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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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You never …. We have a new video available in our free series Creatively Made Kids! Our daughter Madolyn loves to share crafts, recipes etc. We look forward to growing this aspect of our site and we welcome your children to come on over and to get creative with us. This month Maddy is sharing how to make upcycled bows! To watch the video you just need to be registered at jeanneoliver.

Once …. Do you remember as a child how you could draw, write, paint, make up plays etc. I used to write. I would write poetry or short stories. I was always thinking up the next story line. Quiet in words, actions, and even creativity. We have just come through one of the largest business projects to date, finishing my first book and transitioning our home and business to have Kelly working full-time with me. We have also had a very strange year of things outside of our family and it has left us tired …. For those of you that are new to the blog I want to tell you a little bit about the free series Creativity Takes Courage.

Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to interview some of my favorite creative women and business owners. You can see the talented list of interviewees over on my creative network under Creativity Takes Courage.

Wait, actually. Everyone is going to be polite.

You can see the talented list of interviewees over on my creative network …. For those of you that are new to the blog I want to tell you a little bit about the free series. You can see the talented list of interviewees over on my creative network under Creativity Takes …. Julie is a born teacher and she provides rich content full of technique, inspiration and encouragement. You do not …. There are so many awesome online courses out there and sometimes it can be hard to know which one to choose! I know that your time and money is so important and that is why I wanted to make finding the RIGHT online course easier for you.

The first step we did was create an online digital catalog that would allow you to look at most of our courses all at once and in a beautiful format. Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to interview some of my favorite creative women and business owners. I love to travel, explore new parts of the world, try new foods, take in the local culture, take my time in an art museum and find the perfect place to create.

Creating art and traveling has helped me to grow as an artist in ways I could have never imaged. Recently, one of my students was talking to a group of women and shared about my workshops. Her words made their way back to me and she later wrote …. Somehow around 8 years ago my love of paper, creating and paints had turned into me listing a few things to sell on Etsy. Everything was so small but so fun. I remember that Kelly and I set up a space for me in our unfinished basement where I would work once the children went to sleep.

There …. You can see the talented list of interviewees over on my creative network under Creativity …. You can see the talented list …. Our newest Creativity Takes Courage interview starts right now! I believe in this quote and think about it often. I am lucky enough to constantly be in the position that I have the opportunity and pleasure to have incredibly talented women and men all around me. I know that by having people of such talent and quality that it also helps me to grow as a person, artist and business woman. I think I have the best job in the world.

I get to reach out to some of …. Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to interview some of my favorite creative women and business …. The February interview was with …. The February interview was with my …. Our first interview in our video series, Creativity Takes Courage, begins right now! Our November interview in our video series, Creativity Takes Courage, begins right now!

The February …. Our June interview in our video series, Creativity Takes Courage, begins right now! Imagine creating a handmade book filled with techniques, layers, and details that you will treasure forever. Come and …. This free video gives you a taste of the course, Sacred Vestments Expressive Portraits and Figures with Kate Thompson and we hope you will join us for the full class!

CLASSES & EVENTS — The Chattery

Kate starts out with loose charcoal and then starts to make marks. Adding marks with pens, pencils, linseed oil or walnut oil and white acrylic paint. This free video gives you a taste of the course, Figuratively Speaking and we hope you will join us for the full class! Using a technique of tracing paper and magazines, Dina helps you focus in on the idea of a figure. Gain a feel for proportion and posture by the removal of details and use of abstraction. Come on …. Imagine using simple tools to document and create from everyday life? Join watercolor artist Christie Drahnak on a journey of discovery and expression using watercolor to capture the beauty that is all around you.

In this class, we will start at the beginning and learn watercolor techniques to free you up to be more expressive in your art. We will also create watercolor studies in a sketchbook to use for completed paintings. Join Christie Drahnak as you learn and grow as …. I have been a part of this amazing group of women, bloggers, designers, and entrepreneurs for many years now.

