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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Some states and countries provide financial subsidies for batteries but like all subsidies, that just moves the cost from the ratepayer to the taxpayer. The United States has the most emissions per person since we are still two-thirds fossil fuel. Carbon dioxide emitted in metric tons t per person per year for the U. The emissions from most developed countries are decreasing as efficiencies increase.

Emissions also noticeably decreased after the Great Recession of as can be seen in the figure. But the dramatic decrease in emissions from the United States has resulted mostly from natural gas replacing coal in electricity production. At G4S you are assured a world of opportunities. Our employees and services touch the lives of others every day. Financial Presentations Regulatory Announcements. Carbon Footprint Energy reduction. Societal Impact Employee welfare Match It. Canada French USA.

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Technology Systems transforming one of Greece's busiest sea ports Find out more. Restoring the war-torn: securing medical teams in conflict zones Find out more. G4S teams up with Mounties on counter terror programme Learn more. I am now wondering if Gove is also a member of the club that Packham and Greta are in, and are now being used, to advance it as a positive. Why not set up a town in Sweden where people live the way they had to before the industrial revolution. Subsistence farming, no radio, television, tractors, cars, airplanes, modern medicine, modern dentistry, weave your own cloth, make your own clothes, feudal political structure, no contraception, open wood the only heat source etc.

Then get Greta and her ilk to agree to live in this town for 1 year. If at the end of 1 year they still argue the way they do now assuming they are still alive maybe we will listen to them. Young Greta looks way too serious for a child, and Michael Gove looks way too surprised to be an adult.

The alarmist movement has finally turned into a sick cult, where the followers worship the child messiah. This is a real modern day Branch Davidian, complete with zombie followers. Michael Gove is very unreliable politician who blows with the wind. His words about this silly girl are disgraceful. That there are adults like Gove who swallow her childish silliness, her ignorance of science, statistics and probability should cause real alarm.

She is like those kids who get taken to a farm, are told that milk comes from those cows and become confused. Is there one video which shows her whole speech to Parliament???


Instead of trying to save the world from a trivial non-problem like climate change, Greta should start closer to home with a Swedish problem, like integration of its migrant Muslim population. Sort of like following Dr. Unfair to target us Brits. I blame the Romans. For those with long memories, Michael Gove was a partner with Boris Johnson. In a fight as to who would become PM and thus conduct the Bruit negations Boris was expected to win, but Michael double crossed him and they ended up with that useless lady instead. The comment by a reader that Climate Change is very low on peoples list of things of importance, but what about the Politicians.

To them its a number one issue , and remember that they pull the levers. But we recognise we need to go further — and faster. No doubt most of the populace are thinking what most respondents here are saying. Gove of course is hardly going to counter little Greta as HMG make a considerable tax take from climate alarmism, and no doubt would not pass up the opportunity to gather in more spoils.

It is to be hoped that little Gretas star will fade as she inevitably grows older. And given that shes at an age where her outlook can be expected to radically change, it should be entertaining to see how those profiting from the Greta phenomenon seek to prolong it.

Own Goal Time again. Greta is the perfect face for these humourless scolds. We have a winner,she shall be the face of The Cult of Calamitous Climate. This child is almost as effective as those absurdly thought out videos. Left, Right, it is all far too confusing for me. Are you sure Gove is the one on the Right….?

Were it not for the above, this child would be wearing skins, scrabbling for fish, shellfish, seaweed and reindeer or whale for a delicacy, all the while living in a freezing wood and earth hut somewhere on an icy and godforsaken Norwegian shore or mountain pasture. Instead she is flown to London to prate at people who really should know better than to pander to retarded Lefties. All of the evidence is that she travelled by rail. What about her entourage?

Air travel — 0. Rail travel — commuter rail and subway trains emit 0. Consider my mind not blown. As children we were advised to be wary of adult strangers. As adults, we are advised to be wary of strange children…. The economy has not collapsed, no power failures and the countryside is far from covered in turbines and solar panels.

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You are joking or plain bl00dy blind and a stupid moron. Of fifty houses I looked at that were not in urban areas not one now has freedom from a view of these hideous useless monsters any more than the one your lot have now made a misery to live in. Based on the lack of action for any crimes to do with environmentalism I am seriously considering direct action.

There are no power failures as we have huge added costs of backup for these cretinous monstrosities which are both unreliable and expensive and output when it chooses. My only joy is at my age I hope not to see them for much longer and your lot have left me looking forward to that time eagerly. There are fifteen fields near us blighted by solar generating stations which with wind turbines to my mind are the ugliest form of industrialisation ever for little or non gain.

