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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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The name Brooke started to gain popularity in the s, and it was likely influenced by the American socialite Brooke Astor. Brooke peaked in popularity in the s, but it is still a well-loved name today. A name that sounds as if it is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, Beatrix is actually a very traditional name.

Bentley was once an English surname. Imagine how much of an impact and presence her name will make when a teacher reads it on a class roster or when she is applying for a job one day…. Note: The pronunciation is bee-zhoo, not bee-ju. Bijou is an unusual name that will certainly garner a lot of attention. A name like Bijou is a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. This name is short and sweet, and will perfectly describe how you feel about your little one even when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed during those toddler and teenage years.

A short, sweet, perky and breezy name that is also sophisticated and just plain cute, Bree is a beautiful name for a baby girl. Bree is Irish in origin. It is derived from the name Irish name Bridget or Brigid.

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It means strength, and it will certainly make a strong impact, despite how short and sweet it may sound. The name Bree was first popularized in the s by the character of the same name that Jane Fonda played in her Oscar-winning role in the movie Klout. Bree can also be spelled Brie. It is often a nickname for the longer names Brianna or Brianne. There is no doubt about it; the name Bree is short and super sweet — the perfect name for a little girl.

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Jump more than places since , it is now the th most popular name for a girl. This feminine name is one that exudes confidence and just sounds so pretty. With this name, your sweet little one will certainly make a powerful impact. A fun, playful and exotic name, Basha is definitely a unique name that will garner a lot of attention.

This name is strong, yet soft and it will certainly make a statement. Name your little girl Bronwyn and she will certainly make an impact just at the mere mention of her name. Bryce is Scottish in origin; in fact, it was originally a Scottish surname. However you spell it, this is certainly a beautiful name for a little girl. Bryce was made popular by the famous director Ron Howard, who named his daughter Bryce. Brendalynn is a playful and fun name, yet it also has an air of sophistication.

This name definitely makes an impact. For nicknames, you have a few options; Brenda and Lynn are obvious options, however, you could also shorten the name to Brennie for a more unique nickname that goes perfectly with this one-of-a-kind full name. It is a powerful name, but it is also soft, airy and playful. Whatever her coloring may be, this is certainly a beautiful name for a girl. Though the name is already pretty short itself, if you want to shorten it even more, consider the nickname Bren.

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Though it was commonly used back in the days of Shakespeare and Dante, and it is certainly a well-known name, it is not as widely used today. A strong moniker, Beatrice is Latin in origin. This vintage name has resurged in recent years, thanks to the Duke and Duchess of York who bestowed this name on their eldest daughter in A girl with the name Beth will undoubtedly be sweet and sensitive, just like its namesake.

Often the shortened name for Elizabeth, and sometimes Bethany, though it can certainly be used on its own, and will make a lovely first name. In the United States, Brianna ranks 82 on the list of most popular names. Brianna is Celtic in origin, and is a very commonly used in Ireland. In the story, Belle is a young, beautiful and intelligent woman who teaches the Beast, a prince who has been enchanted, how to truly love someone. The moral of the story is to look beyond superficial appearances and to look deeper into a person before making judgments.

Belle learns to love and trust the Beast, and the Beast learns how to love fully. Belle is often a shortened version of the Italian name Isabelle, though it is certainly a bold name on its own. This name is definitely not one that you are going to hear on the playground a lot, so it is a great choice if you want your little girl to have her own, unique name. Brylee is a fairly new name.

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It is often associated with being strong and noble. If you are thinking about using this name and you want to give your little girl a nickname, consider Bry or Lee; two adorable names for a girl to be called. If you want to shorten the name, you can call a little girl named Bianka Anka or Bee, two sweet names that are just as powerful as Bianka.

The name Bali brings to mind beautiful, sun-kissed beaches, and for good reason — Bali is a tropical island and a province of Indonesia. The name Bali, as you might have guessed, originates from Indonesia. This name will surely make a statement, and your little girl — and you — will be sure to love it. By giving your little girl this name, you will set her up to be brave and ready to take on anything that the world throws her way with confidence. People with the name Barrett tend to have a deep inner desire to create a strong, stable and loving family.