I can think back to all the years of the collaborations, inspiration, encouragement and more that we receive from one another because we are a part of a community. Gathering together not only brings home tours and fun posts but it also allows our communities to expand and grow deeper roots. Whatever role you find yourself in your life I have …. One whole day to love on just one person. One day that allows you to give a person a glimpse into how much their life means to you! It is almost 19 years ago that our birthday tradition began. It was my birthday during our first year of marriage and my day started off with a stack of envelopes.

Keep in mind that we barely had any money in those years but what followed made me feel …. One of my favorite places to travel and get inspired is France. The art, museums, cafes, history, architecture, food and the linens…oh, how I love those handwoven French linens. Whenever I travel to France I try to bring home a piece of art, something to use in the kitchen and I try to find new or vintage linens. It is my way of bringing home the beauty of France in a way that my whole family can enjoy.

It is …. Over the past year and a half, we have hosted workshop lunches in that gathering place, homecoming dinner, pizza with family and cocktails for more than I can count. With an umbrella of tree branches, soft …. The neighborhood pool closed yesterday so I guess fall is around the corner! Come back each week over the next few months and get peeks into our home dressed up for Fall and Christmas.

Our hope is that this series will be glimpses into our homes during the holidays as we will be sharing inspiration for simple cozy spaces. Time for some tastes of spring and time to relax. I have another reason to remind my mom how much I love her and how much she did for us. Pretty much we are half way decent people because she was a rockstar…stuff like that. I also get to get treated like a queen myself for one magical day!

Finding gifts for people I love is one of my favorite things and I have a drawer in my bedroom with little treasures I find …. We have officially been in this house for one year as of tomorrow. This home has creatively been so fun! It has allowed us to go a totally different direction with our style and to create a fun space for our family.

This home …. We truly wait until after Thanksgiving to pull out our decorations for Christmas and we are still pulling them out. We will be adding to our home over the next week but today is a great start! We are all so excited to celebrate the birth of Christ, to get ready for a new year, to intentionally choose how to spend the season and to gather for our favorite traditions. This is our first Christmas in our new home and …. I love that I have had the opportunity to be a part of many home tours over the years because our real holidays do not get documented.

When you have company over, you are rotating what goes in the oven and you are talking with your favorite people and there is little time for picture taking. I do love preparing for the gathering though. It is a part of my creativity and simple tablescapes are so fun to do.

I am pretty much addicted to anything pumpkin so when fall comes around we turn to some of our pumpkin favorites. Pumpkin pancakes with apple cider syrup is a fall staple for as long as I can remember. THIS is the recipe that the kids ask for on special occasions and especially during the fall. We made ours gluten free but tweak it anyway you want to make it your own.

We hope you love them as much as we …. This is our last fall favorites post but we will continue fun fall inspiration up to Thanksgiving. Today Celina Baldwin is sharing her fall favs. Celina is the newest member of our creative team and she is handling our branding and admin work. She is a breath of fresh air and is a miracle worker helping us get organized and staying on top of deadlines. I actually got mine at the Toms …. Happy Saturday! Jen is a member of our creative team and she is responsible for our logos, graphics, hand lettering, website and so much more!

We kind of love her. A lot! She makes us look good! Jen also have awesome taste so check out her favorites. I always love seeing what other people are drawn to and what products they are loving. For the next three days we will be sharing some of our fall favorites and we would love to hear what you are loving too! I have ordered more handmade earrings from Malary Brett than I can count. Each pair is beautifully made and packaged. Gift material for sure but also a sweet gift for yourself. I just received my copy of …. I am loving sharing fall inspiration this past week and we will keep sharing through Thanksgiving.

I am peeking ahead for today because I have been fortunate to be included in the Farmhouse Holiday Series and today we are sharing our kitchens dressed up for the holidays and also sharing a favorite recipe. I love the extra textures, the smells, the baking and preparing. I love the …. Kelly and the kids were with me and Kelly was driving. Instead of home, we turned around and headed to the emergency room in …. You can read part one HERE. We had decided by that first night to take the gift of our new home, land, and studio and see if we could make a go at it without a net.

