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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Highsmith subverts all that. Through some alchemy, she persuades us to root for sociopaths. Daniel Mallory. At Oxford, Mallory became a student-welfare officer. Mallory sometimes saw John Kelly, his former professor, for drinks or dinner. He recalled that Mallory once declined an invitation to a party, saying that he would be tied up in London, supporting a cancer-related organization. He claimed that he had two Ph. Toward the end of , he was hired as a mid-level editor at Sphere, a commercial imprint of Little, Brown. Mallory was amusing, well read, and ebullient, and could make a memorable first impression, over lunch, on literary agents and authors.

He tended to speak almost without pause.

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He wittily skewered acquaintances and seemed always conscious of his physical allure. He mentioned a friendship with Ricky Martin. This display was at times professionally effective. Others found his behavior off-putting; it seemed unsuited to building long-term professional relationships. It was performative and calculating.

Mallory, who had just turned thirty, told colleagues that he was impatient to rise. Having acquired a princeling status, he used it to denigrate colleagues. Mallory moved into an apartment in Shoreditch, in East London. In the summer of , Mallory told Little, Brown about a job offer from a London competitor. He was promised a raise and a promotion. By then, Mallory had made it widely known to co-workers that he had an inoperable brain tumor.

He seemed to be saying that cancer—already identified and unequivocally fatal—would allow him to live for almost another decade. Some co-workers wept after hearing the news. Mallory told people that he was seeking experimental treatments. He took time off. For a while, he wore a baseball cap, even indoors, which was thought to hide hair loss from chemotherapy. Before the office closed for Christmas in , Mallory said that, as his parents had no interest in seeing him, he would instead make an exploratory visit to the facilities of Dignitas, the assisted-death nonprofit based in Switzerland.

Mallory said that he had found his visit peaceful. The rival C. Mackenzie declined to comment. When challenged at Little, Brown, Mallory claimed that the rival C. In August, , Mallory left Little, Brown. The terms of his departure are covered by a nondisclosure agreement.

Mallory was not fired. This fact points to the strength of employee protections in the U. Or an oar. When Mallory left, many of his colleagues were unaware of any unpleasantness. There was even a small, awkward dinner in his honor. Two weeks before Mallory left Little, Brown, it was announced that he had accepted a job in New York, as an executive editor at William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins. Publishing professionals estimate that his starting salary was at least two hundred thousand dollars a year. That fall, he moved into an apartment in a sixty-floor tower, with a pool, in midtown, and into an office at Morrow, on Fifty-third Street.

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Some book editors immerse themselves in text; others focus on making deals. Mallory was firmly of the latter type, and specialized in acquiring established authors who had an international reach.

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At some point that winter, Mallory stopped coming into the office. This mystified colleagues, who were given no explanation. Writing from a Gmail address, Jake said that Dan would be going to the hospital the next day, for the removal of a tumor. Please keep him in your thoughts.

That e-mail appears to have been addressed exclusively to contacts in the U. He says that he is looking forward to being fitted with a spinal-fluid drain and that this will render him half-man, half-machine. Recipients wrote back in distress. After all, who would fabricate such a story? I sent books and sympathies.

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The next week, Dan wrote to Chris Parris-Lamb, the agent. Like Tom Ripley writing letters that were taken as the work of the murdered Dickie Greenleaf, Dan was apparently communicating with friends in a fictional voice. Jake Mallory is thirty-five. In it, she and Jake, who got married that summer, look happy and hopeful. Jake Mallory did not respond to requests for comment. However, the tumor appears to have been completely removed. The ventriloquism is halfhearted. While in a New York hospital, Dan was a dot on the map, exposed to visitors.

Reports from the ward would require the clutter of realist fiction: medical devices, doctors with names. The pain is apparently quite severe, but he is on medicine. He will most likely be going home today. Not when sober, at any rate. Mallory suggested meeting the agent for drinks, or dinner, a week or two later. While this setback is not welcome it is not permanent either, and at least Dan can now say he has had two lucky escapes in the space of two months.

This would daunt a mere mortal but not my brother.

I want for him to do the same, although I understand that he is tired of having to rebound from things. A week later, in an apparent attempt at a reset, Dan Mallory wrote a breezy group e-mail under his own name. When Mallory returned to work that spring, after several weeks, nothing was said. After his return, Mallory came to work on a highly irregular schedule. Unlike other editors, he rarely attended Wednesday-afternoon editorial meetings. Mallory bought a one-bedroom apartment in Chelsea, for six hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.