They also have a strong desire to work with others and to be appreciated. Barretts also tend to be creative and are very good at expressing themselves. As such, they enjoy the arts and often like to be the center of attention. If you are looking for a different spelling for Belen, you could use Belan, Bellan, or Bellen. For a sweet nickname, you could call your little girl Belle, Bea or Len.


The rise in popularity for using Blake as a feminine name is largely due to the famed actress Blake Lively, the star of the television show Gossip Girl and the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Blake is an English name. It was originally a surname, but over the years, it started being used as a first name. Truth, justice and discipline are all things that they value, and they can be very quick tempered when they encounter people who lie and threaten justice.

People who are named Brinley tend to be adventurous; they enjoy traveling and taking risks. The name Brinley is perfect if you want your little girl to stand out from the crowd and be her own, unique person. Bardot is a French name that not only is short and sweet, but it has a lot of class and style. You don't have to be a Francophile to love this name, but we think this unique moniker just might make you one.

Bardot doesn't have a presence on the popularity lists in the US, but in France it's Bardot is a French surname that means, "French Surname.

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Bhagi Sharing Bhaktanam paramagitih The last step of the devotees Bhasmabhutah Formed of Bhasma Bhasmagopta Protector of the Universe through the Bhasma Bhasmasayah Reclining upon the ashes Bhavah The Source Bhikshuh The mendicant Bhikshurupah Of the form of the mendicant Bhojanah The giver of food Bhutabhavanah The creator of the elements Bhutachari The companion of the Bhutas Bhutalayah The abode of all Beings Bhutanishevitah Worshipped by the ancient teachers Bhutapatih The Lord of Beings Bhutavahana sarathih Having as his charioteer Brahma, the guardian of the welfare of the beings Bijadhyakshah The regulator of virtue and vice Bijakarta The creator of virtue and vice Bijavahanah The dweller of the germ Bindhu The Anusvara Brahma Extremely great Brahmachari Centered in Brahman Brahmadandavinirmata The fashioner of the wand of Brahma Brahmagarbhah Pregnant with the Vedas Brahmakrit Author of the Vedas Brahmalokah The world of Brahma Brahmanah Aware of God self Brahmavarchasah The Brahmic radiance Brahmavit Conversant with the meaning of the Vedas Chalah Ever moving Chamustambhanah The paralyser of the armies of the Daityas Chandanah The Sandal tree Chandani Smeared with Sandal Chandrah The Moon Chandravaktreah Moon-faced Characharatma The soul of the two paths Charmi Covered with skin Charulingah Of attractive appearance Chaturmukhah The four-faced Chatushpathah Of four paths Chchadah The Saptaparna tree Chchatram The umbrella Chekitanah With extraordinary powers of perception Chiravasah Dressed in bark Daityaha The slayer of the daityas Dakshah Persevering Dakshinah Skilful Damanah Worshipped by Death Dambhah The subduer Dandi With a stick Darbhachari Consumer of the offerings placed on the sacred grass Darpanah The mirror Dasabahuh Ten-armed Dehah The body Devadevah The god of gods Devadhipatih The Lord of the gods Devah Desirous of conquest Devarshih The divine sage Devasimhah Valiant among gods Devasuraganadhyakshah The king of the host of gods and demons Devasuraganagranih The leader of the hosts of gods and demons Devasuraganasrayah Sought by the hosts of gods and demons Devasuraguruh The Preceptor of the gods and demons Devasuramahamatrah The best of the gods and demons Devasuramahesvarah The great lord of gods and demons Devasuranamaskritah Adored by gods and demons Devasuraparayanah The supreme goal of the gods and the demons Devasurapatih The lord of the gods and the demons Devasuravarapradah The granter of boons to gods and demons Devasuravinirmata The Creator of the gods and the demons Devasuresvarah The inner Ruler of gods and demons Devatatama