We made this decision in early May and there was no net as of August 1, As the days of no net quickly approached I could feel the stress, anxiety, and pressure slowly creeping towards me. This year marks our 12th year of officially homeschooling and as I reflect back over this journey I am in awe and humbled by what has been invested, how our family has been impacted and how I have changed as a mom and wife.

A few weeks ago I was talking with Kelly about all of the things I have learned about our home, family, children and myself over these years homeschooling. The biggest being myself. Whether your kids are …. With Kelly working with me full time, we have had a little more time for some new fun projects. One of the things I wanted to start doing is to share a little more behind the scenes in our day to day life.

This would be a mandatory reassignment. I had just had a group of 17 …. I am so excited to announce that registration is open for our next FREE study that will begin on January 4th! This will be our third year that we start off the New Year with a free study all about growing in our faith. I know that one of your favorite courses that we offer on our creative network is anything with home! Being creative and creating a comfortable and beautiful space is at the heart of many of us and even more desire to know how. But where do we begin? How do we make decisions that truly reflect our heart, style, lifestyle and budget?

How do design spaces today that we will be happy with tomorrow? I am honored to share that …. I have had the best time sharing our home dressed up for fall! This week it is all about sharing your porch for fall but we have a pretty small front porch in this home SO we wanted to show you our deck dressed up …. We looked at our property and purchased it in the middle of winter and it was completely covered in snow. Over the past seven months of living here we have watched the land change through the seasons and we have had sweet surprises along the way. One of our best surprises so far are some apples trees on the land!

Come and check out our first harvest! We have been sharing with the neighbors, the horses and enjoying them ourselves …. The Living Studio workshops were created because there was a void in the art workshop world. The Living Studio would be about exploring a new place and creating art everywhere we went. When we had scheduled classes they would be shorter to give you the techniques to get back to the museums, the cafes, the gardens and to have your sketchbook with you the whole time.

I knew this style of workshop would not be for everyone but for …. When I create I only want to be surrounded by my most trusted and favorite tools and only the tools that help me to express myself. Too many supplies can get in the way, distract and even help you procrastinate like any of us need any help with that one. Each time we offer you a new supply it is because it is tried and true in my own studio. I wanted to share …. If you have been on the fence about coming on The Living Studio Along the Seine I wanted to give you a reminder about the discount.

The retreat is filling up and I want you to get this discount if you are wanting to join us the price is already reflected on the prices below. The price will go up on May 1st!. If you have ANY questions …. In the new year there can be long lists of dreams for the year and maybe even a yearly bucket list. I am so glad you are here and I hope you enjoy your visit. My friend Jen had the fun idea of getting a bunch of bloggers together, having us send flea market finds to each other and we had to alter or decorate with them. I love vintage architectural salvage and old bits and pieces.

I was thrilled to use this small collection of vintage door knobs in the blog hop. I live in Colorado. This means that all my wonderful flea market shopping stops for the winter. No garage sales. No flea markets. A Paris Street Market… to start back up on May 1. Yes…I counted! I love waking up early, grabbing a coffee, eating the most wonderful breakfast burrito and shopping with my friends.

I am also looking …. It was an early, cold and drizzly morning….. Flea market season has officially begun. I went with two of my sweet friends and neighbors. I didn't take a lot of pictures because my hands were FULL! My favorite purchase of the day was some vintage linens to use on my aprons and awesome vintage paper items. I am always a sucker for vintage papers.

I paid a little more than usual but they were worth it. We stayed up too late caffeine and talking. We had an early morning getting to our set up location for the fair. The weather was clear and hot, but perfect for getting everything unloaded. Jet lag is still my sidekick as I try to settle back into day-to-day life after France. These extra days of adjusting are also good for my heart and mind as I process once again the beautiful opportunity of travel.

