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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Just how spectacular was revealed in the trial when some of the highlights were replayed for the benefit of the Old Bailey jury. With his bow tie and precise manner, Dr Peabody in appeared to be the kind of scientist who does not take kindly to having his professional authority challenged by lawyers.

In , while still under crossexamination, he had taken the rather extraordinary step of producing a notebook and starting to take a record of proceedings while still in the witness box. Mr Lawrence had asked him why he had only noticed dog hairs on the Pinto after a defence expert had spotted them.

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At one point during the crossexamination, according to the book A Question of Evidence by Christopher Berry-Dee, watching police officers were seen with their heads in their hands. Jenny Johnson entered the witness box and proceeded to say the precise opposite of what the prosecution had been expecting. She had talked to the police about them returning the crucial sweatshirt, but only because her poor eyesight had confused her into mistaking the Pinto — not owned by the defendant — for a top that was owned by Bishop. Yes, she added, she had signed a statement saying Bishop owned the Pinto sweatshirt.

But that was because she was in a rage with him and wanted revenge after the police officers told her he was still carrying on with her teenaged love rival Marion Stevenson. She had never seen it before the police showed it to her. On the first day of the committal hearing, in February , the prosecution had rhetorically asked where Bishop had been between about 5pm on the evening of the murders and being spotted emerging from Wild Park at 6. It was noticeable that when Brian Altman came to open the case for the prosecution in , he too said the girls were alive at 6.

But he added a crucial rejoinder to the evidence that Bishop had been seen heading home from the park at 6. I cannot emphasise that too much. After the jury had thought about it for two hours, and after the subsequent pandemonium subsided, Bishop walked out of Lewes Crown Court a free man. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Try Independent Minds free for 1 month to access this feature.

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Babes in the Wood – Trevor McDonald

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Subscription offers. Subscription sign in. Read latest edition. UK Edition. US Edition. Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. Monday 10 December Russell Bishop has been convicted of the murders of Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway but in a jury took just two hours to clear him of the killings Photos PA. You can form your own view.

Subscribe now. The memorial to Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows stands at the tree where they were seen playing shortly before they disappeared Adam Lusher. Sore sick he was and like to die, No Help that he could have, His Wife as sick as him did lie, And both possessed one Grave; No Love between these two were lost, Each was to the other kind, In Love they lived, in Love they dy'd, And left two Babes behind.

If you do keep them carefully, Then God you will regard, If otherwise you seem to deal, God will your deeds reward; With Lips as could as any Stone, He kiss'd the Children small, God bless you both my Children dear, And then the tears did fall, These speeches then their Brother spoke, To this sick couple here, The keeping of your Children dear, Sweet Sister do not fear; God never prosper me nor mine, Nor nothing else I have, If that I wrong your Children dear, When you are laid in grave.

Away then went these pretty Babes, Rejoicing at the Tide, Both being glad and merry mind, They should on Cock-horse ride; They pate and prattle pleasantly, As they rode on the Way, To those who should their Butchers be And take their lives straitway. Yet one of them more hard of Heart, Did vow to do his Charge, Because the Wretch that hired him, Had paid him very large. He took the Children by the Hand, Whilst tears flow'd in their Eyes, And bid them come and go with him, And look they did not cry, And two long miles he led them thus, While they for bread complain, Stay here says he I'll bring you bread, When I do come again.

The lines are run together in the broadside; I have separated them into eight-line verses. Harding B4 32 or 33 , no date Prob. Sorry - maybe it's just me! This one fits the bill. They sobbed and they sighed and they bitterly cried, And the poor little things, they lay down and died. And don' you remember the babes in the woods.? And when it was night, how sad was their plight. The sun, it went down, and the moon gave no light. They sobbed and they sighed, and they bitterly cried, Then the poor little babes, they lay down and died.

And when they were dead, the robin so red Brought strawberry leaves and over them spread, And sang them a song, the whole day long, And the poor little babes, they had done nothing wrong.

