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It does many things that a computer can do, but is small enough to fit in someone's hand. It is a mobile phone , meaning that it makes calls and sends text messages but without wires. There are many types of iPhones, such as the model iPhone X. The iPhone can access the Internet as well, either using a cellular network or over Wi-Fi. Like an iPod , it plays music and videos that have been downloaded from the Internet directly, or which have been put on it by connecting it to a personal computer , which is called syncing.

It also has a calendar and 1 or 2 built-in cameras. A user can make it do many other things, such as run video games , by downloading apps from the App Store. The iPhone does not have as many buttons as other well-known phones in the early days, such as those made by companies like Motorola and Nokia. Instead, it has a touch screen that covers much of the front of the phone. People control the phone by touching things that appear on the screen with a finger or two.

Apple iPhone 5 Price in India

This technology is called multi-touch , and involves tapping, dragging, and even typing on a keyboard picture shown on the screen. All iPhones run on a mobile operating system which Apple calls " iOS ". A new version of iOS comes out every year, each having more features than the one before. Each new iPhone comes with the latest version of iOS, and older iPhones usually also get a software update to the latest version.

The original iPhone was released on June 29, On July 11, , the iPhone 3G was released which, hence the name, got upgraded with 3G wireless internet.

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On June 24, , a new version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4 , was released. It has the Face Time -camera included, which is placed on the screen side and allows taking self-portraits while looking at the viewfinder. The Face Time-camera is less advanced than the back camera, but can be used for video-telephony, where the members of the talking can see each other on the screen.

Additionally, it has an updated operating system that allows quicker navigation of all the features. This operating system is called IOS. A minor upgrade to the iPhone 4 was the iPhone 4S. It came on October 14, , and had a new feature called Siri , which is a voice activation system. Additionally, it is able to record videos in p -FullHD-resolution, which is 2. This makes it possible to see smaller items on the footage in a sharper, clearer way. Additionally, it allows zooming into the video to see more details. The iPhone 5 was released on September 21, On September 10, , two new iPhones called the 5C and 5S were announced.

They were released on September 20, The iPhone 5C is a cheaper model of the iPhone 5S which is also the first iPhone available in different colors that aren't black and white.

What's the best simple list app for iPhone? - 9to5Mac

The internal hardware specifications which means, capabilities of the iPhone 5C are identical to the iPhone 5. Like iPhone 6, the design does not allow the iPhone 5C to stand like a domino stone. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released on September 19, They both have bigger screens than the iPhone 5, measuring at 4. They both come in a new color, Rose Gold. In most places, the iPhone is only allowed with carriers cellphone service providers that Apple has an agreement with.

Someone who buys an iPhone also signs a contract with the carrier, which is an agreement to pay for their services. A mobile phone contract usually lasts for one or two years, and the person buying the phone pays the carrier every month. At first, they pay less than the iPhone is worth because they will pay the rest later through fees as part of their contract.

The contract also says the iPhone may only be used on their network. However, some people do not like that, so they 'unlock' their iPhone so it can be used with other carriers. Other people "jailbreak" their iPhones to allow it to do more things. Apple does not allow many of these changes.

In hopes of discouraging this, Apple voids the warranty when an iPhone is "unlocked" or "jailbroken. Apple made a Software Development Kit for the iPhone, which lets people make their own software for it. However, the software cannot be sold without Apple's permission. The software that is made is sold at the App Store. More than a million of apps are available to buy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

One of my favorite aspects of the app is how multiple lists are broken out. If you are looking for a new task system, I would definitely check out Any.

iPhone 5 review: Simply the best smartphone ever made

But when it comes to a simple list app for iPhone, I feel like there are better options. MinimaList comes close to being the perfect simple list app.

I has a minimal design, which I like, but I find the UI a bit hard to navigate. The in-app purchase unlocks FaceID, custom fonts, multiple lists, location reminders, and more.

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MinimaList is a free app on the App Store. Clear , in my opinion, is the absolute best list app for the iPhone. Do you have a favorite list app I missed? Let me know in the comments! Photo by dhe haivan on Unsplash. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:.

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iPHONE 5 In 2018! (Should You Still Buy It?)

I previously wrote that one feature Apple needs to add is natural language input. Do Any.