As I download photos, unpack my suitcase, wash too many loads of laundry, unwrap French treasures, and put away art supplies I am given the gift of remembering, honoring and reflecting on this time away. Sometimes we get to be wild explorers and travel far away, other times we can connect with other creatives not far from home and at other times we have the joy of hunkering down right where we live and creating among our day to day life.

Each one of these are life giving and creative building travels. I love that my travels have allowed me to build beautiful new friendships, sketch among stained glass windows and old wooden pews, sip …. I am greatly driven by my desire to learn, explore and to discover more of this world. My family makes choices all of the time that will make it possible for us to travel more and to have less of other things.

We want to collect adventures and memories and not just things. I have an …. This is my first day back home after being in France for the past two weeks. I feel like I am coming out of a France fog. It is really hard to believe what I just go to experience and that so many people that I love helped make it possible.

My mom drove from Illinois to watch our children for the week my husband was with me and my sister helped with the business. I am currently starting to …. Isn't this amazing? The architectural detail was phenomenal. You truly felt like you were in Europe. There was a wedding going on in the chapel while we were there.

After the ceremony the couple walked out of the chapel to a beautiful fountain in the courtyard. What a blessed couple to start their marriage in such a romantic location. Family life mixed in with moving and working on our new studio has been beautiful, busy, tiring, stressful and exciting. We are thrilled to have our art prompts back a few times a month to hopefully inspire and encourage your creativity! Each …. Welcome to the Living Studio Friday Prompt! Each Friday you will get an art quote and a printable prompt that hopefully will get you motivated to get your supplies out over the weekend and throughout the week.

We will share supply links, inspiring artist stories and art that goes along with the prompt. I am only able to teach at Living Studio retreats a year and not everyone is able to join me for an in person workshop. Welcome to the first Living Studio Friday Prompt of ! I am only able to teach at Living Studio retreats a year and not everyone is able to join me for an in …. I am only able to teach at …. This week is our official start of the school year!

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This is also the first year without Jack a part of our year, planning and day to day life. There were a few changes we made this year to our curriculum and daily schedule and I am very excited about this breath of fresh air into our school year. This is our 13th year of homeschooling not including kindergarten and I am a big believer in using what works, …. This year marks our 13th year of officially homeschooling and as I reflect back over this journey I am in awe and humbled by what has been invested, how our family has been impacted and how I have changed as a mom and wife.

When we started in kindergarten I was just taking it year by year and to be honest…I am shocked that 10 years later that we are still doing school together. At the end of last school year Jack was asking a lot more about high school and for the first time really showing interest in doing something besides homeschooling.

After nine …. These photos have nothing to do with the post but what fun is a post without photos? I thought you would understand. When you are a stay at home mom, homeschooler and entrepreneur with a home office… your worlds start to collide. Then there are the days when everything coming at me can be a little too …. Few things are as close to my heart and my day to day life as homeschooling.

Alicia Hutchinson will be leading you in this one week online course! All of the videos are pre-recorded so you can …. I hope you are all having a great day. We spent the day at the creek doing school with my sister and her children. It is one of our favorite back to school activities that we do each year. There is something so peaceful and magical about the grassy hills, creek, huge trees and an empty park.

We almost had the whole play to ourselves. Today I just wanted to ramble a bit if you have ever met me in …. I am finishing up week four of The Journey of Letting Go. I have loved spending my days creating and having a studio overflowing with art! This is probably a joke but I will …. If there was something that has blessed our lives immensely…homeschooling is it! I started because I had a 5 year old that was reading beautifully and my teacher friends recommended …. I wanted to give you all a few quick updates about where you can find us lately. We are so excited that you can now get iphone skins, covers, wrapped canvases of my art etc.

I hope you pop on over and see the really fun and beautiful new items we get to offer you. We are also featured this month in the Fall issue of Folk Magazine! Two articles in fact! They did such a …. I asked for questions on our Facebook Business Page this week. Here are some of your questions and my answers. Keep your questions coming:- Heather asked How do you handle blatant knock offs of your work? And, how do you feel about others selling your packaging as their own?

