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False Solomons Seal and Solomons Seal

Common Solomon's seal. Looks good with: Corydalis flexuosa Dicentra spectabilis. Plant finder homepage. However, you will have to care for them until they are established being careful to not let the soil dry out.

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Mulch over winter, the plant is very hardy and will usually survive winters that are not overwhelmingly harsh. The berries are very attractive in their own right, don't 'deadhead' the flowers or the berries will not form.

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Search for Solomons Seal Plant. The long arching stems ranging from 3 to 4 feet are the main attraction. The leaves start half way up the stem and continue to the end. They are a rich deep green to bluish green and grow to 7 inches long. The flowers are white with a yellow to green tips, which dangle down under the foliage.

In autumn or fall the leaves turn a bright yellow and it bears blue-black berries.

A Modern Herbal | Solomon's Seal

While this wonderful flower for shade gardening will grow in just about any soil, even dry soil, it will do much better in a good composted, humus rich well drained soil. Add leaf mold before planting and keep on the moist side.

There are several species to choose from. I'm partial to the variegated, with its creamy white edges P. The P.

Solomon’s Seal Info

And let's not forget Fragrant Solomon's Seal with its captivating fragrance. When first planted loosen the soil, add compost and keep moist until well established. Several weeks later the stalks have grown lush and thigh high. Ivory flowers, frilled with a flared green skirt, hang delicately in scented bells from the bowed stems.

Solomons Seal

They persist for weeks. The blooms are irresistible to early spring bees. Cut the stems to add to garden bouquets all year long. See more of our favorite woodland gardens:.

True vs. False Solomon's Seals

Above: Photograph by Elizabeth via Flickr. Above: Photograph by Wplynn via Flickr. Above: Photograph by Abby via Flickr. Above: Photograph by JardinsLeeds via Flickr.