultures, those two shows. One is a prison culture, tough guys and there is a lot of masculinity on the set and a lot of the guys who ran the show were into being strong. And Grimm was like a family kind of dynamic where we were all really pulling together to make this strange little show work. The only comparison between the two is that, in a way, I was a sidekick for the lead guy.

I was the lead guy's cellmate in Prison Break and I was the lead guy's whatever in Grimm. But they were very different working dynamics. You have this great romance with Rosalee in the show. It's not a common thing to see a romance that's consistent on television. One that isn't thrown up in the air every two minutes to create a drama. They did that with Nick and Eve because they were the main people. The main people they have to do that to. The main guy has to have the love interest that bounces back and forth to create drama. The secondary people, they're allowed to be more consistent.

They don't need to create the trials and tribulations with the secondary characters that they do with the primary guy. He got what you were just describing. He got the is-she-or-isn't-she, who is she, does she love me, does she not. I think Bree and I worked well together. We work similarly. We have a good chemistry and I think it was important for the show to have something super-grounded like that within it because it was such an outlandish show in so many ways.

But we always tried to keep it real because the whole idea behind the show is this outlandish stuff that's happening every day, we just don't know it. And having something anchor that is important, otherwise you're just out in Crazy Town. You've got to have something real, as it were. I know you can't tell us much about the finale, but when you read those last couple lines on the script, were you satisfied with the way the show had ended? It's nice to be able to have some closure NBC was great to us, even though they moved us around a lot.

That was like programing, but I think the people who were helping with the story were really into it and they were great. So thank you to them for giving us the final They were really cool.


They were really invested in it, the people at the network who were story editors. So it meant a huge amount to us. We weren't just a number We knew that it was ending and the fans knew that it's ending. That was my main concern when I knew we were beginning to get towards the winding-up phase. My biggest concern was that we don't stiff these fans who have been with us so loyally for so long. What's one storyline that you think you would have liked to see played out more but they didn't get to?

I would have liked Hank to have had a romance. They flirted with this stuff with him and there was always a blind alley and then it all got aborted before it was close to fruition. I do wish that we could have done something more with him on that level. I agree, it would have been nice because it seems like every girl he got involved with, like Adalind, had a not-so-nice agenda. It never really worked and so he just really wound up becoming the top number two. He was more of a sidekick than I was. So that was a little bit of a sham.

I do wish he had gotten some more juicy stuff to do, but then Russell [Hornsby] got to go do Fences. So he's fine. I think there were things that should have happened that didn't happen. Things that could have happen that didn't happen or things that happened that shouldn't have happened, but there is no point in really going into that. A couple of the other actors said that they would have loved to see Monroe and Rosalee as parents with their triplets.

It would have been nice to actually see one of our babies. There is all this talk of what the baby was going to be. That would have been nice if it had played out. Unless they made some joke about the gestation period is three years. All bets are off. Everything is on the table on this show.

A little bit. I know more German words now than I did before, that's for damn sure. German is a great language.