For instance, I went to a local antique mall and noticed several burlap bags with a 5 stamped on …. Tonight Kelly and I had a sitter so we could get some Christmas shopping done. We have been so busy with the shop that this was the first opportunity we had to pick a few special things out for the children. I love blessing our kids with things that they will love and use. Over the years we have gotten so much better about quality over quantity.

Those first years were so crazy, scary overload. Poor kid….. To say it has been busy around here would be an understatement. Good things are happening though. We are back at school and loving it. I think we are finally back into the swing of it and the kids know the drill. The new collection will go into production next week:- and that brings a whole bunch of excitement all its own! We will then be working on photos, jewelry, vintage items, new surprises….. I hope the …. I always love those weeks when you notice some of the little things that make you happy as your days go by.

We are in our second week of school and I am thankful for the routine and so are they. I love cuddling up with Benjamin and hearing him read. We did that…together. I will cherish that my whole life. I have been listening to …. Growing up I went to the public school through fifth grade, private school through 11th grade and then finished high school in the public school. I also grew up in a small town of 3, and for many years I went to the local school. When I went to the private school a bus pulled up in front of our house, before the sun was up, every weekday morning.

The hour long bus ride was usuallly a time for sleeping …. Usually whatever you are wondering.. I get a lot of emails asking me about business and family stuff so I am assuming that others may have the same questions. This is an easier and faster way for me to respond. So…if you have a question for me…. Seriously, it can be about anything. Anything you want to know about me …. I often get emails from readers wondering what curriculum etc.

Over the years I have come to really enjoy putting our curriculum together…where as when we started 6 years ago I bought an all inclusive curriculum. I love the freedom that putting my own curriculum together gives and I truly believe I am picking the best in each subject for my children. There has been wonderful games, books, videos etc that we use each year that …. I wanted to share with you a book that I have loved and enjoyed with all three of my children.

It is fun for the kids and easy for me to put the projects together. When each of my children have been around three years old we have worked our way through the book Art Across The Alphabet. You can find the white letters at Lakeshore Learning or probably any teacher store. If you have the time you can also …. It is November 1st and that is the beginning of the holidays in my book. I have already started planning with our family what they want to do for Thanksgiving, I may have bought a ton of wrapping paper at Target today, the fireplace is on and the weather is finally embracing my love of sweaters!

November and December is such a sweet time to intentionally make space in your heart and home to welcome others into your space. Welcome to our first home tour in our new home! Thank you for joining me for the Farmhouse Holiday Series. Our hope is that this series will be glimpses into our homes during the holidays, and that we will be sharing inspiration for simple cozy spaces. We went on a crazy home journey within the past year and you ….

This series will be hosted by Jeanne Oliver and …. I MAY be a few days late for this! I asked each of the teachers of Art of Home to share some of their favorite things that …. We would love to have you join us as we celebrate home and simple ways to create an artisan lifestyle. Here is a peek into week one…the Art of Farm To Table. Keep in mind that this is only week one! Is it getting a bit cooler at nights where you are living? I can feel the little changes that are everywhere and they are telling me that fall is coming.

It is always hard to say goodbye to summer but fall will always have my heart. Fall is when the house gets cozy, yummy foods are on the stove, my favorite boots are pulled out and people I love are around my table more. Even though school is back in …. I will be coming back to the Donna Downey Studios and we will have two days to play with storytelling through our art with fabric dying, journal making, sketching, paint, collage and more.

I am honored to be teaching …. We hope you had the most wonderful Thanksgiving. Whether your day was quiet or you had a house full, our hope is that you remember how much you are loved and how thankful we are for you. Whether you are looking for art supplies, vintage fabric handbags, jewelry, art or a vintage find…come on over! We will get it wrapped up right …. It has been hard and beautiful and broken and lifegiving.

