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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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He was killed in a motorcycle accident in He subsequently married Kara Knack in , divorcing in At the time of his death [5] from pancreatic cancer on January 24, , [45] Roberts was married to Eleanor Criswell. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pernell Roberts. Waycross, Georgia , U. Malibu, California , U. Retrieved CNN, Alan Duke. January 26, Retrieved May 22, MSNBC, zap2it. The New York Times. Archived from the original on The Philadelphia Inquirer, January 26, The Pittsburgh Press.

TV Guide. Weekly World News. Retrieved 28 May Accessed October 28, I Remember It Well. Garden City, NY: Doubleday. Washington Post, Times Herald. November 22, Christian Science Monitor. Coe March 14, The Washington Post. Los Angeles Times. Waycross Journal-Herald. City University of New York, December Archived from the original on October 28, Floyd, Art.

He moves girls up the chain for a fee - from massage parlor to hooker. Floyd, Lester. Broadcaster Bucky Maynard's driver. Merrimack State College dean of students. A cop. Fonesca, Artie. Fontaine, Velma. An African-American hooker in the Combat Zone. Forbes, Bradford W. Forbes, Roger. Attorney for Hamilton Black Publishing. Fortunato, Bernard J. Foy, Zoe. Security guard for The Inn on the Wharf who was one of the two guards who responded to the call informing the hotel that there was a medical emergency in Jumbo Nelson's room. Frale, Mr. District Attorney. Frampton, Randy.

Attorney for Marlene Rowley. A customer at Tunney's Grill, Waymark. Francis, Jerry. A private eye more easily bribed to drop the case than Spenser. Franklin, Pamela. Robinson Nevins' current girlfriend. Franklin, Steve. An orthopedic surgeon in Port City trying to help Craig Sampson after being shot. Franco aka Francisco Montenegro. A strong-arm collector for the mob. Francona, Roger. A Joe Broz strong arm.

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  6. Culture, Development and Social Theory: Towards an Integrated Social Development.
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Bartender at The Yorktown Tavern, Boston. Fraser, Dale. A Fitchburg cop. A Waltham police sergeant. Frederics, John. Member of the Liberty terrorist group. Gallagher, Estelle. Personal trainer at Pinnacle Fitness and main squeeze and business partner of Gary Eisenhower. She pays the price for her trust. Garfield, Patty Jean PJ. Owner of the 'Chez Vous' real estate company. The Belmont police chief. Garner, Royce. AKA Roygar. Gary, part of Martin and Gary. Bartenders at The Casablanca Bar. Gavin, Richard. A dishonest criminal attorney. Gavin, Steve. Head of security at Kinergy.

Gino Fish 's personal assistant. George, Annette.

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AKA George. One of animal's "girlfriends" from "The Rocks. A waitress at the Reservoir Court Motel restaurant in Wheaton. Owner of Tunney's Grill in Waymark. Giacomin, Mel. Insurance company owner, has sleazy acquaintances who help him kidnap his son. Early Autumn , Pastime. Giacomin, Patty. Giacomin, Paul. Troubled 15 year old in Early Autumn. Gillespie, Luther. Bookie who is killed while being body guarded by Hawk. Gillespie, Richard Luther. Surviving son of Luther. Gillespie, family. Wife and two children of Luther, killed by the Ukranian mobsters.

A security guard at Russell Costigan's lodge in the Catskills. Ginsberg, Joel. A dentist and Brad Sterling's brother-in-law. Ginsberg, Nancy. Brad Sterling's sister. Glidden, J. Dean of Student Affairs, Pemberton College. Goddard, Natalie. Ex- wife of Tony Marcus. Gold, Esther. Gold, Morris. Goldman, Maynard. A call-in on the Jimmy Winston radio show.

Atlantis series 2 begins filming

Goldman, Paula. A San Francisco attorney. Goldin, Claire. One of Bradley Turner's conquests at Coyle College and long-term girlfriend. Good, Jeff. Gonsalves, Anthony. Gonzalez, Ramon. Luis Deleon's No. Gordon, Barry. Husband of sorts to Emily, father of sorts to Daryl. Gordon, Daryl stage name Daryl Silver. Gordan, Emily nee Gold. Mother of Daryl, killed in Member of a militant women's group who drives a getaway car. Graff, Larson nee Joey Bucci. Public relations consultant to Mary Smith. Graffino, Ethel. Guidance counselor at Franklin High School.

