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Tao is the Source and Creator. Imagine, he said, that someone awfully clever could construct a machine out of pure water.

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It would be built not of rods and gears but from a pattern of interacting currents. As he talked, Tao carved shapes in the air with his hands, like a magician.

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It was merely a thought experiment, of the sort that Einstein used to develop the theory of special relativity. But, Tao explained, if he can show mathematically that there is nothing, in principle, preventing such a fiendish contraption from operating, then it would mean that water can, in fact, explode. Tao, who is 40, sat at a desk by the window, papers lying in drifts at the margins. Thin and unassuming, he was dressed in Birkenstocks, a rumpled blue-gray polo shirt and jeans with the cuffs turned up.

The couch had been pulled away from the wall to accommodate the beat-up Trek bike he rides to work. Fame came early for Tao, who was born in South Australia. His teacher told the reporter that he hardly taught Tao anything, because Tao was always working two lessons ahead of the others. Tao taught himself to read at age 2. A few months later, halfway through the school year, Tao was moved up to 12th-grade math.

Three years later, at age 10, Tao became the youngest person in history to win a medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Today, many regard Tao as the finest mathematician of his generation. That spring day in his office, reflecting on his career so far, Tao told me that his view of mathematics has utterly changed since childhood.

Even those who experience great success through their college years may turn out not to have what it takes. The ancient art of mathematics, Tao has discovered, does not reward speed so much as patience, cunning and, perhaps most surprising of all, the sort of gift for collaboration and improvisation that characterizes the best jazz musicians. Possibly the greatest mathematician since antiquity was Carl Friedrich Gauss, a dour German born in the late 18th century. He did not get along with his own children and kept important results to himself, seeing them as unsuitable for public view.

They were discovered among his papers after his death.

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He eschews job offers from prestigious East Coast institutions in favor of a relaxed, no-drama department in a place where he can enjoy the weather. In class, he conveys a sense that mathematics is fun.

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This can be traced to his own childhood, which he experienced as super-normal, even if, to outside eyes, it was anything but. For story lines, they frequently drew from video games coming out at the time, like Super Mario Bros. Trevor, a junior chess champion, was too good to beat, so the boys created a variation on that game as well: Each turn began with a die roll to determine which piece could be moved.

When a class was boring, he doodled intricate maps of imaginary lands. By the spring of , with a 9-year-old Tao splitting time between high school and nearby Flinders University, Billy and Grace took him on a three-week American tour to seek advice from top mathematicians and education experts. Gifted children often avoid challenges at which they might not excel.

Before Tao went to Princeton, his grades had flagged at Flinders. In a course on quantum physics, the instructor told the class that the final would include an essay on the history of the field. Tao, then 12, blew off studying, and when he sat down for the exam, he was stunned to discover that the essay would count for half the grade. The true work of the mathematician is not experienced until the later parts of graduate school, when the student is challenged to create knowledge in the form of a novel proof.

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It is common to fill page after page with an attempt, the seasons turning, only to arrive precisely where you began, empty-handed — or to realize that a subtle flaw of logic doomed the whole enterprise from its outset. The steady state of mathematical research is to be completely stuck.

As a group, the people drawn to mathematics tend to value certainty and logic and a neatness of outcome, so this game becomes a special kind of torture. You find yourself sitting in a room without doors or windows, and you can shout and carry on all you want, but no one is listening. Within his field, Tao is best known for a proof about a remarkable set of numbers known as the primes. The primes are the whole numbers larger than 1 that can be divided evenly by only themselves and 1.

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