She is a prolific artist with a wide range of techniques and skills that she is dipping her hands in and the results are always beautiful. I had always hoped that Rebecca and I would have the opportunity to collaborate so it is with great joy I get to announce that Rebecca will be teaching on our …. Last year on May 4, , I was just wrapping up an all-day workshop in my studio with local teenagers. The teachers and students had just walked onto the bus when I started to walk back down our gravel driveway as I saw Kelly approaching me. We are getting ready for our next product launch and that means we have just marked down almost everything in our online shop!

We have marked down bags, jewelry and more. No coupon needed! Just come on over and everything is already marked down.

It is now the countdown to the weekend and for many of us, that means diving deeper into our creativity. We have just added another free video to our creative network and this one is about creating beautiful journal pages using carbon paper. Come on over and enjoy the free art video Carbon Fun. With very few supplies you can practice, learn, make time for yourself and just have some fun!

This video is free but you still need to be …. One of the most wonderful parts of what I get to do is to collaborate with other incredible artists! It is even deeper than that. Her teaching, guidance, and heart for others will make this a …. We have just added another free video to our creative network and this one is about creating quick abstract portraits with charcoal.

Come on over and enjoy the free art video Abstract Charcoal Portrait. I want to share a sweet gathering that is free that I have been asked to be a part of and I love the idea and heart of this offering. For over a decade, we Meghan and Jamie have been pouring our creative hearts into the online world. We each began our journey with the intention of bringing to life our own …. We have more land than porch so we are mixing the two and we are so glad you are here! When we were first looking at our home it was in the middle of winter and the land was covered in snow.

What's the Difference between Neocolor I and Neocolor II? What do they do?

Of the seven acres only a small side garden was fenced in but with its stone raised garden beds, trees and two gates …. Each year it is such an honor. Last year was our first year in this home and we are slowly making it our own. These DIY and Decorating bloggers are incredible!

Tiny Museum Workshop Starts this Week!

I am just along for the ride and loving every moment of it. To start at the beginning of the tour start HERE. And if you are coming from …. It is always so much fun to share our home and to see all of the inspiration from everyone else in the tour. In this post, we have collaborated with Birch Lane to bring …. Watching friends and peers tap into their deep giftings and then sharing it with the world is very inspiring.

I am surrounded by so many men and women that are intentionally showing up in their lives and the impact is far reaching. I am watching friends start non profits, open pottery studios, teach, sell their first paintings, step up to a microphone and speak for the first time, self publishing, publishing…stepping out. It is one of the most beautiful …. Only FIVE more days before our newest free series begins! Last year we were blown away by the response to the free series Becoming The Unfolding of You. This series was all about seeing yourself as Christ sees you and it was heart changing for so many of us.

We saw over 6, men and women join us from all over the world! This year we had no plans to offer another free series in January because we thought …. Sometimes a song is so powerful that as it plays you see a moving picture going through your mind. Maybe you see your own story or maybe you see the story of another. Either way I know that each of us have been in a situation where the air was knocked out of us and in a moment everything changed.

Where we began again. Moved on. Did it scared.

Felt lost. Wondered how you got here? Had no answers. Longed …. Image from Gillian Lee Smith I am rushing around this morning trying to get everything in place so I can leave today for Scotland. This time I am not teaching or working at all. My husband has given me the amazing early birthday gift of studying with artist Gillian Lee Smith. For the next 10 days I will be painting in a small fishing village and hopefully getting some much needed rest and creative practice time. My trip will end ….

My dear friend Kimberly Taylor has found her passion outside her gorgeous home and family and it is contagious. I would love for you to hear her heart and consider helping in the final stretch of this amazing opportunity to give. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people around the world improve their circumstances through education and …. I wanted to announce the winner of the art supply giveaway and camera bag! If you love to learn about the lives of the artists, the styles they used and techniques that were a part of their work…this course is for you.

If you love to try new art with the encouragement and support of other creative members…this is the course …. There is one place we are all at again and again in our lives. You would think with this much practice we would be so much more graceful handling it and learning from it. No matter your age or where you are at in your life we are constantly in a state of waiting. Waiting to grow up Waiting to leave home Waiting to love someone Waiting to figure out your calling Waiting to find the person to spend your ….

