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According to the experts at What To Expect When You're Expecting, being able to make connections or predict actions is a sign of high intelligence. For instance, a bright child can discern that when you walk to the kitchen, you will most likely return with food. Does your child tend to flourish in environments with kids who are older with them or even other grown-ups?

British Mensa's gifted child consultant, Lyn Kendall, told the BBC, " gifted children often prefer the company of older children or adults. I'm definitely one of those parents who insisted their child was really talking when it was probably more like babbling.

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Yet it seems language skills really do play a role in discerning intelligence in kids. According to the Davidson Institute, an education foundation for advanced children, "early and prolific use of language is typical in profoundly gifted children.

When to Start Potty Training: Signs Your Toddler Is Ready | What to Expect

Whether you have a newborn or a school-aged child, if they don't sleep well, it can be frustrating for the whole family. But there actually could be a silver lining to all the late nights. Ruf told The Huffington Post that gifted children are usually poor sleepers because their brain is so stimulated it's difficult to fall asleep.

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Being a wallflower is never a bad thing and several historical figures were introverts, but if your child is lively at a young age, that could indicate high intelligence. Mensa's Kendall told the BBC that a developed sense of humor and social skills are signs your child is gifted. My son is extremely sensitive. He mourns squashed bugs and rushes to comfort crying babies. As it turns out, a big heart might be linked to a big brain. David Palmer, an educational psychologist, told Psychology Today that " gifted children are more emotionally intense than others , more sensitive to others' feelings, and display a great deal of empathy.

Lots of kids have energy just waiting to be burned, but if your kid has been a mover and shaker from day one, they might be gifted. The moral of this story is that every kid is different.

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  • Just because you luxuriated in your potty training genius with one kid doesn't mean the next kid will be an equal boost to your ego. As much as you'd like to take credit for the success, it has a lot to do with the kid and very little to do with your training delivery methods. This also means if you have a potty-resistant kid like mine, you can use phrases like "he just wasn't ready yet" to comfort yourself.

    Don't throw out the self-promoting T-shirts and save the date cards just yet, though. If you have a third, fourth or fifth pro-potty kid, you may once again need to publicly proclaim parenting brilliance, and accept the accolades that are rightfully yours. Also on HuffPost:. Real Life. Real News.

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    9 Genius Incentives To Get Your Child Excited About Potty Training

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    Why I Gave Up Potty Training My Son After One Day

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