As of the end of March this year it was Frankly I give no credence to this 16 year old robot or Michael Gove! The pathetic guilt tripping of some westerners does little other than irritate, if these fools want to return to the toils of hardships of the past they can, I rejoice in all that modern life has delivered. A Tory minister with a conscience? Precisely how stupid does he think we are? A pathological liar with the brain of a Sea Cucumber.

Dunning-Kruger made flesh. And the Eco-Taleban has a new leader. No wonder Brexit is such a mess and these idiots in Parliament are completely incapable of governing this country. A flock of geese would do a better job! I wonder whether Michael Gove listened to a 16 year old for advice on the appointment of environmental cheats like Lord Deben, or on his unbelievably stupid announcements on converting all British vehicles to electric by and his ridiculous announcements on diesel fumes which we have all lived with for the past 80 years without any problems; announcements which nevertheless have brought the British car industry to its knees?

I get more bemused by our political elite as the years go by. It all started with Stone age man. He should have left those rocks alone. Leave them in the ground. In all seriousness, the abuse of this child should be raised with the relevant authorities. If ever there was a clear case of manipulation, Greta is a very obvious victim. I urge caution when criticising her. Personal attacks will benefit her cause. That will result in exactly the kind of sympathy her manipulators have in mind. She is deliberately held out in the open public arena, and subjected to the same treatment as a well seasoned hard nosed politician.

Everyone is watching. In my opinion, any anger should be directed at her parents and anyone else pushing this obscenity, like it is something acceptable. She is Bait for the careless critic, the cheese on the trap. By all means, argue what she has to say. The poor child angel is already sacrificed by the green church.

Again we notice the religieus nature of the climate alarmists. Reminds me of the faux little girl voice that Ms. Ford put on during the Kavanaugh hearings. Well it looks like Gove has defied all our expectations. We collectively believed his political standing was on the floor. Not satisfied with being at rock bottom, he manages to show what a worm he is as he burrows down to new depths of stupidity. It is time for a political change folks. Thunberg, which results of the industrial revolution is your highness you prepared to give up?

You can ask your mom. This fear mongering is pathetic and sad and clearly, unequivocally aimed at controlling the masses. I will have no part of the child abuse noted, nor of the fear attempt. Good god, are we so stupid that when faced with a fear, legitimate or not, we would turn to government to solve it!? No thanks. People seem to be remarkably unaware that large-scale coal mining has been going on in China ever since the Han dynasty.

How else to keep warm, make iron etc in a deforested landscape? If you supply the fire with them at night, and see that they are well kindled, you will find them still alight in the morning; and they make such capital fuel that no other is used throughout the country. So serious. And she is not acting. Hollywood could not do better. Definitely not Pippi Longstocking despite the braids. Gretas greatgrandcousin Svante Arrhenius was a lukewarner who was convinced that more co2 in the atmosphere would save humankind for the perils of the next ice age.

Striking similarity. This music video uses a clip from the Addams Family, featuring Wednesday. Well Im sorry to this but apathy drug ,alcohol,famesocal ,media ,holiganism, porn ,sex,addictions and self harm will save all our young people from the sinister trance like spell of latest cult leader Greta.

The s And 90s the young generation to stoned out their heads on Ecstasy and Cocaine to join the nearest communist ,nazi ,religious extremist cult nonsense. When man learned to enslaved the hydrocarbon molecule where 5kg of coal was equivalent to man-hours of work slavery soon became uneconomical. Maybe she should go all pre industrial and live her life as such, her career choices are: Join a no tech collective farm-as a child bride.

Join a no tech religious cult-as a child bride. Join a no tech monadic group of hunter gatherers-as a child bride. The politician agrees with her, I think I know what he is looking for. How dare Britain help raise the living standards of the entire human race. Like this: Like Loading Related posts. I doubt she understands even half of the words that are put into her mouth.

That of course is what the warmists want to return us to, and quickly. The young Lady was ill served in her history education. I mhabe a concealed cyanide tablet, in case of such a possibility but. Gove has no conscience.

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Poor Greta, she should invest the money in oil company shares instead. This only confirms that Mr Gove should never be considered as a possible PM.

Ecological Footprint of Countries: Deficit or Reserve?

She would ride all ove the world on an amphibious, non-methane emitting horse. What did you know at 16? I used to like Gove. Some people, typically following an age gradient, are, ironically, more than a little green. How far back does Greta wish to go when looking for blame? A female aspie would be in a nunnery shut away and not allowed out. A new global game has just been created—Greta Says. The Brits are going wild over it. She is just a younger and stupidier version of occasional cortex.

Her parents made her what she is. Stupid does not go along with a cult.