It is pretty exciting to me to be asked to combine my love of art with my faith! There are few things that determine my day to day as much as my faith and the creativity that the Lord as placed in me. Those two factors have everything to do with how I make a home, raise my children, run a business, love my friends, open my home and grow my marriage.

If you have taken any of my online …. But with all the concrete home items trending, I was determined to figure out a way to imitate the concrete look without having to dive into figuring out real concrete. The result? A super clean, cheap alternative to the expensive concrete planters you see in Target and West Elm!

They add so much life to a space and they can be so much fun to watch grow! I was able to get everything at Lowes for only …. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! It is incredible here…. He feels so big right now because they came to the door to play with HIM. I know I will be inspired by amazingly talented and creative women. I also have more new goodies that I will be adding to my site next week.

See you after the weekend. It is Friday! My family makes choices all of the time that will make it possible for us to travel more and to have less of other …. Nothing has defined our business and brand as much as finding my own style through photography. This has been a gift that has not only grown our business but allowed me to capture my family and the day to day.

This course will begin on April 25, , all content will be …. A few years ago when I came up with the concept behind The Living Studio I had hopes of traveling with women, connecting with different cities and creating outside the studio. I wanted us to become those we had maybe admired for years in the parks, museums, cafes.

To become those that were creating whenever the opportunity arose. As of this …. My heart behind The Living Studio is that we will all learn to explore and create wherever we live. I hope to inspire people to step out of the comfort of their studios and out into the world and boldly create based upon the beauty all around them.

This unique retreat combines my love of travel and creating and connecting with other women. I have loved looking through my Italy Instagram photos for these posts. I want to make a book with all of the Italy Instagram photos and I will let you know what company I go with and how it turns out.

We are now on days 5, 6, 7 and 8. You can read about the …. From the moment I saw it I was mesmerized. In fact, I wanted to live in the blog and perhaps roll around naked in a few of the recipes. I do not regulary photograph food…but the way she stages and photographs will inspire you no matter …. I just know that there is more!

I love my Canon 5D Mark ii. I really do. I have been cheating on it for awhile now though and I am not ashamed. I use the inferior camera on my iphone everyday and I use Instagram to document our days. It is not just the ease of Instagram that has me hooked but all the awesome apps that you can purchase to instantly change your photos. That whole instant thing is pretty fun and convenient. I thought before …. When we have a brand new bag that we are launching I like to give you a closer look at the bag.

I hope this is the next best thing to you being here at our studio.

Mixed Media Play Date

Here are some of the sweet highlights of this gorgeous handmade bag. Thank you for everyone that has been loving on our new Vintage Collection! Thank you for telling your friends and family. Thank you for all your pins on Pinterest. We are a small business that has the honor of constantly growing because of YOU! Packages are being shipped all over …. We are known for our beautiful mountains, incredible weather, occasional wildfires, Tebowing and hiking. Not known for amazing shows. When my midwest friends all pile into a car to shop at the Country Living Fair I mope …. Today is proves very much true.

I sometimes can be delusional that I can juggle a million things. When I try I usually prove that all I accomplish is to do everything half way. When you really put yourself into something everything else falls to the wayside…. Today we just launched our new course. My office is a disaster, the laundry could be climbed, …. As we are putting the final touches on the new course I wanted to share some of the quotes that we will be sharing. I love including words in my art and it is so fun to put these together for the courses.

She then earned her Masters in Education M. Since then, she's been employed as both an art instructor and professional fine artist for more than 20 years. Her artwork is represented in private and public collections in the U. Her passion lies in Mixed Media due to its messy and imperfect nature.

With every piece she creates; with every lesson she teaches, she experiences further validation that creative expression is a powerful means to healing the wounds of the past. As an instructor her hope is to help others discover their courage… courage to stand in their truth; to be authentic; to follow their heart; to trust their inner voice; and to let go of the past and heal their soul through art.