The inner soul of the gods Devatidevah He who shines transcending the senses Devendrah The lord of the gods Devodivi suparvanah Worshipped by the Indra in Heaven Dhanvantarih the great physician Dhanvi The wielder of the bow Dharah The Supporter Dharmasadharanovarah Favorable according to the virtue of his devotees Dharottamah The best of bearers Dharshanatma Of fearful shape Dhata Brahma Dhritiman Endowed with fortitude Dhruvah The immovable Dhumaketanah Fire Dhumaketuh The comet Digvasah Naked Dinasadhakah The assister of the weak Dirghah Of great height DurvAsah Resident of difficult places Gabhastih Refulgent with rays Gajaha The slayer of the elephant Gajendra since he removed the dangers of the lord of the elephants Gambhirabalavahanah With noble armies and vehicles Gambhiraghoshah Grandly sounding Gambhirah Deep Ganah such as Bhringi, Riti, Nandi Ganakarah Including others Bana for instance in his suit Ganapatih The lord of the Tatvas Gandalih Dwelling on hills Gandhadhari Covered with perfumes Gandhapapi Bhagavan Who is the aggregate of the mental impressions of all beings Gandharah the note Mi in the gamut Gandharvah Gandharvah Gatih The goal Gautamah the promulgator of Logic Gavampatih The lord of the sense organs Ghirah The terrible Ghoratapah Of terrible austerities Giriruhah Seated on the mountain Kailasa Girisudhanah With the mountain as his bow Gocharah Dweller of the senses Gocharmavasanah Dressed in cow-skins Gopalih The protector of the senses Gopatih The lord of rays Grahapatih The lord of the Grahas Gramah Group Guhah Kartikeya Guhapalah Pravesinam The protector of the body of the Yogins, that is like a log of wood when they have gone into Samadhi for a long time Guhyah The Upanishads as his secret part Gunabuddhih Immersed in sense-objects Gunadhikah Excelling others through his good attributes Gunakarah The store-house of all qualities Gunanshadhah The brightener of the attributes Guruh The Teacher Haimah The immense snow Harah The all destroyer Harih One Who is reddish brown Harikesah Whose rays are the senses Harinakshah The deer-eyed Haryakshah The lion Haryasvah With fleet horses Hastisvarah Kalahastisvara Havih The offering Hayagardabhih Drawn by a mule Hemakarah The maker of gold Himavatgiri samsrayah Dwelling in the Himalaya mountain Hiranyabahuh Of beautiful arms Hiranyakavachodbhavah Born in golden armour Hladanah The delighter Hutah Pleased with offerings Hutasanah Fire Idhyah Praiseworthy Indriyam Sarvadehinam The senses of all embodied beings Isanah The Ruler Isvarah The Lord Jagat The Universe Jagatkalasthalah The devourer of the Universe, and He who has the above being as his eating plate Jahnavidhrit The bearer of Ganga Jalesayah Residing in the waters Jalobhavah Born in the waters Jangamah The moveable Janyuh Skilled in war Jatadharah Wearing matted hair Jati With matted hair Jitakamah Of great joy Jitendriyah The Conqueror of love Jivanah Conferrer of life Jvali The flaming Kaantah The supreme limit of Bliss Kahalih Adorned with Kahala Kailasagirivasi Residing in the Kailasa mountain Kakubhah All the quarters Kala Art Kalah He who brings about the effects of the Illusion Kalah The destroyer Kalah the store-house of the sixty-four arts Kalah Time Kalakatamkatah The enveloper of the envelopers of Yama Kalapujitah Adored by Death Kalayogi The Yogi that defies Time Kalih strife Kalih The fomenter of quarrels Kamah The god of Love Kamanasakah The destroyer of Love Kamandaludharah Bearing a vessel of gourd Kanakah Gold Kanchanachchavin Golden colored Kanishtah The youngest Kapalavan Bearing skull Kapali The Lord of the mundane Egg Kapardi wearing braided and knotted hair Kapilah Brown Kapisah Red Karah The destroyer Karasthali Using his palms as the eating vessel Karma sarvabandha vimochanah The liberator from Karma and the other fetters Karma-kalavit Cognisant of the proper time for actions Karnikaramahasrigvi With a large garland of Karnikara flowers Karta The actor Kashta unit of time 15 nimisha Ketu The Node Ketumali With shining crest Khacharah Dweller in the Ether Khadgi With a sword