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Millennial Hospitality III: The Road Home (Unabridged)

No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I thank Charles and his wife Marie for making this book possible. His experience answers many questions I have had in the puzzle regarding UFOs, aliens and even religious belief.

I thank the military for screwing up and not making Charles subject to the security code in revealing his story. The tall whites have made this story possible, even though only a few will believe it, I have done my research and know military methods and believe every word. Also, I think this story would make a blockbuster of a movie whether it is believed or not.

I'm sure the black suits would probably discorage it being made as well. Keep the people dumbed down is their policy. I believe Charles was sent to Vietnam after a disruption in the command structure caused a shake up and the new broom wanted an officer to do the simple job Charles was doing because an officer is considered on an indefinite military obligation and they could control him.

Charles was on a first enlistment and they attempted to bribe him by offering him an Academy appointment and return to be part of this special secret unit with the Air Force. I suspect they did not want him to return from Vietnam and write these books but he survived in spite of possibly being targeted and now we know but few believe the implications to our country in having all this new technology that probably allows faster than light speed and even colonies on nearby planets ongoing in secret programs.

I just watched a video on utube of a group of college age kids going to area51 to take pictures and they stop at the sign to go no further or risk deadly force. They are filming all around and then it happens, a tall white figure walks before them in a flash and they panic and leave. The film shows a few frames of a tall white figure in a white jump suit and a head device zipping on camera 30feet or so away.

This figure is dressed exactly like Charles described range 4 harry and others he encountered. When will mankind know the truth that we are not alone and are being kept in the dark and suppressed all these years because of an elite control group within our democracy has more power than elected government? Someday history will call this period of time "the new dark ages" where technology was suppressed and truth was denied. His descriptions of both the Nevada desert and Vietnam jungle displayed contrasting details only one who served in both places would recollect. As for the guests from the ranges, it was captivating.

I was disturbed, however, how flippantly Pamela's behavior was dismissed nearly costing someone's life. However, she must have received a strong rebuke in private by the Teacher and Ambassador. Parallels can be found throughout history of cultures colliding upon first contact. Misunderstandings can happen with a new neighbor next door! Over time peoples get used to each other as bonds of understanding grows. I personally think they are very much human, only a little different from what we are accustomed to.

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How surprising it would be to discover we may have relatives all over the universe from a creator who builds worlds for his children. This is the third book in a five book series about a young airman who, while working on the "ranges" as a weather observer, discovers that he is not alone. The ranges are areas of desert outside Las Vegas on the Indian Springs Air Force Base where pilots make practice bombing runs and strafing runs. The author, Charles Hall, is claiming that these tales of contact with aliens are autobiographical and based on true events.

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Millennial Hospitality III: The Road Home (Audiobook) by Charles James Hall |

See more. Moonie World. Robert E. This book has been written to be read by adults to children. Moonie World contains the first set of wacky and intriguing stories about the wonderful moonies. These little moonfairies are devoted to helping children in all kinds of tight spots.

We guarantee you will find lots of laughs and warm fuzzies as you read them together. Gambler's World. Keith Laumer.

Millennial Hospitality Iii : The Road Home by Charles James Hall (2003, Paperback)

Greylorn - Commander Greylorn must find a lost colony and beg it to come to Earths aid. But before he can accomplish this he must first survive a mutiny aboard his own star ship. A taut story of interplanetary intrigue and adventure! It Could Be Anything -? The body shifted, rotating stiffly, then tilted upright. The sun struck through the amber shape that flowed down to form itself into the crested wave.?

The Yillian Way - Junior Terran diplomat Jame Retief visits a government whose members seem determined to insult their delegation. Keith Laumer, well-known for his tales of adventure and action, shows us a different side of his talent in this original, exciting and thought-provoking exploration of the meaning of meaning.

A Potion. Sandeep Patel. Imagine a place far from here that is where this story is set. The formulas and terminologies are all from our existence and all are to be placed to the test. On a planet far from our galaxy there lives life and there they live peacefully. The inevitability of all laughs comes to cries, just as we feel there are also cries of joy, this story follows that existence.

From a day of simple beliefs of the Adi Granth Sikh Scripture , the islands of Sasha and Goman come alive, and are followed in Bani's spin with a moon and a rock orbiting it. Here people learn to live and they learn to obey as what revolves over them cannot be changed. They wait for their fate to be delivered to them. Wings of Time. Robert H. The tritton year is and the planet ZarCedra was taken over by a brutal alien race known as the Protrerian High Command.

For 70 trittons the Humanarian race was shunned but for the last 30 trittons the Humanarian and Protrerian species have been mating and joining in matrimony. But there was a side to the Humanarian military that wanted to sever all ties to the Protrerian race and the way of life they have forced upon the Humanarian peoples. A jet that is equipped with highly sophistacated prototype equipment and superiorly armed; this aircraft was supposed to assist them in finally severing the ties that were keeping them tied to a way of life they no longer wanted.

Enter Major Jeroque Teldat, the pilot picked to fly this new aircraft. As he was on a secret mission something happened to him and his craft while trying to settle another alian race called the Antrerian race on the planet. Teldat tries to keep these two races apart and keep them from anhilating eachother when all of a sudden he finds himself at the brginning of the Grand war of and assists the Humanarian race in their fight to keep reigning power over their world. Blaze: The Beginning. Reneiloe Mabena. A young boy is possessed by a malevolent spirit that seeks to consume his body.

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