As well as developing your mindset, self-discovery, self-love and self-expression practices via art and written journaling. Art Journaling has helped me to improve my own wellbeing particularly dealing with anxiety and depression , along with spending time with my loyal bestie, my dog Jessie. I look forward to joining you on your creative journey! And now Your Guest Artists! Maria Therese Persson - www. Creativity and endless search for inspiration is at the heart of Maria Therese and you will most likely find this reflected in her art. I come from a childhood of often travelling, discovering, and seeing new places.

Originally of German nationality, but born in South East Asia, we were full-time volunteers, doing natural disaster relief work in countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Japan. I love to cheer people up with my art and create beautiful worlds of magic and mystery, stories of hope and beauty. My inspiration and imagination is often fueled as my boys ask me to tell them bedtime tales of magical realms, faeries and dragons, mystical creatures, and nature spirits.

I love to create story-art, poetry, and paint from my dream journeys. I now teach in various online workshops, and enjoy sharing my techniques to inspire others and find their voice through art. Cindy Gilstrap - www. Cindy Gilstrap is a self taught mixed media artist from Texas with a love for art journaling, messy paint palettes, stitching, vintage paper, vintage fabric, and new art supplies.

She loves combining old and new, creating quirky bright art, and inspiring others. She believes creative play is so important and tries to make it a daily habit. Ayala Art - ilove2paint. Robin Mead - www. I was born and raised in Victoria, BC Canada. For as long as I can remember I have always had the deep urge to create. I loved art class in school and as a child spent hours upon hours drawing in my sketchbook. Over the years the time I spent being creative grew less and less though.

After my son was born I was feeling really lost. My husband was working long hours so I spent a lot of time alone with the baby. I began asking myself what I needed to change in order to live the life I wanted. After a little soul searching I realized it was art. I needed to make art. So I bought some canvas, dug out my supplies, began painting and everything changed. Suddenly I felt alive again. I was so much happier! Art saved me. Working in short increments has had a big effect on my style.

I use mostly acrylics, working quickly, on many canvases at once always using lots of glorious colour! I rarely use brushes opting instead for sponges, paper towel and often my hands! For me painting is about fun and freedom. In my studio I never worry about mistakes. I am fearless. My motto is that a painting can always evolve aka be painted over and if I don't like it, it's just not done yet. As a 5 times Award Winning Artist in Barbados, Amanda has been painting for over 20 years, and collaborating with a variety of artists and a number of projects around the world in group as well as solo exhibitions.

Her interests lay in using a variety of materials such as collage, clay, recycled and fabric to create the art and tell a story that impacts the viewer through the use of colour and texture. She is also keen to explore how art and creativity can impact on health and well-being and how we use creative expression as a means of communication. She curates an Arts in Health Network alongside writing for her website and blogs. She has been called upon to speaks at a variety venues on the impact of dementia on a carer, the use of art and creativity resources in a care setting and creative dementia strategies for those working in healthcare and wider.

JamieLynn Dougherty - www. Jamie Dougherty has been creating artwork for over fifteen years. She lives in southern California with her husband and their two beautiful children. Jamie loves to create a wide range of artistic designs but she is best known for her female faces. Many said faces, are inspired by her daughter and you can find her features hidden in each character. Jamie is also a product designer and has had two signature collections with Prima Marketing Inc.

She has also independently produced Art stencils as well as self-published adult coloring books. Jamie enjoys sharing her style and techniques with others and teaches workshops in the U. Her techniques range from watercolor to mixed media journaling as well as dimensional sculpting. My favorite moments are those where I have paint on my hands. I would consider myself an intuitive artist because I approach my work without a plan. Hi there! I live in the Netherlands with my daughters, my amazingly supportive husband and two naughty cats that are always trying to steal my supplies and ruin my attempts at filming tutorials.

If weather permits I love to take a walk on the nearby beach and collect seashells with my youngest.