Two Little Babes In the Wood

The moon had gone down And the stars gave no light. They sought and they sighed And they bitterly cried. And when they were dead The robin so red gathered strawberry leaves And over them spread. Erected by public subscription, it commemorates an event that is still unexplained today.

On the morning of April 24, , the two young sons of Samuel and Susannah Cox vanished. The boys, George seven and Joseph five , had wandered off into the woods near the family shack, and they didn't respond to their parents' repeated calls. Samuel made his way to the house of his nearest neighbors to enlist their aid. One of them set out on horseback to enlist more help from all the farmers scattered for miles around. By nightfall, more than a hundred people were searching the woods for the boys It had been a warm night, so there were good odds that the boys were still alive; at daybreak the search began again, with more volunteers who had traveled several miles to assist.

But, once again, the searchers came up empty-handed The parents became so desperate that they asked a local dowser and a local woman with the reputation of being a witch to help; neither could. Soon, suspicions turned on Samuel and Susannah Cox themselves as several people accused them of doing away with their own children.

The floor of the family's shack was torn up and the yard around the home was dug up, in an attempt to prove the theory, but nothing was found. It was at this time that a farmer named Jacob Dibert, who lived about 12 miles distant from the Cox's, had an odd dream. In it, he was searching alone for the children in a section of the woods that he had never seen before. As he walked forward he discovered a dead deer just past it. He stepped over the body and followed a deer trail until he found a child's shoe; beyond that was a fallen beech tree which allowed him to cross a stream.

Next he came to a stony ridge that led into a ravine with a small brook; and there, in the shelter of a semi-circle formed by the roots of a birch tree, he found the boys Dibert told his wife about the dream, and they decided to keep it to themselves; but when the dream repeated itself on the following two nights, they decided to tell Mrs. Dibert's brother, Harrison Whysong, about it.

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Whysong was familiar with the area the boys had disappeared in, and there were similarites between this area and Jacob's dream. So the two men went to the area and began to search; five minutes later, they found a dead deer Then the child's shoe At the roots of the birch tree they found the boys, George and Joseph Cox, dead of exposure.

The boys were buried in Mt.

Children Songs - Babes In The Woods Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Union Cemetery on May 8, In , on the fiftieth anniversary of the tragedy, the stone monument was erected near the site the bodies were found so that the strange event would never be forgotten. Variations Frank Edwards, in Stranger Than Science, states that Dibert told Wysong about the dream after the second time it occurred, while Rhoda Bender in an article and Fay Wentworth in an article, both in FATE Magazine, state that this happened only after the third time the dream recurred.

Both Edwards and Wentworth add that Dibert stepped up onto a fallen tree before seeing the dead deer; Bender, in the earliest article, does not include this detail. All three authors spell Harrison Whysong's last name as "Wysong". Wentworth also adds that years later in June , after Jacob Dibert's death, his son Isaac also had a dream which showed him the location of a lost girl; the location in his dream proved to be correct, and the girl was rescued. As a child my aunt would sing this some to me no matter how many times I begged her not to. It is now something that plays in my head quite often, and less effected by it I am everyday.

Until reading the full history and having the memories brought up again to mind. This is a very depressing and amazing story. It's a song that will never be forgotten, and one that will be sung to other children in many home from now until the end of time. Malcolm Douglas indicated that this was the song written William Gardiner, and hence presumably the original song--at least in the shortened form. In the MIDI, the melody is bracketted by a musical introduction and bridge.

If you look at the sheet music, you'll also find a flute part and a guitar part, but they just restate the melody line in different keys, and cannot be played concurrently with the vocal part unless you're a fan of polytonality. Jim Dixon transcribed the lyrics in this message above, but misinterpreted how the lyrics line up with the tune. What he indicated as the chorus was actually the first three lines of the first verse, which the chorus section just happens to echo. So the song begins with the first verse rather than a chorus, as follows: 1.

Sweet Babes in the wood, Sweet Babes in the wood, Don't you remember the babes in the wood? Also, the first words of the chorus vary with the verse: 1. Of the Babes Poor Babes Sweet Babes Note that Gardiner died before the incident in Pennsylvania occurred, so unless he was a better clairvoyant than Mr Dibert, there is no connection between the song and that story. Click to play. It has the story of how it came to be written. Off the top of my head the writer was inspired by street vendors selling those little pottery effigies of the two children which would have been based on the popularity of the older long ballad posted above.