Grant, Catherine. In administration at Pemberton College. Grant, Hollis. Grant, Wendell. Accused of shooting and killing seven and wounding eight at the Dowling School. Implicated Jared Clark as his accomplice. Green, Kenny. An off guard and a friend of Dwayne Woodcock. Grieff, Patti. A long-time friend of Susan Silverman. Grimes, Edgar. Quirk steps aside to allow Spenser to beat him up to get even for the attack in the Alton jail. Grove, Abner. Tax and finance guru at Cone, Oaks and Baldwin. Gurwitz, Amy. A sixteen-year-old drop out and a friend of April Kyle.

Gurwitz, Mrs. Amy's mother who disowned her. Hack, J. A professor at Taft University. Haden, Jeannie. Haden, Luke.

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Hair, Gary. Security guard at Russell Costigan's lodge in the Catskills. Hall, Gene. A Los Angeles police sergeant. Hall, Typhanie. A beautiful friend of Lisa Belson. Haller, Mary Margaret. Haller, Vince. Hammond, Roger. Head of Summit Studios. Hanlon, Laurie. AKA Scarface. A member of the Liberty terrorist group.

Hanson, Olivia. She is suing Brett Sterling for sexual harassment. Hanson, Richie. Raped Brenda Loring twice for Northrop May. Shot by her. A Lieutenant with the Cambridge Police Department. He and Buddy Hartmann try to take Paul Giacomin away from his mother. Early Autumn. Haroon, Haji. Independent ruler of a collection of tribesmen in Afghanistan. Heroin exporter. Harris, Wilbur. A first assistant director at the TV studios. Hartley, Clifford. Husband of Regina Hartley, one of four women being blackmailed by Gary Eisenhower.

Being considered as a candidate for the senate. Gay but not out of the closet. Consequently a good candidate for blackmail. Hartman, Dolly. Walter Clive's girlfriend. Hartman, Jason. Possibly Walter Clive's son. Hartmann, Buddy. He and Harold try to take Paul Giacomin away from his mother. Muscle for Sonny Karnofsky. Confronts Spenser in his office and shoots his lamp. Hatch, Valerie. A litigator in Boston with a nanny problem. Hatfield, Curtis. Director of internal security at Soldier's Field Development. SPENSER uses his help and strength although he was an enforcer and collector for the bad guys, and still occasionally engages in "questionable" activities.

Hawkins, Connie. A basketball player playing on the New York playgrounds. Hayden, Judy. Hayden's blonde wife. Hayden, Lowell. They work for the benefit of both from time to time. Hedrick, Mary Ann. An assistant professor at Taft University. Heidemann, Bert. Owner of Bert's deli in Boston. AKA Pinstripe. Bank president Warren Whitfield's secretary. Henderson, Melissa. Student at Pemberton College found murdered. Henderson, Mrs.

Mellissa's mother. Henderson, Walton. Mellissa's father. He owns eight banks. A Wheaton Police Department Captain. Hernandez, Pedro. AKA Petey. Herzberg, Ariel. Head of the Herzberg Foundation. Son of Isaac Herzberg and grandson of Judah Herzberg. Father of Melissa Minor. Herzberg, Isaac. Only member of the Herzberg family who survived the concentration camps at Auschwitz. Herzberg, Judah. His Auschwitz identification number is tattooed on Herzberg foundation members.

Herzog, Elliot. Blackmailing the four women represented by Elizabeth Shaw. Sedale's aunt who refused to perform an abortion forty years ago. Hickman, Myles. Commander, Boston Police Department. He's on vacation! Hilliard, Dorothy. Susan Silverman's psychiatrist in San Francisco. A Catskill Eagle , Sudden Mischief. A gang in the housing project in Double Deuce.

Hogarth, Walter Wally Hogg. Bodyguard for loan shark Frank Doerr. Holmes, Barrett. Legal counsel for Oceania Industries. Holmes, Betty. Registrar at Taft University. Holmes, Mickey.

Holton, Leon James aka Coyote. Member of the Dread Scott Brigade. Hopewell, Carlotta. Jerome Jefferson's girlfriend in Hollywood. Horse, Bobby. Houser, Jimmy. Kevin Bartlett's friend. Hummel, Carl aka 'Hummer'. Ex-boyfriend of April Kyle and a bad influence. Hunter, Sarah. Hurley, Elayna.

Susan Silverman 's single parent friend. Hurley, Erika. Elayna Hurley's noisy child. Lawyer for the Ukranian mafia. Isaacs, Peter aka "Pike. Iselin, Philip Ph. Ito, Steven. Lisa Belson was there. Ives, Elliot. They sometimes work together for the benefit of both. Counter man at Chelsea's Washington Deli.

Ex-marine and Julius Ventura's chauffeur. Community Service officer and veteran cop. Jackson, Charles. Security guard at The Crown Prince Club. Jackson, Chester Chet. Husband of Beth Jackson, one of the four women being blackmailed by Gary Eisenhower. Jackson, Elizabeth Beth.

