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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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She goes to leave and he asks her if she wants him to walk her back to her apartment. The music stops and Wright asks where her belongings are. Tostee offers to call her mobile phone.

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She accuses Tostee of stealing her phone and handbag and an argument breaks out. I will fucking destroy your jaw. I thought we were going to have fun. Tostee finds her phone and calm returns.

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Wright says she has money in NZ and gets taken advantage of. You were beating me up for no reason. You thought it was funny. Wright returns. You have to leave. The prosecution claims that is when the sound consistent with Tostee choking Wright can be heard, which he denies.

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You understand? Tostee sighs. Less than 20 seconds pass when Wright screams as she slips from the balcony rail. Inside the apartment, Tostee says they later had sex in his bed. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Tinder.

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Gold Coast Queensland features. People in the old days took things pretty seriously, to say the least The Hangings at Gainesville Texas by W. I know about it because of an article written at the time by the great Texas columnist, Boyce House. He should know. He was there Henry and the Shoal Creek Treasure by C.

Eckhardt " While Santa Anna was trying to put down the Texas rebellion of , two high-ranking Mexican officers-one was, so the story goes, the paymaster, the other a high-ranking general-decided to steal the entire payroll for the Mexican Army in Texas. In the meantime, two of the common soldiers hatched a plan of their own. Why enrich the paymaster? Why not kill him-and the other five soldiers-and have the fortune to themselves?

The Regulator and Moderators War was the first and largest American feud in numbers of participants and fatalities. William Marsh Rice by Archie P. McDonald Everyone loves a murder mystery, especially if the murder happened a long time ago and did not involve someone they know. The story of William Marsh Rice's demise is such a case Block, Jr.

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In the midst of all the oil madness, there emerged one of the strangest tales ever to unfold in the "sawdust city," the case of Beaumont's missing corpse that had turned to stone The Gunfight that Killed Helena by C. Eckhardt "The Colonel's son has been gunned down, in cold blood or so the story implies Block Just another fly caught up in Yocum's web of murder and intrigue, Carey not only survived his slated assassination and dismemberment in Yocum's alligator slough, but he lived instead to finger the gang and account for its destruction.

A criminal or a saint? You never know by Delbert Trew "Route 66 certainly endured its share of crime in its heyday.

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King lies in a beautiful cemetery. The jury's finding in regard to his punishment was easily written on a single piece of paper: Death by hanging. Cranfill - by Mike Cox For about the last quarter of the 19th century, and the first two decades of the 20th century, being a "wet" or a "dry" defined a Texan politically much more accurately than being Democrat or Republican.

Both sides of the issue passionately believed they were in the right. Often, they were willing to fight over their belief, sometimes to the death. In his deep, resonant voice, Barrymore replied: "Texas is a no man's land where sudden death lurks in every bistro.

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And to think that it happened on Mulberry Street! One war, of course, was the bloody struggle against the North The second war was primarily one of self-defense against hostile Indian tribes Where are you Benny Goodenberger? A woman with true grit, the way she came by her long name is one of Texas' more gripping tales.

Born around Barbecue Bust by Mike Cox With more than 20, chanting anti-war protestors headed downtown from UT, the governor decided he was hungry for barbecue Texas Storms. Texas Flood of Llano Flood of by Mike Cox The killer was Hurricane Alicia in ' Storm Racing by Mike Cox In it had not occurred to anyone that pursuing a tornado would someday be considered an adventure sport. Back then, people let storms do the chasing and took to their cellars when they heard a roaring wind. Leaving spheres of ice piled in three foot drifts, the barrage from above killed thousands of cattle.

Hail-chilled runoff from the intense supercell well beyond the horizon had put the Concho on the rise and claimed several lives. What happened to Charles Francis Coghlan by Mike Cox His story is either one of the most incredible tales ever told, pure legend or a mixture of fact and fiction.

That was the day a killer tornado struck the then prosperous Eastland County railroad town McDonald, PhD The hurricane that struck Galveston on September 8, , still reigns as the worst natural disaster in United States history because an estimated 10, people lost their lives.

Indianola A poem by Jeff McLemore published in The Longest Train Ride by C. Some of the original passengers were still aboard Coming ashore on Galveston Island in the predawn hours of Sept. Hurricane Carla by N. Disasters and Adventure. Titanic Texans by Mike Cox. About a mile from downtown Paris, a thriving North Texas city of 12,plus, Cross heard the Central Station fire bell She was the Texas Ranger, a coastwise steamboat.

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An estimated 30 sawmill workers, most of them black, are believed to have perished in the conflagration Not that it amounted to a strategic location - it had not yet become a petrochemical port -- but with Mexico embroiled in a bloody revolution, the military had moved more troops into Texas in anticipation of trouble Ray Maxie The Day J.

Humble Fire by Mike Cox " Hudson's enthusiasm for the oil business changed abruptly on July 23, That evening, a thunderstorm triggered a bolt of lightning that ignited the oil in one of the large tanks Hudson had helped build. Sending billows of thick, black smoke high in the sky, the fire spread quickly Although no official measure was mentioned - it was estimated that 50 inches of rain fell Herbrich The fire in La Granger. A county seat rivalry, a rowdy frontier fort, friendship beyond the grave and a disaster that killed many of the inhabitants Moore See Also Texas Storms.

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Pansy by Mike Cox Though her looks could have given her a shot at Hollywood, Pansy opted for the circus world. She and her husband had a trapeze act in a traveling show. They drew big crowds and made good money. All that changed in a moment.