Khagah The bird Khali Possessing granaries Krishnapingalah Balck and brown color of throat and form Krishnavarnah Black complexioned Kriyavasthah Dwelling in rituals Kshanah Moments Kulahari The destroyer of the banks Kulakarta The fashioner of the banks Kundi With a pot Kurubhutah The Soul of Kurukshetra Kurukarta creator of people of kuru origin India Laghuh Quick Lalatakshah Having an eye in his forehead Lambanah He upon whom the fruits of the mundane Eggs hang Lambitoshtah Of hanging lips Lava a minute division of time, the 60th of a twinkling, half a second, a moment Layah The place of dissolution Lingadhyakhshah The master of the symbols Lingam Mahat Lohitakashah Red-eyed Lokachari The wanderer over the earth Lokadhata The Lord of the worlds Lokahitah The benefactor of the world Lokakarta Creator of the worlds Madanah The god of Love Madhuh The spring Madhukalochanah Red-eyed like wine Madhyamah Somewhat handsome Mahabalah Of great prowess Mahabijah The great seed Mahadamshtrah Of great fangs Mahadantah Of great teeth Mahadevah Since the great one is worshipped by all the gods, he is named Mahadeva Mahadhatuh The mountain Mer Mahagarbhah Of mighty womb Mahagarbhaparayanah The God of Love Mahaghorah Extremely terrible Mahagitah The great music Mahagrivah Of great neck Mahahanuh Of great jaws Mahahastah Of great hands Mahajadah Of great matted locks Mahajatruh Of mighty collar bones Mahajihvah Of great tongue Mahajvalah With fierce flames Mahakalpah With divine ornaments Mahakambuh Of great throat Mahakarma Of great acts Mahakarnah Of great ears Mahakarta The creator of the five great elements Mahakayah Of vast body Mahaketuh Mighty-bannered Mahakosah Of great stomach Mahakrodhah Of terrible anger Mahakshah With great senses Mahalinga With universally worshipped symbols Mahamalah With garlands hanging down to the feet Mahamatrah Of great dimensions Mahamayah Of great illusion Mahameghanivasi Dwelling in the great clouds Mahamukhah Of great face Mahamunih Extremely silent Mahamurdha Of great head Mahan Worshipful Mahanadah Of great sound Mahanagahanah The slayer of the great elephant Mahananah Huge faced Mahanasah Of great nose Mahanetrah Of great eyes Mahangah Of great symbols Mahanrityah The great dance Mahantakah The great death Mahapadah Of great feet Mahapathah The great Path Mahaprasadah Of great favor Maharathan With a mighty chariot Maharetah The great germ Maharnavanipanavit He who dries up the great oceans as a water trough Maharomah Of great hairs Maharshih The great sage Maharupah Of immeasurable form Mahasenah Kartikeya Mahatapah Of great meditation Mahatejah Of great splendor Mahatma Great souled Mahaushadhah The food grains Mahavakshan Of huge chest Mahavegah Fleeter than that Mahayasah Of great fame Mahayudhah Of mighty weapons Mahesvarah The great Lord Mahichari Ranging the earth Mahnakhah Of great claws Mahoraskah Of great joints Mahoshtah Of great lips Makarah the constellation of Simsumara shaped like the Makara or whale - the symbol of Time Mali Adorned with the garland Vanamala Manojavah Fast as the mind Manovegah Fleeter than mind Manthano bahulo vayuh The great wind that during the deluge shakes up everything Mantrah The Mantrah such as Pranava Mantrakarah The author of the Mantras Mantravit The knower of the Mantras Manyah Worshipful Masah The month Mata Mother Matiman Intelligent Matra second Mayavi The great Mayavin Medhrajah - Merudhama Residing on the Meru Mitrah The Sun Mokshadvaram The door to liberation Mriduh The soft-hearted Mrigabanarpanah The shooter at a stag Mrigalayah Adorned with the deer Muditah Happy Muhurtahahkshapah Muhurta, day and night Mukhyah Chief Muktatejah Who has cast away the Linga Sarira Mulam The root of the Samsara tree Mundah With shaven crown Mundi With shaven crown Munih The Silent Murddhajah Residing in the head Nabhah The sky Nabhasthalah Living in space Nabhih The navel Naikasanucharah Wanderer over the peaks thereof Naikatma Ensouler of many forms Nakshatrasadhakah The benefactor of the stars Nakshatravigrahamatih The astrologer Naktam Night Naktamcharah The