The kids realize it, and of course nobody believes them. I recently spoke with Victoria Sanders, an agent who represents Karin Slaughter, the thriller writer. In , Slaughter signed a three-book deal, for more than ten million dollars, involving Mallory and a British counterpart.

Mallory said that he was now well, except for an eye problem. His eye began to twitch. They discussed plans, already set in motion in London, for Hannah to write the first official Agatha Christie continuation novel. William Morrow would publish it in the U. Hannah, who lives in Cambridge, recently said by phone that they quickly became friends.

Hannah seems to have found, in Mallory, a remarkable source of material. Scotcher is a charming young flatterer who has told everyone that he is terminally ill, with kidney disease. A seductive man lies about a fatal disease, then defends the lie by pretending to be his brother. She also admitted that the character of Kimpton, the American doctor, owes something to her former editor.

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One was left with the impression that every third or fourth word he uttered was a source of delight to him. She had, however, hired a detective to investigate a graffiti problem in Cambridge. I said that I found this hard to believe. All this encouraged the thought that the novelist now writing as Agatha Christie had hired a detective to investigate her editor, whom she suspected of lying about a fatal disease. Hannah—who, according to several people who know her, has a great appetite for discussing Mallory at parties—also seems to have made fictional use of him in her non-Poirot writing.

An American woman in mid-career, a psychologist with a Ph. She has been there for about a year, after a personal trauma. If she tries to go outside, the world spins. She drinks too much, and recklessly combines alcohol and anti-anxiety medication. Police officers distrust her judgment. Online, she plays chess and contributes to a forum for stress-sufferers, a place where danger lies. In the summer of , Mallory has said, he was at home for some weeks, adjusting to a new medication.

Mallory is more cogent when reflecting on his shrewdness regarding the marketplace—when he talks about his novel in the voice of a startup C. Mallory has said that he favored the pseudonym A. Mallory has described writing a seventy-five-hundred-word outline and showing it to Jennifer Joel, a literary agent at I. He has said that he then worked for a year, sustained by Adderall, Coca-Cola, and electronic music. Mallory told the Times that he wrote at night and on the weekends. Former colleagues who had taken note of his office absences were skeptical of this claim.

By the summer of , it had sold 4. Early that September, just before the release of the film adaptation, it was No. Finn, was e-mailed to editors in New York and London. The story feels transposed to New York from a more tranquil place, like North Oxford.

The nights are dark; the sound of a cello, or a scream, carries. At the center of the plot are two neighboring houses, on the same side of a street, with side windows that face each other across a garden. This was rejected, and at least eight publishing imprints, including Morrow, began to bid for the North American rights. Meanwhile, offers were being made for European editions, and Fox bought the film rights. When the bidding reached seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, Mallory revealed his name.

Mallory stayed on as an editor at Morrow for another year. He set up a corporation, A. Finn, Inc. A photograph of him smiling and unshaven, taken by Hope Brooks, the older of his sisters, began appearing in stories about his success. The Mallory house in Amagansett is set back from a quiet road; trees line the driveway, joining overhead to form a tunnel. Even the title is great. It grabbed my attention right away and made me want to read this book. This is the type of book where you'll want to clear some time and just sit and read it. You won't want to put it down.

But be warned, it's like riding a roller coaster of not only emotions but plot. Lacy McGuire has had rough go at relationships and wants nothing to do with men, thanks to her ex deadbeat boyfriend. She's happy living her life with her dog and cats. Until she runs into the ever sexy Chase.

Why would a sexy guy be on the run? But as the story develops, and we find out that Chase is on the run from another cop that did something bad, and is now after Chase because of what he knows. Running away is the only option Chase sees; now he ends up with Lacy and is asking for help. This read was one that had almost everything I love in a Romance novel. There were quite a few times where I laughed at the absurdity of poor Lacy. Of course, she could ooze the sex as well.

When they finally hit it off in the bedroom? The two were hot! Review copy provided for an honest review. One person found this helpful. What reading does, ultimately, is keep alive the dangerous and exhilarating idea that a life is not a sequence of lived moments, but a destiny The energies that otherwise tend to stream outward through a thousand channels of distraction are marshaled by the cadences of the prose; they are brought into focus by the fact that it is an ulterior, and entirely new, world that the reader has entered.

