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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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The Journey of Hope

My own stomachaches also seemed to disappear although it was a few more years before I made the true connection for myself. Many were sure that our son would grow up with crumbling bones and poor nutrition. When our daughter was born 18 months after our son, she did not seem to have any of his food issues. She was quiet, calm, full of smiles, and a joy to nurse.

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However, at the age of two, after her first dose of antibiotics for a sore throat, her behavior became difficult, and she had tantrums over the smallest request. She was often too tired to walk even a block and suffered from tummy aches and bladder pains much of the time. Where did my sunny little girl go? Why had all the things I had learned with our first son not made a difference for her?

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I kept her off dairy products but the symptoms did not seem to improve. It would be another year and a half before I figured it out. In the midst of caring for these two young children, I had a gall bladder attack that resulted in surgery to remove it. Because my gall bladder was filled with stones, the doctors reassured me that this was the reason for my years of stomachaches.

Finally, an answer! Unfortunately, about six months after removing my gall bladder, my symptoms reappeared and I was again subjected to a number of unpleasant tests. Yet again, no answers were found. I was put on a medication to try and improve my digestion and told that I could not have any more children because this medication could cause birth defects. I eventually stopped the medication as it was not relieving my symptoms and we were hoping to have more children. This doctor also took my husband aside in the hallway of the hospital and told him that he thought my symptoms were related to the stress I was under due to his hours of work and my busy life at home.

I was upset that a professional, once again, had decided I was stressed without discussing it with me directly. I believe that patients need to be treated with respect and that all professionals need to take the time to ask patients about all aspects of their life. It is one of the many reasons I am now a life coach and this respectful listening is something I am committed to offering to all of my clients. Our next son was born three years later and I was on the lookout for food issues with him because, like his older brother, he hiccupped in utero. I was often awakened in the middle of the night by his violent hiccups that made my entire abdomen bounce.

I nursed him at birth and again removed dairy products from my diet. Despite my best efforts, he developed repeated ear infections and ended up with tubes in his ears at six months of age. After we brought him home after surgery we discovered his hearing had been compromised when he was captivated by the ticking grandfather clock in our living room having never heard it before.

What did I miss? Why did removing dairy products from my own diet and his not have the same impact it had on his brother? Despite switching him to soya formula, his health continued to deteriorate and soon gastro intestinal symptoms appeared. To make matters worse, once I weaned him and returned to drinking milk and eating cheese myself, all my own digestive symptoms returned.

I went to an allergist convinced I had finally found my answer. It appeared that I had been bothered my dairy products for a very long time and that they were the cause of my childhood stomachaches. I left his office inspired that perhaps I had found an answer to my years and years of stomachaches. Four months later we moved to Toronto so that my husband could complete his final year of surgery training. I left Vancouver with much sadness as I was leaving behind all my friends and family whose support I counted on.

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Nonetheless, as we drove all across the country with our three very small children, I was committed to having a wonderful trip. The kids approached the trip with a wide-eyed sense of adventure. They explored each new campground as we went and still look back on the trip with fond memories. Our second son, however, began to have more gastro intestinal symptoms and was suffering from severe diarrhea by the time we reached Toronto. He was investigated by the pediatrician and subjected to unpleasant tests but no answer was found.

Symptoms began to increase in our other two children and I was more overwhelmed than ever. I had one son struggling with recurrent ear infections, a daughter now suffering from tummy aches, fatigue, confusion, and irritability, and another son with profuse diarrhea and hyperactivity that kept him up every night from A. I can still remember sitting on the beds of our sleeping children and asking God what on earth had happened to my life. I had always longed to be a mom but this was not how I imagined it would be.

Was He really there and did He care that I was sinking? As result of the lack of sleep, stress, and lack of support, I became very ill. My eyes became swollen and I had stomachaches again. I sought the help of an allergist in Toronto and learned in a phone call from him that I some unusual illness with no definitive treatment. More questions with no answers. Because we had very little money and no local family support, I had only a two-hour window each week for a break.

The babysitter arrived and I was free for two glorious hours. I usually went to a bookstore and treated myself to a book and then sat and read it over a peaceful lunch. As I scoured the shelves for just the right book, I noticed one glowing on the shelf high in one corner of the store.

Was I hallucinating? Perhaps all the stress and fatigue had finally got to me? I bought it and, in my short lunch break, scanned my way through the entire book. I felt as though someone had written a book specifically about our own children. I raced home, made an appointment with the pediatrician and insisted on a referral to an allergist. I took our daughter first, as her symptoms were the most complicated but was horrified by what took place. Tears were running down my cheeks as I did what I thought was required in order to help her get well. How I wish he had told me this before I subjected my little girl to this unpleasant experience?

I now know better.

Scratch tests certainly have their place to determine environmental allergens but only a very few ever need to be done. True food allergies are very rare and most food reactions are, in fact, food intolerances. I returned home from the allergist committed to finding the answer to the struggles and challenges of our children. I went to the library, checked out several books and read voraciously as soon as the kids went to bed. I found some of the answers in those pages and changed their diets the following morning.

Within two weeks, the changes were nothing short of miraculous. No more diarrhea. No more tummy aches. No more ear infections.

My Suicide Story: My Journey of Hope

So much information. So much of it contradictory. Does it matter what I eat? Should I take vitamins? What about stress?

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The traditional medical view is that none of this matters. But there is much evidence to the contrary.