He decided to write the well-known short version at that point.

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If I remember correctly it is dated and if Gardiner was born in he can't have been much older than 20 when he wrote it. It came from Billy Weekes' personal collection. He very kindly did me a copy. I'm surprised he hasn't chipped in here himself. I'll look it up and give more details. It might be worth checking the tune with the Levy version which I probably have a copy of somewhere.

I have lots of versions of the long ballad which was printed by just about every printer in the 18thc. Liz recorded it on our first CD. Her version may be from an old Yorkshire collection. They were stolen away, one sunshiny day, These two pretty babies were lost on their way. Now when it was night, how sad was their plight! The stars did not shine, and the moon gave no light; They sobbed and they sighed, they sat down and cried, And then these poor babies they lay down and died.

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The robin so red, when he saw them lie dead, Gathered strawberry leaves and over them spread; And all the day long, where the green branches hung, This pretty Bob whistled, and this was his song: Pretty babes in the wood! Pretty babes in the wood! Did you ever hear tell of two babes in the wood? Strange song when all's said and done…. Just need to ask Billy Weekes' permission then I'll post the lot and let Artful have the tune to midi it. Words are a bit different to the Levy ones so the tune might vary a little as well.

It is a 2-page folded sheet typical of late 18thc, with flourishing script titles. The publisher details give us a dating window of key of A The Babes in the Wood! The Babes in the Wood! Don't you remeber the Babes in the Wood? There follows a repeat of the first verse with melody for 'Guittar' and then the melody for 'Ger. Flute' Billy also went online and found the following extract. Quoted from Wm. Gardiner 'Music and Friends, or Pleasant Recollections of a Dilletante' , which is about Gardiner's musical life, mainly in Leicester. He was born in An itinerant vendor of toys with a musical and plaintive voice, paraded the streets with 2 little wax figures in a bower, representing The Babes in the Wood.

To this morceau I persuaded Mr Thomas Combe to write some lines, of which I made the song that was published'. And though the first two lines are demarcated by section bars in the music, as if this is the chorus, the real chorus doesn't occur until this melody is restated in the third part of the tune.

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The section demarcation is really a logical distinction that only holds for the first verse, and leads to musical confusion; nevertheless, in the transcription, I've preserved it as written. The score includes an accompaniment of block or tremolo chords, but you can do better in your sleep, so I've only transcribed the melody; the last fourth is the instrumental interlude. No one in my family remembered it except me, but I could'nt remember all the words. All I could remember was: O don't you remember along time ago, three little babes whose names I don't know, were stolen away on a bright summers day and left in the woods I heard people say, and when it grew dark so sad was their plightthe rest was something about strawberry leaves and birds and how they died.

Can i purchase this on cd or tape somewhere? I want to sing it to my grandchildren and let my family hear the song they can't remember.. The quintessential recordings, from which most of the others derive, were made by the Copper Family. These recordings and many others are readily available on CD, as individual downloads from sites like Amazon. Masato also linked to some variants in the Max Hunter collection web pages, which include playable clips.

In addition, after the first message, Joe Offer prominently provided links to two other Mudcat threads containing even more information, and Joe and I provided MIDI links near the top of the page, allowing you to hear the original Gardiner tune s --the Coppers sing a rather different one. What more could you want that hasn't already been provided??

The two girls disappeared from the Moulsecoombe Estate in Brighton on October 9 , sparking a huge search in the area. Their bodies were found the following morning in a makeshift den in nearby Wild Park.

They had been sexually assaulted and strangled. Kimberly used to have terrible nightmares thinking he was coming back for her as well. She now keeps a memory garden at her house, with pictures of her daughter and keepsakes, including a beads and angel ornaments. I was climbing trees, climbing fences, not even thinking I was pregnant. That minute was etched in my mind forever. It was like my whole body had exploded.