Nee Elizabeth Boudreau. One of the four women, represented by Elizabeth Shaw, who are being blackmailed by Gary Eisenhower. One of Rimbaud's goons. Attorney Jason Carroll's secretary. The strong-arm for Rose Alexander, militant sexist. Henry Cimoli 's help at the Harbor Health Club. An assistant at the agency that manages Jill Joyce's affairs. African-American servant who has been with the Nelson family for sixty years. Jefferson, Devona. She and her baby are murdered on the street in Double Deuce.

Jefferson, Jerome. A strong-arm for Morris Tannenbaum. Dead on the Pacific Coast Highway. He works in the New York office of the Federal attorney. Receptionist at Wheaton Union Hospital. Bartender at the New York Hilton. Jessup, Tarone. He takes care of Tony Marcus 's business while he is serving time but is later murdered.

He and Gerry Broz participate in afternoon granny parties. Bartender at then Casablanca on Harvard Square. Johnson, Celia. Major Johnson's mother who hanged herself. Johnson, Major. Double Deuce , School Days. Johnson, Mr. Representative of the Afghan partners in the drug trade. A gun for Gerry Broz. Served with an Israeli commando unit. The started a private security agency with Van Meer.

Jordan, Barbara. Owner of the Bijoux on Newberry Street. Joyce, Jill. TV star on a a successful weekly pyschodrama. Tony Marcus 's "muscle. Chelsea P. Karas, Phil. Along with his wife, Flora, bought, from the bank, the house in which Anne Marie and Bradley Turner lived. Karnovsky, Evalina nee Lombard. Wife of Sonny. Karnovsky, Sonny. Took over the crime business formerly held by Joe Broz.

In the wardrobe department at the TV studios. A Cambridge detective.

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Keneally, Father. He teaches comparative religions at Boston College. Appears to be helping Lieut. Quirk in his investigations. Kenny, Carol. Keohane, Ed. Kiley, Ann. Lawyer at Kiley and Harbaugh, lover of Marvin Conroy. Kiley, Bill. Retired chief of detectives, Proctor P.

Kiley, Bobby. Lawyer at Kiley and Harbaugh, father of Ann. A student at Pemberton College.

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Kingsley, Garrett. The Central Argus newspaper owner. Klaus, Clyde. A Fed from the Treasury Dept.

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Klein, Larry. Dolly Hartman's doctor. Knox, Cynthia. She enjoys Gerry Broz 's "granny parties". Kodiak Kid. Pseudonym of Rugar, aka The Gray Man. Kuando, Mano. Married Jack Nelson's daughter in Kenya. Leader of the slave labor at Russell Costigan's arms factory. Kyle, April. Kyle, Bunni. Kyle, Harry. A rich insurance salesman who disowns his daughter, April.

LaBonte, Boley. Owner of the bowling alley and lounge called the Kingpin Lanes in Tarbridge. Former husband of Elizabeth Boudreau. Lamont, Mr. Prentice Lamont's father. Lamont, Gerald Jerry. Lamont, Laura. The second Mrs. Lamont, Patsy. Prentice Lamont's mother. Lamont, Prentice. Gay activist student. Lannum, Chris. Does Pilates with Susan. Lark, Sherry. Walter Clive's hippy ex-wife. A security man at Kinergy. Larson, Abigail. Former client of Elizabeth Shaw who was swindled by Gary Eisenhower.

We wanted to hear Andrew wail, his coach told him. Sounded good to me. At times, I wanted him to go further, strain harder — it felt like there was room for more howl, more growl throughout the number than he was giving us. So, that was cheerful. Happy Monday, everybody! When they took to the stage, the duo started off a bit pitchy, but then Shawn started singing by himself, and things improved.

Kim was uneven, too, but especially when she sorta snarled here and there, she gave off Teena Marie vibes that were pretty irresistible. Anyway, Gyth acquitted himself all right at first, singing the verses with a hint of vulnerable vibrato that really worked. But he let himself down on the rousing choruses. On stage, the emotion Kim was feeling was written all over her face — and more importantly, evident in her voice. There was also a theatrical element to her delivery that I dug. But when the beat kicked in, she went sorta flat, especially at first, and only really dazzled during the moments where she cut loose and wailed.

A fine, fun performance but not earth-shattering — and definitely not a guaranteed ticket to the Finals. I certainly longed to hear them sing their Beatles classic. And holy moly, when they did, Maelyn started off performing with a polish that just blew my mind even though by now I should be used to that from her. Rod offered marvelous contrast, serving a sandpapery vocal full of feeling.