The free-floating self--the self we diffusely commune with while driving or walking or puttering in the kitchen--is enlisted in the work of bringing the narrative to life. I luckily got this good read discounted for free! It was just okay. Not a lot of dimension to the main characters. It is a typically romance with both characters having been through traumatic issues that they are trying to deal with while being stuck together. It seemed that was more of the plot than the plot. She is a little strange, taking Christmas pictures in February, and he is the typical hot and hunky cop that has been framed.

The best quips came of the neighbors who popped in every once in awhile, just to mess things up and not having any substance in the book. The main characters are well developed though. It was a quick and easy read so if you have nothing else to do on a Saturday night then this is for you. Recommend this to a friend? You get what you pay for. This book is worth the price of zero dollars currently if you're looking for a good amount of sex scenes and barely a sprinkle of plot and character development.

The premise is pretty standard woman alone with hot stranger in a remote location and it goes exactly the way you'd think. It's definitely not an amazing, award winning story, but it's a good trashy romance novel. I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. The discount has not influenced or impacted my judgment of this product. I take this seriously and my opinion and experience is my own. I am in no way required by the seller to leave positive remarks about their product. See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews.

Published 7 days ago. Published 15 days ago. Published 2 months ago. Published 3 months ago. Published 4 months ago. Published 6 months ago. Published 7 months ago. It was my pleasurable read. I found the plot was simple, but a fast-paced narrative and its delightful humor kept me engaged the whole way through. The heroine, her mother and her friends; they all made me laugh out loud while reading.

Jan 29, Carisa rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a light, funny read. Despite the fluffy style, characters were well written -I liked the hero and the heroine's mom the most. HERO is a Warrior, a cop who's been wrongfully accussed by a bad cop trying to kill him, still emotionally numb from the death of his wife. He forces his way into a woman's house to heal and hide until he can p This was a light, funny read. He forces his way into a woman's house to heal and hide until he can prove he's been set up and in the process falls in love with her.

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I'm giving this book 2. Lacy is a divorcee whose dog of a hubby was caught on video shagging his secretary in a lift. It's pretty much all she thinks about, dreams about, talks about, etc. So yes this really annoyed me and put me off he I'm giving this book 2. So yes this really annoyed me and put me off her a bit and I just didn't get why she didn't just go for it and "work" it out her system!! I know she didn't want to turn into her mum who has been married 4 times but seriously!?!? He gets shot, jumps off a bridge and ends up on Lacy's lawn found by her dog Fabio.

He handcuffs Lacy and ends up hiding out at her house. Chase is a hunk of a man and very soon Lacy starts to fall for him So this is where the story starts and I don't do spoilers!! I am not quite sure how the author wanted this book to come across as it had a serious story-line which was not very well explained running alongside a broken heart story-line.. To me this book seemed confused on what it wanted to be! The writing was also very old-fashioned at times and some of the lines were hysterical but NOT necessarily in a good way: Touch me a long time" OMG I cringed with hysterical laughter pure cheese factor!!

However, leaving it on a good note, there is one scene that had me in hysterics for ages BUT in a good way!!! This scene involved Lacy, her mum, her 2 best mates a plumber and a cop View all 6 comments. Small spoiler not really given by K. May 03, Bambi Unbridled rated it it was ok Shelves: I have seen this series floating around for quite a while, and I thought it sounded like fun. I'm not divorced or married for that matter. I guess the desperate and delicious is up for debate This series focuses on a posse of divorced femmes, seemingly obsessed with sex, and their lack thereof.

Lacy Maguire is a photographer of pets, and is about as kooky as they come. She dresses up her multitude of animals in costumes and ma I have seen this series floating around for quite a while, and I thought it sounded like fun. She dresses up her multitude of animals in costumes and makes calendars. She also seems to photograph electronics and has done some barter work, photos in exchange for talking appliances. This aspect seemed to not match the story, as there are references to phone minutes expiring and cassette tapes. Seems to belong more in the 90s than , when this book was originally released.

Anyway, I have gotten off topic. Like I said, our heroine is a kook. Sometimes her over-the-top ridiculosity was fun and made me chuckle. Other times, it made me roll my eyes so hard I saw my brain. I honestly can't say whether I liked her character not Chase Kelly is a wounded cop on the run, being set up by his partner. When he stumbles into the yard of our desperate divorcee, he has to do some heavy convincing for her to let him stay without her trying to bash him with a talking fish at every turn.

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