night-walker Nandanah Causer of joy Nandih Plenty Nandikarah Conferrer of wealth Nandisvarah The Lord of Nandin Nandivardhanah Increaser of joy Narah Virat Nararshabhah Best of men Nartakah Who causes others to dance Navachakrangah The strange swan Nidhih The Treasure Nigrahah The restrainer Nihanta The slayer Nijassargah From whom proceeds all created things Nilah Blue Nilakanthah Black-throated Nilamaulih With a crown set with blue stones Nilayah The dwelling place of all beings Nimittam The Daityas Nimittasthah Residing in the Daityas Nipati Fallen Nirajah Devoid of passional elements Niramayah Faultless Niravagrahah Free of all obstacles Nirjivah Devoid of life Nirvanam Liberation Nisacharah The night-walker Nisachari The ranger of the night Nisakarah The moon Nisalayah The destroyer of ignorance Nishkarma Actionless Nitih Punishment Nityah The Indestructible Nityamasramapujitah Always praised by the members of the Asramas Nityamatma sahayah Eternal, with the Self as his companion Nityamvarchasi Ever radiant Nityanartah The eternal dancer Nivedanah Whose knowledge is free of all modifications Nivrittih Rest Niyamasritah Sought through the ordinances Niyamendriyavardhanah The Controller of the senses through austere observances Niyatah The self-controlled Nrityapriyah Fond of dancing Nyagrodhah The banyan tree Nyagrodharupah Of the form of the banyan tree Nyamah The ordinance Padah The object to be attained Padmagarbhan Having lotus womb Padmanabhah Lotus-navelled Padmanalagrah With the lotus springing out of him lit the other end of the stem of the lotus Pakshah The fortnights Paksharupah Bearing the form of a friend Pakshi The bird Panditah The learned man Panvai Kettle drum Parah Ancient Param The supreme Paramamtapah The supreme meditation Paramatma The Supreme Atman Paramomantrah The Great Mantra Pargatih He who transcends the above Paridhih The fortress Paryayo Narah The collective aspect of the Jivas Pasah The noose Pasupatih The lord of beings Jiva Patih The Ruler of all Patikhecharah The lord of birds Pattisi With a kind of sword Pavitram Holy Payonidhih The Ocean of Milk Pinakadhrit Wielder of Pinaka Pinakavan Armed with Pinaka Pita The father Pitamahah The grand-sire Pitavarna Golden colored Prabhavah one of the Vasus Prabhavatma Supreme existence Pradhanadhrit Presiding over Pradhana Prajabijam The germ of beings Prajadvaram The door to birth Prajapatih Virat Prak The eldest Prakasah The exotericism Prakrishtarih He who has reduced to nothing his enemies Pramanam Authority Pranadharanah The Supporter of life Pranava The mantrah Prasadah Bliss Prasanamprabhavah The birth place of the weapons: as Prasa Prasannah Of pleasant aspect Prasantatma Calm-minded Praskandanah He who causes even Brahma and others to flee Pratyah Experience Pravrittih Activity Prayatatma Pure minded Pretachari The companion of the Pretas Priyah Giver of happiness Punyachanchuh Cognised through virtue Puranah The ancient Purasvadhayudhah Armed with Parasvadha Pushkarasthapatih The architect of the lotus shaped Universe Rahu Grahah Rajarajah Kubera Raktangah Red limbed Ratih Joy-producing Ratnabhutah Possessed of numerous precious stones Raudrarupah Of terrible form as the great Bhairava Ravih The Sun Rikshahasramitekshanah The numberless Riks as his large eyes RiShabhadvaja With the flag of bull justice Rituh The season Sabhavanah Protector of the places of Justice Sadhyarshih The Teacher of the Sadhyas Saganah Surrounded by the groups of Pramathas Sahah Enduring everything Sahasrabahuh Thousand armed Sahasradah Conferrer of infinite wealth Sahasrahastah Thousand armed Sahasrakshah Thousand-eyed Sahasrapad Sahasramurdha Having thousand feet and thousand head Sahayah The friend Sakalah Perfect Sakalpah Associated with the rules of sacrifices Sakamarih Dwelling with the enemies of Love Sakrah Indra Samamnayah The Vedas Samaramardanah Queller of foes in battle Samasyah The Samaveda as his face Samkarah Capable of conferring good even on the above Samkarali Destroyer of all doubts Samkhyasamapanah The close of the above Sammagnah Well worshipped