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In addition, they are always on the move, implying heavily that they are the Space Gypsies of the Warhammer 40k. This makes further sense when you consider that "Gypsies" is derived from "Egyptian", and the Thousand Sons are Egyptian-themed although gypsies are actually ethnically Indian. Maybe the White Scars like them, but they only hang out with their successors anyway. So how will this end? I don't know But I'm pretty sure they are a textbook case of mass kleptomania, which could be explained as an unnoticed gene-seed corruption because when you're checking for thing like growing the wrong number of limbs, a compulsion to steal is going to be a lot less visible.

Of course, will you question the Omnissiah and the Machine Cult when it comes to handling artifacts? Techmarines from different chapters swear to the Emperor that they've seen this before in another chapter's armory. The Novamarines were puzzled to see the Terminator armor gone from their honored battle brother's body after he fell against the Tau Curiously, the Techpriests of Mars refused to recruit any more potential Techmarines from the Blood Ravens after Martellus' release.

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Even Matt Ward's beloved Ultrasmurfs aren't safe And neither are his other beloved Special Snowflakes. The Blod Rehvens have also been known for their excessively fangirl-esque behavior, including forging weapons for other chapters and declaring them relics after the receiving chapter rejected them, and naming wargear after off-hand comments by famous chapters, though by now they themselves are a very famous chapter.

Alternatively, they may just enjoy trolling the hell out of other chapters. For a chapter that gives all of zero fucks about slaughtering the Sisters of Battle and Imperial Guard, it could really go either way. Either this, or Relic are massive trolls themselves and all of the Space Gypsy stuff is just as planned.

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An alternative alternative is that Tzeentch is actually seeing how much he has to piss off other chapters in the Blood Ravens name in order to get them to turn completely traitor. He may even be pretending to be Khorne, since that's the only god anyone is apparently willing to worship anymore. Hey, it's better than being completely forgotten like a certain Slaanesh A third alternative is that, given how many relics they steal acquire, they may be trying to come to good terms with other chapters by spreading their loot around.

That said, it is also entirely possible that it serves as a way of fencing stolen goods: take stuff, disguise true origins, and then offer the things back to their original owners with the certainty that they will reject it as an inferior copy of something they think they still have in their armory. He told them to screw off.

Blood Ravens

Probably lost his wolf mantle afterwards too. The Space Wolves can't resist trolling the Blood Ravens.

They were less amused when they discovered a similar axe disappeared from their arsenal. Problem , Dark Angels? The Blood Ravens pray to the Emperor to grant them the right to "borrow" chaos, xenos and Imperial relics. The Blood Ravens hone their skills with the ammunition "graciously gifted" by fellow Astartes chapters. The Blood Ravens practice heists and tactical pick pocketing on Imperial worlds.

The Blood Ravens do their daily psychic checkup on who can be a Librarian that will help the Blood Ravens locate the best loot to 'borrow' from. The Blood Ravens pray to the Emperor for fortune for more "gifts".

The chapter's chapels has grown noticeably more gaudy. The Blood Ravens eat some food they got from other chapters or civilians. As such, food varies daily. Blood Ravens are informed on which items to "borrow". Anything from a crate of boltguns to a Land Raider can and will be subjected to involuntary renting.

The Blood Ravens now put their practice session to the test on any number of worlds.

Blood Ravens

It is rumored that they can "borrow" anywhere from an entire Armory World's worth of weapons, to a Paradise World's worth of thrones, in a single night of galactic-wide thievery. The Blood Ravens thank the Emperor for their new-found "gifts". Bit by bit, the chapter's chapels strangely start to resemble the intricate chapels found only on the richest of Cardinal Worlds. The Blood Ravens practice formations in the dark to further hone in their "skills".

Any marine who end up trying to steal another Blood Raven's wargear for "Extra ammunition" is disciplined. The marines maintain their equipment. The techmarines and chaplains busy themselves removing any incriminating marks and icons on their new-found "gifts".

It is also at this time every librarian on the fleet monastery are led by Chief Librarian Jonah Orion as well as their Chapter Master Gabriel Angelos to skim through every documents, scrolls, and data that was "gifted" today for the clues about their father. If lucky, librarian may find hints about new "gifts" which they will then inform higher up to send the marines acquired the gifts, tomorrow.

Jump to: navigation , search. Guard it well. Go lock the reliquary. This is primarily because the Doom Eagles didn't think to look at their own Chapter armory.

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Well, we know where at least some of that missing Primaris geneseed went Not even the xenos are safe How do you steal a Wraithlord? Darnath Lysander is not amused. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This page was last modified on 23 May , at Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Pre-Retribution: "Knowledge is power.

Heavily hinted to be Thousand Sons. Gabriel Angelos. Unknown, possibly Magnus the Red. Psykers , collecting "lost" relics, plot armor, Attacking in key positions. Deathskullz Imperium of Man. First Founding M29 :. Second Founding M31 :. Third to Twelfth Founding MM35 :. Thirteenth Founding M35 :. Death Spectres - Exorcists. Angels of Fire - Celebrants.

Twenty-First Founding M35 :. Ultima Founding M41 :. Consecrators - Sons of Medusa - Steel Confessors. Ravensblood Kindred was founded in Ravensblood Kindred became integrated within the AFA through networking, gradually getting to know other members and its leadership. Attending larger AFA gatherings was an important part of this process. That event is important for two reasons. By hosting Palmgren, the AFA further highlighted its deep ties to organized white nationalism. Ravensblood Kindred shares far-Right and white nationalist propaganda.

In , the Ravensblood Kindred responded to terrorist attacks in Belgium and France with agitation against refugees and Muslims in general. I hate to say it, but in my mind there is no possibility that the attacker is anything but an Islamic extremist. While the tide would eventually turn in Berkeley , the far-Right was able to claim the streets on April 15, despite resistance from anti-fascists and anti-racists. Both were photographed outside the event holding signs making their allegiances clear.

In addition, both Woodward and East left the venue as part of a bloc of white nationalists , separate from the media, students, and curiosity-seekers who went inside to hear Spencer. Gilliam is a neo-Nazi, as he loudly broadcasts on social media. At the time of writing, Joshua Gilliam appears to have moved toward a Hindu-influenced form of Esoteric Nazism. Before that again, East was an infantryman with the Army National Guard. Since Army National Guard enlistment length is eight years, East likely continues as a reserve member while working as a Detention Officer in Georgia.

Trent East does not hide his far-Right affiliations. On Instagram , East displayed his Operation Werewolf back-patch and posed with other members. The slogan now appears on Wotan Network propaganda. The Wotan Network was formally announced a couple of months after the Richard Spencer event at Auburn , but McNallen had already set out many of its key concepts. Like East, Woodward is thoroughly immersed in the white nationalist movement. Since his release from prison in Norway, Vikernes has been convicted in France for inciting racial hatred.